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Devin Hester

Devin Hester

Ladies, nurse get a good look at the back of that jersey, viagra because the unthinkable has happened…our beloved Devin Hester is on his way out of Chicago. Despite losing a record-setting player, sildenafil I see a bright future for the Bears on special teams, as management makes some much-needed moves.

Just a couple of days ago the Bears released veteran punter, Adam Podlesh, and yesterday No. 23 posted his goodbye to Chicago on Facebook for all of his fans to see. I’ve posted the sentimental parting words for you below.

Devin Hester's Departing Words

I am going to be very (embarrassingly) honest when I say that I teared up a bit when I read the “we will have all broken it together” part. Maybe that isn’t so embarrassing though? At his best, Hester did provide us with some of the most exciting football moments Chicago fans could have ever asked for.

Let’s break down Hester’s 8-season career in the Windy City, to remind us why it’s going to be so hard to never see him in the Soldier Field end-zone again (well, not as a Bear at least).

  • The return-wizard, as many call him, has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times due to his impressive performance on special teams. Hester scored a total of 32 touchdowns for the Bears, 13 of those being punt returns (the current NFL record) and five being kick returns. But in the end, it’s more about quality than quantity with No. 23.
  • In 2010, he averaged 35.6 yards on every kick return and in 2011 he tallied a spectacular 98-yard return. What made watching him such a treat was his ability to navigate the field and make what seemed impossible to us fans, possible, and unfortunately that can’t last forever.



  • Hester was drafted by the Bears in 2006 as a cornerback and has obviously moved around a great deal since then. Although he didn’t find success in every position he was put in, his dedication to making Chicago the best team it could be, despite how it may have affected him personally, was very apparent.

There are a couple of players you should keep an eye on to take over on returns. Chris Williams is one of them. The Bears signed the receiver/return specialist, who formerly played with the New Orleans Saints, as well as in the CFL, near the end of last season.  Other candidates, who are already on Chicago’s roster, include veterans Eric Weems and Earl Bennett. 

One thing is for sure, Hester’s shoes will not be easy ones to fill and according to Chicago Tribune’s Steven Rosenbloom they may not need any filling. In an article yesterday, Rosenbloom pointed out that the league’s move a couple years back to try to counter head injuries has done more than just please Congress.

“The NFL neutered him (Hester) a couple years ago when the league moved kickoffs up five yards. That increased touchbacks. That devalued Hester. The NFL calls it safety. That’s a crock.” 

Whether that is true or not, Hester will be moving forward with his football career and it looks like he is hoping to do so with a familiar face…Lovie Smith, who is now the Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“It’s possible,” Hester said on the on the NFL Network’s Total Access show. “I know Chicago wants to go a different route with me…Tampa, I look at Lovie as my No. 1 coach right now. He’s the one that took a chance on me coming out of the draft. He has all my respect. If he’s a guy that’s going to shoot at me and want me to come play with him again, my arms are open.”

It is hard to say, but I do think Emery and Trestman made the right choice releasing Hester. Seeing him break the record in Chicago would have been nice, but his productivity had dwindled and a shake-up on special teams seemed long overdue. I really do hope the return-wizard ends up somewhere he wants to be. And as a diehard Bears fan, I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication he displayed over the past eight seasons with the Bears.

Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett, viagra Source:

By Monday night, pills most of us were just realizing the week had begun and already hoping for it to end, case along with this crazy cold weather, but for Bears tight end and creative force (he doesn’t like being called a rapper) Martellus Bennett, it was the conclusion of a day full of accomplishments.

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any better, Chicago’s favorite “Black Unicorn” had announced the release of his second mix-tape “Year of the Orange Dinosaur” and was also named Bear of the Year at the Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards.

