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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? I said are you ready for some FOOTBALL? You must be living under a rock if you aren’t ready for Super Bowl 50. Its Super Bowl weekend folks and you’re probably asking yourself, ailment who, sovaldi sale what, search where, when and why. Don’t worry we have you covered (Sorry, Bears fans; maybe next year).

First check out this INCREDIBLE video trailer that the NFL produced to get you excited about this Sunday’s game. It literally gave me chills!

Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos (Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. EST on CBS) could be one of the more entertaining Super Bowls in recent history. There are tons of storylines, super star quarterbacks, and more to absorb before Sunday’s kickoff. We breakdown a few that you should know, or pretend to know at your overindulgent Super Bowl party.

Here we go!

The Match Up:

The Panthers-Broncos matchup marks the second time in Super Bowl history that the No. 1 scoring offense will play the No. 1 scoring defense. You might remember this from two years ago, the Broncos had the top scoring offense and the Seahawks had the top scoring defense. We all know that didn’t favor or help the Broncos in that game.

Cam vs. Peyton:

These two quarterbacks could not be more different, and many media outlets have been pushing this as a major storyline. So if you take away anything from this post, it’s Cam vs. Peyton. Let’s break it down.

First there is Peyton Manning. At 39 years young, he is a legend hands down. He is an amazing pocket passer, even though he isnt very mobile he can still make the big play. Manning is the classic NFL quarterback of the past; he is beyond gracious and VERY marketable.

Next up the young bun Cam Newton at 26, he can crush your team with both passing and running. He is known for his “dabbing” in the end zone, giving away footballs to young children, and his off the wall style; the exact opposite of Manning.

Many are reporting that Manning has told his inner circle that Super Bowl 50 will be his final game. Newton’s NFL ride is just launching.  If the Panthers win on Sunday this would make Newton the first quarterback in history to win and Super Bowl, a college championship and the Heisman Trophy. Many predict Newton is a shoe in for the NFL MVP as well; no other quarterback has won all four of those as well.

The media is only adding more fuel to the comparison and contrasting of these two QB’s, expect tons more stories to come out on these two before kickoff on Sunday.

The Broncos:

  • Denver’s defense has two big beasts in Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware they are ruthless rushers who will be vital in containing Cam Newton and his running ability. Look out for Denver’s defensive mastermind Wade Phillips, he may be old school, but he isnt clueless.
  • Receiver Demaryius Thomas is another key for the Broncos to pull off the upset (Vegas has the Panthers as six point favorites). If he can help get some of the pressure off Manning the Broncos have an excellent shot.
  • A win would make Manning the oldest winning quarterback in Super Bowl history, but the legendary signal-caller is showing his age in a major way. Manning will be tasked more with managing the game then putting the team on his shoulders and winning it all by himself.

The Panthers:

  • Carolina has jumped out to HUGE leads in both of their playoff games. They led Seattle by 31 points at halftime, and led Arizona by 17 points at halftime of the NFC Championship. I don’t think that Denver will dig itself a whole that deep. The Panthers however, want to continue that trend.
  • Carolina’s offense is the best in the NFL and soaring, its defense resembles the walking wounded. Cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Bene Benwikere are out with season-ending injuries, other key players are doubtful for Super Bowl 50 or their injuries have slowed them down, BIG TIME. However these two names need to be in your arsenal on Sunday, linebacker Luke Kuechly and cornerback Josh Norman, they are the Panthers best on defense and will have an immediate impact on the outcome of this game.
  • Newton is assumed to be named league MVP, however he is not the only reason that Carolina is the NFL’s top scoring offense. Ted Ginn Jr. caught 10 regular-season touchdowns, Jonathan Stewart is a bulldozer on the running game, and Greg Olsen has been LIGHT OUT at the tight end position. The Panthers averaged 31.3 points per game this season, but Denver’s tough defense will knock that average down a few notches on Sunday.

