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The Chicago athlete baby boom continues and thanks to SM, cheap we are updated regularly as big news is broken, baby bumps grow, and first photos are taken.

Jett Bennett made her beautiful debut recently and we couldn’t be happier for the Bennett family. I mean, look how adorable she is in her dinosaur outfit! “Like father, like daughter #yearoftheorangedino Photo by @najalerusphotography”




It looks like Martellus is getting used to being out-numbered by the girls. He shared this picture of his beautiful wife and baby girl Jett, “Girls chilling.”





Kristin Cavallari has been staying incredibly busy balancing being a mommy, her pregnancy, and her new show on E! As if that wasn’t enough, Mrs. Cutler also graces the cover of this month’s Fit Pregnancy.




This morning she shared this picture from the set of The Fabulist. She looks absolutely flawless! “All new @thefabulist airs tonight on E! 830ET 730CT don’t forget to watch!!!”




And oh baby! Look at Elina Cassel Hjalmarsson’s bump! The soon to be mom is still looking fabulous. “New blogpost up link in bio. #fashion #sheinside #shopping #devote #blogger #chloe #spring #pregnant #ootd”

And last, but certainly not least, Amanda and Bryan Bickell shared their big news this morning over Twitter…the couple is expecting their first baby soon, and it’s a girl.

Amanda Bickell is pregnant

We guess Amanda won’t be throwing back too many pints next Saturday at the “Pints for Pits” fundraiser.  Congrats to the Bickells!


Source: Siggib Instagram

Hello, sickness divas! It’s been a couple weeks since my last SM roundup (school and life got the best of me), and to say our favorite Chicago athletes have been active during my little break, is an understatement.

In the last two weeks we’ve witnessed new babies, birthdays, debuts and much, much more. So, let’s get to it…

One of our favorite Chicago couples, Martellus and Siggi Bennett, welcomed their first child and bundle of joy, Austyn Jett Rose Bennett on March 15. This little beauty’s first name is Austyn, but she goes by Jett.”#jettlife” #LOVE


Siggi has been posting pictures of the beautiful little nugget since Day One, and we’re so happy she’s openly sharing these first precious moments with all of us.


I mean, how adorable is this picture of the Bennett family leaving the hospital?! “Me + @martysaurusrex + Jett = Heaven #jettlife”














Martellus looks like such a happy daddy! “Morning tummy time with Daddy”





Speaking of babies, KCav has been looking fantastic throughout these past couple of weeks. This pregnancy hasn’t slowed Kristin down one bit. Her new show The Fabulist on E!debuted on March 14th and airs on Mondays at 7:30pm CT.  KCav has been showing off her pregnancy looks on the set and hasn’t missed a beat in getting back behind the camera. “This is how excited I am for the premiere of @thefabulist tonight!!! E! 830pm ET 730pm CT”



“Hair by @johnnyfavoy makeup by @williamrmurphy styled by @jessiecohan_stylist dream team baby!!!!!”






“Make sure to check out @thefabulist tonight 830 pm ET 730 pm CT we have the hilarious @juneambrose and charming @jeremiahbrent on!!”





We’ve also kept our eye on Elina Casell Hjalmarsson. She recently posted this picture from her blog, and she’s looking flawless as ever. “New outfit post up on blog #zebra #blog #blogger #devote #pregnant #fashion”





On the 23rd, Brandon Marshall celebrated his 30th birthday. It looks like Michi and Brandon enjoyed a romantic evening on the water.







Stephen Paea’s adorable triplets are getting so big! He shared this picture of his three adorable babies. “Lil iPhone photo-shoot with the babies.”




Kyle Long is still working on his “daddy” with his bulldog Walter. Kyle shared this picture of Walter’s doggy training progress….”Walters first report card…. Explains a lot”

Amanda Bickell tweeted a picture of their pup sporting a Bickell Hawks jersey for the game on the 18th.


That’s all we have for you this week divas. Have a great week and you can catch us back here next Monday!


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With the Sochi Olympics now officially over, see this Monday feels particularly heavy. Perhaps it is because the Russians ended up topping the US in the medal count (33-28), or maybe it’s the hockey hangover from the US being shut-out in the bronze medal game.

In any event, it’s time for our Blackhawks to get back in regular season mode. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to enjoy hockey at a decent hour; those early games were beginning to get the best of me.