Bennett's Mix-Tape: "Year of the Orange Dinosaur"

Bennett’s Mix-Tape: “Year of the Orange Dinosaur”

You read that right, this isn’t Bennett’s first mix-tape (and hopefully not his last), in 2011 the 6’6” 265-lb. Chicago Bear released “Fast Food.” Although it isn’t clear if 2014 will be the year of the orange (& blue) Bears, the “Year of the Orange Dinosaur” is a big hit regardless. The Twitterverse was abuzz with fans applauding the tight end’s ability to lay down some quality tracks. I’ve compiled some of the reactions below.

Bennett Mixtape Twitter

Bennett Mixtape Twitter2

Bennett Mixtape Twitter3

His new mixtape isn’t the only thing I’d like to have on repeat this week, his acceptance speech for the Bear of the Year award at Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s annual March of Dimes Sports Awards, was just as good. I’m telling you, the man should have a microphone in his hands at all times.

All jokes aside, Bennett is doing wonderful things for the city of Chicago, and I’m not just referring to his ability to keep fans entertained on and off the field. After spending four seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and one season with the New York Giants before signing with the Bears last March, Bennett is quickly generating a huge, loyal and loving fan base in Chicago. He just wrapped his best season ever and was targeted 96 times with 65 receptions for a total of 759 yards and five touchdowns. He’s one of Cutler’s favorite targets and is the dual threat the Bears have always been looking for in the tight end position – he can effectively block, receive and get in the end zone.

Siggi and Martellus Bennett, Source: (SiggiBennett) Twitter

Siggi and Martellus Bennett, Source: (SiggiBennett) Twitter

Bennett is anextremely deserving candidate of the accolades and the awards he has received. When accepting his most recent award at the CSN award show on Monday night, the 27-year old tatted-up Texas native certainly didn’t talk about himself when he took the stage. The tight end openly discussed his excitement about the arrival of his future daughter, due this March, and his love and respect for his beautiful wife, Siggi Bennett, as well as the importance of creativity.

“I don’t want to be a role model. I want to be an inspiration. And so I want to inspire kids to start stepping out of the box to do things that are creative.”

I don’t know about you ladies, but having this man on our beloved Bears has made me even more proud to be a fan of the orange and blue. Not only has Bennett been a huge upgrade in the tight end department for the Bears, but he has been a positive and entertaining tour-de-force, a much needed addition in the Chicago sports scene.

Martellus signed a four-year $20.4 million free-agent contract with the Bears last March, so we can only hope that the Bennetts are here to stay for a while. The two are quickly becoming Chicago’s most interesting and creative celebrity sports couple.

I am looking forward to Bennett providing us with many more mix-tapes, quote-filled speeches and big plays on the field in the coming years. Watch his highly entertaining acceptance speech from Monday’s night’s CSN Chicago Awards Show below and check out the tracks on his mix-tape here.

If you are not following Martellus Bennett on Twitter, stop what you are doing and start following this guy now. You’ll be glad you did.


With his contract up at the end of the 2013 season, unhealthy it was a make it or break it year for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, prostate  and despite Cutler’s injuries and inability to take the team to the post season, the Bears front office has made it clear that #6 isn’t going anywhere this offseason.

The Bears announced yesterday that they had inked the controversial Chicago QB to a new 7-year contract that will keep Cutler a Bear until 2020. Although financial terms to the deal were not specifically released, it is being said that his contract includes $50 million in guaranteed money…not bad for a sub-par QB who hasn’t led the Bears to a Super Bowl in his five seasons, is 39-28 in 67 starts, and ended this season with a measly 8-8 record.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the deal and also take a look at how teammates, fans and the press are responding to this generous deal.


  • Cutler ended the season with 2,621 yards passing, a 63.1 completion percentage, 19 touchdowns and an 89.2 passer rating. Those stats are a definite improvement from years prior but, in my opinion, they aren’t deserving of a 7-year contract extension. With a new head coach, who seems to work well with Cutler, and weapons like Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall, I knew upper management would decide to give Cutty more time in Chicago but as I touched on earlier, I didn’t foresee such a lucrative deal being put on the table. However, the decision is very important to their salary cap, so it makes sense that they made it so quickly.

