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When you are HOT you are HOT. Not to toot my own horn, cure but I did go 4-0 last weekend, ampoule and what a weekend it was. I will get into this weekend’s game shortly but we really need to call out some INSANITY from last weekend’s wildcard games.

  1. The Bengals vs. Steelers game was one of the most epic and insane finishes to date. These two teams HATE one another and last Saturday just added more fuel to the fire. To break it down here is all the insanity that led the Steelers to kick their game winning field goal.
    • Vontaze Burfict, Pacman Jones commit two personal fouls to give Steelers game-winner
    • Bengals fans threw garbage at an injured Ben Roethlisberger as he was carted off the field
    • Bengals players, fans livid after helmet-to-helmet on Giovani Bernard
    • The late penalty that doomed the Bengals was provoked by a Steelers coach illegally on the field
    • Steelers coach Mike Munchak penalized for yanking Bengals player’s hair
  2. The Minnesota vs. Seahawks game was nowhere near what I thought it was going to be and luckily, Minnesota Vikings’ kickerBlair Walsh missed the game winning kick on Sunday from 27 yards out. I am not one to go on fate… but I am pretty sure the man upstairs wanted to see Seahawks vs. Panthers.

Let’s now shift our focus to this upcoming weekend and the four great games on tap.

Saturday (4:35 pm ET) Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots – The Chiefs have won 11 straight and haven’t lost since October 18th. I think their luck runs out. Tom Brady and the Pats are just a tested playoff team and they always show up in the playoffs. If the Pats get back Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola this will boost the offense even more, the Chiefs defense looked solid against the Texans. However, Mr. Potato Head could have done more than Brian Hoyer. Chiefs 14 – Patriots 21

Saturday (8:15 pm ET) Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals – What can you say about the performance the Packers put up vs. the Redskins. Aaron Rodgers and the offense finally looked like their old selves again. They played solid on both sides of the ball and that is the Packers team we all saw in the beginning of the year. However, they haven’t improved enough to knock off the NFC West Champion Cardinals. The Cardinals are just a better team all the way around, and do we need to mention how the Cardinals CRUSHED the Packers last month 38-3?! I think this game won’t be as much of a blowout but the Cardinals offense is just too good. Packers 21- Cardinals 27

Sunday (1:05 pm ET) Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers – “Must See TV” is what Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said of this matchup and I couldn’t agree with him more. This game is going to be this weekend’s cream of the crop. The Panthers are the best team in the league and have been for a while. Cam Newton will need to be his MVP self on Sunday, I think he is up for the task.  Seahawks 21 – Panthers 24

Sunday (4:40 pm ET) Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos – Will they or won’t they?! Ben Roethlisberger has an AC joint sprain and Antonio Brown has a concussion. Let’s face reality folks. There is no way on god’s green earth that the Steelers have a chance to win against Denver if these two don’t suit up. Peyton Manning is rested and healthy; I really think that the Broncos are out for revenge after their week 15 loss.  Steelers 21 – Broncos 27

Another great weekend of NFL  football on tap!


Happy New Year, tadalafil malady SDI Fans! Hope everyone had a safe and happy one. It’s been awhile, ailment but everyone needs to get away and recharge the batteries. I want to thank all of you for being huge supporters of our site. 2016, seek has some AMAZING things in store and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Now let’s get down to business.

The Bears are once again out of the NFL playoffs and will pick 11th in the 2016 Draft after finishing 6-10. I would like to say I am surprised, but I am not. Head coach John Fox said this season wouldn’t be pretty and it wasn’t, I do feel that the Bears will get better and after looking at their schedule (pretty easy) my early prediction is that they will improve to 9-7 and get a wild card spot. Enough on the Bears, I am sure you have read all too many articles on their disaster season.

This weekend is Wildcard Weekend, one of my favorites in sports! Anything can happen. As Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly said “The playoffs are a different animal, you have to keep winning. You lose and you go home.” None of the teams kicking off Saturday or Sunday want to only extend their season one lousy week.