The Bottom Line:

Manning is a legend, but this is now Cam Newton’s league and his coming out party will be Sunday. Denver’s defense will be tough, but Newton will rise to the occasion. Panthers 24- Broncos 21


Who’s ready for some more Bears football?! After waiting 15 long days between games, sovaldi sale thanks to the Bear’s bye week in Week 6, buy we get two Bear’s home games in one week. The 5-1 Bears will welcome the 1-5 Carolina Panthers this Sunday to Solider Field with only five days rest after their win at home on Monday night against the Detroit Lions.  In what should be an easy win against a sinking Panthers squad, the Bears will look to keep their momentum going with a 5th consecutive win and add some cushion to their lead in the NFC North. Here’s what you need to know to be dangerous this weekend leading up to the game on Sunday.

What you Need to Know:

  • The Carolina Panthers are a hot mess.  At 1-5 they are struggling to stay alive in the soft NFC South division which is led by the 6-0 Atlanta Falcons, the only undefeated team remaining in the NFL.  Picked to be contenders prior to the start of the season, the Panthers have been a major disappointment and just last week fired their GM as a result of such a dismal start.
  • However, as the saying goes “any given Sunday” can mean anything is possible.  While no one is expecting the Bears to lose this game, we cannot dismiss this game as a slam dunk. There is too much talent on this Panthers team to take them lightly.  With solid running backs and an extremely talented quarterback that have simply not found their rhythm, the Panthers are in a must-win situation in order to stop the bleeding and salvage anything that’s left of the season.  Therefore, they will be playing hard with something to prove with their main priority of taking down Cutler.

Who to Watch For: 

  • Panther’s quarterback, Cam Newton.  Newton was the #1 overall NFL draft pick in 2011 out of Auburn, and is in his second year with the Panthers.  Newton had a solid rookie season but has hit a sophomore slump and is showing signs of weakness as he struggles to sync up with the rest of his offense.

    A happy Cam Newton

    Last week after their 5th consecutive loss, Newton gave a stinging post-game press conference questioning himself and his team and telling reporters he would bring in a “suggestion box” for them to submit to.  This didn’t go over too well with NFL critics.  He is often visibly sulking on the sidelines during games and appears rattled on camera.  As we’ve learned from our own QB’s emotional shortcomings, fans don’t like kitty-kat QBs. Newton’s mental toughness will be a key talking point heeding into Sunday’s game.

  • Overpaid Panther’s running backs, D’Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.  The Panthers have over $400 million (that’s not a typo) wrapped up in their running back’s contracts, but little to show for it this season.

    DeAngleo Williams, Photo Credit: Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

    Williams and Stewart have had dismal seasons and the Panthers rarely run the ball.  Watch for that to change this Sunday as they try to take some pressure off Cam Newton.

  • Charles Johnson, Panther’s defensive end.  As the scariest dude on the team, Johnson could cause the Bear’s offensive line some problems.  He’ll be aggressive on the pass rush and with one goal in mind, taking down Cutler.
  • Panther’s star wide receiver, Steve Smith.  Like the rest of the Panther’s offense, Smith has been struggling all season and has yet to score a TD.  However, Bears fans should remember last year’s match-up when Smith had 181 receiving yards over 8 catches.  He’s still capable but will have a tough time getting past the Bear’s stellar secondary (Peanut Tillman, Tim Jennings and crew).

    Charles Johnson, Photo Credit: Getty Images

  • A big game for Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte.  The Panther’s are horrible at stopping the running game and their secondary (the cornerbacks) have little to show for, meaning Jay Cutler is going to have a field day connecting with Brandon Marshall and handing off to Matt Forte.  Watch for both of these guys to have big games full of crowd-pleasing plays.
  • Former Bear, tight end Greg Olsen.  We were a big fan of Olson’s when he played for the good team before being shipped off to the Panthers for the 2011 season.  Last year Olson had 5 TDs and has really blossomed (we love using that word in football) as a tight end in Carolina under a different offensive strategy.

    Greg Olsen

Your Take Away Piece:

“The Panther’s are a talented team, they just haven’t found their rhythm yet offensively.  They have too much talent that just seems to be asleep at the wheel.  Let’s just hope it’s not the Bears that kick them into high gear.”

What’s Next:

Kick-off on the lakefront is at 12:00PM and the game airs on FOX.


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