Marquis Teague

You might be friends with Luol Deng off the court, tadalafil but unless you’re sporting the crimson and gold these days you’re an obstacle between Lou and the hoop. After playing his entire career as a Chicago Bull, Deng-er-ang will host his old teammates at his new Cleveland arena for the first time Wednesday night (SIGH).

As a fan it’s absolutely tough to consider Deng an offensive threat instead of our favorite gangly player, but as he so gently put it “it’s just another game.” Don’t expect Deng to be all rainbows and sunshine against his old friends, this competitor is coming out to win. Lucky for Los Bulls, Joakim Noah has taken Chi-town pride to the next level. Expect nothing less than a gritty Eastern Conference match-up friends.

What You Need to Know:

  • Dengerang is Crankin in Cleveland: The Cavaliers are only 3-3 since acquiring Deng the first week of January, but individually he’s averaging just under 18 points a game – not too shabby after being shipped off to a new city. It’s unfortunate the uniforms are so ugly.

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  • Prideful Pack: HAM of the Week Jo-No has taken the team under his wing emotionally since the trade and the Bulls surprisingly have gone 6-2. Considering they lost their best scorer when they shipped off Deng (Rose was already out for the season) they’ve shown some serious resilience as a team. They are most definitely NOT tanking the season.
  • Kyrie Irving may like to dress up like “Uncle Drew”during his free time, but this dude doesn’t mess around when it comes to basketball. He’s averaging 21.6 points a game with a side of some sick crossovers. He is the future of the Cavalier organization at this point. Within the sports realm there have been plenty of heated discussions on the topic of Kyrie Irving versus Derrick Roseas the top point guard. The answer is easy in my book, a healthy DRose could school Mr. Irving.

    Irving via nba_memes_quizzes Instagram

  • Best Match-ups: PG DJ Augustin hasn’t been with the Bulls for too long, but he’s made a solid impression so far. With Kirk Hinrich’s hamstring injury, Wednesday night will be a true challenge for Augustin as he takes on Kyrie Irving at point guard. Mike Dunleavy will get a full serving of Luol Deng and his lanky arms up and down the court; we’re going to need some hot sauce out of Mikey.
  • Restructured Roster: If you’ve been keeping up on your Bulls news you’ve noticed that the Bulls traded away Marquis Teague, the second year PG (he just wasn’t panning out) and picked up Toko (Tornike) Shengelia from the Brooklyn Nets. The trade created more cap space for the Bulls come the summer and Toko is a 6-foot-9 forward that we’ll consider a project for Coach Thibodeau over next three months. It’s unlikely Toko will get any playing time against the Cavs, but Thibs is full of surprises these days so we’ll have to wait and see.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“It’s going to be very strange seeing Deng in a Cavaliers uniform instead of repping the black, red and white, but change is inevitable. I’ve got to get over it sometime and what better way than with a Chicago Bulls win in Cleveland.”

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What’s Next: 

The Bulls tip off in Cleveland at 6 PM. Be sure to tune into Comcast Sportsnet to catch Deng and Noah going head to head for the first time in their NBA careers. It’s going to be a throwdown.


With the reemergence of our main-man Derrick Rose, medical the Chicago Bulls are once again considered a top threat in the Eastern Conference and NBA Championship title contenders. After getting down and dirty with an 8-0 preseason record, cialis we can tell our Bulls are hungrier than ever.

Over the past three years the Bulls have established themselves as an elite NBA team coached by Tom Thibodeau. After last season, hospital the Bulls have also proven that no matter who is on the court, Thibs will find a way to make them competitors. With Rose’s explosiveness leading the pack, this Bulls team has lofty expectations.

The countdown for the 2013 NBA season is less than 24 hours away and that means it’s time for your Chicago Bulls-Brush-Up. Know who’s rocking the red, black and white jerseys for the Bulls this season.

