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After a day of R&R the Bulls will need to conjure up some more hustle as the San Antonio Spurs are blowing into the windy city Tuesday. Chicago has won six of their last seven games at home and are looking to knock down another big dog in the league. Their opponents are currently on a six-game winning streak and looking to extend their winning record to seven. It’s a night where two of the greatest minds in the NBA will face-off. Who’s the coaching master mind; Coach Thibodeau or Coach Popovich?

You may be thinking to yourself, pharmacy “isn’t Tim Duncan an NBA dinosaur?” If last season taught us anything, sale age does not defy Gregg Popovich and his Spurs who’s roster seemingly continues to get older and older, but these dudes (46-16) are chasing the Pacers and OKC Thunder for the best record in the league. Brace yourselves Bulls babes, it’s going to be a wild and crazy night on the United Center floor.

What You Need to Know: 

  • If you’re looking for the hottest center in the league, Chicago Noah’s someone. Jo-No is having a remarkable season and you can bet he’s coming out guns blazing after the Bulls emotional win over the Miami Heat on Sunday. We’d like to place an order for another triple-double with some blocks on the side por favor.
  • Watch Out For: Tony Parker (PG) and Kawhi Leonard (SG). Parker (AKA Eva Langoria’s ex) is one of the best PG’s in the league and also the leading scorer on the Spurs. Leonard will most likely be matched with Mike Dunleavy which means he may have more open shots than his other teammates.
  • Noah has some competition when it comes to rebounding. NBA veteran Tim Duncan (PF) is a big boy and knows his way around under the basket. Be prepared for some serious booty-boxing-out.

    Belinelli 3 point contest

    3-point Champ via MBeli3 Instagram

  • Familiar Faces: Marco Belinelli will return to the United Center for the first time since being traded to the Spurs. Bells didn’t let the trade bring him down. He won the 2014 three point contest and you can be sure he’s ready to show his old teammates his outside shooting.
  • Per usual, it’s going to be about the Bulls top defense holding the Spurs elite offense to a scoring minimum. Los Bulls have done it before this season back in January when they held San Antonio to their lowest scoring game of the season. It’s time for some Deja Vu.

Your Take Away Piece:

“Don’t let their age fool you, a matchup with the San Antonio Spurs is never just a walk in the park. If the Bulls play with the same heart, hustle and muscle that has been surging them throughout the season, it’s going to be a great game. If the Bulls come out tired or hesitant, the Spurs will exploit any weaknesses.”

What’s Next:

Everything goes down at 7:00 pm at the UC – be there or be tuned in on WGN to catch all the action. We #BULLieve


The Bulls are back in business! After going a very impressive 8-0 in the preseason, illness it’s clear that the Chicago Bulls are dedicated, unhealthy determined and looking rather fierce for their 2013 debut. Superstar point guard Derrick Rose has returned after a rough year-long hiatus and so have the Chicago Bulls’ title hopes.

Last year was a tough time for Bulls fans, capsule as we eagerly awaited the non-existent return of our MVP, but it’s time to put all grudges aside because DRose is ready to show us he was worth the wait.

The ultimate goal remains the same: knock Lebron James and the Miami Heat from their Eastern Conference throne and get Chicago to their first NBA Championship in over a decade. Can greatness be achieved with the return of Derrick Rose and a stifling defensive mindset under the guidance of head coach Tom Thibodeau? Only time will tell, but if the preseason was any indication of what is to come, things look good for the Chicago Bulls in the upcoming season. Let’s dig deeper into the Bulls 2013 season and Chicago title contention hopes.

What to Know about the 2013 Season:

  • The Return: Welcome back to the hardwood DRose. Derrick Rose is back and looking better than ever – if that’s even possible. After a difficult year of rehabilitation on his knee and criticism for waiting to return, Rose has made his bball game even stronger with a bigger and bolder jumpshot. Explosiveness hasn’t been an issue during the preseason scoring 22 points against the Detroit Pistons, 32 against Indiana and then 26 points against Kevin Durantand the OKC Thunder. If the preseason is any indication of what to expect from DRose, prepare yourself for an amazing season.

