At best, the first round of the NBA playoffs were something to switch to during Cubs game commercials, and at worst they were straight trash. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul got a couples MRI, Stanley Johnson lost him mind, and Steph Curry channeled his inner Derrick Rose when he returned from an ankle injury only to SLIP ON A WET SPOT and sprain his MCL one half of basketball later. While we did see two oddly competitive game 7s, I don’t think anyone will look back on basketball in April fondly, except maybe Thibs.  So with that, round 1 is behind us and lets never speak of it again. We’re now into round 2 where two series may actually turn out to be competitive, and at least all of the teams that are still competing have a compelling reason to win, regardless of how you (or I) may dislike some of them (Cleveland).

Starting in the Eastern Conference, Toronto is fresh off their 2nd playoff series win in the franchise’s 21 year history, and ready to take on the Miami Heat on 48 hours rest. Both teams will go into Tuesday night’s game with nothing more than a shootaround to prepare so I would imagine the play will be as sloppy and bizarre as any in the teams’ round 1 match ups. Miami’s playoff experience, star power and hot shooting will likely move them on to the Conference Finals, but if Toronto’s DeRozan and Lowry can get back up to their regular season scoring numbers, they’ll have a shot.

On the West Coast, the Spurs/Thunder match up tips off the part of the NBA playoffs where you wonder why they even televise games in Atlanta or Toronto, when Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard and Draymond Green are playing basketball a few thousand miles away. But Game 1 did not turn out to be the elite competition we had hoped. Instead, the Spurs played ‘as good as it gets’, executing flawlessly on the offensive side, and throwing defender after defender at Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, rushing and contesting not just shots, but steps. Before Monday night, I figured the Spurs (probably) wouldn’t score 73 in the first half of every game this series but that we might have to endure an under-achieving Oklahoma City team fall in less than 7 games, with their inexperienced rotation pushing Durant over the edge and out of town.  While I was preparing myself to adjust perspective and appreciate the impeccable and dominant Spurs for as long as they’re around, OKC made it interesting with a last second win over San Antonio on Monday, evening the series and reminding us just how fun the NBA Playoffs can be.

And then there’s Lebron. And the inevitable question – can he be stopped? Answer: No. Not in the Eastern conference. The Cavs have a 9 game post-season winning streak against the Atlanta Hawks which is the 2nd longest active streak in the league, coming up short only to the Cavs 12 game run over Detroit who they just swept. They may have to weather a few storms here and there from Al Horford, Jeff Teague and a Hawks team who won’t roll over as easily as last year, but in the end, we’ll still be talking about Lebron, the health of his teammates and their chemistry with the coach 2 weeks from now when they’re headed to South Beach or the great white North for LBJ’s 6th straight Eastern Conference Finals.

Last but certainly not least, prayers up for Steph. He’s poised to return in Game 3 of Warriors/Blazers, but his team is doing just fine without him. They obliterated the Blazers in Game 1 behind the smothering defense of fellow splash brother Klay Thompson, and a triple double from the pride of Saginaw, Draymond Green. They don’t need Steph this series, but they’ll want to be firing on all cylinders when they head to the Conference Finals, so rest between games 2 and 3 can’t come soon enough for the winners of 73 regular season games.

So that’s round 2 in a nutshell.    The playoffs are on the up and up, and the TNT crew is in post-season form. It’s way overdue but it’s here and it’s fleeting, so just like Chicago Summer, enjoy it while it lasts.


Our Bulls wrapped up their first entire month of play on Monday with a huge win against the San Antonio Spurs. Despite moments of brilliance, sovaldi sale this Bulls team is what I’d like to call a ‘beautiful basketball disaster.’ Chicago sits third in the Eastern Conference behind the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers with a 10-5 record. The Bulls’ standings and record doesn’t warrant any panic, doctor but there have been some inconsistencies that kept fans shaking their heads in disbelief.

Under new coach Fred Hoiberg the Bulls anticipated amping up their offense and loosening up the focus on defense. Surprisingly, here the Bulls have been the fifth worst offense (according to, but have been the leagues sixth best defense. They’ve had some embarrassing blowout losses to lowly NBA teams, but have also beaten some of the top teams in the league.

Derrick Rose has been playing with double vision after suffering the orbital fracture during training camp. He hasn’t been able to consistently put up offensive numbers, but his presence on the court is absolutely noticeable. He’s still quick and can create plays for his teammates to score. There are a lot of Rose haters out there these days after all of his injuries, but the Bulls are a better team even with a cross-eyed Rose. His vision is only going to get better.