Here are some easy talking points when you are at the bar this weekend faking your “Dry January” and that cute guy starts talking to you.

Game 1: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans (Saturday 4:35pm ET) – When the Texans started the season 2-5, none of us thought they would be here. The Texans have gone through more QBs than the dreaded Browns, but they do have one thing and his name is JJ Watt and a defense that in my opinion is just getting started. The loss of left tackle Duane Brown will be tough on them though. What can you say about the Chiefs?! They have won 10 straight games and are just HOT HOT HOT… Even though the Texans have home field and we all know how I feel about JJ Watt the Chiefs are just that HOT. Chiefs 17 – Texans 10

Game 2: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (Saturday 8:15pm ET) – This game is going to be hard to call. These two teams are evenly matched expect for the QB  position, the Steelers have massive Ben Roethlisberger who already has two Super Bowl Championships and shows up in the big games. Cincinnati lost their star QB Andy Dalton on Dec 13th vs. the Steelers when he broke his thumb. He just had his cast removed, but is listed as the back up to AJ McCarron and I just think that even though McCarron has done well for the Bengals, I am just not sure he is ready for this, even though one of my best friends Audra is going to kill me (please don’t send Nance after me). Steelers 23 – Bengals 17

Game 3: Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings (Sunday 1:05pm ET) – This could be the most lopsided game of the weekend. The Vikings won the NFC North and what do they get for winning?! They get to host the other hottest team in the NFL the Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks started out the season an awful 2-4 and have gone 8-2 the last 10 weeks. Their defense, I hate to say it Panther fans is the best in the NFL. If you look at the stats, Russell Wilson is having his best season… say what?! He already won one Super Bowl and lost barley last year to the Pats. Watch out for Wilson, he is going to be the QB to watch in the playoffs. Yes. The Vikings have the league’s best running back with Adrian Peterson and an emerging franchise quarterback with Teddy Bridgewater. However the Seattle defense will have Teddy running faster than my favorite Seahawks fan Jay to an Air Jordan convention. Seahawks 31 – Vikings 10

Game 4: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins (Sunday 4:40pm ET) –   I am a Bears fan. I will ALWAYS ROOT AGAINST THE PACKERS, it’s in my DNA. With that said. The Packers look awful heading into the postseason. Aaron Rodgers has been so inconsistent this season; grant it his offensive line has been heinous. The Redskins on the other hand are flying high into the postseason, but they don’t have much experience on the postseason stage. Redskins QB Kirk Cousins is the new savior in DC, and he may just be what the team needs to turn this franchise around. Their defense is good but not great, and Aaron Rodgers just knows how to score points in the playoffs.  Packers 23 – Redskins 17

Buckle up friends it is going to be a one heck of a wildcard weekend!


The Minnesota Vikings hadn’t won a game at Soldier Field since 2007 but they changed their losing-streak with a field goal late in the fourth to secure a victory against the Chicago Bears. What I currently find most frustrating is the fact that these fourth quarter drives by Chicago never seem to be enough to lock a victory and now that we are almost half-way through the season, stuff many Chicago fans are struggling to keep the TV on for the full game each week.  In fact, drugstore my husband told me that I should just title this post, generic “Bears Suck, The End” (Note that he’s a Cowboys fan, so ugh, whatever).  Alas, while many of you frustrated fans turn off the TV, I still sit through the game to highlight the bright and dull points of the beloved Bears games. For those of you who missed the game, here’s a quick recap below:

The Bears offense struggled most of the first half, which was to be expected with Minnesota’s blitz-happy defense.  In fact, they only managed 70 yards before Cornerback Kyle Fuller got the key takeaway that led to a touchdown.