    Bulls Instagram

  • New Faces: The off-season is always a time when us fans become super hopeful our team signs a glorious free-agent that will take our team to the next level. Unfortunately, our Bulls didn’t have the financial flexibility that many NBA teams have available – so there weren’t any mind-blowing off-season moves. HOWEVER, the pickup of Mike Dunleavy was a steal. He can throw down the jumpshots and is an upgrade on the defensive end. The Bulls also grabbed rookies Tony Snell (New Mexico Lobos) and Erik Murphy (Florida Gators) in the draft.
  • Strong Core: There are plenty of familiar faces on the Bulls’ roster heading into the 2013 season. Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler and Carlos Boozer round out the starting lineup alongside DRose. As for the supporting cast, expect to see good things out of Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson, Nazr Mohammed and Marquis Teaguethis season.

    Rose, Deng, Murphy, Gibson & Dunleavy

  • Lost Bulls: Unfortunately, the Bulls had to say goodbye to a few impact players from last season. Despite a sensational performance during the NBA playoffs, Nate-the-Great Robinson is now a Denver Nugget. He had a one-and-done season with the Bulls, but Nasty-Nate will always hold a special place in our hearts after his outstanding 34-point performance in the triple OT Game 4 of the Brooklyn Nets series. The Bulls also parted ways with Marco Belinelli; the Italian-Stallion is headed to San Antonio to play alongside Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. Richard “Rip” Hamilton, Vladimir Radmanovic, and Daequan Cook were also released from the roster.
  • Strengths: Defense! Defense! Under the thumb of head coach Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls have consistently been a top defensive team. It doesn’t hurt to have NBA All-Defensive First Teamer Joakim Noah’s intensity leading the pack.  Thibs has proven it doesn’t matter who’s on his roster, he can make any team play with heart, hustle and muscle and form to his defensive expectations.
  • Weaknesses: Last season the Bulls were one of the league’s worst offensive teams. While the return of Rose will boost up the stats, the majority of the same players are returning and we’re going to need a bit more offensive productivity out of everyone to dominate.
  • Key To Success: STAY HEALTHY. From Rose’s ACL to Noah’s plantar fasciitis to Luol Deng in intensive care, the Bulls have struggled with maintaining a healthy roster. Playing hard, but keeping their star players healthy throughout the season is essential to a successful post season run.

What’s Next:

Get your Bulls gear ready ladies, DRose and the Bulls are going to deliver a wild ride this season. Our MVP is healthy and Coach Thibs has his best Bulls roster since the MJ days – it sounds like a good time for a Championship to us.

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For their season opener Chicago will get things going guns blazing against the Miami Heat in South Beach on October 29th – wait for it – the night of the Heat’s Championship ring ceremony. Stay tuned for more details about this season’s opening night rivalry. Lebron James may have two rings now, but we say Bring. It. 

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls Game 4 Cheat Sheet

After another physical game in the Bulls’ Friday night loss to the Miami Heat that played out like a high intensity street-ball series, and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been thrown on the magic school bus and transported back to the ’90s. The first three games have been emotional with player ejections (all Bulls players), sildenafil a blow-out win and ultra physical play. Don’t expect anything less in Game 4 as these conference foes are in a heated semifinal playoff series.

The Bulls managed to snag the Game 1 win against the defending Champion Heat, sickness but Miami has put a pounding on Chicago ever since leading the series 2-1. It started with the ego shattering blow-out in Miami last Wednesday night and followed by a Heat Friday night win in the windy city. You can expect another brutal battle tonight as the Bulls and Heat prepare to throw down in Game 4 on the floor of the United Center. Can the Bulls defend their home court and Beat-the-Heat another time in this series?

