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Patrick Kane

Like it or not Patrick Kane is continuing to grab NHL headlines, buy cialis thankfully this time for the right reasons.

Last night versus the Nashville Predators (thanks to an open net), recipe Kaner extended his franchise record streak and recorded his 600th NHL point and the Blackhawks dominated the Preds winning 4-1.

The Blackhawks were already up 3-1 in the third period and many wanted to see the streak continue. Luckily with 1:36 remaining, healing Kaner crushed a shot from inside the neutral zone.

It is hard to ignore that in 604 NHL games; Kaner now has 600 points, and is just 27 years old. This puts him sixth overall in points per game among active NHL players. Since his 23-game streak started he has 14 goals and 37 points. He is at the top of the NHL scoring race and it may make some stomachs turn but he is being mentioned for the Hart Trophy (NHL MVP) left and right.

You may think that, that conversation needs to stop based off of Kane’s legal issue at the beginning of the season. The investigation was closed early last month, and no formal charges were brought to Kane.

I am not going to say that when the news broke, I wasn’t one of the first people saying that Kane needed to be withheld until the investigation ran its course. Do I stand by that, I do.  Whatever happened happened and it is a serious issue in our society. However there are no moral clauses attached to awards in any of the major leagues. MVP, is the most valuable to his team and what Kane is doing is showcasing he is the most valuable to the Blackhawks at this time.

Nashville Predators

It’s always a little tough for me when the Blackhawks play the Predators for two reasons, doctor the first being that Nashville is one of my favorite places, discount so I kind of want to root for their team.  The second is that I miss Viktor Stalberg ever so much!  Can you blame me?  However, after the beating the Blackhawks took the last time they played the Predators, I’m definitely ready for a re-match.

What You Need to Know

When I talk about how the Hawks are playing this season, I feel a little like a broken record, but in a good way; they’re first in the league, they’re winning more often than not.  For the most part these guys are just playing great hockey.  Of course, they’re going to have a bad game here and there, which they did this past Saturday against Toronto.

Rookie goaltender Antti Raanta had his first NHL loss against Toronto.  That loss and being pulled from that game didn’t seem to affect him much.  He came back Sunday night strong against the LA Kings, making 21 saves.  Raanta seems to be finding his sea legs, or ice legs as the case may be.

Players to Watch

  • Nashville Predators: Of course I’m going to tell you to keep your eye on Viktor Stalberg, not that I think you won’t be already.  Frankly, Stalberg is having an average season with 4 goals, 6 assists and 10 points, but he’s still one of my favorite hockey players and he’s just so darn pretty (Monica Murphy Vargas agrees with me).  With Pekka Rinne injured, Marek Mazanec has stepped up in goal for Nashville.  He currently has 5 wins, 7 losses and 1 overtime loss, which isn’t bad for a rookie.  His save percentage is .915, GAA is 2.51, which is pretty evenly matched with Antti Raanta‘s .911 save percentage and 2.61 GAA.  Mr. Carrie Underwood aka Mike Fisher is also having himself an average season, with only 12 points but he’s another one I enjoy looking at.  Leading the Preds in points is Davis Legwand with an impressive (for Nashville) 24 points.  The 33 year old center has 6 goals and 18 assists.

  • Chicago Blackhawks:  Patrick Kane is still on fire.  He has 44 points so far this season; 19 goals, 25 assists.  Not far behind Kaner is Patrick Sharp, who I haven’t talked too much about so far this season.  Sharpie has 15 goals, 17 assists, 32 points.  Sharp is a definite leader on this team, as evidenced by the “A” he wears on his sweater.  He’s a seasoned player and a great example for all those “young hockey players out there,” as Eddie Olczyk would say.  Of course I must mention the fact that Patrick Sharp is also quite a handsome man.

Your Take Away Piece

“The Blackhawks look like a very cohesive unit now and are playing solid hockey.  They need to focus on staying that way and getting/staying healthy.  Hopefully Bickell and Crawford will be returning soon, which should only help the team’s mentality.”

