round 2


Round 2 of the Calder Cup playoffs isn’t going so well for the Chicago Wolves. They’re currently down two games against the Toronto Marlies.  The Wolves began their Round 2 run Friday night with a 5-2 loss at home.  Unfortunately they suffered a second loss, site 4-2, Saturday night also at home.  The series now moves to Toronto and the Ricoh Coliseum.

marlieslive_rd2game2_preview644x396-1Chicago will look to rally Wednesday night in Toronto.  A win gives them a chance to stay in the series and ultimately the playoffs.  A third loss puts them in a very bad position in this best of 7 series. Keep in mind Toronto swept the Milwaukee Admirals in the first round of the playoffs so they’ll be looking to repeat that performance in Round 2.

So what do the Wolves need to keep themselves in the run for the Calder Cup?  Now I don’t claim to know everything about hockey (shocking, I know!), but I can speculate. To me, the Wolves looked tired Saturday night.  Their game lacked focus and energy. If they can take the next few days off to re-focus and re-energize, they stand a good chance of keeping themselves in the playoffs.  The team certainly has the talent.

Wolves fans not looking to make a last minute trip to Canada can catch the game at 6pm on The U too, XFinity 248 or on Wednesday night.  These will be your options through most of the rest of Round 2, unless it goes to Game 7 which will be back on home ice Monday May 19.article_9b3e17a0-bc49-4fd6-b3ff-a5e2ebcafb10

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