What You Need to Know:

    • Lock it up!The Bulls need to keep their composure in Game 4 and not pick up unnecessary fouls for pushing and shoving. I loved every second of watching Nazr Mohammad push Lebron onto his big booty and get a standing ovation as he exited the building, but as a result the Bulls were out a back-up center on an already shorthanded roster. Not the smartest. Staying out of foul trouble is essential for Los Bulls.
    • Two of the Heat’s “Big three” didn’t play very well in Game 3 and they still won by 10 points. It’s obvious Dwyane Wade’s knees are still giving him trouble as he looks a little sluggish on the court. The Bulls also held megastar Lebron James to 25 points. It was tough to swallow the Game 3 loss when the Heat’s stars didn’t produce their usual numbers and the Bulls kept up throughout the night.
    • Players like Norris Colehave come up big for the Heat hitting clutch shots when their stars have taken the night off. Although his retro-flat top hairstyle is foolish, he’s been unstoppable in this second round series. The Bulls need to be ready for another productive night out of Mr. Cole.

      Norris Cole

    • Expect to see a lot of pick-and-rolls (when an offensive player sets a pick for the teammate handling the ball and rolls behind the defender to accept the pass) from the Bulls. This tactic has worked well creating open shots for players like Marco Belinelli and Jimmy Butler. Chicago needs to create as many offensive opportunities as possible when they’re up against Miami’s fast-paced dominate offense.

      Hinrich and Rose

    • No changes on the injury front for Chicago. Derrick Rose is still out, Kirk Hinrich (calf injury) is still doubtful and Luol Deng (spinal tap complications) is doubtful as well. Without veterans Hinrich and Deng, a Bulls win against a healthy Heat team becomes an entirely different beast to tame.
    • Head Coach Tom Thibodeau spoke his mind after Game 3 saying Lebron flopped when Nazr gave him a shove and BronBron went flying across the court. The NBA didn’t appreciate Thibs criticism of the refs and slapped on a whopping $35,000 fine for his Game 3 comments. Yep, that’s really how it works. Will Thibs be tame tonight to avoid any other fines, or will he be fired up on the sidelines screaming about “d-ing up” and picking fights with the officials? We’ll go with option number two please.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“It’s not the Bulls last chance in the series, but a loss tonight will feel like defeat because Miami will have stolen all of the momentum. Game 5 is back in Miami where BronBron is King of the castle and rarely loses. Chicago needs a win tonight to prove the series is still alive. Regardless of the outcome, the Bulls are going to give another tough game to the defending champs.”

What’s Next:

Get ready to unleash the rowdiness that is the Madhouse on Madison. Bulls and Heat tip off at 6 PM on TNT tonight. Hopefully the Bulls can start your week off right with a big “W” in Game 4. Keep on BULLieving.


After a two week series with the Brooklyn Nets, viagra a battered roster, purchase and countless injuries, cheap many expected the Bulls to be too tired to get past the Heat’s “big three” in Monday night’s series opener in Miami.  But the Bulls stunned us all and continued their incredi-BULL post season run with a 93-86 Game 1 road win against the reigning NBA Champs.

The Roseless, Kirkless, Dengless Chicago Bulls defied the odds and pulled off a huge upset in South Beach Monday night in front of the White Out crowd proving once again just how tough they can play the Heat. Like Coach Thibs always says, as long as the Bulls have five guys on the court, “they have enough to win.”

If you had anticipated a Miami sweep in this Eastern Conference Semifinal series, you can put down your hater-ade and buckle up because the Bulls aren’t going anywhere without a fight.

