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Happy New Year, tadalafil malady SDI Fans! Hope everyone had a safe and happy one. It’s been awhile, ailment but everyone needs to get away and recharge the batteries. I want to thank all of you for being huge supporters of our site. 2016, seek has some AMAZING things in store and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Now let’s get down to business.

The Bears are once again out of the NFL playoffs and will pick 11th in the 2016 Draft after finishing 6-10. I would like to say I am surprised, but I am not. Head coach John Fox said this season wouldn’t be pretty and it wasn’t, I do feel that the Bears will get better and after looking at their schedule (pretty easy) my early prediction is that they will improve to 9-7 and get a wild card spot. Enough on the Bears, I am sure you have read all too many articles on their disaster season.

This weekend is Wildcard Weekend, one of my favorites in sports! Anything can happen. As Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly said “The playoffs are a different animal, you have to keep winning. You lose and you go home.” None of the teams kicking off Saturday or Sunday want to only extend their season one lousy week.

Here are some easy talking points when you are at the bar this weekend faking your “Dry January” and that cute guy starts talking to you.

Game 1: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans (Saturday 4:35pm ET) – When the Texans started the season 2-5, none of us thought they would be here. The Texans have gone through more QBs than the dreaded Browns, but they do have one thing and his name is JJ Watt and a defense that in my opinion is just getting started. The loss of left tackle Duane Brown will be tough on them though. What can you say about the Chiefs?! They have won 10 straight games and are just HOT HOT HOT… Even though the Texans have home field and we all know how I feel about JJ Watt the Chiefs are just that HOT. Chiefs 17 – Texans 10

Game 2: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (Saturday 8:15pm ET) – This game is going to be hard to call. These two teams are evenly matched expect for the QB  position, the Steelers have massive Ben Roethlisberger who already has two Super Bowl Championships and shows up in the big games. Cincinnati lost their star QB Andy Dalton on Dec 13th vs. the Steelers when he broke his thumb. He just had his cast removed, but is listed as the back up to AJ McCarron and I just think that even though McCarron has done well for the Bengals, I am just not sure he is ready for this, even though one of my best friends Audra is going to kill me (please don’t send Nance after me). Steelers 23 – Bengals 17

Game 3: Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings (Sunday 1:05pm ET) – This could be the most lopsided game of the weekend. The Vikings won the NFC North and what do they get for winning?! They get to host the other hottest team in the NFL the Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks started out the season an awful 2-4 and have gone 8-2 the last 10 weeks. Their defense, I hate to say it Panther fans is the best in the NFL. If you look at the stats, Russell Wilson is having his best season… say what?! He already won one Super Bowl and lost barley last year to the Pats. Watch out for Wilson, he is going to be the QB to watch in the playoffs. Yes. The Vikings have the league’s best running back with Adrian Peterson and an emerging franchise quarterback with Teddy Bridgewater. However the Seattle defense will have Teddy running faster than my favorite Seahawks fan Jay to an Air Jordan convention. Seahawks 31 – Vikings 10

Game 4: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins (Sunday 4:40pm ET) –   I am a Bears fan. I will ALWAYS ROOT AGAINST THE PACKERS, it’s in my DNA. With that said. The Packers look awful heading into the postseason. Aaron Rodgers has been so inconsistent this season; grant it his offensive line has been heinous. The Redskins on the other hand are flying high into the postseason, but they don’t have much experience on the postseason stage. Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is the new savior in DC, and he may just be what the team needs to turn this franchise around. Their defense is good but not great, and Aaron Rodgers just knows how to score points in the playoffs.  Packers 23 – Redskins 17

Buckle up friends it is going to be a one heck of a wildcard weekend!

Chicago Bears Jimmy Clausen

It’s simple really. Seattle needed a victory more than Chicago.  Even though both Seattle and Chicago had 0-2 records going into the game, shop the Seahawks are a team that made two Super Bowl appearances in the last two years, sovaldi sale winning one of the two. Meanwhile, hospital the Bears haven’t even made a playoff appearance since 2010. Obviously Seattle had something to prove, so it should come as no surprise that they stepped it up and shut out Chicago, 26-0.