Starting Lineup:

Derrick Rose #1
Position: Point Guard (PG)
Age: 25
Get up, or get out of the way. Derrick Rose is healthy and ready to get himself that NBA tile he so greatly desires. His athleticism and strength is apparent and his offensive improvements (sassy jump shot) during his recovery have only made him a more powerful force on the court. Expect an improved field goal percentage and less turnovers from DRose this season. Look out King James, DRose is looking to knock you off your MVP throne. 
Joakim Noah #13
Position: Center (C)
Age: 28
Next to Rose, Noah has become a fan favorite here in Chicago. He had a monster 2012-2013 season full of triple doubles, All-Star appearances, and a spot on the All-Defensive First Team roster. Jo-No and his messy-bun-swag give the Bulls an extra level of intensity that will only be heightened with his teammate Rose alongside him. However, the Bulls must be careful with Noah’s lingering plantar fasciitis. He was already shutdown during preseason with a sore groin injury. Restricting his minutes throughout the season will ensure a healthy All-Star center come spring.
Carlos Boozer #5
Position: Power Forward (PF)
Age: 31
There are still plenty of Booze Cruise haters, but Boozer had another solid offensive year for the Bulls last season (his defense could use a makeover). We need to accept that Carlos Boozer is never going to be the aggressive powerhouse Chicago had anticipated, but he can improve the offensive play of the team. Boozer had a solid preseason and benefited from Rose’s playmaking on the court. He is also the most active Bull on Instagram – Booze loves editing those family photos and sharing them socially.
Luol Deng #9
Position: Small Forward
Age: 28
Luol Deng has been one of the most consistent performers on the Bulls roster since being picked up in 2004. He’s made two All-Star appearances and been a silent leader of the team’s defense. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if Deng will be a Bull much longer. Sources state Deng and the Bulls have yet to agree on any sort of contract extension. Come summer, Deng’s asking price will be too high for the Bulls to afford so many are suggesting the Bulls shop around while they can get someone useful for the All-Star.
Jimmy Butler #21
Position: Shooting Guard (SG)
Age: 24
Jimmy Buckets has a bit of a fro going for the start of the 2013 season. Butler emerged at the end of last season, stole the spotlight during the playoffs and earned himself a spot in the starting lineup this year. We got to see a different side of Butler who has always had suffocating defense, but also became a presence on offense. It’s only going to get better with Rose in the lineup to create more open looks for Butler. Expect JimmyB to log quite a few minutes this season.

Bulls Back Court:

Taj Gibson #22
Position: Power Forward (PF)
Age: 28
Did Taj get himself a jump shot over the off season? He apparently spent the summer working out with DRose and Kevin Durant and we are loving the results. Taj has always been a tough defender, but with a solid jump shot, Mr. Gibson could be awfully dangerous. His game looks more powerful and smoother than in past seasons. It is very possible we’re going to see Taj’s best season yet. Early season rumors has him in the running for the Sixth Man of the Year award. 
Kirk Hinrich #12
Position: Shooting Guard
Age: 32
Captain Kirk is back for another year with the Bulls. Last season Hinrich was responsible for running the offense, but with Rose back on the court Kirk takes on a new persona for the Bulls – a tough defender who can shoot the ball. Thibs will have Hinrich come off the bench for most game starts, but we’ll be sure to see some DRose-Hinrich mixes in the lineup.
Nazr Mohammed #48
Position: Center (C)
Age: 36
Nazi isn’t the youngest buck on the Bulls, but he’s got heart. He earned some major street cred with Chicago fans when he pushed Lebron James right on his booty after James had been fouling Boozer. He stepped up during the post season putting up some necessary numbers when other teammates were struggling to produce offense. He’s not an All-Star center, but he gives his all every second he’s on the court. 
Mike Dunleavy #34
Position: Shooting Guard (SG)
Age: 33
Dunleavy joins the Bulls  after a half season with the Indiana Pacers and two years with the Milwaukee Bucks. Dunleavy is entering his 12th season in the league – don’t be fooled by his baby face ladies, this guy is a seasoned vet. The Bulls have added another Duke alum to the lineup and Dunleavy is quite excited to play under the coaching of Tom Thibodeau. 
Marquis Teague #25
Position: Point Guard (PG)
Age: 20 
He may be the youngster on the roster, but Teague has a full year of NBA play under his belt.  It’s going to be a do or die type of season for Teague who needs to prove his worth to this Bulls team with plenty of point guard talent. We could see a big season out of Teague, or we could also see him get traded during the season. 
Mike James #8
Position: Point Guard (PG)
Age: 38
Mike James nabbed the 13th roster spot for the 2013-2014 season. He’s a seasoned vet within the league, has played on multiple teams and was a part of the 2004 Piston’s Championship team. He has always been on Thibodeau’s radar and for that reason we might see more playing time than expected from the third string point guard.  He’s not in the prime of his career, but the Bulls are hoping to get some productivity out of James. If Rose or Hinrich were to face injuries, Chicago would need to lean on James to lead the way.