Even though the Americans were shut out, with six deserving Blackhawks on Team Canada, we were still happy to see Canada take the gold. The official Sochi Instagram account posted this picture after Canada’s big win. “Canada players in the Men’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal match #sochi2014 #sochi2014olympics”

Here are some of our favorite Olympic Hockey tweets for both the Men’s and Women’s teams:

Now that the games are over, all our Hawks are heading back to Chicago.

And Corey Crawford shared this picture of his AMAZING helmet for the upcoming Stadium Series matchup versus the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night at Soldier Field.

IMG_7737On to some envious Bears vacation photos: Henry Melton shared this picture on an incredible looking vacation…”You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” IMG_7738





And Kyle Long spent some time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this week. “Jah Bless” IMG_7740





This pool picture Kyle shared honestly just makes me miserable…. “Mas cervezas por favor” IMG_7741





Oh and not to mention his tequila butler…. Kyle we’re always available if you ever need a travel companion. “Tequila butler #quiche” IMG_7736






Meanwhile, another Bear, Stephen Paea spent some time with his family. “Daddy Duty ALL DAY EVERYDAY…!!!!”




In case Martellus Bennett didn’t have enough on his plate he can officially add “author” to his resume.

Our Bears have also been tweeting about the NFL Combine:

Moving on to our WAGs Section, the lovely Blackhawk WAGs are also wrapping up business and travel from the nice Olympic break and are preparing to return back to Chicago and their regular schedules:




KCav and Siggi Bennet keep sharing their growing bump pics. Siggi posted this picture of her glowing self. “Ready to pop”




And Kristin Cavallari is about to be extremely busy… And not just because she’s expecting again. She shared some HUGE news with her Instagram followers this week. “THRILLED to finally announce I’ll be hosting a new half hour show called The Fabulist on E! with the beautiful @orlyshani. We will discuss the top trends in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Premieres March 17th 830pm ET!!! Don’t miss it!”

That sums up last week’s best social media moments. Stay warm this week divas, and we’ll see you right back here next Monday.

Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett, viagra Source:

By Monday night, pills most of us were just realizing the week had begun and already hoping for it to end, case along with this crazy cold weather, but for Bears tight end and creative force (he doesn’t like being called a rapper) Martellus Bennett, it was the conclusion of a day full of accomplishments.

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any better, Chicago’s favorite “Black Unicorn” had announced the release of his second mix-tape “Year of the Orange Dinosaur” and was also named Bear of the Year at the Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards.

Bennett's Mix-Tape: "Year of the Orange Dinosaur"

Bennett’s Mix-Tape: “Year of the Orange Dinosaur”

You read that right, this isn’t Bennett’s first mix-tape (and hopefully not his last), in 2011 the 6’6” 265-lb. Chicago Bear released “Fast Food.” Although it isn’t clear if 2014 will be the year of the orange (& blue) Bears, the “Year of the Orange Dinosaur” is a big hit regardless. The Twitterverse was abuzz with fans applauding the tight end’s ability to lay down some quality tracks. I’ve compiled some of the reactions below.

Bennett Mixtape Twitter

Bennett Mixtape Twitter2

Bennett Mixtape Twitter3

His new mixtape isn’t the only thing I’d like to have on repeat this week, his acceptance speech for the Bear of the Year award at Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s annual March of Dimes Sports Awards, was just as good. I’m telling you, the man should have a microphone in his hands at all times.

All jokes aside, Bennett is doing wonderful things for the city of Chicago, and I’m not just referring to his ability to keep fans entertained on and off the field. After spending four seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and one season with the New York Giants before signing with the Bears last March, Bennett is quickly generating a huge, loyal and loving fan base in Chicago. He just wrapped his best season ever and was targeted 96 times with 65 receptions for a total of 759 yards and five touchdowns. He’s one of Cutler’s favorite targets and is the dual threat the Bears have always been looking for in the tight end position – he can effectively block, receive and get in the end zone.

Siggi and Martellus Bennett, Source: (SiggiBennett) Twitter

Siggi and Martellus Bennett, Source: (SiggiBennett) Twitter

Bennett is anextremely deserving candidate of the accolades and the awards he has received. When accepting his most recent award at the CSN award show on Monday night, the 27-year old tatted-up Texas native certainly didn’t talk about himself when he took the stage. The tight end openly discussed his excitement about the arrival of his future daughter, due this March, and his love and respect for his beautiful wife, Siggi Bennett, as well as the importance of creativity.