What’s Next

The Blackhawks play the Predators Tuesday evening at 7pm.  You can catch all the action on Comcast SportsNet.  Following two days off, the Hawks return home to take on the Vancouver Canucks on Friday the 20th and finish out the year facing the New Jersey Devils, Colorado Avalanche, St.Louis Blues, and LA Kings.


Ryan Kesler (Source: ESPN Magazine's The Body Issue 2011)

Ryan Kesler (Source: ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue 2011)

Today’s release of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit issue, there got me thinking…why should the men have all the fun? Where’s our swimsuit issue? We here at SDI do our best to bring you the hottest sports news with a woman’s POV – so on this cold winter day when men are scrambling to get their hands on a copy of the SI issue, we decided to deliver our OWN showcase of some of the hottest bods in the business.

If you know me at all, then you aren’t surprised that I narrowed the list down to the hot bods of the NHL. One does not need to be a fan to realize the NHL is full of beautiful men. However, unlike other sports, NHL players are required to wear a ton of gear, so it is difficult to get a real glimpse of the beautiful bodies that lie beneath.

My list is comprised of some of the best looking eye candy in the NHL but also the playmakers and names you need and want to know. Of note, I am not taking credit for any of these photos – a girl can dream though, eh? Therefore, I present to you SportsDivas, Inc.’s 1st Annual NHL’s Hottest Bodies.


Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin

The 411: Seguin is one of the emerging stars on an already loaded Boston Bruins’ roster. Now, let me say the Blackhawks have one of the most all-around impressive rosters out there, but the Boston Bruins can certainly give them a run for their money.

With Andrew Ference, Patrice Bergeron, hell – I will even go as far as broken-nosed bad boy Milan Lucic as a worthy mention – the Bruins are stacked with talented eye candy, but Sequin just has something that edges out the others out.

In his first season with the Bruins in 2011-12, Seguin helped them win the Stanley Cup and he has been “hamming” it up ever since. This young gun is tatted up left and right but manages to resemble the boy next door with his youthful looks.

Seguin has been linked to a few Playboy Playmates and is a regular on the Boston nightlife scene. At only 21, this hard body has his best years ahead of him and we’ll be paying attention.


Jordan Staal

Jordan Staal

The 411: Jordan Staal is the alternate captain of the Carolina Hurricanes and comes from a dynasty of hockey players. All three of his brothers play in the NHL. His brother Eric and Jordan have both won Stanley Cups.

I am a bit biased on this one as I have had the pleasure of meeting Jordan many times and let me tell you ladies, this Staal is definitely the eye candy of the brothers and has a tall, lean and sculpted physique and a humble, easy-going personality to compliment. Check out my one-on-one exclusive interview with the blonde hair, blue eyed dream boat from Thunder Bay.




The 411: Jeff Carter is one of the hottest names (and bodies) in the NHL today. But this blue-eyed blonde haired center is no new comer to the league and has been on many ladies radars since entering the league in the 2004-2005 season.

It’s fitting that he now plays for the Stanley Cup Champions, the LA Kings, because he has that quintessential California look.  At 6’4″, blonde haired and blue eyed with an a beach bod to boot (the guy is a serious fitness freak) it is no surprise that the ladies flock to Carter. Winning a Stanley Cup certainly helped make hockey cool again in the LA but we think Jeff Carter had a lot to do with it as well.

Jeff started his career in Philadelphia and had a brief stint last season in Columbus before being traded to the Los Angeles Kings right in time for them to make their run at the Stanley Cup. Jeff was a huge offensive force for the Kings in their successful pursuit of their first ever Stanley Cup.


Zach Parise

The 411: Yes, this pic really isn’t the best example of a smoking hot list-worthy body, but unfortunately, it was the closest picture I could find of Parise without a shirt on. However, ask any fan of Parise’s or anyone that watches him move on the ice, and they’ll tell you this guy is in tip-top shape.