Overall, our Bulls are where most analysts predicted they’d be. They have a deep roster, they struggle to find offense occasionally, but when they play team basketball they win big games. We can call them fabulously flawled?

Best Moments:

  • Monday’s 92-89 win against the Spurs was one of my favorites for the Bulls. The Spurs are a red-hot Western conference force, only trailing the undefeated Golden State Warriors. The Bulls came out ready to play both ends of the court. The entire team played well and Joakim Noah finally looked like himself (thank goodness).
  • Bulls started the season with a big home opener win against the Cleveland Cavaliers (it was technically October, but we’ll let it slide).
  • They stole a big game from the Oklahoma City Thunder with a 104-98 game at home.

Woof – lets just forget about these games:

  • The Bulls got spanked 105-130 to the Charlotte Hornets – this one still makes me cringe.
  • A 102-93 overtime loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves also was a tough one to swallow.

November’s MVP:

Easy peasy – that would be Jimmy Butler. He may just be a top 10 player in the league and is absolutely the most consistent player on the Bulls roster. He’s averaging 20.3 points per game, 2.5 assists and 5.1 rebounds. Now he’s no Stephen Curry putting up 34 points a game, but Jimmy Buckets is the guy the Bulls can count on this season. He’s like a nice wine, he just keeps getting better with age.

The Bulls have to be cautious with Butler as he is obviously one of the most crucial players. Reports confirm Butler has been playing through the pain of a sore heel since November 20th’s game against Golden State. He says he’s going to play through the pain, but lets not push things – there’s still a lot of season to play.

I’m also going to give an honorable mention to Pau Gasol. His stats are not quite as amazing as seasons past, but the big man has been crucial to the best Bulls wins. Let us applaud the game winning block he had against Lebron James in the home opener.

Must Watch December Games: 

  • December 10th the Bulls host the LA Clippers at 7 PM
  • December 25th the Bulls head to OKC to face the Thunder on Christmas Day – games at 1:30 PM
  • December 30th the Bulls close out the holidays with the Pacers at the United Center at 7 PM. This is a big one as the Bulls and Pacers are 1-1 this season and both conference and division rivals.

Chris Bosh’s 30th Birthday Bash


source: april belle photos

What do you get when you combine carnival games, shop a dunk tank, medical and a performance from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony? Why, an NBA birthday bash of course!

Chris Bosh recently celebrated his 30th birthday with fabulous style!  Adrienne Bosh threw her hubby a “Cirque du Noir” themed party at Marlins Park. The Miami Power Forward/Center was all smiles in his gold tuxedo jacket and black mask. Many of his teammates were present during the extravagant birthday celebration.


source: april belle photos

What can I say? The Miami Heat certainly needed a day at the circus. After losing seven out of eleven games, the Miami Heat was able to snag a win against the Portland Trailbrazers on Monday night (93-91).

“It’s always good to have something like [Bosh’s party] in the middle of the season, whether you’re winning or losing,” LeBron James said after the win. “It definitely helps with losing, to get your mind off it.” (ESPN)

Skylar Diggins Stuns for Mark Magazine



Skylar Diggins is one balling beauty that never ceases to showcase her FAB-ness. The WNBA star graces the latest cover of Mark magazine. Diggins rocks a form-fitting Major hit dress that is available on Mark’s Website for $42. Mark is currently celebrating 10 years of beauty, fashion and empowerment. Skylar is certainly making a “mark” in the media!

Skylar Diggins Vogue


Diggins was also featured in Vogue magazine in a red zip crop-top and skirt (btw I am doing sit-ups while typing this). The Tulsa Shock point guard says that her “possibilities are endless” as a female athlete.

Dahntay Jones For Ebony Magazine

Dahntay Jones

I have never been jealous of a man’s shoe collection. Well, that was before Dahntay Jones’ Ebony magazine feature. I am not a sneaker head, but I felt a twitch of shoe envy amid the Nike Foamposite kicks, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga and Lanvin.

As part of its “Sneakerhead Closet Confessions,” the April issue of Ebony magazine gives readers a peek inside of his walk-in closet. His style wonderland features 450+ pairs of shoes. Let me repeat myself. His style wonderland features 450+ pairs of shoes. One day, my heel closet will be on that level. One day.

Paul George’s Leather Ensemble

Paul George fash

source: @paul_george24

Not only did Paul George and the Pacers get slaughtered by the Chicago Bulls on Monday, but he also slaughtered 17 cows for his post game ensemble. The Indianapolis small forward/shooting guard recently shared a photo of his all-leather ensemble with his 671K Instagram followers.

