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Kerry and Sarah Wood with Chris Young

Kerry and Sarah Wood have done it again! And this time it was with the help of Grammy award-winning country artist Chris Young and US99.5 radio host, click Lisa Dent.

Woody's western round up sign

The First Annual Woody’s Western Roundup went down at Joe’s on Weed St., capsule a perfect setting for a country-themed fundraiser. As soon as you saw the venue, hospital you knew it was going to be a great time. From a Bulleit Whiskey trailer out front to the cowboy hats worn by attendees to the smokey, delicious smell of pulled pork sandwiches, everything was spot on.

The overall event was a huge success for the Woods, who put on these types of events “to improve the lives of Chicago’s kids by raising funds and awareness for their children’s programs, such as Pitch In.” I’m going to break down the highlights of the night. Ones that made all of us in the crowd smile and will also be making Chicago children smile as well.

Event Highlights 

  • Before Chris Young came out to perform, Lisa Dent hosted a live auction for a fun-filled, all-expense-paid weekend in Nashville (valued at $2,000). Bidders in the crowd easily surpassed the $2k price and right around $3,500, Wood decided to add Cubs Opening Day tickets. Bidding continued. As it got into the upper $4,000s, Wood added a 30-minute, one-on-one pitching lesson. That’s when a generous, animated gentleman behind me yelled out $5500. How amazing is that!

    Lisa Dent auctions off Nashville weekend

    Lisa Dent and the Woods on stage

  • Chris Young was certainly a crowd-pleaser

    Chris Young was certainly a crowd-pleaser

    Chris Young. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen him perform live, but you should. Not only were his hit songs, like “Who I am when I’m with You” even better than on the radio, but he is also the most energetic and genuinely happy performer I’ve seen on a stage in a while. Doesn’t hurt that he stopped in the middle of his set to announce that he’d be donating a whopping $25k to the Wood Family Foundation.

  • The food and drink vendors were amazing. I left happy, full and a bit tipsy – not bad for a Wednesday night! Restaurants like Bub City, Chop Shop, Taco Joint and Blue Door Farm Stand provided delicious, filling bites to eat. And guests were able to wash down the yummy food with Tito’s Vodka and Bulleit Whiskey mixed drinks and/or Bud Light and Stella Artois beers. Can’t beat that.

    Delicious food from Bub City

    Delicious food from Bub City

As I said about Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic, a fundraising event the Woods put on with some amazing celebrities at Wrigley Field, I hope this fundraiser continues for many years to come. And I also hope I get invited back :). An incredible night for an incredible cause — deserving of a standing ovation for the Woods and everyone else involved.

The Woods - what a good looking couple.

A selfless job well-done, Woods.



When I found out that I was heading to Jay Cutler’s charity fundraiser at Joe’s Bar, advice I was as happy as a kid on Christmas. I mean really, treatment what Chicago sport-lovin’ gal wouldn’t want to unleash their 80s glam material girl while rocking out to Journey in the company of Cutler, K-Cav and the Chicago Bears?

Thanks American Apparel!

Truth be told, I’m a product of the great year of 1992…but after a little research, I figured out just what I needed.

After a productive trip to American Apparel, a little rummaging around my closet, some major teasing and more blue eyeshadow than I knew I was capable of, my look was ready as I ventured over to Joe’s on Weed last night for an evening I won’t soon forget.

The event started at 7:00 p.m, and although I normally stick to the casually late mantra, the extremely limited open bar for general admission tickets (which I had) was only from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., so I broke the rules and arrived right on time to take advantage.

Upon entering Joe’s massive venue, the 80s vibe and decor was full on. The entire place was covered with snap bracelets, glow stick necklaces with The Breakfast Club playing on every screen.





There was plenty of sports memorabilia available as part of the silent auction with everything you can imagine, from a pair of cleats signed by Cutler, to a hockey puck autographed by Bobby Hull.

Being prompt has its privileges as I was already inside when the couple of the night arrived.  Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune tweeted a picture of the duo as they arrived to their own event, they way I normally like to roll, casually late.

I must say, Kristin nailed it. She looked like a Flashdance obsessed diva with skintight  leotard and tights that highlighted her petite and svelte frame. As for Jay’s look, I was a little disappointed after our QB’s costume from earlier this year that included a mullet, heavy metal tee and dangling cig. Cutty took the safe route with a D.A.R.E to Keep Kids Off Drugs tee (Nancy Regan would be proud), matching red gym shorts and tube socks.

It would have been great for the hosting couple to come in and make a quick appearance, but they nearly sprinted up the stairs to the VIP section. Luckily I was quick enough to snap a couple pictures of them en route. Not surprisingly, Cutler and K-Cav hid-out in the VIP section for the entire night with the other A-listers who showed up.

My disappointment in the snubbing of the charitable masses was short-lived as the amazing cover band, The Breakfast Club, took the stage and stole my heart playing every 80’s pop hit that you can imagine. My big cameo and highlight of the night: the lead singer handing me the mic multiple times to sing a few choice solos…. I’m apologize to anyone close enough who had to endure it.

As the band continued to pump out 80s hit after hit, the dance party really took off. The crowd was primarily beautiful women between the ages of 25 and 40, with perfectly teased hair and carefully calculated costumes.




Jay and Kristin did show up on stage for about two minutes during the silent auction but surprisingly didn’t make a single comment and quickly exited. This was a missed opportunity to thank the large and supportive crowd for their charitable donations and for coming out to support the Jay Cutler Foundation.

The spotlight was soon taken off the star couple when the legendary Billy Ocean took the stage. The hit maker pumped out classics until the party ended around 11:00 p.m. Honestly, Ocean was the biggest crowd pleaser of the night and easily upstaged K-Cav and Cutler. The crowd loved every second of Billy’s performance.

Overall, it was a great party. I had a blast, and so did just about everyone that I talked to at the event.

However, Cutler and K-Cav’s choice to be silent participants at their own event and not address and thank the crowd was definitely the talk of the evening from many party goers and is a sentiment that I share as well. Clearly, people showed up to support the Cutler Foundation but without Jay Cutler’s name behind it, it is simply another foundation. Cutler missed another chance to win over fans, beef up the pillars of his foundation and of course, make at least a statement or two about the upcoming season.

I applaud Cutler and K-Cav for their charitable efforts and for organizing a great event, but as is often the sentiment of many Bears fans, I expected a little more out of my quarterback.

I’m hoping this thought doesn’t carry over into to 2013 Bears’ season.

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