Parise is what I like to call the “American sweetheart.” This Midwestern fox hails from Minnesota and has been blessed with Hollywood hair, dark blazing eyes and a smile that makes Midwest girls swoon and tune-in to post-game pressers.

Parise is one of the NHL’s hottest players, but also seems the most down to earth. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that this humble hockey hottie just signed a 13-year $98 million contract with the Minnesota Wild making Parise was one of the hottest off-season free agent signings and most sought after men in the Midwest.


Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood

The 411: Mike Fisher is one of those athletes that seems to have it all. Not only is he a successful and talented star of the NHL, he also has movie star looks and is married to one of the hottest stars – you may have heard of her -country music star Carrie Underwood.

Fisher, who currently plays center for the Blackhawks’ central division rival, the Nashville Predators, has one of the best physiques out there. Needless to say, that when Mike married Underwood in 2010, there were some disappointed ladies in Ottawa. Things only got worse for the women of Canada when Fisher was traded to Nashville in February of 2011.



The 411:  “King” Henrik as he is refereed to in New York, is not only one of the hottest goaltenders in the NHL, he quite possibly could be one of the best looking guys on the planet.

This sexy Swede has the ladies of NYC flocking to Madison Square Garden to get a glimpse. He is also in a band and plays guitar #SWOON. Unfortunately, this charitable Swede is married to Therese Andersson (pictured) and they welcomed their first daughter last year.  Can’t say we are surprised that this beautiful man would officially be off the market, especially in a city like New  York.


sidney crosby The 411: Sidney Crosby is the one name you absolutely must take away from this list. He is one of, if not the biggest star in the NHL. Crosby was highly recruited out of juniors and nicknamed the next “Great One” – the original “Great One” is Wayne Gretzky. Crosby with Evgeni Malkin,  and Marc Andre Fluery turned around the Penguins organization when they won the Stanley Cup in 2009.

Crosby was one of the big guns who brought home the Olympic gold for Canada in the 2010 Winter Olympics. With “come hither” eyes and a pout that gets the ladies going, not only is Crosby a NHL superstar but he is one of the most endorsed players in the league signing multi-million dollar deals with Reebok, Bell, Gatorade and many more.



Ryan Kesler (Source: ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue 2011)

The 411: I know, how dare I put a Canuck on this list… However, if your heart hasn’t already stopped by looking at Kesler’s picture to the right then I think you can see why this gorgeous forward made the cut.

Kesler is one of the alternate captains of one of the Blackhawks’ biggest rivals the Vancouver Canucks. His body is one of the best in sports, he was chosen for the 2011 ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue (above) and clearly you can see why. I rest my case.

Kesler is one of the best defensive forwards in the NHL and has found success not only in the NHL but internationally as a staple for Team USA.  Kesler is also another charitable athlete helping raise awareness for homophobia in sports. My only beef with Kesler is that he went to OSU, but with an ass like that I am willing to forgive.


Mike Green

The 411: I am a bit biased on this pick as well, but hear me out. Mike Green is one of the best defensemen in the NHL, hands down. He is known for his snapshot. However, many ladies know him for his tattoos, trendy fashion, every changing sexy hair styles. Surprisingly, he is also one of the most humble and likeable guys in DC.

Add to the list “charitable”. Green is involved in a number of community organizations including “Green’s Gang” where he purchases 7 season tickets and donates them to Most Valuable Kids, a non-profit organization that works with underprivileged kids and active military.


There you have it ladies! Now, before you start sending me hate mail about why there were no Blackhawks on this list, understand that I felt the need to spread the love around the NHL since we focus so much of our time already on the Hawks.

Did I miss someone?  Let me know! Send us your additions to this list and we’ll consider them for next year’s roster.

Until then, kisses….and keep it sexy, Chicago!

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The Blackhawks silenced any late season doubters last night and beat the best team in the NHL, the St. Louis Blues, 4-3, in another exciting shootout.

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