Two key Bears players, WR Eddie Royal and RB Matt Forte were out of the game with knee-injuries, so Chicago relied heavily on RB  Jeremy Langford and WR  Alshon Jeffery for offense.  Both played well; Langford rushed 12 times for 46 yards total and Jeffery caught 10 passes for 116 yards and one touchdown.  Even QB Cutler took a dive over a Vikings safety for a 4-yard touchdown.  He had 211 yards, one touchdown and one rushing score.

Cutler’s diving touchdown (which many had believed was the game winner) just wasn’t enough though as Minnesota quickly bounced back to tie the game. And with less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter on third down, Chicago had a chance to re-take the lead but RB Langford dropped the key pass that would have resulted in a first down. The Bears short-drive ended up being exactly what Minnesota needed; they moved the ball 48 yards in four plays to set-up the game winning field goal.

Fun fact: Chicago has now lost 10 straight games to NFC teams.

What’s Next:

The Chicago Bears take on the San Diego Chargers (2-6) in San Diego for some MNF on November 9th at 7:30 PM. The San Diego franchise is having the worst first half to a season since 2003 and they lost to the Ravens in Baltimore last week.  If the current Ravens Coach (and former Bears Coach), Marc Trestman can beat the Chargers, we better be able to do the same.  I’m going to obtain a positive attitude for this upcoming game and predict a Bear victory (because hey, we’ve got upcoming games vs. the Broncos and the Packers that we all know we’re not going to win).  Be sure to check back with  me next week for a recap of the game.

Bears vs. Vikings

I should have titled this post, buy viagra “Is it even worth watching” because let’s be honest, physician the Bears haven’t given Chicago much to enjoy this football season.  The Bears are now stuck with a 3-6 record and over 100 points have been scored on them in the last 2 games.  The soap opera continued this week with lackluster press conferences post a Green Bay butt-kicking, medicine Marshall threatening to fight Detroit Instagram trolls via Twitter, and Cutler’s position in the hot seat due to his lack of motivation and responsibility as a “franchise” QB.

It does not surprise me that fans are encouraging one another to boycott Sunday’s game at 12PM CT vs. the Minnesota Vikings (4-5). However, if you plan on attending or watching, here’s what you need to know:

In the history of the match-up, the Vikings have lost the last six and 12 of the last 13 away games against the Bears and Chicago is 7-3 against Minnesota since 2009.

On paper, Chicago has the better offense and Minnesota has the better defense. However, Minnesota came back to beat RG III and the Redskins, 29-26 their last game while Chicago was blown-out by Green Bay, 55-14.  Minnesota is looking for another victory to begin a potential play-off run; Chicago is looking for a victory because without it, they are a complete lost cause.

Key players on the Vikings:

Rookie QB – Teddy Bridgewater

bridgewaterBridgewater, a rookie QB out of Louisville had a career-high 26 passes for 268 yards vs. the Washington Redskins. He had zero turnovers and was sacked only twice. While Bridgewater might be slightly giddy to face Chicago’s defense, he’s admitted that his caliber of play might not be the same Chicago’s past 2 QB opponents, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. That said, Chicago needs to take advantage of his rookie status.

RBs – Jerick McKinnon + Matt Asiata

Minnesota is known for their running game (currently the 10th ranked rushing offense) but have been missing NFL star RB Adrian Peterson since September. That said, the Vikings have heavily relied on Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata to pick up the slack in Peterson’s absence.  The duo have been performing well; Asiata has six rushing touchdowns and McKinnon has 446 rushing yards.

Key players for the Bears:

QB – Jay Cutler

I feel like a broken record but I honestly can’t figure out the puzzle that is our offense. How can we have 4 pro-bowlers on our offense, yet lack consistency?  At this point, who do you hold accountable?  My fingers are pointed at the man who throws the football.