The game wasn’t the worst Bear football I’ve seen, but it was also not the best. To prep yourself for office water cooler chat this AM, check out some player stats and a quick game recap below:

Chicago Bears Jimmy Clausen

Back-up QB, Jimmy Clausen

  • Both QB Jay Cutler and Wide Receiver, Alshon Jeffery did not play, so the Bears turned to back-up QB, Jimmy Clausen for the Seattle home opener.  Clausen was 9 of 17 for 63 yards. Meh. He now also has a 1-11 record. Per usual, RB Matt Forte carried the offensive workload with 74 yards on 20 carries. Defensively, the Bears actually showed-up for a bit and applied some pressure on Seattle QB Russell Wilson. Both Jarvis Jenkins and Pernell McPhee had two sacks apiece.
  • For Seattle, Wilson finished 20 of 30 for 235 yards. Their star Running Back, Marshawn Lynch had only 14 yards on five carries before leaving the game at the half with an injury (calf and hamstring).  The big star for the Seahawks was rookie Tyler Lockett, who returned the ball 105 yards for a touchdown at the start of the second half of the game.  This was the longest return in Seattle franchise history.
  • To recap the game, the first half wasn’t necessarily exciting but it also wasn’t God awful, as the Bears controlled the football for 18:01 and only trailed by six points at the half.  Seahawk fans were even booing their team during the first half based on their sub-par performance. However, Lockett’s TD during the second-half kickoff change the momentum of the game. From there, everything went downhill as the Bears couldn’t keep up with the Seahawks; only gaining an additional 37 yards in the second half and remaining scoreless. Ow.

Next Up

Bears take on the Oakland Raiders here in Chicago at 12PM.  My prediction? A morale-boosting Bear victory, 27-21. (Although I can’t wait to see Oakland’s WR Amari Cooper in action and am secretly rooting for him – sorry!) Check out the game on CBS and check back to see my recap and thoughts next week!


Hi friends. How are you? It’s been a while. Luckily for you, online the SDI family was never too far from my heart. Every time I saw some asinine sports atrocity, nurse I kept it in my mental rolodex (i.e. my Twitter favorites) just in case I was able to share it with you guys. And now the opportunity has finally come to share my thoughts on random sports stories with you.

So here we are. It’s football season. Baseball season. I’m sure hockey might be on (???). Or table tennis. Maybe curling is happening…in Canada or Russia or wherever they watch that. The Cubs are good (right?). The Bears have a two-time-Super Bowl-appearing coach (he lost, cialis but still….he was in the building). Everyone’s favorite Bull may or may not have been involved in a gang rape (I. Can’t. Even.) And the Blackhawks dismantled their championship team and have deflated the hopes of another ticker tape parade in Chicago for like a decade.


So what have I been up to sports-wise? Well, I learned to golf. Ok, well not like actually learned to golf. I got golf clubs, try hopelessly to hit the ball with either my driver or my nine iron, and give up at around the third hole to focus on keeping score and getting drunk. You have no idea how difficult it is to count when you’re six mimosas in. I am a great humanitarian.

I also moved to Pittsburgh and have spent the past five months devising a plan to bribe bartenders to play Bears games when the Steelers are on. In addition to that, I am trying desperately to become the best amateur binge-watcher in America: I devoured four seasons of Game of Thrones in two weeks. If I keep this up, I’ll surely qualify for the Olympics. Because America.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about other people. So pop the cork on the Cabernet, light your pumpkin-scented candle and let’s talk proper sports.


I really don’t want to talk about Deflategate but since I have a column with thousands of readers (right? RIGHT?!), I’ll throw in my two cents. Here’s the thing: the Patriots are known simultaneously as champions and cheaters. So it’s very difficult to believe that Belichick and Brady wouldn’t do this. That’s the thing about lying; get caught doing it once and everything else you say comes into question. Do I think they did this on purpose? I sure hope not. I would like to believe that what we are witnessing is a great team headed up by a brilliant coach and a seemingly terrific owner in Bob Kraft who are playing a brutal, unforgiving game as fairly as possible. But I will say this: it wouldn’t exactly surprise me if this ended up to be true.

