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After a day of R&R the Bulls will need to conjure up some more hustle as the San Antonio Spurs are blowing into the windy city Tuesday. Chicago has won six of their last seven games at home and are looking to knock down another big dog in the league. Their opponents are currently on a six-game winning streak and looking to extend their winning record to seven. It’s a night where two of the greatest minds in the NBA will face-off. Who’s the coaching master mind; Coach Thibodeau or Coach Popovich?

You may be thinking to yourself, pharmacy “isn’t Tim Duncan an NBA dinosaur?” If last season taught us anything, sale age does not defy Gregg Popovich and his Spurs who’s roster seemingly continues to get older and older, but these dudes (46-16) are chasing the Pacers and OKC Thunder for the best record in the league. Brace yourselves Bulls babes, it’s going to be a wild and crazy night on the United Center floor.

What You Need to Know: 

  • If you’re looking for the hottest center in the league, Chicago Noah’s someone. Jo-No is having a remarkable season and you can bet he’s coming out guns blazing after the Bulls emotional win over the Miami Heat on Sunday. We’d like to place an order for another triple-double with some blocks on the side por favor.
  • Watch Out For: Tony Parker (PG) and Kawhi Leonard (SG). Parker (AKA Eva Langoria’s ex) is one of the best PG’s in the league and also the leading scorer on the Spurs. Leonard will most likely be matched with Mike Dunleavy which means he may have more open shots than his other teammates.
  • Noah has some competition when it comes to rebounding. NBA veteran Tim Duncan (PF) is a big boy and knows his way around under the basket. Be prepared for some serious booty-boxing-out.

    Belinelli 3 point contest

    3-point Champ via MBeli3 Instagram

  • Familiar Faces: Marco Belinelli will return to the United Center for the first time since being traded to the Spurs. Bells didn’t let the trade bring him down. He won the 2014 three point contest and you can be sure he’s ready to show his old teammates his outside shooting.
  • Per usual, it’s going to be about the Bulls top defense holding the Spurs elite offense to a scoring minimum. Los Bulls have done it before this season back in January when they held San Antonio to their lowest scoring game of the season. It’s time for some Deja Vu.

Your Take Away Piece:

“Don’t let their age fool you, a matchup with the San Antonio Spurs is never just a walk in the park. If the Bulls play with the same heart, hustle and muscle that has been surging them throughout the season, it’s going to be a great game. If the Bulls come out tired or hesitant, the Spurs will exploit any weaknesses.”

What’s Next:

Everything goes down at 7:00 pm at the UC – be there or be tuned in on WGN to catch all the action. We #BULLieve

No Parker No Rose

When you play the team with the best record in the NBA, viagra a little panic is expected. However, ampoule when both team’s star point guards are sitting out with injuries – as is the case with the Spurs and the Bulls, and we like to believe that anything can happen.

In tonight’s matchup in San Antonio, both the Bulls (34-26) and the Spurs (47-14) will be playing without their star point guards. San Antonio is riding the best record in the NBA and is on the hunt to keep their top spot for the push to the playoffs. Coach Gregg Popovich and his Spurs gave the Bulls a spanking once this season all while missing three of their starting players. Can Chicago split the season series and get a win on the road?

What You Need to Know:

  • Point Guard woes are a tale we know all too well in Chicago. Spurs PG Tony Parker sprained his ankle against the Sacramento Kings on March 1st and is expected to be out four weeks. What does that mean for the Bulls tonight? San Antonio will be out 21 points and 7.6 assists (Parker’s averages) without the ex-Mr. Longoria.
  • The last time these two teams met at the UC the Spurs were out Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. They put in a bunch of youngsters and still managed to give the Bulls a 103-89 beat-down. The Spurs have more tricks up their sleeves than most teams in the NBA.
  • The Bulls’ defense is the real deal – thank goodness! We’ve got Joakim Noah who’s up for Defensive Player of the Year and has been carrying this team through tough times. In the last five games Noah is KILLING it, averaging 15 points, 11.8 rebounds and 4.2 blocks. Spurs Center Tiago Splitter has his work cut out for him tonight.