Jay Cutler

Last week against the Packers, Cutler threw for 272 passing yards with one touchdown. He also turned over the football three times which included an interception that was returned for a touchdown by GB’s Hayward. I understand that Cutler has had a hard time beating the Packers, but watching him fail miserably gives fans and his team a lack of confidence in their QB. Cutler normally does play well against Minnesota, so hopefully he can finally find rhythm with WR Jeffery and Marshall.

DE – Jared Allen

I have to mention Allen in my posts this season but it is definitely time I do so.  As you know, he was a huge off-season pick-up for Chicago and he spent his last 6 years in Minnesota before switching up his jersey.  So far, he has yet to be a defense standout that Chicago so desperately needs. He has only 1 sack this season and has battled pneumonia.  Would be nice to see him pummel his former team and give QB Bridgewater some hell. If there was any better time to prove that he was worth the money, it is now.

My takeaway:

Chicago Bears, are you going to clean up this mess or are you going to continue to drag your heels in the mud?  You need to figure out a way to score points on offense, prevent points on defense and you know, just act like you are a PROFESSIONAL NFL football team!  A desperately needed home victory  vs. a mediocre competitor in our division might convince some fans to follow the rest of your season, especially when your next on the schedule is vs. former Coach Lovie Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For your sanity (and your job), I hope you can pull off a victory but sadly I don’t foresee that happening.

Bears vs. Vikings: Enemy & Eye Candy

The Blackhawks have given us many things to be happy about and thankful for this season, mind but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for our other two teams currently representing our beautiful city.

Derrick Rose is out for the remainder of the Bulls’ season and our injury-plagued Bears got stomped by the mediocre Rams last week with their playoff hopes dwindling faster than our 40-degree days. Can the Bears lift our spirits this week with a W in Minneapolis over the bottom-dwelling 2-8-1 Minnesota Vikings? I sure hope so! Our city needs a moral lift in the sports department and a Bears win could do just the trick.

The Bears sit at 6-5 and are one game behind the 7-5 division-leading Lions who hold the tie-breaker advantage after winning both match-ups this season. After last week’s loss to the Rams, the Bears playoff chances look slim, but with five games remaining and tight races throughout the NFC, anything can happen, which is why it is critical for the Bears to pull out a win on Sunday over Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

Get to know the Vikings’ Enemy & Eye Candy before kickoff.


Adrian Peterson

When Chicago faced the Vikings in week two of the NFL season, I picked Adrian Peterson as the enemy and although the running back has gone through a lot personally since then, he still remains my choice for the Bears’ enemy in tomorrow’s important NFC North matchup. Despite not having an MVP season like last year, Peterson has been consistently productive for Minnesota and with the Bears defense struggling like it has been, I don’t doubt that he’ll be putting up some big numbers at the Metrodome.

  • In his 2012 comeback season, Peterson ran for 2,097 yards, averaging 6 yards per carry, and scored 12 touchdowns. So far this season, Peterson has tallied 10 TDs, fumbled the ball three times and is just three yards shy of his sixth season with 1,000 or more rushing yards, which he will definitely rack up on Sunday (maybe even 20x over). Number 28 didn’t participate in practice Wednesday or Thursday of this past week due to a groin injury, but he is probable for Sunday’s game. It has been reported that Minnesota is likely just giving their star player some rest.
  • In my Fantasy Football league, Peterson is projected to garner 22 points and with the Bears’ rush defense being as weak as it is, I foresee him reaching or even exceeding that projection. With the Bears struggling against the run all season, look for AP to take advantage of this Bears weakness with the majority of snaps going to Peterson. It is certainly going to be up to QB Josh McCown and the rest of the Bears offense to get this road victory.
  • Although I do think Peterson will put on a show against the Bears D, I don’t see them coming out on top. Sitting in last place in the division, the Vikings have struggled to string together wins, despite coming close multiple times. To make it even worse, they came out with a tie against the Packers last week…a tie, really?


