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While most of Chicago is focused on Melo and the ridiculous (and downright disrespectful) stories coming out about Derrick Rose, health there’s still baseball being played in this city.  Now granted, doctor it’s not very good baseball but it is baseball.  The White Sox are under .500, sovaldi they are struggling to score, struggling to close out games and struggling to get fans in the park; even though it has been a struggle there are still plenty of good things to see.  Jose Abreu and Alexei Ramirez were voted to the All-Star Game by the players and #TargetSale to get Ace Chris Sale to the game.

White Sox All-Stars Ramirez and Abreu

White Sox All-Stars
Ramirez and Abreu

Chris Sale and Jose Abreu are must see TV and even better in person.  Adam Eaton is a steadying force in the outfield and a catalyst at leadoff.  Paul Konerko is “sparingly” playing his final season and pitchers Hector Noesi and John Danks are bringing it each time they pitch.  You have all that and a chance for a great experience in the sun with friends and family, good food, good drinks and plenty to do for the kids.  So, why do I still have to talk about this each week, each season?  Don’t give me that it’s because they’re not winning, because this problem existed with a winning record.  Don’t give me it’s the neighborhood, are you watching it on someone’s front porch?  You’re not there for the neighborhood, you’re there for a game.  Watch the game and then go home, you’ll be safe.  Another excuse is the cost but there are so many discounted tickets and plans that you can find a game you can afford.  So, you’re out of excuses it’s time to get a group together get out to the Cell and support the men in black.

35th on the all-time home run list, Adam Dunn

35th on the all-time home run list, Adam Dunn

Notes:  Adam Dunn passed Carl Yastrzemski to move into 35th place on the all-time home run list with 453.  Paul Konerko has entered the closure phase of his retirement tour as he hit Fenway Park for a final series.  He says it is hitting him now as his family is in town and will take some games.  Will the Sox be sellers at the trade deadline?  It is pretty known some of the players who could be moved like:  Dayan Viciedo, Gordon Beckham, Alejandro DeAza, Adam Dunn, Tyler Flowers and others.  What the Sox are looking for in return is more bullpen and rotation help.  How much can any of these players return in a trade?  I don’t think much, you would probably need to offer a team Alexei Ramirez to get a positive return, but we’ll see.

The White Sox are 44-47; seven and a half games behind the Detroit Tigers.

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Games Review:  The White Sox beat the Red Sox in the first two games of the series.  The 2013 World Series Champs are in last place in the American League East and look awful.  Sox took the holiday weekend series against the Mariners including a complete game by Chris Sale and the 27th home run by Jose Abreu.  The bullpen couldn’t close out a game leading to an extra inning defeat in the series.

What’s Next:  There are three more games in Boston and they will close out the first half of the season with three games in Cleveland.  They return from the All-Star break with a home stand against the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals.

Don’t forget:  #TargetSale…let’s get him to the All-Star game like he deserves!

All-Star? Chris Sale

Chris Sale


Our very own Chicago White Sox are the hottest team in baseball and today’s sweep of a very talented Tampa Bay Rays team, mind surely silenced any doubters.  The White Sox won the final game of their series against the Rays earlier today by a score of 4-3. This win keeps the Sox in first place a day after they passed the Cleveland Indians for the division lead and extends their current win streak to 8! Today’s game was close and quite heated and here’s why…

What You Need to Know:

  • White Sox batters Gordon Beckham and AJ Pierzynski each got hit by a pitch from Alex Cobb. When rookie pitcher Jose Quintana attempted to retaliate (a normal reaction for pitchers), and he was tossed out of the ballgame even though his pitch never even hit a batter. This infuriated manager Robin Ventura, viagra who also got tossed (his first time as a manager) for arguing the umpire’s decision to eject Quintana.

    Robin Ventura

  • Alejandro de Aza left during the 6th inning after he was hit in the knee by a throw to second base. No word yet on how he is doing.
  • The White Sox just swept back-to-back series against 2 first place teams, the Cleveland Indians and the Tampa Bay Rays. The sweeps knocked both teams out of first and put Chicago atop the Central Division. The Sox have a 1.5 game lead over the Indians.
  • Beloved Sox announcer, Hawk Harrelson blew-up in rage today while calling the game after Quintana was tossed from the game.  Watch the below video to hear Harrelson blow his top on the air – no wonder Sox fans love this guy.

