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As the Bulls forward through a long six-game road trip maintaining the fifth spot in the Eastern Conference, mind all eyes and Chicago NBA buzz is currently centered around New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony.

Last week ‘Melo took the league by storm when he exploded for a career-high 62 point performance against the Bobcats. Honestly, purchase who scores 62 points in one game? That’s more than a point for every minute of playing time!

After Melo’s historic performance, the spotlight is again focused on the sharpshooter’s potential free agency this summer and rumor has it he’s got his sights set on Chicago.

Why would Anthony want to leave the Knicks you ask? Despite his recent extraordinary performance, the Knicks are crawling their way through a very weak Eastern Conference. For Melo to be seen as anything other than a dominate scorer he needs to win himself a title and from the looks of it he’s not going to get there with his crew in NY.

If the Bulls have learned anything from their foes in Miami, it’s that championships are won with more than one superstar. We’re all aware the Bulls’ front office intends on continuing to build their organization around the return of Derrick Rose, but why not include another powerhouse to take on some of the heavy lifting and guarantee another 25 points (at the least) a game?

Rumored Destinations:

  • Los Angeles Lakers: Anthony and Kobe Bryantare good friends. What would be better than winning a championship alongside your best bud? The Lakers are always a top destination for the big free agents, but what’s not to love about palm trees and beaches?

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  • Chicago Bulls: Maybe Anthony wants to play alongside Derrick Rose, loves deep dish Chicago style pizza or wants to live in a city that believes in alleys, but he is rumored to be leaning towards Chicago as his top possible destination.

How Could this Happen?

  • First things first, Melo would have to actually LEAVE the Knicks. After playing in Denver he fought hard to get himself to the Big Apple with the big contract. The Knicks can also offer him the most lucrative contract – we’re talking big money.

    How does Melo look as a Bull?

  • Chicago would potentially have enough cap space to be big spenders come free agency this summer. It means they would absolutely amnesty Carlos Boozer (which is inevitable at this point), drop Mike Dunleavy’s contract and no Nikola Mirotic (the Serbian player off in Europe who we’ve been waiting on for quite some time).
  • He’d have to be up for a pay cut. Under the collective bargaining agreement, the Knicks can offer Melo a maximum contract of $129 million over five years. Any other potential teams can offer Anthony a maximum of $96 million over four years.

Could Melo Fit in With the Bulls?

  • The pessimists say Anthony’s offensive play wouldn’t strategize well with Thibodeau’s defensive schemes. It could be another Carlos Boozer situation.
  • The difference between Carmelo Anthony and Carlos Boozer is that Melo isn’t soft on offense. He plays his position (small forward) to perfection offensively. His defense needs some work, but maybe Thibs could take him up a notch.
  • I have flashes of Rose on the pick and roll having Anthony, one of the hottest shooters in the NBA, as an option outside the arc. Who would opponents guard? Rose, Butler, Noah, or Melo? It could be beautiful basketball for our Bulls. Sign me up for season tickets!

Woman’s Intuition:

  • LaLa Anthony, Melo’s lovely lady, thinks her husband will re-sign with the Knicks. She recently said in an interview with Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” that she knows, “that he wants to stay (in New York), and I support him wherever he wants to go.” She also threw in if she can live in Denver she can live anywhere with her hubby.
  • If anyone knows Anthony best it would probably be the woman he shares pillow talk with every night at home.

As we all sit under blankets in Chibera, summer seems like a lightyear away. What better way to get us through the chilly days than to get our gossip on about potential NBA superstars joining our Chicago Bulls? Don’t get your hopes up too much, rumors are only rumors until the deal is actually made.


You might be friends with Luol Deng off the court, tadalafil but unless you’re sporting the crimson and gold these days you’re an obstacle between Lou and the hoop. After playing his entire career as a Chicago Bull, Deng-er-ang will host his old teammates at his new Cleveland arena for the first time Wednesday night (SIGH).

As a fan it’s absolutely tough to consider Deng an offensive threat instead of our favorite gangly player, but as he so gently put it “it’s just another game.” Don’t expect Deng to be all rainbows and sunshine against his old friends, this competitor is coming out to win. Lucky for Los Bulls, Joakim Noah has taken Chi-town pride to the next level. Expect nothing less than a gritty Eastern Conference match-up friends.

What You Need to Know:

  • Dengerang is Crankin in Cleveland: The Cavaliers are only 3-3 since acquiring Deng the first week of January, but individually he’s averaging just under 18 points a game – not too shabby after being shipped off to a new city. It’s unfortunate the uniforms are so ugly.

    via ivanov_22 Instagram

  • Prideful Pack: HAM of the Week Jo-No has taken the team under his wing emotionally since the trade and the Bulls surprisingly have gone 6-2. Considering they lost their best scorer when they shipped off Deng (Rose was already out for the season) they’ve shown some serious resilience as a team. They are most definitely NOT tanking the season.
  • Kyrie Irving may like to dress up like “Uncle Drew”during his free time, but this dude doesn’t mess around when it comes to basketball. He’s averaging 21.6 points a game with a side of some sick crossovers. He is the future of the Cavalier organization at this point. Within the sports realm there have been plenty of heated discussions on the topic of Kyrie Irving versus Derrick Roseas the top point guard. The answer is easy in my book, a healthy DRose could school Mr. Irving.

