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I’m closing out my vacation this week with a very bizarre feeling – I had to ‘watch’ the NFL games from Twitter while road tripping through Italy. MY LIFE IS SO HARD ūüôĀ I somehow survived Tuscany (and – to be fair – the worst cellular service ever) (it was like a third-world country, cialis but with wine), made it to Rome and am currently enjoying some pretty stellar wifi. Whew. I did, however, see that Jay Cutler did Jay Cutler-like things on Sunday and felt the wrath of Michael Wilbon 3500 miles away. So I drowned my sorrows in Sangiovese. Again, life = hard.¬†Speaking of football…

It must suck to be from Cleveland. Other than Joakim Noah‚Äôs colorful (and truthful‚Ķ?) comments about what there is to do there, there‚Äôs also the fact that the sports teams are pretty much at some level of insufferability 100 percent of the time. The Cav‚Äôs have come this.close to a title like 87 years in a row, approximately. I‚Äôm no baseball savant, but I never hear about the Indians doing, well, anything. Hell, Cleveland sports curse even has it‚Äôs own Wikipedia page. But the Browns make life especially hard for their diehards ‚Äď and I should know, I‚Äôm a Bears fan and Jay Cutler is my quarterback.

Case and point: Johnny Football. He got in the game last week when Josh McCown was out with a concussion. And like in all Disney movies, he won. Depending on who you talk to, it was either a tremendous chess match with superior unparalleled quarterback artistry or a mediocre display of game management. I could be exaggerating here, but eight completed passes is impressive. I could be exaggerating on that one but most likely not.

Anyway…. Let’s take the X’s and O’s out of it for a moment. Let’s live in the pretend world where sports are entertainment and dude’s like Johnny would bring joy into the hearts of Brown’s fans everywhere. Wouldn’t it, in fact, be advantageous to…I don’t know….keep the guy in as starter as to make your team relevant and fans happy?

Of course not. They want to focus on winning games because they clearly have a shot at the Super Bowl. And there isn‚Äôt any other quarterback I‚Äôd want on that game-winning drive then Josh McCown. So back to the bench for Johnny; hopefully those poor fans in Cleveland have people in their lives who can talk them off of that ledge…and not just make fun of them.

In case you missed it

These are going to be the sports stories that I personally find funny but are not necessarily on the radar. I’m light-hearted so all of these will hopefully give you a chuckle. I know, I know: not all heroes wear capes. You are welcome.

Darren McFadden in FLIP FLOPS (!) during his NBC Sunday Night Football photoshoot.




Chicago Bears Football 101 Ladies Night

Chicago Bears Football 101 Ladies Night

Female fans and friends…we’re just a few weeks away from the Chicago Bears annual Meijer Football 101 Ladies Night, sovaldi sale hosted at Solider Field. Always a fun event, Ladies Night is created with the female fan in mind, but don’t be misled, this event is not a ‘101’ event for beginners, but a night for female fans of all knowledge levels, looking for a behind the scenes Bears event with their fellow female fans.
If you missed my review from last year’s event, you can check it out here. This year, Ladies Night – Meijer Football 101 will be hosted on October 6th, 2014 at Soldier Field in The United Club. This event is for women, (although there are always a few token men present), providing gals a great opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the Bears brand, and meet some of the newest members of the Chicago Bears. The rookie Bears are always present at Football 101 and last year we had a surprise guest (former back-up QB Josh McCown).
Modelling Marshall's gear at Ladies Night Meijer Football 101 in 2013

Modelling Marshall’s gear at Ladies Night Meijer Football 101 in 2013

Other highlights of Football 101 include:
  • Bears player¬†locker room tours (AMAZING)
  • Player¬†autograph sessions¬†including the Bears 2014 rookie class
  • Hands on¬†equipment demonstrations
  • Live Q&A¬†with Chicago Bears radio personalities Tom Thayer, Zach Zaidman, and players
  • Charity auction¬†hosted by Bears Care
  • Bears¬†Pro Shop discount¬†on select ladies’ apparel and more!
Tickets are reasonably priced at $45 for general admission and go up to $100 for those looking for the “MVP” front row access. Admission includes a boxed dinner and swag bag. A cash bar is open for beverages. Attendees can roam the halls of Soldier Field and visit vendor booths for free samples and product demonstrations.
To purchase tickets, click here.
To join the conversation and share in your excitement about Ladies Night, use the hashtag:  #BearsFB101.
We’ll see you there!