Your Take Away Piece: “Retaliation for hitting your team’s batter in baseball can often times seem confusing. Usually after multiple people are hit, the umpire will warn both teams. After a warning, the next pitcher to throw at a batter will be ejected. In today’s game NO WARNINGS were given. Cobb hit 2 Sox players without punishment. Quintana answered by throwing behind a Rays player (misses) and gets tossed from the game. That doesn’t add up for me. Quintana should have been warned and stayed in to get his 2nd win of the year.”

What’s Next: The Sox get a day off before returning to Chicago to face the Seattle Mariners for a 3 game series over the weekend. The Mariners were swept away by the Sox back in mid-April. That sweep featured Philip Humber’s perfect game. Game one of this weekend’s series will feature Sox ace Jake Peavy and Seattle’s Felix Hernandez. If you haven’t been to game yet…Now would be a good time to go!



After a somewhat promising April when the Sox won as many games as they lost, hospital the month of May is looking a bit dismal. We aren’t talking dismal on a Cubs level but the Sox have played 8 games in the first 7 days of May and have only managed 2 wins. The Sox dropped both games in yesterday’s double header with the Cleveland Indians and now ride their current 3-game losing streak into Cleveland again tonight. The Sox started the month a game out of first place and now find themselves 5 games back.  But I’m telling you now not to panic and that despite the grim numbers in May, sickness there are reasons to look on the bright side!

What You Need to Know:

  • Tough competition to start the season:  The Indians appear to be a good team. The Indians started the year as a non-contender for the American League Central but have managed to hold onto the 1st place position for weeks now. The Sox are 3-4 against the Indians so far this season.

The Rays and Orioles are tied for the best record in baseball

The White Sox have played some tough teams so far: The Indians, pilule Texas Rangers, and Baltimore Orioles are all in first place in their divisions. The Detroit Tigers and Tampa Rays are predicted to go deep into the playoffs this year. Not to mention the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics, certainly no “walk in the park.” That just leaves the Seattle Mariners, who the Sox swept!

  • They’re getting warmer:  The Sox have at least been keeping games close. I know that doesn’t mean much since a loss is a loss. But this does mean they don’t need a whole lot of fixing. Of their 6 losses in May, the most that they lost by was 3. The other 5 games were determined by a combined 8 runs! That’s close!
  • Signs of hope:  Several players have been finally stepping up and making an impact:  Alex Rios, Adam Dunn, Jake Peavy and Gordon Beckham. Philip Humber will also need to get over his Perfect Game Hangover. He has given up 20 runs since the Perfecto and couldn’t even make it to the third inning of yesterday’s game.

Your Take Away Piece: “The Sox are hopefully just a week away from putting together all the pieces. They will need to hold their ground against teams in the division and not become Cleveland’s whipping boy like they were to Detroit last year.”

What’s Next: John Danks looks to right his shaky season as he takes the mound tonight in Cleveland against pitcher Justin Masterson. This is already the third time these two pitchers have faced off this season! (Danks won the first and Masterson won the second.) These two clubs have seen a lot of each other so far and by the end of May they will already have played 12 games, so it can’t hurt to put a few of the Tribe’s roster to memory as well.


Sox' "dog-pile" celebration

When it comes to baseball, ampoule fans and players don’t just throw around the word “Perfect”. It is rarely used because perfection is hard to come by. That word was used and repeated today when White Sox pitcher, Philip Humber pitched a rare perfect game against the Seattle Mariners. (A perfect game is when the pitcher doesn’t allow any hits, runs, walks or errors through 9 innings) Humber became only the 21st pitcher in baseball history to record a perfect game, and the 3rd in White Sox history. Another bonus? The Sox were able to win, 4-0 and take the first two games of their series in Seattle.

Need to Know:

  • Humber became the Sox 18th pitcher to have a ‘no hitter’. He came close to a ‘no hitter’ last year vs. the Yankees but that ended in the 7th inning. This was only his 30th major league baseball game.
  • The last White Sox pitcher to have a perfect game was Mark Buehrle in 2009. Buehrle currently pitches for Ozzie Guillen and the Miami Marlins.

Philip Humber

  • Humber gets his first win of the year for the Sox. His first game was snowed out and his second game he would have won if it wasn’t ruined by the Sox bullpen pitchers.

Your Take Away Piece: ” There was no lumber vs. Humber! Congratulations Philip Humber! You not only pitched a perfect game, you absolutely dominated the Mariners. Perfect games are very rare,  you will be seeing these highlights for weeks to come!”


What’s Next: Humber will get a much deserved 4 days rest and pitch against the Boston Red Sox next Thursday. As for the rest of the Sox, they will be looking for a sweep of the Mariners Sunday afternoon before heading to Oakland on Monday.

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