    Kyle Long responds to Cutler Skeptic

  • Caption read: “BOOM…JAY 7 for 126…Congrats now let’s go Win”

    Twitter is abuzz with reactions to this big decision. Cutler’s teammates seem to be pleased with the contract extension, namely Brandon Marshall, who’s been playing with No. 6 since college. Right after the deal was announced, Marshall took to social media to express his excitement. Even rookie Kyle Long defended his QB. I can’t say that I’ve seen the same reaction from fans though. Many share my belief that the deal is too generous, others have said it’s ridiculous that he’s even coming back and there’s even a few who think backup QB Josh McCown, should have snagged Cutty’s spot. However, the impression I have gotten from the press, is that they agree with keeping the QB around, some citing that it’s just easier than searching for a new franchise QB, and others saying he is just too talented to let go. Bulls reporter Nick Friedell poses an important question below…what’s your response, ladies?


Marc Trestman and Phil Emery, Photo Credit- Jose M. Osorio/ Chicago Tribune

With new Cutler’s contract, the offense is pretty much set but you should expect GM Phil Emery and Coach Marc Trestman to be making a whole lot of changes on Chicago’s defense. So far this off season CB Tim Jennings (4-year deal) and OL Matt Slauson (4-year deal) are the only other Bears’ who have received contraction extensions – both were announced yesterday with Cutler’s extension. There are 25 more players on the Bears’ roster who have contracts scheduled to expire on March 11, including seven first-stringers on a defense that finished last place in the NFL in yards allowed per play (sigh). Veteran guys like Devin Hester and Charles Tillman are on that long list. Going into the 2014 NFL Draft, Chicago will have the 14th overall pick and from Emery’s quote below, you can see that their goal is clear.

“I will just tell you we’re going to be a younger defense. The draft will be focused in that area…Defensively, it was not about, is it D-line, linebacker, safety…it’s about finding the best playmakers, the guys that can make a dynamic difference to our defense.”

Love or hate the Bears decision, one thing is for sure – this team will look much different next season when the Bears take the field. We can expect many changes to the roster this offseason, let’s just hope they are all for the best.

It has been a pleasure chatting about the Bears with all of you this season and hopefully by this time next year, Chicago will still be fighting their way through playoffs. And as always, Bear down, sports divas!

Bears vs. Eagles Enemy & Eye Candy

When I say that this weekend’s Bears game is going to be good, here I really meant it. In fact, pilule it’s going to be so good that it was moved from it’s original air time, noon, to a 7:30 PM slot on NBC. Chicago will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly and both teams share an 8-6 record and definite playoff potential.

Despite receiving some major criticism for the first half of his return game last week, by the end of the game Jay Cutler showed us all why he is Chicago’s franchise QB. He’ll be back on the field this Sunday and with guys like Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte in his arsenal, hopefully he’ll bring along a bit more accuracy this week.

Since Chicago has the worst run defense in the NFL, Cutler’s ability to get the ball to those weapons, will be more important than ever in this week’s match-up. Let’s take a look at who’ll be attacking the Bears defense, as well as which hottie to keep an eye on on the sideline in this week’s edition of Enemy and Eye Candy.


LeSean McCoy

Much like last weeks enemy, this weeks has been making record-breaking moves. I am, of course, talking about running back LeSean McCoy. Earlier this week, McCoy told ESPN that he wanted to put the offense on his back and he is definitely qualified to do so. Let’s learn why.

  • Number 25 has accumulated 1,343 rushing yards this season, making him the NFL’s leading rusher. That number is impressive on its own but when matched up with the number of rushing yards the Bears defense allows per game,152.4, it is especially daunting.
  • McCoy has entered the end zone a total of 7 times this season and although that isn’t an astronomical number, he has the ability to set his team up to score and that’ll be dangerous for the Bears tomorrow night.

    LeSean McCoy

  • There is a good amount on the line for the Eagles in this Sunday night football game, giving McCoy all the more reason to go out there and be as explosive as ever. If the Dallas Cowboys lose to Washington earlier in the day tomorrow, an Eagles W could clinch their division. Hopefully the Bears won’t let that happen!