In their best offensive performance of the year on the coldest night of the season to date, sale the Bears came through on the national stage on Monday Night Football with a big win over the Dallas Cowboys, healing keeping their playoff hopes alive.

The Bears are waking up this morning to another chance. Last night’s one-sided Bears win has fans optimistic and our city buzzing about what’s next for the Bears. Get in on those conversations and help silence the doubters down the stretch. Here’s what you need to know.

What You Need to Know:

  • The Big O: The Bears had the offensive performance of their season last night on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, successfully battling the elements on a frigid Soldier Field. Led by backup QB Josh McCown, the Bears carved up Dallas’ horrible defense and scored on eight of their nine possessions – that’s ridiculous! With both teams’ defenses struggling, we knew it would be a high-scoring game, but the Bears proved that offensively they can still string a solid win together and spread the love around. Josh McCown threw for 348 yards for four touchdowns and zero interceptions. If you weren’t a McCown fan before Monday night, the 34-year old QB surely won you over when he jumped over two defenders spinning in the air with a hard land in the end zone for a rushing touchdown.
  • 1K Yard Club: Both Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall had big nights – Forte rushed for 73 yards and one TD and Marshall had six receptions for 100 yards. Both guys broke the 1,000 yard mark on the season in last night’s performance, but it was another ridiculous TD catch by Alshon Jeffery¬†that has people buzzing about the future and the possibilities of the young receiver.

    Alshon Jeffery

  • No QB Controversy…or is There? After his strongest performance of the season, Josh McCown continues to play the humble backup deflecting any questions about his future as the starter when Jay Cutler returns from his ankle injury. With Cutler’s contract up at the end of the season, Bears GM Phil Emery will have some big decisions to make after watching the backup string together four wins and help keep his club’s playoff hopes alive.
  • Iron Mike is Honored: The only man to ever win a Super Bowl as a player and a coach on the same team, Mike Ditka¬†was honored last night at halftime. His number “89” was retired for good.

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Your Take Away Piece:

“Sure, Dallas has a horrible defense, but the Bears proved once again that offensively they can pull it together as a unit under McCown and win.”

What’s Next:

The Bears now sit at the top of the NFC North at 7-6 tied for first with the Detroit Lions. The Bears have three games remaining: at Cleveland, at Philadelphia and home versus Green Bay. They must win all of them in order to keep their playoff hopes alive and because they lost both regular season match-ups to the Lions, they need the Lions to lose at least one of their next three match-ups as well.

Buckle in Bears fans. It’s going to be an exciting next few weeks as the Bears look for a strong finish down the stretch and their first playoff run in three years.

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At the Chicago-Minnesota game last year; note there was no cheering for the Bears by the gentleman on the far left.

Living in a divided NFL household (yes, no rx my boyfriend is a stupid Dallas fan), purchase I openly admit to having a lot of pride, hospital bragging rights and a vested interest riding on this upcoming Bears/Cowboys game… Especially since he and I will spend this Monday Night Football matchup together at Soldier Field, freezing our butts off to watch a Bear victory.

(FYI: My boyfriend will never cheer for the Bears and therefore I will have nobody sitting next to me to help celebrate great plays; I usually end up high-fiving his head after every TD… so please help me out/don’t let¬†me down, Machine Marshall.)

However, my pride is already struggling as the 6-6 Bears have hit a slump and have lost six of nine games since their 3-0 start. They are currently one game back with the Detroit Lions holding the first place position in the NFC North.

Dallas on the other hand, has won five of their last seven games and remains neck-and-neck with the Philadelphia Eagles for first place in their division.

