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I’ll admit it—golf is probably one of my least favorite sports, viagra one that I have a hard time diving into for an afternoon of viewing. And I know I’m not alone when I say this. But leave it to the Masters to remind me of the incredible skill involved in the game beloved by so many, and just as important –  that there’s plenty of eye candy that makes viewing a little more bearable, including former HAM of the Week (and an SDI fave) Adam Scott.

We’re ready to add another to that list: Jordan Spieth, our HAM of the Week.

The 20-year-old golfer was tied with eventual winner Bubba Watson for first place leading into yesterday’s final round, and despite finishing tied for second with Jonas Blixt, he’s emerging as the sport’s “next Tiger Woods”. And when Forbes calls you “the Derek Jeter of golf”, you know you’re a pretty big deal.

So what’s the 411 on the young pro?

Jordan Spieth,

Jordan Spieth,

The 6’1”, 185 lbs Dallas native is the spitting image of an All-American boy. He began his career with two second-place finishes in the 2008 and 2009 Junior PGA Championship. Spieth (pronounced SPEETH) followed that with two wins in the U.S. Junior Amateur tournaments in 2009 and 2011, which, ironically, he joined Woods as the tournament’s only multiple winners.

Spieth took his game to the University of Texas, where he helped the Longhorns win the NCAA championship, was named Big 12 Freshman and Player of the Year, and was named to the first team All-American.

He earned a spot in the U.S. Open in 2012 as an alternate and tied for 21st place, and he turned professional midway through his sophomore year at 19 years old.

Spieth participated in a few minor tournaments at the beginning of 2013 as an amateur, but really hit his stride by winning the John Deere Classic in July, becoming the fourth youngest PGA Tour winner and the first teenager to win the tournament since 1931.

But that win granted him more than brownie points: it gave him status as a PGA Tour member, eligibility for the FedEx Cup, and entry into the 2013 Open Championship, PGA Championship and 2014 Masters. Oh yeah, and he earned a spot on the United States squad in the 2013 Presidents Cup in October.

By September, Spieth was named the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year and ended the season ranked 22nd in the world. We’re guessing that number jumped just a little lower since yesterday. He may not be #1 (that’s Adam Scott), but he’s definitely #2—especially for his feelings on the Heat:


Spieth is not just about the game: the Presidents Cup selection led him to start the Jordan Spieth Charitable Trust, which lends time, awareness and financial assistance to special needs youth, military families and junior golf.

He’s got that Southern charm and class, and is a true Texas boy—he’s a Longhorns fan and Rangers fan, owns four pairs of cowboy boots and calls all of his elders “Mister”, especially to a golf royalty like Watson. Spieth also played baseball as a pitcher and loves tropical vacations—sounds like a great match for us! Spieth looked like he had a ton of confidence in his game (and, well, was easy on the eyes if I’m being honest here), and we know he’ll get his green jacket in due time.

Follow Spieth on Twitter at @JordanSpieth and Instagram at @jordanspieth and at

Crazy Woods

Oh, doctor the pressure!! There’s a reason big league athletes get paid big bucks to show up and cook under pressure for all of us to watch and revel in.  Pressure is part of the job and overcoming it is what separates amateurs from the pros.   With that said, unhealthy we have to call-out Kerry Wood and Tiger Woods who both succumbed to their frustrations by taking it out on their equipment this week – which created some entertaining video.

Cub’s struggling reliever Kerry Wood, decease melted down last night in the 8th inning against the Atlanta Braves in the Cubs 3-1 loss.  Wood, who has been battling shoulder issues already this season, walked 2 batters and gave up 2 hits in 6 at bats, enough to cause him to throw his glove and hat into the stands at fans.  While throwing a mitt into the dugout is nothing new, throwing it into the stands – WITH your hat – is high-drama.  It gets better.  During a post-game interview, Wood drops the f-bomb at a reporter who asked him about his temper tantrum and storms out of the locker room – see video below – at least he wished the media a “good night”. Ha – as if that softened the moment.

Moving on to another display of raw emotions in sports this week – Tiger Woods.  Woods has struggled to regain his untouchable status and lead in the PGA Tour rankings since his epic fall from grace two years ago resulting from his monstrous sex-scandal.  He’s won only one tour event since then and has struggled to make the cut in many tournaments.  Tiger’s always been a bit of a drama queen with the visible f-bombs after bad shots, yelling at the gallery for taking pictures, and more.  But it’s his bitchy club-dropping that drives me (and I’m sure others) absolutely nuts.  In the video below from the Masters a few weeks ago, Tiger drops his club in his back swing of a terrible tee-shot and then proceeds to kick it across the tee box.  Really Tiger?  As if you need to give the press and the public any more fuel to question your mental toughness and overall attitude?

Woods had another club-dropping and kicking incident this week when he failed to make the cut for the Wells Fargo Championship.

Between the 2 Woods – there are some seriously raw emotions for the viewing, which is entertaining for us, but bad for them.  Yes, I get that they are only human – and are entitled to venting here and there – but save it for the clubhouse shrink or your wife/GF/buddy.  Fans don’t want to see their sports heroes implode and it certainly doesn’t help when your opponents see that they’ve successfully gotten into your head – a very dangerous place to be.  Just ask Tiger Woods.


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