    Ginobili and Duncan

  • “Unreliable” is a great adjective for Chicago’s offense. They have players that can shoot, but they’re not always in the groove. The Spurs on the other hand have star talent in Ginobili and Duncan, Danny Green’s three-point shot and one of the best up-and-coming NBA talents in Kawhi Leonard.
  • Injuries: Taj Gibson (knee) is out, Kirk Hinrich (foot) and Rip Hamilton (back spasms) are both day-to-day and could possibly grace us with their presence.
  • Game Changer: Nate Robinson. If Nasty-Nate can get out of his offensive funk and get explosive shooting he could be the difference in the points produced for Chicago. Also we’re counting on him to rein in the offense and run it like a real man while Kirk is out.

Your Take Away Piece:

“Chicago’s defense is great, but their offense is spotty. Jo-No has been consistent, but we need fire power to beat the San Antonio Spurs. Hopefully, tonight the Bulls can work some magic and get a W out West.”

What’s Next: 

It’s game time baller-babes! Bulls tip off in San Antonio at 8 PM on ESPN or CSN Chicago. Be sure to tune in and catch all the action!


No star-power? No problem. So goes the saying for the San Antonio Spurs. A shorthanded Spurs team came to the windy city Monday Night and easily man-handled the Bulls in a complete game that demonstrated why they lead the competitive Western Conference.

Chicago had a nasty case of the turnovers that ultimately led to their 103-89 loss. Joakim Noah and Marco Belinelli made their way back into the lineup, generic but it wasn’t enough of a boost to top the Spurs. Even with their three stars on the bench, malady the Spurs still had enough depth to defeat the Bulls on their own turf, delivering them an ugly homecoming in their first game back at the UC after completing a 6-game road trip.

What You Need to Know:

  • Chicago was a sloppy mess on Monday racking up 19 turnovers – that’s quite a few. On the other end of the court, the Spurs only gave up eight turnovers. The discrepancy between the two teams was ultimately the game changer.
  • Kawhi Leonard killed it against the Bulls; he led the Spurs with a career-high of 26 points. Who is Leonard you ask? He’s a second year youngin’ out of San Diego State who continues to make a name for himself in the league. Danny Green contributed with 18 points while Tiago Splitter and Gary Neal both picked up 16 points.


    Kawhi Leonard, Source:

  • The Bulls were a hot rebounding team Monday night, but they couldn’t make anything out of their hard work under the hoop. Honestly, they just didn’t shoot very well. Chicago had 49 rebounds compared to the Spurs’ 26 – yet the Spurs led for the majority of the game.
  • Nate Robinson who started in place of the injured Kirk Hinrich led the way for Chicago with 20 points. Rip Hamilton also tacked on 16 points.
  • As expected, Spurs’ stars Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili weren’t in the lineup Monday night, but point guard Tony Parker was a game-time scratch with a swollen knee. With Parker out of the game you’d assume the Bulls would have the advantage, but the Spurs stole the momentum in the second quarter forcing the Bulls to fight back for the rest of the game. 
  • There was nothing but respect between two of the league’s best coaches last night. Gregg Popovich proved victorious over coach Thibodeau in this meeting, but Chicago gets another shot at the Spurs later this season.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“You can’t beat the best team in the West if your shots are ice cold. The effort was there as the Bulls were fierce rebounders, but if you can’t make baskets, you can’t win the game. With the team on the verge of being healthy and Derrick Rose’s return around the corner, the Bulls need to get it together and avoid ugly games like tonight’s.”

What’s Next: 

Garnett and Pierce


And they’re off! Chicago will need to shake off this home loss and get ready for their Eastern Conference match-up with the Boston Celtics Wednesday night. Celtics’ point guard Rajon Rondo feels Rose’s pain as he too was plagued with a season ending ACL injury just a few weeks ago. Our men in red will take on the green machines in Boston at 6:30 PM. Luckily, the Bulls have played better on the road than at home this season. Tip off is at 6:30PM CT on Comcast SportsNet.