    Irving via nba_memes_quizzes Instagram

  • Best Match-ups: PG DJ Augustin hasn’t been with the Bulls for too long, but he’s made a solid impression so far. With Kirk Hinrich’s hamstring injury, Wednesday night will be a true challenge for Augustin as he takes on Kyrie Irving at point guard. Mike Dunleavy will get a full serving of Luol Deng and his lanky arms up and down the court; we’re going to need some hot sauce out of Mikey.
  • Restructured Roster: If you’ve been keeping up on your Bulls news you’ve noticed that the Bulls traded away Marquis Teague, the second year PG (he just wasn’t panning out) and picked up Toko (Tornike) Shengelia from the Brooklyn Nets. The trade created more cap space for the Bulls come the summer and Toko is a 6-foot-9 forward that we’ll consider a project for Coach Thibodeau over next three months. It’s unlikely Toko will get any playing time against the Cavs, but Thibs is full of surprises these days so we’ll have to wait and see.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“It’s going to be very strange seeing Deng in a Cavaliers uniform instead of repping the black, red and white, but change is inevitable. I’ve got to get over it sometime and what better way than with a Chicago Bulls win in Cleveland.”

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What’s Next: 

The Bulls tip off in Cleveland at 6 PM. Be sure to tune into Comcast Sportsnet to catch Deng and Noah going head to head for the first time in their NBA careers. It’s going to be a throwdown.


Lala and Carmelo Grace the Cover of Ebony Magazine’s Hottest Couple Issue

It is no secret that Carmelo and Lala Anthony are a blazing hot NBA couple – they land in the Courtside Chic headlines every week. The gorgeous couple will grace the cover of February’s Ebony magazine issue as one of the ’10 Hottest Couples.’ Another cover will feature Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.

“There were people coming in and out of my life, diagnosis and I didn’t really know whom to trust. She was one of the people who stood by my side through thick and thick. Even to this day, viagra she’s always right there, pharm ” The Knicks forward tells Ebony. Awww. he said “thick and thick!”

Well, it looks like Lala’s “thick and thick” support is effective, because the Knicks seem to have turned a new leaf in 2014. Melo scored 34 points in an 85-89 win to the Pistons last Tuesday. According to the small forward, the Knicks are having more fun out there and trusting one another. Hmm, it looks like the dynamics of a team can be compared to that of a relationship.

Oh…and did you happen to catch Spike Lee at the Game? The director (and die-hard Knicks fan) was decked out in orange and blue, cheering on his favorite team. He “did the right thing” by choosing to attend this victorious  game. I’m still waiting for the He Got Game sequel, Spike.

Luol Deng’s Cleveland Basketball T-Shirt

Instagram (luoldeng9)

I am literally typing this story in tears right now. Okay, not really…but I’m sure that a few Bulls fans cried over the recent Luol Deng/Andrew Bynum trade. As hard as it will be for me to see the small forward in a Cavalier uniform, I know that it must be done in order for Chicago to rebuild the Bulls franchise. Deng was all-smiles on Instagram,  rocking a Cleveland Basketball tee with the caption: “New beginning #cavsnation. ” The 28 year-old practiced with the Cavaliers for the first time on Wednesday.

LeBron James Sports an IAMNAMELESS Sweatshirt

He could be on a court…or on a plane. Either way, LeBron James will showcase his impeccable style. King James recently sported an IAMNAMELESS sweatshirt and neon green sneakers. I, for one, appreciate a man who understands the essence of a POP of color. The “Hold up Hold my Phone” print references lyrics from Drake’s hit single ‘Worst Behavior.’ Well, LeBron was certainly on his ‘Worst Behavior,’ as he went into warrior mode  against the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday night.  In true Heat fashion…they took a while to get revved up. “We were able to turn the game around pretty fast.”  James said after the game (Miami Herald). The Heat was ultimately able to snag a 107-88 win.

Nick Young’s Graphic Hoodie

We don’t call Nick Young ‘Swaggy P’ for nothing! The Los Angeles Lakers’ small forward/shooting guard was photographed wearing a geometric Christopher Kane Black Grid Face Graphis Hoodie.

This hoodie is definitely hot…but  things aren’t looking so hot for the Lakers after their loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night. Young even compared the post-game  locker room to a “funeral” (Lakers Nation). His rationale seems appropriate because the Lakers have lost eight of their last  nine games. If that doesn’t deserve a moment of silence…I do not know what does. Let us pray.

Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend flaunts a ‘Laker Hater’ Sweatshirt on Instagram

Oh, the shade! Dwight Howard is pretty hush about his brief stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. It is pretty clear that he wants to forget about that aspect of his career. His girlfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t. Howard’s leading lady, Christine Vest, made her allegiance known to everyone at the Toyota Center (and you know…the world)  when she wore a ‘Laker Hater’ Sweatshirt to Wednesday night’s game *insert side-eye here*.

Luckily for Ms. Vest, the Houston Rockets were ultimately able to snag a 99 – 113 win against the Lakers and Dwight Howard was able to experience his first win against his former team.

That’s it for now, Divas…but you know what? There is more where that came from next week! As always, Courtside Chic will keep you fabulously posted on the hottest NBA news and fashion!

NFL Draft 2013

If you need a distraction from just how bad the Cubs and Sox are playing, tadalafil the NFL Draft just might be the answer. The first round of the 2013 NFL Draft begins Thursday night at 7:00PM on the NFL Network and ESPN. With the release of the 2013 NFL schedule last week and the hyped up Draft beginning Thursday night, shop it’s easy to understand why the NFL can consume a girl eleven months out of the year.

The annual 3-day recruiting event held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, is arguably the most important day for prospective college football players across the nation. After compiling data and assessing player performances at the NFL Combine, teams take turns adding desired players to their roster on Draft day, in order to hopefully find success in the upcoming season.

It doesn’t matter if this year will be your first time watching the NFL Draft, or if you’ve watched every one of them, it’s truly worth your time, if anything for the genuine heartfelt moments!  Families surround their eager athletes, awaiting the sweet sound of their name being called. It’s exciting and often touching to witness the embrace between a mother and son, after the years of dedication and commitment, knowing that his future in the NFL will likely change their lives forever.

For all you fashionistas out there, it’s also a chance to see some interesting suits, many of them custom, as athletes are usually dressed to the nines.

It’s the moments you always see in the highlight reels that is so memorable about the Draft: once a player’s name is called, they head up to the NYC Radio City Music Hall stage and shake hands with Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner. The new NFL football player then receives a hat and jersey, the first pieces of swag from their new team, and the famous picture with the commissioner is taken.

Andrew Luck and Commissioner at 2012 Draft

What You Need to Know:

  • The first and most watched round of the NFL Draft takes place Thursday night. The 2nd and 3rd rounds begin on Friday at 5:30PM and rounds 4-7 on Saturday at 11:00AM.
  • Last year’s draft was one of the best drafts in years thanks to the large selection of quality quarterbacks, including Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III (RG3). In 2012, the Colts selected Andrew Luck with their first overall pick, but this year’s pick definitely won’t be a quarterback. Many mock drafts and predictions have Luke Joeckel at the top, an offensive lineman from the SEC.
  • The order in which the teams pick a player is based on their 2012 win-loss record. The teams that didn’t make it to the playoffs are ranked in reverse order of their records. The Kansas City Chiefs garnered the fewest wins last season, giving them the first pick this year. The tiebreakers listed below are put in place for any ties between teams with the same record.
  1. Strength of schedule – refers to the combined win-loss record of the teams they played the previous season
  2. Divisional and conference record
  3. Coin toss
  • Teams that reached the playoffs the previous season are then slotted in the order in which they were eliminated. As the reigning Superbowl Champs, the Baltimore Ravens will pick last in the first round, at No. 32.  In the rounds following, the selection order remains the same, with some exceptions.
  • One team is always “on the clock”, meaning it’s their turn to make a pick. Teams are given 10 minutes in Round 1 to make their pick, and then their time slot drops to 7 minutes in the second round, and five in Rounds 3-7.
  • The teams have the ability to negotiate with one another both before and during the draft, which is called trading up or down. Trades are really what spice up the event, they shake up the boards and a lot can change when one occurs. There are a couple of teams that should really consider trading up this year, including the Buffalo Bills. After releasing QB Ryan Fitzpatrick in mid-March, they are looking to fill that vacancy and could use a higher pick to do that.

What to Watch For From the Bears:

The Chicago Bears hold the No. 20 overall selection and have a total of just 5 picks this year. If you winced at that last tid-bit of information, it was certainly justified. The Bears have a handful of holes to fill and just not enough picks, and no third or seventh round pick at all which they traded to Miami and New England, respectively.

There seems to be a clear consensus that Chicago should take a linebacker or an offensive lineman in the first round considering the departure of Brian Urlacher and the on-going issues of the offensive line.

Marc Trestman

Although the line has been an area of focus in the offseason, adding depth to the receiver position, behind All-Pro Brandon Marshall, is also a concern. Head Coach Marc Trestman made some smart moves during the free agency, picking up left tackle, Jermon Bushrod, and tight end, Martellus Bennett, as well as franchising Henry Melton.  Another big hole was left by the departure of Brian Urlacher.  Will the Bears opt for a new middle linebacker?

With a new coach at the helm and a beefed up roster made possible by some strategic moves during free agency, the Bears are heading into the Draft in a more secure position than many other teams. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect a few surprises!

Check back in next Monday for my recap of what went down at the NFL Draft.

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