“I don’t want to be a role model. I want to be an inspiration. And so I want to inspire kids to start stepping out of the box to do things that are creative.”

I don’t know about you ladies, but having this man on our beloved Bears has made me even more proud to be a fan of the orange and blue. Not only has Bennett been a huge upgrade in the tight end department for the Bears, but he has been a positive and entertaining tour-de-force, a much needed addition in the Chicago sports scene.

Martellus signed a four-year $20.4 million free-agent contract with the Bears last March, so we can only hope that the Bennetts are here to stay for a while. The two are quickly becoming Chicago’s most interesting and creative celebrity sports couple.

I am looking forward to Bennett providing us with many more mix-tapes, quote-filled speeches and big plays on the field in the coming years. Watch his highly entertaining acceptance speech from Monday’s night’s CSN Chicago Awards Show below and check out the tracks on his mix-tape here.

If you are not following Martellus Bennett on Twitter, stop what you are doing and start following this guy now. You’ll be glad you did.


Hello, viagra sale divas! We’ve got a jam-packed SM roundup for you this week – everything from our Pro Bowl picks, nurse to baby bump updates, store to rants about the weather. It seems as if when temps drop, social media activity heats up.

Makes sense, right? Let’s get to it.

First, how is everyone surviving #Chiberia part deux? As Chicago suffers through some of the coldest weather on record, a few of our favorite Chicago Bears were enjoying the warm, island breezes of Hawaii this past week as Pro Bowl attendees, and certainly weren’t shy about posting pictures.

Cornerback Tim Jennings starts things off with his picture of the chosen Bears at the Pro Bowl. “Last year it was all defense and this year all offense!!! Just blessed to be aside another great group of guys!!! #beardown #probowl #blessed @ky1elong”

Notice how happy they all look? That’s what warm weather and a Pro Bowl nod will do for you.



Alshon Jeffery posted this picture of his view. “I’m just Living….”





He also posted this picture with Kyle Long. “#ShowNoLove ToYourOpponent #ItsRealOutHere #TeamRice @ky1elong”






One of the many perks of being selected to the Pro Bowl (besides escaping the frozen tundra of Chicago in January) is the opportunity to bring your WAGs and family for a 5-star getaway in Hawaii (remember the movie Blue Crush?)

Brandon Marshall brought along his beautiful wife, Michi and posted this lovely picture of her chilling by the hot tub. “@mrsmichmarshall in Hawaii”




If you actually tuned in to watch the Pro Bowl this year (instead of the Grammys) you probably noticed a new, much improved format of unconferenced rosters drafted by Hall-of-Famers Jerry Rice and Deion Marshall. The game was actually competitive for the first time in years and Team Rice came away with a 22-21 win and the selected Bears all had an impact. Running back Matt Forte ran for 31 yards on six carries, Alshon Jeffery had 22 yards on two catches and Brandon Marshall, who rocked his favorite lime green cleats, caught one pass for 21 yards.

“Lime green. Advocacy never stops. #BMF #mentalhealthawareness”

Moving on to the Blackhawks…

In between the Duncan Keith Relief party (read our review here) on Monday night and Bryan and Amanda Bickell’s ‘Fetching Affair’ party at Studio Paris (read our review here), the Blackhawks were very busy on and off the rink this week before leaving town for an extended road trip.

Andrew Shaw posted this pic from the Duncan Keith relief event with guest performer Lee Brice and Nick Leddy.

“Couple beauties #lee #leds #facts”

It looked as if every Blackhawk headed to the UC on Saturday night for the UFC Fight. Many of them posted pictures on Instagram from the fight including Andrew Shaw and GF Chaunette Boulerice.



Apparently Patrick Kane is getting excited for the upcoming Olympics, since he actually posted on social media this week about it.

Another surprise post this week came from none other than Derrick Rose who must have been ‘encouraged’ by Team Adidas to bump up his SM activity:



Henry Melton posted this picture of his Super Bowl tickets and captioned it with some wishful thinking. “Next year….?”




We were thrilled to see Martellus Bennett post this stunning shot of him and Siggi Bennett, a preview of the maternity pictures that the expecting couple had professionally taken. “Black Unicorn King x Mixed Mermaid Princess x Baby Dinocorn.”