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Bulls Rookies 

Tony Snell #20
Position: Small Forward (SF)
Age: 21
Snell may not be the sexiest guy on the bench, but he fits coach Thibodeau’s mold. He can play tough D and isn’t afraid to pull up and take his jump shot (he was a little inconsistent during the preseason, but he’ll gain confidence with time). To most of us Snell was a big mystery draft pick as we don’t see much of the west coast NCAA play here in the midwest. Expect to see pretty good things out of this 21-year-old rookie.
Erik Murphy #31
Position: Power Forward (PF)
Age: 23
Big-man-rookie Erik Murphy won’t see too much playing time this season, but that doesn’t mean Thibs won’t utilize his three-point shooting ability in clutch situations. Murphy will also come in handy if Boozer, Taj, Noah or Nazi get into foul trouble and Chicago needs a larger presence on the floor. 

Bulls Head Coach


Tom Thibodeau
Coach Thibodeau proved himself yet again last season advancing in the playoffs even without a healthy roster. Thibs instills a defensive mentality in his players that challenges even the most talented of opponents. If Thibs reputation holds true, he could see himself with another Coach of the Year award under his belt. Pair the wisdom he’s gained during his time in the league with his best roster yet and we’re in for a treat. 

What’s Next:

Bring us an NBA Championship DRose and company! It’s going to take a healthy roster, but the Bulls have the talent and depth to defeat their most rivaled opponents and finally get themselves to a NBA finals.


The Bulls are back in business! After going a very impressive 8-0 in the preseason, illness it’s clear that the Chicago Bulls are dedicated, unhealthy determined and looking rather fierce for their 2013 debut. Superstar point guard Derrick Rose has returned after a rough year-long hiatus and so have the Chicago Bulls’ title hopes.

Last year was a tough time for Bulls fans, capsule as we eagerly awaited the non-existent return of our MVP, but it’s time to put all grudges aside because DRose is ready to show us he was worth the wait.

The ultimate goal remains the same: knock Lebron James and the Miami Heat from their Eastern Conference throne and get Chicago to their first NBA Championship in over a decade. Can greatness be achieved with the return of Derrick Rose and a stifling defensive mindset under the guidance of head coach Tom Thibodeau? Only time will tell, but if the preseason was any indication of what is to come, things look good for the Chicago Bulls in the upcoming season. Let’s dig deeper into the Bulls 2013 season and Chicago title contention hopes.

What to Know about the 2013 Season:

  • The Return: Welcome back to the hardwood DRose. Derrick Rose is back and looking better than ever – if that’s even possible. After a difficult year of rehabilitation on his knee and criticism for waiting to return, Rose has made his bball game even stronger with a bigger and bolder jumpshot. Explosiveness hasn’t been an issue during the preseason scoring 22 points against the Detroit Pistons, 32 against Indiana and then 26 points against Kevin Durantand the OKC Thunder. If the preseason is any indication of what to expect from DRose, prepare yourself for an amazing season.

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  • New Faces: The off-season is always a time when us fans become super hopeful our team signs a glorious free-agent that will take our team to the next level. Unfortunately, our Bulls didn’t have the financial flexibility that many NBA teams have available – so there weren’t any mind-blowing off-season moves. HOWEVER, the pickup of Mike Dunleavy was a steal. He can throw down the jumpshots and is an upgrade on the defensive end. The Bulls also grabbed rookies Tony Snell (New Mexico Lobos) and Erik Murphy (Florida Gators) in the draft.
  • Strong Core: There are plenty of familiar faces on the Bulls’ roster heading into the 2013 season. Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler and Carlos Boozer round out the starting lineup alongside DRose. As for the supporting cast, expect to see good things out of Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson, Nazr Mohammed and Marquis Teaguethis season.