OK, so obviously there’s a lot more than my pride that’s on the line here for Chicago (and Dallas) football. ¬†Here’s some other “minor” details regarding this MNF match-up:

What You Need to Know:

  • On Thanksgiving Day, Dallas (7-5) stormed back to beat Oakland 31-24, while the Bears (6-6) had a bizarre OT loss to Minnesota 23-20 the following Sunday.
  • Both teams are struggling on defense which could make this a high-scoring game. With Lance Briggs, Peanut Tillman and Henry Melton all still out, the Bears will still struggle against the run and will need to do a better job putting pressure on Romo and containing his impressive receiving core.
  • This is a must-win for the Bears. With only four games remaining, the Bears are technically still in the hunt for the NFC North, however, in order to keep their playoff hopes alive, they need to win every remaining game and need Detroit to stumble down the stretch.
  • When it comes to the Bears-Cowboys previous match-up… Note that the Bears beat the Cowboys 34-18 in Dallas last October. Cutler threw for 275 yards and two TDs while Romo was picked off a career high-tying five times.

Who and What to Watch For:


Tony Romo, Photo Credit: Tom Pennington, Getty Images

Tony Romo¬†has¬†generally struggled in December, with 13 wins and 17 losses since he took over as QB in 2006. While I like to tease my boyfriend relentlessly about Romo’s inconsistencies as a QB, the passing offense is one of the biggest strengths of the Cowboys this season.¬†Romo’s actually completed 285 passes for over 3,140 yards with 24 TDs and only 7 INT this year. Not bad Romo, not bad.

Dez Bryant might be a little bit of a headcase, but it is just cause he’s so dang passionate about winning! ¬†He and Romo definitely have a bit of a bromance going on as the wide receiver has lit up the field this season. ¬†Expect the Bears defense to have 2 men on him at ALL TIMES Monday night. Unfortunately for the Bears – Romo has awesome targets with both¬†WR Miles Austin and TE Jason Witten if Bryant is covered.

DeMarco Murray is coming off of a career-high three touchdowns Dallas’ win vs. Oakland and with the Bears defense allowing so many yards these days, expect Dallas to attempt RB Murray’s run game too when Bryant is covered.


Jay Cutler has missed games due to injury all season but we have actually played very well on offense without him.  As of today, Cutler has been ruled out to play on Monday night due to his ankle injury. With McCown leading the offense they are averaging 26.9 points and 381.4 total yards per game, not bad and definitely capable of beating the Cowboys.

Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are the tag-team, dynamic duo, powerhouse of

Brandon Marshall

wide¬†receivers¬†that just cannot be stopped. ¬†Between the two of them they’ve totaled over 2,099 yards and 14 TDs this season. ¬†Remember, Jeffery had a career¬†game last week against Minnesota¬†with 12 catches for a franchise¬†record 249 yards and two huge TDs.¬† Jeffery also broke his own single-game team record for receiving yards. ¬†If Dallas’ defense is smart – they’ll be looking to shut down our WR at every opportunity.

We’d love to see more of TE Martellus Bennett on Monday night against his former teammates. The Black Unicorn has been relatively quiet lately due to non-threatening injuries that have not made him a regular target of McCown’s.

Your Take Away Piece:

“The major red flag for both teams this season thus far rests in their defenses. What a difference a season can make…this year the Bears rank in the bottom five of the league for scoring defense and total yards allowed and that is just NOT GOOD (but the Cowboys isn’t much better).”

With both the NFC East and NFC North divisions respectively still up for grabs, the Boys and the Bears each have enough motivation to clinch a most desperately needed victory on MNF. My guess is whoever has the better defensive play during this match-up will determine the winner.

So please don’t let me down Bears, I know the fans in our section will want to see me high-five my boyfriend in the head multiple times. And on top of that, I’d like to spend the following 364 days reminding him who “America’s team” should REALLY be.”

Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m. CT Monday night a Soldier Field and on ESPN.



It was another disappointing loss full of missed opportunities for the Bears on Sunday in Minneapolis. In their final game of the season in the soon to be demolished Metrodome, viagra the Bears lost to the NFC bottom-dwelling Vikings in a bizarre OT thriller that was more or less a snooze-fest until the 4th quarter.

Despite a decent performance by the offense, clinic the Bears would ultimately blow a 10 point lead losing to a floundering Minnesota team, drugstore putting their playoff hopes in serious question.

A series of unfortunate plays and missed opportunities will haunt the team and it’s fans as this loss signals a season that could slowing be coming to a crumbling end. In a game full of head-scratching moments, it was Robbie Gould’s uncharacteristic miss, a 47-yard field goal that would have given the Bears the win.

