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Growing up as a Bulls fan in Chicago, cialis I have attended many Bulls games in the past but they have all been at the United Center. When I was six I went to my first Bulls game right when Michael Jordan was in his prime. I was picked to do the halftime race and ended up beating out two boys and winning. I was rewarded with a hug from Benny the Bull, a Bulls jacket and the opportunity to sit courtside with the Luvabulls, 5 feet away from Jordan sinking dunks. Needless to say, I was hooked on the Bulls from then on.

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Twenty-some years later as a Chicago transplant living in LA, I went to my first Bulls game at the Staples Center when the Bulls played the LA Clippers last month. To put it lightly, it was a slightly different experience than the UC.

Granted, in a city dominated by the Lakers, the Clippers are considered the ugly step child, even with the incredible start they’ve had this season.  The Lakers bias is obvious the minute you step foot in the Staples Center, where both teams play. WIth Laker purple seats and multiple championship banners flowing from the rafters, it was clear who’s house this was.

I was happy to see a strong turnout of Bulls fans and equally as pleased to see they were pouring Goose Island 312. Compared to the rowdy UC, the arena was extremely quiet except for Clippers fans booing Chicago, even when LA was up by 20 points.

The Clippers won 101-80 and it wasn’t pretty. The Bulls had multiple turnovers and were playing sloppy defense. Blake Griffin had 26 points and the Bulls were having a tough time guarding Jamal Crawford who was draining threes and added 22 points. Carlos Boozer was the leading scorer for the Bulls that night with 22 points.

It might not have been the United Center and a home game Bulls experience but it was still great to get my Bulls fix in a city obsessed by the Lakers.

The Bulls have a lot to work on offensively and especially with turnovers against top tier teams. Waiting for Derrick Rose to return will force the Bulls to build their confidence and cohesiveness without their star player. The Bulls’ bench must step it up to provide the reliable depth the team needs to climb the ranks in the competitive Eastern Conference.

No matter where I land, I will be a Bulls fan. The Lakers have been extremely easy to trash talk as of late as they hang out in the bottom of the Western Conference standings after assembling what everyone thought would be a dream-team this off-season. It’s healthy for the Lakers to have a formidable competitor in town as the Clippers continue to impress and woo casual LA fans to the NBA.  However, I am hoping tonight’s Bulls game against the Clippers will allow me to have more bragging rights in LA. But, in order for that to happen we need a decisive win at home.  The Bulls welcome the Clippers tonight to the UC. Tip-off is at 8:30PM CT and also on CSN.


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