    Rose, Deng, Murphy, Gibson & Dunleavy

  • Lost Bulls: Unfortunately, the Bulls had to say goodbye to a few impact players from last season. Despite a sensational performance during the NBA playoffs, Nate-the-Great Robinson is now a Denver Nugget. He had a one-and-done season with the Bulls, but Nasty-Nate will always hold a special place in our hearts after his outstanding 34-point performance in the triple OT Game 4 of the Brooklyn Nets series. The Bulls also parted ways with Marco Belinelli; the Italian-Stallion is headed to San Antonio to play alongside Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. Richard “Rip” Hamilton, Vladimir Radmanovic, and Daequan Cook were also released from the roster.
  • Strengths: Defense! Defense! Under the thumb of head coach Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls have consistently been a top defensive team. It doesn’t hurt to have NBA All-Defensive First Teamer Joakim Noah’s intensity leading the pack.  Thibs has proven it doesn’t matter who’s on his roster, he can make any team play with heart, hustle and muscle and form to his defensive expectations.
  • Weaknesses: Last season the Bulls were one of the league’s worst offensive teams. While the return of Rose will boost up the stats, the majority of the same players are returning and we’re going to need a bit more offensive productivity out of everyone to dominate.
  • Key To Success: STAY HEALTHY. From Rose’s ACL to Noah’s plantar fasciitis to Luol Deng in intensive care, the Bulls have struggled with maintaining a healthy roster. Playing hard, but keeping their star players healthy throughout the season is essential to a successful post season run.

What’s Next:

Get your Bulls gear ready ladies, DRose and the Bulls are going to deliver a wild ride this season. Our MVP is healthy and Coach Thibs has his best Bulls roster since the MJ days – it sounds like a good time for a Championship to us.

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For their season opener Chicago will get things going guns blazing against the Miami Heat in South Beach on October 29th – wait for it – the night of the Heat’s Championship ring ceremony. Stay tuned for more details about this season’s opening night rivalry. Lebron James may have two rings now, but we say Bring. It. 


Lately, ask the Chicago Bulls have been toying with our emotions like a toxic ex-boyfriend. Last night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs was an emotional roller coaster as the Bulls built up our hopes, buy viagra only to let us down at the last minute when it really matters. The Bulls came out strong in the first half of Wednesday night’s matchup and then choked in the final stance, falling 101-83 on the road to the Spurs. It was honestly heartbreaking to watch.

Both teams were without their starting point guards, but the depleted Bulls just couldn’t close in on the Spurs when it counted. San Antonio racked up their third straight win at home and still holds the best record in the NBA at 48-14. The Bulls on the other hand need to do some soul searching before they dig a hole too deep to climb out of this season.

What You Need to Know: 

  • Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter were too hot to handle on the boards. Duncan finished with 18 points,10 rebounds and five blocks while Splitter racked up 13 points and 10 rebounds. Duncan may not be the youngest kid on the playground anymore, but the big man can definitely still throw down.


  • The Spurs depth is deadly. Manu Ginobili had an unbelievable game off the bench with 18 points and nine assists. Patty Mills, another San Antonio reserve, contributed 13 points and some clutch three-point shots in the final quarter to seal the deal.
  • The Italian Stallion Marco Belinelli (who started in place of the injured Rip Hamilton) led the Bulls with 21 points and seven assists. Luol Deng also put up some nice numbers with 19 points and seven rebounds.
  • Nate Robinson started at Point Guard for the injured Kirk Hinrich, but he took some wild shots during the first half and Tom Thibodeau went with rookie Marquis Teague to finish the game against San Antonio’s season veterans. Teague saw quite a few minutes tonight finishing with 11 points, but he got schooled a bit by the big men.
  • Are we sure Nazr Mohammed is honestly a professional basketball player? He seems more like a 6′ 10″ waste of space on the roster at this point. The guy is huge and can only manage a measly 2 points while he’s in backing up Joakim Noah.
  • Closing Woes: The Bulls were winning the game up until the end of the third quarter. They were only down 4 points going into the final 12 minutes and then San Antonio hit two back-to-back threes to steal any confidence Chicago was hanging onto. Boom goes the dynamite.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“The Spurs are a great team, the Bulls hung in there but fell apart in the second half. They handed the top dogs a big W on a shiny platter. You can’t win a game when you let your opponent go on a 14-0 run in the final minutes of the game. Chicago has to give 100% for the entire game, not just the first half.”