In other news, Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson is dating singer Ciara. And that makes sense for both parties. Russell probably never got any action with chicks as ridiculously gorgeous as Ciara. And now, because she’s on his arm, Ciara is introduced as an R&B star (which – name three unaccompanied Ciara tracks not called “Goodies”… exactly.)


So, two things:

  1. Kansas has a football team! WHO KNEW?!
  2. Students at the University of Kansas cannot name the head coach of said football team.

Yep. Moving on.


I am very confident in my relationship, but if some heifer EVER asks my man out on a date with me standing right there?! {link:} No ma’am. In the illustrious words of Tupac, ‘you betta back the duck up before you get smacked the duck up.’ Because no rapper rant will ever beat the one at the end of Hit ‘em Up. {link:}

Aside: can someone tell the people in charge of autocorrect over at Apple that I literally never mean duck? Thanks.


Drake and Serena Williams have been a thing for a while, so this is not news{link: I compare this to having a real boyfriend, breaking up with him occasionally and hooking up with the side piece. Who is Drake in this scenario? Side piece.

One last thing…

Im currently drinking my way through Italy so I feel it would be remiss not to talk about soccer. JUST KIDDING! Thanks for reading. Until next time!


Let’s face it Bears fans, cure this season was a DISASTER! The last thing any of us want to see is another organization and ALL-STAR quarterback (who makes less money than Jay Cutler) hoist up the Lombardi Trophy. Super Bowl XLIX is this Sunday matching up the New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks; both happen to be the #1 seeds in their respective conferences.

The Super Bowl has almost become a national holiday in the U.S. and why not, click everything that we love about sports mashed up into a day full of overeating and drinking. Can it get any better?! If you haven’t nailed down your plans yet, check out our friends at Eater. They put together the top places to eat and watch this year’s game in Chicago:

Even though we still might have nightmares about this season, there are plenty of reasons to watch this Sunday’s game. Here are my reasons to watch this year’s game.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

The QB’s: Brady vs. Wilson, old school vs. new school. These two QB’s are everything that is right in the NFL. They both had stellar years on and off the field. Brady continues to further his path as the one of the best QB’s ever, while Wilson is looking for back to back Super Bowl

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

victories. Both are former Big10 QB’s, easy on the eyes and a marketers dream. Both have lucrative off the field contacts, hocking everything from UGGS to Insurance. Oh, did we also mention Brady is married to Gisele, under/over how many times they show her on NBC Sunday night.

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch

The Cast of Characters: Where to begin? I think the most logical is with Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch aka. Beast Mode, Mr. Skittles, etc. Lynch is one of the best running back in the league, hates talking to the media, and has gotten fined left and right this season. To sum it up he doesn’t care what any of us think. Lynch will be a major storyline in this game for both his on the field play and how he acts off. He really kicked it off weird, by answering every question at media day with “’I’m here so I won’t get fined’. Needless to say, all eyes will be on Lynch.

For the Patriots it has to be Rob Gronkowski aka. GRONK. Gronk was charismatic,

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski

charming and left me wanting more on media day. He had another fantastic season catching 82 passes for 1,124 yards and 12 touchdowns in the regular season and has added another 10 catches for 136 yards and two touchdowns in two postseason games; Gronk is a main factor why the Patriots are in the Super Bowl. He is the new generation’s tight-end and will be a deciding factor in Sunday’s game.

Honorable Mention: Richard Sherman, keep your eyes out for the loud mouth cornerback that always seems to have his hands in the game.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

The Half Time Show: The halftime show has become more of an attraction than the game that surrounds it. Last year’s halftime show had 115 million sets of eyeballs on it, making it the most-watched musical event in history. Whoa! Sunday’s show will to continue the trend. Katy Perry is this year’s headliner. Lenny Kravitz will be joining her on stage and rumblings also have the possibly of either Snoop Dogg or Kanye West. This will be tawdry and flashy and energetic, 15 minutes of pure musical fluff. With folks turning in to see what goes wrong, if anything. I personally can’t wait to see if Perry decides to throw shade at former BFF Taylor Swift. The inner 14 year old in me is bursting!

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

The Commercials: Who doesn’t remember last year’s Budweiser puppy and horse love story? Let’s face it this is another reason a majority of people watch the Super Bowl. The ads make us laugh, cry and say WTF at the same time. Who will win this year’s favorite ad, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Doritos, etc.?