Andrew Sendejo

I mentioned Andrew Sendejo as a notable hottie in my first Vikings post of the season and this week, it is his time to shine. The safety played for Rice University in Houston, Texas and since then, has had a spot on the roster of the Cowboys, Jets and Sacramento Mountain Lions. Sendejo has tallied 60 total tackles as a Minnesota Viking this season but honestly, I’d rather him just remain shirtless on the sideline. Check out the photo below for my reason why.

The Vikings are beatable and the Bears D is beaten up, so this weekend’s game promises to be an exciting one. Chicago will need to close the gaps to contain AP, clean up their game, as to not let penalties be the deciding factor in Minneapolis, and for goodness sake they need to better their pass protection because so far, that concept has been hard to grasp for them.
Sunday’s game kicks off at noon in Minneapolis, let’s see if the Bears can get the win and keep up with Detroit for the top spot in the NFC North.
Pink's Pulse

Missed a few headlines this week? Worry not, clinic I’ve got my finger on the sports pulse for you. Below is my weekly round-up of what’s trending or what’s coming up in sports: perfect for sports bars, case cocktail parties, sale board rooms, and well…just knowing your week in sports.


  • Derrick Rose and the Bulls: The NBA season kicked off this week with high hopes and clean slates. After the Bulls disappointing season opener on the road in Miami vs. the Miami HeatDerrick Rose had a warm welcome as the Bulls faced the New York Knicks on Thursday night in front of the home crowd where Rose put on a show with a spectacular finish. Derrick looks almost back to form, but the offense needs time to mesh. So don’t fret. I will say though, that the Bulls need to make a move on a sharp shooter to help them against Miami. Fingers crossed.
  • Bears vs. Packers MNF: It’s that time of year again. The time when the Chicago Bears must travel up to Lambeau field to face the Green Bay Packers…without Jay Cutler. It’s a must-watch game, but it may not be pretty. Here’s a stat to keep in the back of your mind: the Packers are 0-2 against the Bears on Monday Night Football. Could this be a win for the Bears? We will definitely need to see how for real Josh McCown is and his chemistry with Brandon Marshall. The bigger question is our defense. With Lance Briggs out, it will be interesting to see how the Bears handle Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson.
  • College basketball is here: This week also brings college basketball to the homes of America. Of course, most teams play exhibition games but it’s great to see the new additions your teams have made in the offseason and the new team chemistry. AP already has Kansas as the favorite. How could you not with Andrew Wiggins? Here’s what you should be watching out for: The Big 10 Conference. With Trey Burke and those Indiana stars gone, it might just be anyone’s year in the conference. All in all, college basketball is back!


  • Christian Ponder’s moving?: Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier named

    Christian Ponder’s house

    Christian Ponder the starting quarterback this week against the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s be honest though, his days are numbered. He knew that after they started Matt Cassel and brought in Josh Freeman. Even more proof: Ponder is selling his million-dollar home near Lake Minnetonka on the market. Come on Christian, can you be a little more obvious?? I will him this…the house he’s putting on the market is beautiful. But it’s time to go and be a back up quarterback somewhere else.

  • Dolphins player quit because he was bullied: I guess bullying doesn’t stop after high school and college. Right before the Miami Dolphins played their game on Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals, offensive lineman Jonathan Martin left the Dolphins after being relentlessly teased and bullied by his teammates who called him “Big Weirdo.”I will say this, bullying is not cool. Grown men should know better, but people tease other people. If Martin had a problem with it, he should have said something. He plays football and I’m sure he’s been called worse in the trenches of the line of scrimmage but leaves because he’s called ‘Big Weirdo?’ He wouldn’t have lasted anyway.

    Source: Vibe.com

  • Gabrielle Union championship ring: After Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat won the NBA Finals, they all were awarded championship rings…even Wade’s girlfriend Gabrielle Union. That’s right. Union, who didn’t play a second of basketball, also received a 2013 Miami Heat championship ring. If this is going to be the new thing, I am not all for it. Rings for the the people that earned them. End of story.
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