Parker and Duncan


Sweet home Chicago! After a six game road trip the Bulls have made their way back to the windy city just in time for a meeting with the West leading San Antonio Spurs tonight at the United Center.   Don’t let their “old and boring” reputation fool you, treat the Spurs are one tough opponent and would like nothing more than to spoil the Bulls’ homecoming.

What You Need to Know:

  • Tom Thibodeau & Gregg PopovichTwo of the league’s best coaches will go head-to-head tonight. Tom Thibodeau won the Coach of the Year award in 2011 and Spurs’ coach, Greg Popovich snatched the award in 2012 (Thibs came in second). Both of these coaches know how to create a top caliber team, but Popovich has one thing on Thibs:  multiple championship titles.
  • Kirk Hinrich has been ruled out tonight against the Spurs; he just can’t seem to shake that nasty elbow injury. This means Nate Robinson will get another start at point guard and we don’t really mind since he’s been so productive offensively. Joakim Noah (plantar fasciitis) and Marco Belinelli (ankle sprain) are both game-time decisions.
  • actress Eva Longoria kissing her husband Tony Parker as they arrive for the screening of the film "Bright Star" at the 62nd Cannes Film FestivalSpurs hot shots Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili have both been sidelined with injuries and are listed as doubtful against Chicago. Unfortunately, San Antonio has plenty of depth. Shooting guards Tony Parker (Eva Langoria’s ex hubby) and Danny Green will light up the court for the opponents. Parker has stayed healthy this year leading his team to their winning record. Green has a nasty three point shot, which proposes a threat to the Bulls since Chicago doesn’t always have the best three-point-shooting percentages.
  • Carlos Boozer is coming off a huge game in Utah (19 points) where he lead the Bulls to a victory over the Jazz. Hopefully Boozer won’t pay attention to any of the trade rumors (there are rumblings of a possible move to Toronto for the Booze Cruise) and keep playing like a beast for the Bulls.

Your Take Away Piece:

“The Spurs are leading the West for a reason. Age may not be on their side, but they’ve got plenty of swagger left. They’re a very talented team, led by one of the best coaches the league has ever seen. The Bulls will need to play their toughest defense and have a collective team effort on offense to defeat the Spurs.”

What’s Next:

Set the DVR again because the Bachelor can wait! Besides, who wants to watch all of those commercials?! Make your way towards the United Center or tune into CSN Chicago at 7PM. Bulls vs Spurs is a must watch as the best of the west take on our beasts of the east.

westbrook durant
Throughout the condensed 66-game regular NBA season (in normal seasons without lock-outs there are 82 games), cialis the Western Conference was dubbed the ‘wild west’ due to the unpredictability of teams over the course of the regular season.  But here we are in the second-to-last round of the NBA Playoffs – the Conference Finals – and the NBA’s Western Conference Finals match-up ended up being exactly what most people expected to see. The West pits their top two teams from the regular season, illness the Oklahoma City Thunder, the #2 seed and the San Antonio Spurs, the #1 seed.  Two very talented basketball teams that feature a number of big personalities and rising stars.

Oklahoma City Thunder:  Why they will win… This team has been favored to make it to the championship since day 1. The OK City Thunder are extremely athletic and have two of the most exciting young players in the NBA in forward Kevin Durant and point guard Russell Westbrook not to mention the NBA’s best bench player in James Harden.

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook also happens to be one of the most fashion-forward players in the NBA – so stick around for the interesting fashion choices this guy is sure to make in press conferences.