What You Need to Know:

  • Nate-the-Great Robinson was back in action tonight. With Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich suited up on the bench, Nasty-Nate (the third string point guard) has been responsible for running the offense.  He led the Bulls with 27 points and nine assists even after having to leave the game briefly to get ten stitches in his upper lip. Ain’t no body got time for bloody lips.
  • What can’t Jimmy do? Jimmy Butler’s defense on King James was incredible in Game 1. BronBron is a monster on the floor and chasing him for 48 minutes is no easy task. Butler racked up 21 points and also led the team with 14 rebounds. He has played 48 minutes (out of a possible 48) in the last three consecutive games – he’s got some serious endurance and has become the official workhorse on the roster.
  • It was an entire team effort that pulled off the Game 1 victory. Joakim Noah continued to dominate the boards with 11 rebounds and 13 points. Taj Gibson added some tough defense and 12 points. Marco Belinelli provided a few much need 3-point shots and finished with 10 points for the Bulls.
  • Lebron James wasn’t his usual dominant self Monday night – those special “MVP” sneakers must have been bad luck. After receiving his fourth MVP trophy in a special ceremony before the game, LeBron came out ice cold in the first half, but managed to score 15 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter. BronBron missed a three point shot with less than a minute left and literally gave up. He didn’t run back on defense, he didn’t try to foul a Bulls’ player, he just stood there like the diva that he is. 
  • Chicago found themselves getting into turnover trouble yet again giving up the ball 16 times in Game 1.  Luckily the Heat were super rusty from their week-long vacation and couldn’t capitalize on their open opportunities. They won’t always shoot so poorly so the men in red need to avoid the sloppy ball handling.
  • The Bulls scratched and clawed their way through Game 1, never easing up the fight. The momentum turned when the Heat put the Bulls in the bonus (exceeding their foul limit allowing Chicago free-throws with every foul) during the fourth quarter and the Bulls started making their free throws. Obviously, every Heat player contested any fouls called against them because they don’t EVER commit a foul (crybabies).

Your Take Away Piece:

“The Bulls never give up and are proving that heart can trump talent on any given night. It wasn’t pretty, but the Bulls never stopped fighting in Game 1 and showed the league and any doubters that this series isn’t going to be a walk in the park for the hot-headed Heat.”

What’s Next:

We want more, we want more, like we really, really like it! Gear up for the wild ride that is a Bulls-Heat best of seven game series. We can expect another gritty game in South Beach as Game 2 is scheduled for Wednesday at 6 PM on TNT. Nothing would make my Hump day better than another Bulls playoff win. SEE RED baller beauties!

Game 3 is back in Chicago on Friday night. With last night’s win, ticket prices jumped…just a bit. It will cost you, but if you’ve got the time and resources, consider heading to the UC to see our men in red take on BronBron and the boys. Tickets start at around $120. Find the best deals HERE.


The battered Bulls were not only plagued with countless injuries Thursday night, ambulance but the basketball gods also threw in a little flu-bug to sweeten the deal. Chicago needed a win at the United Center to take the series and advance to the second round, but instead fell to Brooklyn 95-92 after four quarters of scrappy basketball.

Despite their misfortunes, the Rose-less, Deng-less, Kirk-less Bulls hung around until the final seconds of Game 6 when the Brooklyn Nets finally sealed the deal after a poorly thrown jump-ball. The Bulls played hard, but heart and muscle can only take you so far.

The Nets tied the series 3-3 and won their first elimination game to force a Game 7 in franchise history. The Bulls are headed back to Brooklyn for a hostile series finale. Will the Bulls become the 9th team in NBA history to lose a series after leading 3-1?

What You Need to Know:

  • This was probably the one Bulls playoff game where you didn’t want seats right behind the Chicago bench. Nate-Rob and Taj Gibson were both covered in towels and had a bucket to throw up in when necessary. Luol Deng was so sick he had to stay home due to a viral infection. It wasn’t pretty.
  • The Nets “big three” Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez were all consistent scoring 17 points each. You could say they had the upper-hand since they didn’t have any teammates vomiting on the bench.
  • The Italian Stallion Marco Belinelli led the Bulls with 22 points, but Joakim Noah (14 points, 15 rebounds) and Carlos Boozer (14 points, 13 rebounds) both got down and dirty on the boards. Despite illness, Nate Robinson managed 18 points in 41 minutes of play and Jimmy Butler had a solid start with 17 points, six assists and seven rebounds. Jimmy Buckets played 48 minutes – yes the whole game.
  • Per usual, turnover troubles plagued the Bulls in Game 6. You can blame it on the sickly roster if you’d like, but Chicago gave up the ball 16 times to Brooklyns’ 9 giveaways. Not cool. There was also a stretch in the second half where the Bulls just couldn’t score a basketball no matter how many opportunities they had.
  • Foul frenzy! The officials were not on Chicago’s side Thursday night since the Bulls found themselves in foul trouble at the start of the second half. The Bulls were short big men in the final seconds since Boozer and Gibson both fouled out of the game.