Moving on to our WAGs Section, the glowing mommy-to-be, Siggi Bennett also posted a picture from the maternity shoot that we can’t wait to see more from. “Glammed myself up for our maternity shoot yesterday. Can’t wait to see the final product! She’s almost here #32 weeks”




Back to Hawaii…Michi Marshall shared her fierce Pro Bowl game day style. “#TeamRice! WhoopWhoop! Dry clothes getting my man and outta here”


Kristin Cav’s baby bump is getting more precious by the day! She posted this picture showing her toned pregnant bod that will soon grace the cover of Fit Pregnancy. “Had a blast shooting the cover of Fit Pregnancy today. It’s for the April/May issue :)”




To keep up her toned bod, even with baby on board, KCav must keep a regular routine at the gym which was made evident by this shot: “Gym selfie…baby bump getting big!”

I suppose Canadians have an easier time handling this extreme cold weather. Apparently Amanda Bickell doesn’t think this “Polar Vortex” is a big deal…..

Sounds like Mrs. Bickell had some trouble on the roads.

Stay safe and warm, ladies. See you back here next week for the next social media roundup.


Happy Tuesday, click divas! It was another week of highs and lows in Chicago, remedy and of course, we’re not just referring to the end of #Chiberia.

Last Monday, Chicago said goodbye to 10-year veteran Bulls forward Luol Deng and the trade is still getting a lot of response on social media. After the controversial trade was finalized Deng posted this picture to say goodbye. “You will hear a lot of can’t and a lot of won’t, but you give it everything you can because you believe in yourself and your teammates. You push yourself with your heart, mind and soul, and smile every night knowing you put love and passion into it. Thank you Chicago.”

On Wednesday, White Sox legend Frank Thomas, a.k.a the “Big Hurt” was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The White Sox Instagramed this picture after the announcement was made. “We can’t pick just one favorite @TheBigHurt_35 moment. Share your Frank Thomas memories with us on Instagram using #ThanksFrank”


Other positive news this past week included the announcement of Bears WR Alshon Jeffery to this year’s Pro Bowl. Jeffery will replace Lions WR Calvin Johnson who is injured.  “The NFL announced that @alshonjeffery will join #Bears teammates @btm15 and Matt Forte at the Pro Bowl in 2 weeks. Congratulations Alshon!”



Speaking of keeping up in the offseason, Brandon Marshall posted this telling picture to prove that he isn’t taking any time off. “No time to fade black. @fitspeedap I’m home”




Carlos Boozer finally did some posting this week and the wait was worth it. “Stay Positive Through All The BullSh%# Cause There Are Better Days Ahead!!! #believe #faith #strive2bebetter #cliq #holdat”




We can always count on Henry Melton to keep us entertained on social media. Melton shared this oldie but goodie that we just love seeing men share as well. Henry, it looks like we agree on this one!





Kyle Long took a much needed break and headed out of town right in time for the Polar Vortex. From his post, it looks like our favorite rookie guard headed west to California. “Manhattan Beach”




Tim Jennings posted this picture during the Colts and Patriots game on Saturday.  Check out the slick console and wallpaper. “Wish it was us but I guess it’s more fuel to the fire!!!! #motivation #gottagetit”

During their time off, our favorite Bears couple Martellus and Siggi Bennett headed to Seattle to support Martellus’ older brother, Seahawks’ defensive end Michael Bennett and the Seahawks.



Moving into our WAGs Section, Siggi Bennett shared more photos this week from the couple’s trip in Seattle. “Way to go, Mike!!! Seahawks for Super Bowl 2014!!!!”




It looks like Martellus is getting some practice in his preparation on becoming a daddy this spring. Siggi posted this adorable picture of her hubby reading to their nieces. “Storytime with Uncle Marty”


Speaking of becoming parents, Elina Cassel Hjalmarsson posted this picture of her perfect bump. Also, if you haven’t checked out her blog we definitely recommend it. “New blogpost up #devote #grey #jeans #pregnant #outfit #chicago #swedish”

The Bears and their wives are packing up for the winter and heading off to much warmer places and we can’t say we blame them. Would you stick around and watch the NFL Playoffs from a frozen Chicago? Neither would we.

Michi Marshall clearly isn’t familiar with the term ‘traveling light’, just check out all of these bags she brought with her down south for the winter in the Instagram shot that Brandon posted.

Source: btm15 Instagram

Lastly, Amanda Bickell got into a Twitter argument this week while defending her man. Take a look:

Go get ‘em, Amanda.

That’s all we have for you this week divas! Have a wonderful week and we will see you back here next Monday!


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