Russell Westbrook

Why they will lose… They will be facing an experienced Spurs team that is on fire and won 2 of the 3 regular season match-ups between the 2 teams by double-digits.
San Antonio Spurs: Why they will win… This team has the experience to win another title, despite many of their key players in the final years of their NBA careers.  The Spurs won the NBA Title in 2003, 2005 and 2007 with many of the same players on the team.  They already took game 1 against the Thunder on Sunday night and are currently riding a 19-game win streak dating back to the regular season! Under the tutelage of legendary coach Greg Poppavich, the Spurs are led by their All-Star staples of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker (ex-husband of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria).
Why they will lose… Their age will catch up with them. This was a concern going into the compacted season but the Spurs, one of the oldest teams in the NBA (total combined ages of players) were able to tie for the best regular season record.  This match-up will be the classic story of age and wisdom vs. youth and unpredictable.
The winner of this series will face the winner of Eastern Conference Finals match-up currently being played between the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, the final round of the NBA Playoffs. 
Western Conference Playoffs TV Schedule:
Game 2:Tue 5/29 8:00PM
Game 3: THU 5/31 8:00PM
Game 4: SAT 6/2 7:30PM
*Game 5: MON 6/4 8:00PM
*Game 6: WED 6/6 8:00PM
*Game 7: FRI 6/8 8:00PM
*If Neccesary

The NBA Playoffs are the time when the best NBA stars shine their brightest. But this playoff season, online many of the biggest names are missing due to injuries.  The NBA had a long and drawn out labor dispute this off-season which resulted in a shortened and more compacted season. Many blame this format for the rash of injuries throughout the league. Almost every big name player has sat out at one time or another during the season due to injury. The season has been loaded with back-to-back games and even some back-to-back-to-backs! This tough schedule means less recovery time. Some big names that have missed regular season games are Kobe Bryant, prostate LeBron James, healing Tony Parker (Eva Longoria’s ex), Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Luol Deng, and Dirk Nowitzki.

Below are the list of NBA teams that are missing their key players this post-season.

Derrick Rose being helped off the court

Chicago Bulls: You’ve been living in a cave if you haven’t heard about Derrick Rose’s season-ending ACL tear. The NBA’s reigning Most Valuable Player is out for the remainder of the playoffs and an estimated 6-9 months total.  I admire his will, skill and determination but he had no reason to be in the game when the Bulls were up 12 points with under 90 seconds to play.

New York Knicks: I never know what to think of this team but they are really giving the Miami Heat a hall pass with the lineup they currently have. Remember the Jeremy Lin craze? He is out for the playoffs after knee surgery. Chicago land native, Iman Shumpert tore his ACL, out for the playoffs. After losing game 2 to the Heat, former All-Star Amar’e Staudemire lacerated his hand punching a fire extinguisher case in frustration, he will miss 1-2 games.

Rajon Rondo losing his cool

Boston Celtics: The Celtics are playing through the injuries and age and proving the have some fight left. They seem to be doing it without star shooter Ray Allen who has missed the first 2 games with a quad injury. Role players, Jeff Green and Jermaine O’Neal are out of commission for the post-season. Al-Star Rajon Rondo was ejected and got a one game suspension for purposefully bumping into a referee.

Dwight Howard, a pain in the back?

Orlando Magic: The reason the Magic made the playoffs was due to their towering superstar, Dwight Howard. After a long contract discussion that eventually kept Dwight in Orlando and a flurry of he said/he said over whether he tried to get his coach, Stan Van Gundy, fired, Dwight gets injured and is out for the year. His injury, a herniated disc, was the result of an elbow to the back during a game against the Dallas Mavericks.


Atlanta Hawks: Atlanta is another team reeling from the injury bug. All-Star, Al Horford may return for the second round of the playoffs (if the Hawks can make it that far). Fellow All-Star, Josh Smith injured his knee in game 2 and is a ‘maybe’ for game 3. Finally, Zaza Pachulia (pronounced Zja-Zja Puh-CHEW-Lee-uh, go ahead, it’s fun, say it!) has been out for 9 straight games and could miss 2 more before returning from his foot injury.

What Does this Mean?
This means that a healthy and already favored Miami Heat team could very well stroll their way into the NBA finals without tiring themselves out. Could Miami’s big three of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh be weeks away from their first of “many” titles. I pray that this doesn’t happen but having the Bulls Rose-less, it doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

The Miami Heat Big Three

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