Our Bulls are 2-0 and that is definitely something to smile about. Now, capsule I wanted to bring our attention to something a little less comfortable, sovaldi Derrick Rose and his current masked situation.

Blurred Lines

Rose has played two games and is still standing, search so his new protective mask is doing it’s job. Even better, he scored 18 points in the home opener and 15 points in Brooklyn on Wednesday. Despite missing preseason with an orbital injury, Rose’s explosiveness looks almost up to MVP Rose standards. We’ve seen speed, assists and even some spin moves. One slight hiccup, after Tuesday’s home opener against the Cavs Rose admitted he can only see out of one eye – hence his inability to make a three-point shot at the moment.

“I wish it was a blink, but it’s all the time,” Rose shared with the media in his post game interview, “Like right now, I see two of you.”

“When I’m out there playing, I’m only using one of my eyes,” he continued. “I close my left eye whenever I’m out there. So I just got used to it from practice.”

Looks like we’ve got a one eyed wonder out there. Or a pirate sans the eye patch. The blurred vision is a symptom of Rose’s recovery, but hopefully that doesn’t last too long. I’d be dizzy for sure with blurry vision, but Rose let us know “he’s a pro,” and he can handle it.

Even his new head coach has had a bit of fun with the situation,  “I think he sees three baskets right now,” Hoiberg said. “I told him, ‘Aim for the middle one.’ That’s part of it right now, the depth perception. It’s probably still a little bit off. He’s still out there working on [3s], shooting them, but we want him to be aggressive getting to the basket and making plays for his teammates.”

Bottom line, as long as Rose stays healthy and is movin’ and groovin’ out there creating open shots for his teammates everyone is happy and the Bulls will most likely continue winning.

Off the Court

DRose’s ex-girlfriend/accuser is seeking $21.5 million in damages. Quick recap: Rose and two friends are being sued by a woman who alleges Rose sexually assaulted her in August 2013. Rose has obviously denied all allegations, but things are kind of messy. The case is currently in the hands of the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, but Rose lived in Illinois during that time. Apparently, this isn’t impacting or distracting Rose’s performance on the court, he said he’s letting his lawyer handle the legal information and he’s doing his job on the court. More news to come on this topic in the coming months.


Courtside Chic LeBron James’ Super Bowl Weekend Ensemble


The NYC area was filled with various NBA ballers last week attending pre-Super Bowl events. Miami Heat’s LeBron James was one of many movers and shakers spotted at the Marquee Club in New York City. The four-time MVP kept his NYC style simple by pairing a black sweater with wax denim pants. Honestly, medicine this is the Super Bowl in NYC. For such a fashion-forward baller like LeBron, I was expecting something a lot edgier, like some nerdy glasses or a glow-in-the-dark chain. But, no such luck. Leave it to LeBron to keep everyone guessing.

There was nothing eh about King James’ performance against the Pistons on Monday night. The forward scored 24 points (on 9-for-19 shooting), 11 assists. This includes an epic one-handed alley-oop that he caught from Mario Chalmers. The Heat currently sit in second place in the East, 3 1/2 games behind the division leading Indiana Pacers.

Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Russell Wilson Sit Courtside at the Nets Game


Being that I am a ‘Single lady’ who believes that ‘Girls Run the World,’ it is no surprise that I am a huge Beyoncé fan (which is why I will rip annoying quotes and various lyrics throughout my posts). Bey and her hubby (rapper, agent and former Nets minority owner) Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter sat court side at the Nets game against the Sixers on Monday Night.

Jay kept it cool and casual in a grey hoodie, while Beyoncé sported a Karl Lagerfeld wool biker jacket. Beyoncé has already stated that she is a “Grown Woman” that can do whatever she wants. This includes accesorizing with mouse-ear pom poms. The adorable beanie is a Eugenia Kim Knit Pom Pom hat. Sitting next to the power couple is none other that Seattle Seahawks Quarterback and, hello, SuperBowl Champ Russell Wilson.  If that is not a dynamic trio…I don’t know what is.


I guess the Nets knew that they had special company. Brooklyn was able to snag a win (108-102) as they recovered from the brutal beating they got from OKC on Friday and Indiana on Saturday. Paul Pierce sank 25 points while Shaun Livingston came close to a quadruple-double, scoring 13 points with eight assists, six rebounds and a career-high seven steals.