What’s Next:

Let’s hope Coach Thibs has some tricks up his sleeve because the Bulls need a big win fast. Hey DRose, it might be a great time to make your return to the court? Chicago has a day to recoup before they host the Utah Jazz at the United Center on Friday. Tip-off starts at 7 PM. Be sure to flip on CSN Chicago and enjoy the game with our favorite on-air duo Neil Funk and Stacey King.



Happy New Year Bulls fans! With 2012 behind us, help the Bulls look to take January by storm. Chicago finished off the calendar year at 16-13 and 9-6 for the month. December was a bit of a roller-coaster for the Bulls as they were able to defeat some of the Eastern Conference’s top teams, but also choked against one of the very worst.

The Bulls were a team held to very few expectations entering the 2012-2013 season, but our Bulls are fighters and have proven many of their haters wrong. It hasn’t been an easy ride thus far as every win has been a collective team effort of heart, sweat and intensity.  Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of the final days of 2012.

The Good: The Bulls did some Eastern Conference damage in December. They beat the New York Knicks twice (once at home and once at Madison Square Garden), they locked up a home win and a road win against their playoff rival Philadelphia 76ers, and to top things off they also beat the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics.

The Bulls reserves are proving that this new crew is just as powerful as the “bench mob”. Marco Belinelli came out of his shell producing some extra offensive power when Rip Hamilton was locked down due to a foot injury and Belinelli took his starting slot.

Nate Robinson has done his fair share and is an obvious spark-plug off the bench. His additional scoring power has kept the Bulls alive in many of their close games. Jimmy Butler plays less than 20 minutes a game, but makes every minute count.

Rookie point guard Marquis Teague has shown promise with his excellent court vision and decision-making. Teague has appeared in 16 games as Kirk Hinrich has suffered a string of injuries.

The Bad: Despite the positive wins, they also had some rough losses. Chicago rode the struggle bus Christmas Day getting blown out by the Houston Rockets 120-97. Don’t get me wrong, since the addition of James Harden the Rockets have been playing well, but it’s always embarrassing to lose by 20 plus points. Apparently Charlotte has Chicago’s number, because the 8-23 Bobcats defeated the Bulls 91-81, a 10 point deficit.

Overall Assessment: Finishing 9-6 on the month is definitely a positive for the Rose-less Bulls. The last few games of December were rather rough to watch as they got spanked by the Atlanta Hawks, trampled by Houston on Christmas Day, and defeated by the lowly Charlotte Bobcats.

If only Carlos Boozer and Kirk Hinrich could get their offensive mojo flowing consistently our Bulls could consider themselves a playoff contender. It’s still quite early in the season for any serious predictions, but the Bulls are in decent shape starting out 2013.

December’s Most Valuable Players: 

Joakim Noah

Messy Bun Swag is taking over Bulls nation. It’s still early, but it looks like Noah is having the best season of his career playing at an All-Star Caliber and making his presence known as one of the most elite centers in the league.

Noah’s biggest improvements come offensively where he is lethal in the low post, but he is now dangerous from the outside sinking jump shots (funky motion and all).  Jo-No scored 30 points and racked up 23 rebounds against the Detroit Pistons early in December and had a game winning triple double against the Celtics mid-month.

Luol Deng

Deng. He. Still. Good. Deng is a player who makes his impact on both sides of the court averaging 40.3 minutes a game. Offensively he leads the Bulls with 17.5 points per game.

In comparison to other elite teams the Bulls lack fire power which leaves much of the offensive load resting in Deng’s hands. Defensively Deng shuts down league superstars such as Carmelo Anthony with stifling defense.