Bear nation is shaking their heads tonight wondering what our team would be like if we had a healthy defense line-up like last year’s mixed with the amazing offense from this year. ¬†They are also questioning the remainder of the season and playoff hopes with only four games remaining in the regular season.

It was a crazy football weekend and there is guaranteed to be lots of chatter around the Bears latest loss (along with the crazy end to the Alabama-Auburn game) and while I’d like to forget them both – here’s what you need to know to jump in on the conversations tomorrow in the office.

What You Need to Know:

  • Let’s Start With the Bright Side:¬†Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery had a career game with 12 catches for a franchise-record 249 yards and two huge TDs – most notable his sick 46-yard TD catch over Vikings cornerback Chris Cook. ¬†Jeffery also broke his own single-game team record for receiving yards. ¬†Bears quarterback Josh McCown, was 23 of 36 for 355 yards and had two touchdowns. ¬†The offense has immensely improved and is reliable with or without Jay Cutler, so it is unfortunate that our defense could not step-up more today.

    Robbie Gould

  • Goulden Boy Falls Short:¬† Unfortunately, reliable Robbie Gould missed two major kicks that cost the Bears. ¬†One of them was a 66 yarder with 2 seconds left in the 4th (I was having flashbacks and panic attacks reliving the Alabama-Auburn game during this kick) and the second was the controversial call made by Coach Trestman to send Gould out for the 47-heard FG attempt on 2nd down ¬†with 4 minutes left in OT. ??? ¬†The first miss was completely understandable, however the second was all around strange coming from one of the most accurate kickers in the league. ¬†Robbie and his wife welcomed their first child less than 24 hours before kick-off, at 1:00 a.m. on Sunday. Perhaps it was lack of sleep or concentration, but you can’t blame Gould’s misses as the sole reason the Bears lost the game. ¬†There were enough flubs to go around.
  • Same Old Problems for the Bears Defense: While there were glimpses of kick-ass play defensively (i.e.: Julius Peppers¬†two sacks in the 1st half and¬†Jon Bostic’s crazy good tackle in the 4th), the Bears D simply wasn’t enough to stop Adrian Peterson who rushed for 211 yards. Throw in some costly penalties (taunting = 15 yards), and the Bears simply didn’t have enough to get past a motivated team with nothing to lose.

My Take Away Piece:

‚ÄúAre our playoff hopes lost? ¬†Are the Bears the Cubs of football? ¬†Will Jay be back on Monday? ¬†Why was Kyle Long wearing a cast on his ankle after the game? ¬†So many questions, so few answers. ¬†The season isn’t over yet, but with the Bears now down two games to the Lions with the Lions owning the tie-breaker, things aren’t looking so good. ¬†My hope is that the defense finds some new momentum (and gets back our boy Peanut) to finish the regular season out stronger‚Ķ ¬†I’d like to see Jay Cutlercome back and play like he never missed the last couple games.

Clark Street Sports: $24.99

In general, I really only foresee a playoff run if we secure a W with every regular season game left… And even then, it might not be enough.  The eternal optimist is also being realistic because we do have a tough remainder of the season, including another match-up with our arch nemesis, Green Bay Packers Рwho are hoping for a healthy Aaron Rodgers by that time.

What’s Next:

Next Monday, Chicago will take on “America’s team”, the Dallas Cowboys on primetime Monday Night Football via the lakefront in Chicago. ¬†This will be a special night, as the Chicago Bears will retire Coach Ditka’s number prior to the game. ¬†Hopefully they will make DA COACH proud with a victory against the tied for 1st place NFC East (7-5) Dallas Cowboys. ¬†It might be rough, but Dallas has a weak defense just like Chicago and Romo can be inconsistent. ¬†Let’s hope for a healthy Cutler and a solid D to squeak out a victory in attempt to salvage anything that is left of this season.


Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Sunday’s Bears 23-20 OT win will certainly go down in the history books, mind thanks to the bizarre weather, two-hour rain delay, excessive Bears penalties, and the clutch performance of Bears backup QB, Josh McCown in defeating the defending Super Bowl Champs, the Baltimore Ravens.

SDI’s Monica Murphy Vargas visited Good Day Chicago FOX 32 News on Monday morning to discuss the memorable game and the shift in the NFC North Title race.

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