Your Take Away Piece:

“The Bulls needed to close out the series at the United Center. Taking the series to Game 7 in Brooklyn will be a totally different dynamic and may give the Nets the upper-hand they’re looking for. Had Luol Deng been able to play through his illness, I believe the Bulls could have pulled off a win. When the clock was running out they didn’t have enough weapons to shoot the three-point shot they desperately needed.”

What’s Next: 

Shake it off guys. The Bulls need to load up on Emergen-C, drink lots of OJ and get tons of rest because dreaded Game 7 in Brooklyn is one day away. I know what you’re thinking, an airplane is no place to be when you’re immune system is down and out.  Our men in red are tough cookies and have pulled off bigger surprises throughout the year. Never stop BULLieving baller beauties. Game 7 is there for the taking and the Bulls have the heart and muscle to do it.

Game 7 is Saturday night at 7PM on TNT. If you’re heading out to watch the Derby, you might want to consider throwing a Bulls tee in your bag for a last minute costume change, the Bulls are going to need all the support they can get.

Bulls vs. Nets

Does anyone smell a potential playoff preview in the air? Our Bulls are back on the road again tonight where they have landed in Brooklyn to take on the Nets for the final time this season. There seems to be a bit of a trend with the Bulls; they turn it up for bigger games and dig themselves holes against lesser opponents. Since this is a potential first round playoff match-up (if Chicago moves up a position in the standings) we’re guessing the Bulls will be on their A-game in Brooklyn. Not to mention our men in red could use a little pick-me-up road win after hitting a brick wall against the Wizards on Tuesday.

What You Need to Know: 

  • Shorthanded is an understatement. Injuries have ravaged and pillaged the Bulls active roster. Chicago is definitely without Derrick Rose who is probably not making a comeback this season, see Rip Hamilton is still out (back), sales Joakim Noah is questionable (foot), Marco Belinelli is questionable (abdominal injury) and Taj Gibson tweaked his knee in the last game against Washington. There’s been a running joke that Thibs might ask commentator Stacey King to suit up and play.
  • The Bulls are up 2-1 against the competition. Chicago squeaked out a 83-82 win in December, they dropped the ball at the Barclays Center 93-89 in February and pulled off a 95-86 in March. Who will take game four? Will Brooklyn get the split or will Chicago take the cake?
  • Jimmy Buckets Butler needs another big game. With so many players out of the mix, Butler will get another start for the Bulls tonight. If this handsome young in (and former HAM) can hold his own in another marquee game against a top team in the East it’s going to say quite a bit for our Golden Eagle.
  • Who to watch: Brook Lopez made it rain in February and his 20 points were the key factor in the Nets win over the Bulls. With Jo-No most likely on the bench, the Bulls will need to find another way to challenge this Center on the boards.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“Per usual the Bulls will need to be productive on offensive as a unit. It might  be asking a little too much, but we’re going to need another big night out of Luol Deng and a little backup from Carlos Boozer wouldn’t hurt. Realistically, the Nets should have this game in the bag, but we know our Bulls can pull off anything when they play to their potential.”

What’s Next:

The Bulls tip off on the East Coast at 6 PM CT. Be sure to tune in on TNT to catch the Bulls streaming on the national airways. They might be shorthanded, but we keep on BULLieving.

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