 In other Nets News: Coach, and former NBA player, Jason Kidd was honored Coach of the Month on Monday. The Nets went 10-3 in January, which is a franchise  record for that month.

Nike Reveals NBA All-Star Sneakers

NBA All-Star week is almost here! It will take place from February 14-16 in New Orleans. All-Star Week is not complete without the NBA unveiling signature footwear. Since the All-Star festivities will take place in the Big Easy, Nike recently showcased ‘gumbo’ themed sneakers.

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant will be sporting glow-in-the-dark, New Orleans inspired editions of their signature sneaks. Kobe Bryant will not get to wear his shoes, as he is sidelined due to his knee injury. He may be on the bench, but at least his sneakers will glow in the dark–in case there is a blackout or something.

The All-Star starters from the east are Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. The starters from the west are Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant (New NBA comissioner Adam Silver will determine Bryant’s replacement) , Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love. I know what you are thinking. What about Joakim Noah? At least that’s what you should be thinking. Our dear Jojo is on reserve. Booo!

Lala Anthony’s Chanel Logo Clutch


Courtside Chic post is not complete without a fabulous NBA WAG. Lala Anthony seems to be slaying it week after week (after week). While at a book signing for, The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness, she posed for an instagram photo with a fabulous white Chanel lego clutch. Lala is a style all-star in my eyes. Her husband Carmelo, on the other hand, is simply an all-star.

Melo will suit up for the East in the 2014 All- Star game on the February 16th.


Although there have been rumors about him excercising his early-termination option and leaving the Knicks, Melo has been mum about the whole issue. Now, it is clear that the only thing he is focused on is winning. The Knicks are currently one game behind the Charlotte Bobcats in making the playoffs. Can Melo win with a team that is struggling to hang on to the 8th seed? Only time will tell…because Melo certainly won’t!

That is all for now! I will be back to dish out all of the juicy gossip and scrutinize all of the fashion during All-Star Weekend. I don’t know about you, but I am excited! As always, I will keep you fabulously posted.


You might be friends with Luol Deng off the court, tadalafil but unless you’re sporting the crimson and gold these days you’re an obstacle between Lou and the hoop. After playing his entire career as a Chicago Bull, Deng-er-ang will host his old teammates at his new Cleveland arena for the first time Wednesday night (SIGH).

As a fan it’s absolutely tough to consider Deng an offensive threat instead of our favorite gangly player, but as he so gently put it “it’s just another game.” Don’t expect Deng to be all rainbows and sunshine against his old friends, this competitor is coming out to win. Lucky for Los Bulls, Joakim Noah has taken Chi-town pride to the next level. Expect nothing less than a gritty Eastern Conference match-up friends.

What You Need to Know:

  • Dengerang is Crankin in Cleveland: The Cavaliers are only 3-3 since acquiring Deng the first week of January, but individually he’s averaging just under 18 points a game – not too shabby after being shipped off to a new city. It’s unfortunate the uniforms are so ugly.

    via ivanov_22 Instagram

  • Prideful Pack: HAM of the Week Jo-No has taken the team under his wing emotionally since the trade and the Bulls surprisingly have gone 6-2. Considering they lost their best scorer when they shipped off Deng (Rose was already out for the season) they’ve shown some serious resilience as a team. They are most definitely NOT tanking the season.
  • Kyrie Irving may like to dress up like “Uncle Drew”during his free time, but this dude doesn’t mess around when it comes to basketball. He’s averaging 21.6 points a game with a side of some sick crossovers. He is the future of the Cavalier organization at this point. Within the sports realm there have been plenty of heated discussions on the topic of Kyrie Irving versus Derrick Roseas the top point guard. The answer is easy in my book, a healthy DRose could school Mr. Irving.

    Irving via nba_memes_quizzes Instagram

  • Best Match-ups: PG DJ Augustin hasn’t been with the Bulls for too long, but he’s made a solid impression so far. With Kirk Hinrich’s hamstring injury, Wednesday night will be a true challenge for Augustin as he takes on Kyrie Irving at point guard. Mike Dunleavy will get a full serving of Luol Deng and his lanky arms up and down the court; we’re going to need some hot sauce out of Mikey.
  • Restructured Roster: If you’ve been keeping up on your Bulls news you’ve noticed that the Bulls traded away Marquis Teague, the second year PG (he just wasn’t panning out) and picked up Toko (Tornike) Shengelia from the Brooklyn Nets. The trade created more cap space for the Bulls come the summer and Toko is a 6-foot-9 forward that we’ll consider a project for Coach Thibodeau over next three months. It’s unlikely Toko will get any playing time against the Cavs, but Thibs is full of surprises these days so we’ll have to wait and see.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“It’s going to be very strange seeing Deng in a Cavaliers uniform instead of repping the black, red and white, but change is inevitable. I’ve got to get over it sometime and what better way than with a Chicago Bulls win in Cleveland.”