The Game: After a week of WAY TOO much Deflategate bs, the NFL hopes to return the attention to the play on the field. The Super Bowl features the NFL’s top-ranked defense in both scoring and yards (Seahawks) versus the Patriots offense, which scored the fourth most points in the NFL. The Seahawks have given up the fewest points three straight seasons. The Pats have had a top-four offense each of the past five years. This game is going to be incredible, if you’re a sports fan this is one not to be missed, no matter who your team is.

Don't Be Left Out

Don’t Be Left Out

Not Looking Like a Loser: Weather you are a sports fan or not, everyone Monday morning who can make it into the office is going to be talking about ALL the above. You don’t want to be the one who has no clue what the best ad was, or WTF was Katy Perry thinking, and most importantly WHO won the damn game, do you?

Most importantly: Who is going to win? The latest odds have the Patriots favored by 2. However, as the awful gambler that I am, I am going with the Seahawks! I predict Seahawks 28, Patriots 24.

Don’t worry though Bears fans, John Fox our new head coach is going to turn everything around with his magic wand and get us into the post season. Next year Chicago just might be part of the biggest sports day of the year!


Courtside Chic LeBron James’ Super Bowl Weekend Ensemble


The NYC area was filled with various NBA ballers last week attending pre-Super Bowl events. Miami Heat’s LeBron James was one of many movers and shakers spotted at the Marquee Club in New York City. The four-time MVP kept his NYC style simple by pairing a black sweater with wax denim pants. Honestly, medicine this is the Super Bowl in NYC. For such a fashion-forward baller like LeBron, I was expecting something a lot edgier, like some nerdy glasses or a glow-in-the-dark chain. But, no such luck. Leave it to LeBron to keep everyone guessing.

There was nothing eh about King James’ performance against the Pistons on Monday night. The forward scored 24 points (on 9-for-19 shooting), 11 assists. This includes an epic one-handed alley-oop that he caught from Mario Chalmers. The Heat currently sit in second place in the East, 3 1/2 games behind the division leading Indiana Pacers.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Russell Wilson Sit Courtside at the Nets Game


Being that I am a ‘Single lady’ who believes that ‘Girls Run the World,’ it is no surprise that I am a huge Beyoncé fan (which is why I will rip annoying quotes and various lyrics throughout my posts). Bey and her hubby (rapper, agent and former Nets minority owner) Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter sat court side at the Nets game against the Sixers on Monday Night.

Jay kept it cool and casual in a grey hoodie, while Beyoncé sported a Karl Lagerfeld wool biker jacket. Beyoncé has already stated that she is a “Grown Woman” that can do whatever she wants. This includes accesorizing with mouse-ear pom poms. The adorable beanie is a Eugenia Kim Knit Pom Pom hat. Sitting next to the power couple is none other that Seattle Seahawks Quarterback and, hello, SuperBowl Champ Russell Wilson.  If that is not a dynamic trio…I don’t know what is.


I guess the Nets knew that they had special company. Brooklyn was able to snag a win (108-102) as they recovered from the brutal beating they got from OKC on Friday and Indiana on Saturday. Paul Pierce sank 25 points while Shaun Livingston came close to a quadruple-double, scoring 13 points with eight assists, six rebounds and a career-high seven steals.



 In other Nets News: Coach, and former NBA player, Jason Kidd was honored Coach of the Month on Monday. The Nets went 10-3 in January, which is a franchise  record for that month.

Nike Reveals NBA All-Star Sneakers

NBA All-Star week is almost here! It will take place from February 14-16 in New Orleans. All-Star Week is not complete without the NBA unveiling signature footwear. Since the All-Star festivities will take place in the Big Easy, Nike recently showcased ‘gumbo’ themed sneakers.

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant will be sporting glow-in-the-dark, New Orleans inspired editions of their signature sneaks. Kobe Bryant will not get to wear his shoes, as he is sidelined due to his knee injury. He may be on the bench, but at least his sneakers will glow in the dark–in case there is a blackout or something.

