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As the Blackhawks bandwagon loads up this week, discount be prepared to see Hawks gear from every angle: from your bartender to your dentist to that silver fox in accounting – everyone is proudly displaying their Hawks pride and joy, and really, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be as well.

At SDI our love and appreciation of sport and fashion run equally deep – which is why we get so damn excited when our city gets to these types of situations where really – anything Blackhawks goes!

Retro Brand: Clark Street Sports, $29.99

We’re big believers that there is never a bad time, or a bad outfit to rock a team shirt, but with the Hawks inching closer to the Stanley Cup Finals for the third year in a row, and the state of excitement that has taken over our city, NOW is the time to proudly wear your Hawks gear, and of course look hot and fabulous while doing it.

To prove that there really isn’t an inappropriate place to wear Hawks apparel, we picked this Blackhawks Retro Brand racerback tank from Clark Street Sports ($29.99) and paired it with four different and perfectly acceptable looks to inspire throughout the Stanley Cup Finals.

Look #1:  The Madhouse

By Stanley Cup Finals time the Madhouse is swarming with the actual season ticket holders, fat corporate cats and diehards with cash. With ticket prices starting at/around $400 for upper level seats at the UC, be prepared to shell out some major cash to experience it live. If you are lucky enough to go, keep in mind the chilly temps which means no shorts, no matter how hot it is outside, and always bring an extra layer

Look #2: The Office

No matter how corporate your office is, this is probably the two weeks out of the year you can get away with a Hawks tee – all while getting props from others for your bold and insightful choice in office fashion. This look is still polished and professional with the option of showing as much tomahawk as you please thanks to the buttoned cardigan. Come 5:30PM, ditch the cardigan and head to Happy Hour, just be prepared for some major looks and new friends.

Look #3: Backyard BBQ

With consistent warm temps finally upon us, the option of BBQing around a Hawks game is once and for all a reality. Comfort and functionality is key for this setting, as you never know what you may be asked to do: assist at the grill, impromptu game of bocci ball, or fetch more beverages from the local grocery – on foot.

Look #4: Saturday Night at the Newest Hot Spot

Love it or hate it – bars are booming thanks to the Hawks. Lines, crowds, fair-weather-fans – expect them all if you venture out to any place noteworthy, even your favorite local watering hole could seem annoyingly busy these next two weeks as the Stanley Cup Finals and arrival of summer create the perfect storm. It goes without saying, dress the part all while working in your favorite Saturday night pieces.

Enjoy the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs and remember that no matter what you wear or how good you may look – attitude and mojo is half the battle.  Not convinced? Just ask the Hawks!


Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

With a month of Blackhawk playoff action already underway, drugstore chances are you’ve had a playoff moment or two. We’re talking about those incidents when you are out and about cheering on the Hawks with little to show for your sport diva affiliation and love of the Hawks, decease besides a few fist pumps when Chelsea Dagger is cued up.

We get it, it’s hard to dress like a fan and still pull off your ‘look’ that’s taken years to put together and master. Thankfully, with more on-trend team apparel then ever before, pulling together a fashionable look while proudly displaying your team pride has never been easier or more fun to do.

The days of having only his boxy jersey or worse yet, the pink jersey, are behind us, thank God. Retailers are more in sync with what women want in fan apparel than ever before with vintage looking pieces, slim body-hugging cuts and quality tri-blend material all with true team colors and logos.  

But how does one look fashionable, professional, on-trend ALL while showing their support for the Hawks? We thought you would never ask.

To prove the point that any outfit can be taken up a notch to combine Blackhawks pride and your inner fashionista, we stopped by the FOX Good Day Chicago studios to demonstrate ways to pull the look together this playoff season.

SportsDivas, Inc. at FOX Good Day Chicago: Victoria Kendzierski, Monica Murphy Vargas, Mikki McConnaughey, Mary Krosnjar

Using three of our SDI writers, we used Blackhawks t-shirts from Clark Street Sports, the local Chicago retailer with an extensive collection of on-trend Hawks, Bears, Bulls, Cubs and Sox apparel to show three different looks that all can easily be put together with just about every wardrobe.

Take a look at the video above to get inspired with new ways to spice up your everyday look with some Blackhawks flair. For additional ideas, check out our One Hawks Tee, Five Ways to Wear It piece.

There’s no hotter team or subject matter in Chicago right now than the Blackhawks, so why not get in on the playoff action and really walk the walk and talk the talk this season. After all, that’s what we are here for.

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