EAGLES’ eye candy 

Cornerback Brandon Boykin might just have the best smile in the NFL and for that reason he is this week’s eye candy. Boykin joined the Eagles in 2012, after spending four years as a CB at the University of Georgia. In his senior year, he was named the MVP of the 2012 Outback Bowl and also won the Paul Hornung Award.

So far this season, No. 22, who has a four-year contract with the Eagles, has racked up 43 tackles, two forced fumbles and four interceptions. Despite suffering a concussion in last week’s game, Boykin is cleared to play tomorrow against the Bears and will most likely be matched up with the great Brandon Marshall. Let’s see if he can get on Marshall’s level, literally…B Marsh is 6 inches taller!






On paper it looks like the Eagles should come away with a win at home tomorrow but there are a couple of things that could change that. First, defensive leader Lance Briggs is a game-time decision for this Bears and if he is cleared, his presence might just be the confidence boost that the Bears D needs. Secondly, Cutler will need to go out there and not only perform with better accuracy than last week but also display better consistency throughout all four quarters, not just the fourth. Tune into NBC tomorrow night to see if the Bears can pull off a win on the road and keep their top spot in the NFC North. 


Bears vs. Browns

I don’t know about you ladies, treat but I am still on a high from the Bears’ incredible MNF win over the Cowboys. Now it is time to see if they can use Monday’s momentum to secure another W this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

Playoff hopes are certainly not diminished just yet, case and there are multiple Bears to thank for that. On Wednesday, site Head Coach Marc Trestman assured the press that QB Jay Cutler will be starting this Sunday in Cleveland, but that’s not to say QB Josh McCown didn’t make a very strong case for himself in the last couple games. He put on a show that was only matched (and maybe surpassed) by wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey, who performed at an extremely impressive and highlight reel-worthy level for a second consecutive week.

Alshon Jeffery

It is still unclear if Lance Briggs will be cleared for Sunday’s game to give Chicago’s defense the added boost and leadership is needs (he did practice Thursday) but if the offense can be as productive as they were against the Cowboys, that may not be too big of a deal. Let’s take a look at who I have chosen for this week’s enemy and eye candy on the Browns, in order to get a better feel for what to expect in this Sunday’s matchup.


Josh Gordon

Cleveland ranks 27th in the league in total points, 28th in rushing yards and 15th in total yards per game this season. So, obviously there isn’t much to say about the 4-9 Browns as a whole but that’s not true for wide receiver Josh Gordon, who has performed at the top of his game over the last month. Let’s break down why he is the perfect candidate for this week’s enemy.

  •  As I stated above, over the past month Gordon has accumulated a whopping 744 receiving yards and five touchdowns in four games. Those 700+ yards are the most by a receiver in a four-game stretch in NFL history, not to mention that he has already broken Cleveland’s record for total receiving yards in a season.
  • As if those numbers weren’t already impressive enough, No. 12 is doing it all with three different quarterbacks, not many wide receivers can say the same. With his efforts, he is well on his way to the record books and unfortunately for us Chicago fans, into the end zone on Sunday as well. The NFL record for single-season average yards per game is 129 and Gordon is currently sitting pretty at 127.3 yards per game. 

    Josh Gordon

  • In comparison to a couple of weeks ago, the Bears injury report is looking very promising with just one name on it, Lance Briggs. Chicago’s defense has been able to get by without Brigg’s leadership on the field but I can’t stress enough how much of a boost it would give them, especially on the road. (Side Note: The Browns had 16 names on their injury report as of Thursday night.)


Jordan Cameron

Hey there, blondie…and this week’s eye candy! Tight end Jordan Cameron came to the Browns in 2011 from USC but hasn’t been all too productive until this season. Cameron has ran for a total of 825 yards, has tallied 7 touchdowns, with 3 of those TDs coming against the Vikings in week 3, and just 1 fumble in 13 games…and he’s looked very good doing it.