The All-Star starters from the east are Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. The starters from the west are Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant (New NBA comissioner Adam Silver will determine Bryant’s replacement) , Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love. I know what you are thinking. What about Joakim Noah? At least that’s what you should be thinking. Our dear Jojo is on reserve. Booo!

Lala Anthony’s Chanel Logo Clutch


Courtside Chic post is not complete without a fabulous NBA WAG. Lala Anthony seems to be slaying it week after week (after week). While at a book signing for, The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness, she posed for an instagram photo with a fabulous white Chanel lego clutch. Lala is a style all-star in my eyes. Her husband Carmelo, on the other hand, is simply an all-star.

Melo will suit up for the East in the 2014 All- Star game on the February 16th.


Although there have been rumors about him excercising his early-termination option and leaving the Knicks, Melo has been mum about the whole issue. Now, it is clear that the only thing he is focused on is winning. The Knicks are currently one game behind the Charlotte Bobcats in making the playoffs. Can Melo win with a team that is struggling to hang on to the 8th seed? Only time will tell…because Melo certainly won’t!

That is all for now! I will be back to dish out all of the juicy gossip and scrutinize all of the fashion during All-Star Weekend. I don’t know about you, but I am excited! As always, I will keep you fabulously posted.

Pink's Pulse

This week’s Pink’s Pulse is dedicated to one of the best weekends in sports: the NFL Championship Weekend. Four teams remain in the race to Super Bowl XLVIII, buy cialis and Sunday’s doubleheader Championship match-ups are sure to be thrillers as two rivalries are rekindled.

This Sunday’s match-ups are a dose of old school – new school football.  First, levitra we have the 49ers and Seahawks: two teams who’ve had success building their organizations through their younger players. Then there’s the old school battle: the Patriots vs. the Broncos: a matchup between the two NFL royalty heavyweights.

Clear the schedule for Sunday, football doesn’t get much better than this.

New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos – 2pm CT on CBS

The rematch that everyone had hoped for is here…Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning. These two teams clashed during Week 12 and the Patriots bested the Broncos late by a score of 34-31. But, things are a little different this time around.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady

There are almost too many story lines to count between Brady and Manning, far too many to list and stories you can find with a simple Google Search.  This is the fifteenth meeting between these two iconic quarterbacks and could be their last. Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has nearly broke every record in the book this year, but history has predicated that those QBs don’t always go onto winning a Super Bowl after record-breaking seasons. While Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has had a hard, long struggle to get to this point having no reliable wide receivers to count on this time around.

What you should be watching for in this game is the tight end position. The last time these two met the Patriots still had Rob Gronkowski and the Broncos were without Pro Bowl tight end Julius Thomas. Brady will need pass-catchers to step up in order to get points on the board throughout the game.

One last thing to note, the last time these two teams met the Broncos had to deal with Patriots five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. With Wilfork out of the season with an injury, it poses a concern for the Patriots defense in trying to stop Manning.

For a full preview, check out NFL Film’s video here.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks – 5:30 CT on FOX

Fans will get a double-dose of rematch mania with a new school rivalry between the 49ers and Seahawks. Last week we got to see the 49ers offense get tested against one of the better defenses in the Carolina Panthers while the Seahawks strutted their guns to the New Orleans Saints.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson are proving to be the more electrifying young quarterbacks to watch. If you haven’t figured out, Kaepernick seems to really have the playoff juices flowing. It definitely helps that his favorite wide receiver Michael Crabtree is back from injury. Since he’s been back, the 49ers have won their last seven game. Russell Wilson, on the other hand, has a canon of an arm to make you sit on the edge of your seat every play.

Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick

Keep your eyes on the matchup between the 49ers wide receivers and the Seahawks secondary. The Seahawks haven’t faced off against Michael Crabtree let alone the power of Crabtree, tight end Vernon Davis and wideout Anquan Boldin altogether. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has really been a force to be reckoned with along with his legion of boom (the Seahawks defense). It could get ugly out there folks.

If you haven’t seen the Madden 25 commercial featuring Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, it is a must watch before Sunday’s match-up. Watch it below.

My picks: I’m going to preface my pick by saying that my preseason Super Bowl prediction was that the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots would meet in New York. And, I’m sticking to my guns. Please, enjoy football this weekend.

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