Marco Belinelli

Boy oh boy can things change in a month! In November Belinelli was barely getting playing time and 30 days later he’s starting in place of an injured Rip Hamilton and averaging 10 points a game.

What to Watch in January: 

1/4 at the Miami Heat: Chicago heads to the city where the Heat is on! This is the first Bulls vs Heat match-up of the season and is definitely worth watching. Will our guys be able to defeat the Eastern Conference leading Miami Heat?

1/9 & 1/30 vs Milwaukee: The Bulls will face the Central Division chasing Milwaukee Bucks twice this month; one home game at the UC and one road game at the Bradley Center.

1/11 at New York Knicks: They’ve got another Bulls vs Knicks match-up at Madison Square Garden. Can they our men in red go 3-0 for the season against NY?

1/14 vs. Atlanta: The Bulls have a shot at redemption against the Atlanta Hawks who are standing in 3rd in the Eastern Conference. Hopefully the cards will be in Chicago’s favor the second time around at the UC.

1/19 vs. Memphis: Chicago will take on the Memphis Grizzlies (who have been dominating the Western Conference) for the second time this season, but this time the show will go down at the Madhouse on Madison.

1/21 vs. LA Lakers: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and the Lake-Show are heading to Chicago. Although the Lakers aren’t have their greatest season hopefully they’ll get their coaching debacle figured out and put on a good show against the Bulls.

Bring it on 2013 – we’re going to keep on Bullieving!


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Talk about a pick-me-up! The Bulls locked up a huge road-win in Philadelphia last night defeating the 76ers 96-89 at the Wells Fargo Center. Chicago is now 2-0 on the season against their familiar playoff foe. It was another team effort driven by emotion and heart that lead the Bulls to a solid victory. The Sixers are a young, gutsy and hungry team who are always ready to take on the Bulls, but despite the 76ers valiant effort the Bulls were out for blood on Wednesday. Just how did our guys bounce back after their disappointing loss to the Clippers Tuesday night? Let’s dig in.

What You Need to Know:

  • The messy-bun-swagger was in full swing last night as current HAM Joakim Noah led the Bulls with 21 points, seven rebounds, five assists and three blocks. Driven by pure emotion, Jo-No found motivation in the memories of Sixers fans cheering loudly after he injured his ankle during the first round of the playoffs last season. Tonight was payback Philly fans.
  • Chicago’s backcourt is wearing REAL thin right now since Rip Hamilton is still recovering from the torn muscle in his foot and Kirk Hinrich due to a knee injury suffered against the Clippers Tuesday. Fear not Bulls fans, Nate Robinson (14 points) stepped up to the plate as the starting PG and Marquis Teague led the reserves with poise demonstrating his playmaking instincts.
  • Another stand-out since Hamilton’s injury has been Marco Belinelli, who is proving to Coach Thibs that he can be more than just a three-point shooter. Belinelli was the spark to set the Bulls off in the second half and ended up with 16 points.
  • As always the Sixers brought their A-game against Chicago. Jrue Holiday continued campaigning for his All-Star slot with 26 points and 9 assists. Holiday was assisted offensively by the scoring presences of Thaddeus Young (13 points), swingman and Chicago native Evan Turner (16 points) and 76ers’ sixth man Nick Young (10 points).

Your Take Away Piece:

“A big road win was just what the doctor ordered after a tough loss to the Clippers Tuesday. They might have been tired and coming off a late game, but the back-to-back games didn’t pose a challenge to our ferocious Bulls. If Chicago can continue this rhythm they can definitely be better than a .500 team – even without our favorite Derrick Rose.”

What’s Next:

Our Bulls are heading home for a few days to rest up before they face the Brooklyn Nets at the UC Saturday night. The Nets have been an interesting surprise in the Eastern Conference starting the season on an 11-4 run. With one of the deepest teams in the league Bulls fans are guaranteed another exciting game against Brooklyn. If you fell victim to the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage/divorce, Brooklyn is where homeboy ended up. If you happen to find time amidst the holiday chaos, be sure to tune in at 7 PM on WGN to watch the Bulls and Nets battle it out.

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