After their 89-77 loss, the Pacers have dropped three of their last four games. Ouch. Things are looking quite grim for the Pacers, but at least Paul George is handling business off the court with his daring fashion!

That’s it for now, Divas! I will most definitely be back to give you the hottest news in NBA fashion/gossip. As always, I will keep you fabulously posted!


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A loss to the Central Division rival Pacers isn’t the way we envisioned the Bulls starting off the month of December, but nonetheless, Indiana grabbed an 80-76 win at the United Center Tuesday night. As always tonight’s game between the Bulls and Pacers was tight. Chicago was able to keep Indiana’s leading scorer David West in check, but Paul George picked up the slack and ended up completely dominating the game. Here are the ins and outs of Tuesday’s match-up.

What You Need to Know: 

  • Indiana’s Paul George owned the court tonight racking up a total of 34 points and nine rebounds. Roy Hibbert added a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

    George and Boozer

  • Luol Deng and Nate Robinson led the Bull’s comeback in the 4th. Robinson was the leading scorer with 19 points and Deng finished with 17 points. Chicago was infuriated when Deng didn’t get a late call as he drove to the basket against Roy Hibbert in the final seconds with the Bulls down two – which could have changed the overall outcome of the game. Carlos Boozer also added a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds.
  • The Bulls were without the help of shooting guard Rip Hamilton who is out indefinitely with a torn Plantar Fascia in his left foot. Rip’s injury left the Bulls even thinner at the guard position (we’re obviously suffering already from the missing Derrick Rose). Marco Belinelli started in his place and scored a mediocre six points.
  • Los Bulls had 19 turnovers which is unacceptable – you can’t score any points if you’re giving your opponent the ball the entire game.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“Home wins are crucial for the Bulls who needed to snatch this win at the UC against the Pacers. All in all, Paul George was the Pacers X-factor tonight. Any time you let a player score 34 points against you, it means your man on man coverage isn’t cutting it.”

What’s Next: 

The Bulls have a full schedule this week heading to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers tonight (7 PM CSN Chicago), then off to Detroit on Thursday to face the Pistons (6:30 PM CSN Chicago) and then back to Chicago to play the New York Knicks at home on Friday (7 PM WGN). I’m exhausted just thinking about it! It would be great if the Bulls could bring back 3 wins for the rest of the week. Fingers are crossed!


Led by Kyle Korver, here the Bulls beat Central Division rivals the Indiana Pacers and poured on the Hot Sauce Wednesday night winning their second to last game of the season, cialis 92-87. By defeating Indiana, sovaldi sale the Bulls creep closer to the overall best record in the NBA and are one step closer to securing home court advantage throughout the playoffs and into the NBA finals (not a bad perk).

What You Need to Know:

  • An enthusiastic and always impeccably groomed Kyle Korver (nicknamed “Hot Sauce”) was the leading scorer with 20 points off the bench. Joakim Noah lit up the court with some messy-bun swagger and another double-double; he had 14 points and 14 rebounds. Shout-out to Carlos Boozer for carrying the team early in the game with 16 points
  • Derrick Rose played last night (27 minutes total) and said he “felt great” which is music to our ears. He ended up with 10 points and didn’t make a huge impact in the game, but he made the highlight reel with an explosive layup.
  • The Bulls clinched the top spot in the Eastern Conference Tuesday night; they didn’t even have to play – Miami did us a little favor and lost to the Celtics. With the top seed in the East, the Bulls get home court advantage, but they are currently in a fight with the San Antonio Spurs (Western Conference) for the overall top record in the NBA. This honor guarantees home court advantage for the top team throughout the playoffs and the NBA finals. Lets get it!
  • The Pacers rested star players Danny Grangerand and Leandro Barbosa because they are locked into the No. 3 spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Nothing to prove, nothing to loose.

Your Take Away Piece:

“The Chicago Bulls play to win – no matter the circumstances. In a game that many wrote off as unimportant, the Bulls started their star players and played with as much intensity as any regular season game. We can’t wait until they step it up another notch for the post season.”

What’s Next:

If you’d like to see the Bulls close out the season against the Cleveland Cavaliers, tune in tonight at 7 pm on Comcast SportsNet. It looks like the Bulls will either be paired with the 76ers or the New York Knicks in round one, it depends on the outcomes for both teams tonight. Check back in to get the whole NBA playoff rundown!

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