Chicago Bulls Women’s Grey Yolo Cutoff Midriff Long Sleeve by Sportiqe, Clark Street Sports: $49.99

What’s Next: 

The Bulls tip off in Cleveland at 6 PM. Be sure to tune into Comcast Sportsnet to catch Deng and Noah going head to head for the first time in their NBA careers. It’s going to be a throwdown.


Tis’ the season to Bullieve! Yet again, viagra our Chicago Bulls were able to silence the critics and squeeze out another shorthanded nail-biter against the Brooklyn Nets Saturday at the United Center. The Nets – who recently updated their location to Brooklyn (they used to dwell over the entire state of New Jersey) are one of the biggest surprises of the Eastern conference this season and were expected to take this one away from the Bulls. Despite Deron Williams’ three-pointer at the buzzer, shop Marco Belinelli’s sweet shooting allowed Chicago to walk away with an 83-82 win.

What You Need to Know About Bulls vs Nets: 


  • Belinelli was “Mr. Clutch” Saturday night with 19 points making some serious driving layups and sinking critical free throws in the final seconds that sealed a Bulls win. Our Italian stallion didn’t work alone.  Per usual, this was a collective team effort. Joakim Noah is making his “double-double” status an every game occurrence finishing with 10 points and 12 rebouds. Luol Deng totaled 17 points and 7 rebounds, and Carlos Boozer carried the offensive load early in the game racking up 15 points.
  • Deron Williams is a stud point guard and there’s no getting around it. Williams led the Nets finishing with 24 points. Brook Lopez, the Nets’ center, battled it out with Jo-No all night and finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds. Brooklyn’s newly acquired Joe Johnson picked up 16 points as well. The Nets starters really gave the Bulls a run for their money all night, but luck was on our side when the final seconds closed in.

    Deron Williams

  • The Bulls saw a familiar face in C.J. Watson, a former Bull, rocking his new Nets jersey, but they were able to hold their old friend to three measly points. Ex-Kardashian Kris Humphries also did a whole lot of nothing with six points – he recently lost his starting role due to poor performances. I’m not sure poor Kris will ever be able to fully recover his NBA reputation after the whole Kim K debacle.

Injury Report: 

  • Derrick Rose: We’re all itching to know when our superstar will make his debut back on the basketball court. On Sunday Coach Tom Thibodeau confirmed that Bulls fans need to be patient, this isn’t an injury you can rush a recovery. Thibs told CSN Chicago that DRose’s focus is still rehab and all the things he does off the court, “he’s doing more and more on the court, which is encouraging. But he’s still a ways away. He’s still a ways away from that, the actual practice stuff.” So there’s a glimpse of hope, but don’t get too excited for a return any time this month friends.
  • Kirk Hinrich: Captain Kirk has faced many ailments through the preseason and regular season this year, but most recently he injured his knee against the LA Clippers last Tuesday. He sat out against the 76ers and Nets, but is making the trip to Memphis on Monday and hopes to be back on the court. While he’s been out, Nate Robinson has stepped up as the starting point guard and rookie Marquis Teague has  made the most of his increased minutes as backup PG.
  • Rip Hamilton is still recovering from his torn plantar fascia. Rip injured his foot at the beginning of December. The injury typically takes 1-2 weeks for a full recovery, but I think age may be taking it’s toll on Hamilton, since it’s already been 2 weeks. Although we miss out masked man, the injury seemed to have sparked something in Belinelli who has truly been remarkable starting in Rip’s place.

What’s Next: 

Our Bulls have another tough match-up as they head to Memphis to face the ferocious Grizzlies. Memphis (15-6) has started the season off smokin’ hot defeating elite opponents  such as the Miami Heat and OKC Thunder and are proving they are truly contenders in the Western Conference. The Bulls tip off with the Grizz at 7 PM on Monday. If you don’t have time to buckle-up for a quick Monday evening road trip, be sure to check things out on CSN Chicago.

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