Jordan Cameron

With Cutler back as starting quarterback and the Bears defense slowly coming back, the Bears should have some momentum coming off Monday’s big W over the Cowboys, so I do foresee Chicago garnering another victory at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland on Sunday, but that’s not say it is going to be easy.

Chicago will need to shut down the offensive powerhouse in Gordon and get back into the swing of things with Cutty in the pocket again. I am very excited to see how both of those things play out. Tune into FOX on Sunday at noon to experience the excitement with me, sports diavs!

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Bears vs. Vikings: Enemy & Eye Candy

The Blackhawks have given us many things to be happy about and thankful for this season, mind but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for our other two teams currently representing our beautiful city.

Derrick Rose is out for the remainder of the Bulls’ season and our injury-plagued Bears got stomped by the mediocre Rams last week with their playoff hopes dwindling faster than our 40-degree days. Can the Bears lift our spirits this week with a W in Minneapolis over the bottom-dwelling 2-8-1 Minnesota Vikings? I sure hope so! Our city needs a moral lift in the sports department and a Bears win could do just the trick.

The Bears sit at 6-5 and are one game behind the 7-5 division-leading Lions who hold the tie-breaker advantage after winning both match-ups this season. After last week’s loss to the Rams, the Bears playoff chances look slim, but with five games remaining and tight races throughout the NFC, anything can happen, which is why it is critical for the Bears to pull out a win on Sunday over Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

Get to know the Vikings’ Enemy & Eye Candy before kickoff.


Adrian Peterson

When Chicago faced the Vikings in week two of the NFL season, I picked Adrian Peterson as the enemy and although the running back has gone through a lot personally since then, he still remains my choice for the Bears’ enemy in tomorrow’s important NFC North matchup. Despite not having an MVP season like last year, Peterson has been consistently productive for Minnesota and with the Bears defense struggling like it has been, I don’t doubt that he’ll be putting up some big numbers at the Metrodome.

  • In his 2012 comeback season, Peterson ran for 2,097 yards, averaging 6 yards per carry, and scored 12 touchdowns. So far this season, Peterson has tallied 10 TDs, fumbled the ball three times and is just three yards shy of his sixth season with 1,000 or more rushing yards, which he will definitely rack up on Sunday (maybe even 20x over). Number 28 didn’t participate in practice Wednesday or Thursday of this past week due to a groin injury, but he is probable for Sunday’s game. It has been reported that Minnesota is likely just giving their star player some rest.
  • In my Fantasy Football league, Peterson is projected to garner 22 points and with the Bears’ rush defense being as weak as it is, I foresee him reaching or even exceeding that projection. With the Bears struggling against the run all season, look for AP to take advantage of this Bears weakness with the majority of snaps going to Peterson. It is certainly going to be up to QB Josh McCown and the rest of the Bears offense to get this road victory.
  • Although I do think Peterson will put on a show against the Bears D, I don’t see them coming out on top. Sitting in last place in the division, the Vikings have struggled to string together wins, despite coming close multiple times. To make it even worse, they came out with a tie against the Packers last week…a tie, really?


Andrew Sendejo

I mentioned Andrew Sendejo as a notable hottie in my first Vikings post of the season and this week, it is his time to shine. The safety played for Rice University in Houston, Texas and since then, has had a spot on the roster of the Cowboys, Jets and Sacramento Mountain Lions. Sendejo has tallied 60 total tackles as a Minnesota Viking this season but honestly, I’d rather him just remain shirtless on the sideline. Check out the photo below for my reason why.

The Vikings are beatable and the Bears D is beaten up, so this weekend’s game promises to be an exciting one. Chicago will need to close the gaps to contain AP, clean up their game, as to not let penalties be the deciding factor in Minneapolis, and for goodness sake they need to better their pass protection because so far, that concept has been hard to grasp for them.
Sunday’s game kicks off at noon in Minneapolis, let’s see if the Bears can get the win and keep up with Detroit for the top spot in the NFC North.
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