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While most of Chicago is focused on Melo and the ridiculous (and downright disrespectful) stories coming out about Derrick Rose, health there’s still baseball being played in this city.  Now granted, doctor it’s not very good baseball but it is baseball.  The White Sox are under .500, sovaldi they are struggling to score, struggling to close out games and struggling to get fans in the park; even though it has been a struggle there are still plenty of good things to see.  Jose Abreu and Alexei Ramirez were voted to the All-Star Game by the players and #TargetSale to get Ace Chris Sale to the game.

White Sox All-Stars Ramirez and Abreu

White Sox All-Stars
Ramirez and Abreu

Chris Sale and Jose Abreu are must see TV and even better in person.  Adam Eaton is a steadying force in the outfield and a catalyst at leadoff.  Paul Konerko is “sparingly” playing his final season and pitchers Hector Noesi and John Danks are bringing it each time they pitch.  You have all that and a chance for a great experience in the sun with friends and family, good food, good drinks and plenty to do for the kids.  So, why do I still have to talk about this each week, each season?  Don’t give me that it’s because they’re not winning, because this problem existed with a winning record.  Don’t give me it’s the neighborhood, are you watching it on someone’s front porch?  You’re not there for the neighborhood, you’re there for a game.  Watch the game and then go home, you’ll be safe.  Another excuse is the cost but there are so many discounted tickets and plans that you can find a game you can afford.  So, you’re out of excuses it’s time to get a group together get out to the Cell and support the men in black.

35th on the all-time home run list, Adam Dunn

35th on the all-time home run list, Adam Dunn

Notes:  Adam Dunn passed Carl Yastrzemski to move into 35th place on the all-time home run list with 453.  Paul Konerko has entered the closure phase of his retirement tour as he hit Fenway Park for a final series.  He says it is hitting him now as his family is in town and will take some games.  Will the Sox be sellers at the trade deadline?  It is pretty known some of the players who could be moved like:  Dayan Viciedo, Gordon Beckham, Alejandro DeAza, Adam Dunn, Tyler Flowers and others.  What the Sox are looking for in return is more bullpen and rotation help.  How much can any of these players return in a trade?  I don’t think much, you would probably need to offer a team Alexei Ramirez to get a positive return, but we’ll see.

The White Sox are 44-47; seven and a half games behind the Detroit Tigers.

Red Tank Top with Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Red Tank Top with Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Games Review:  The White Sox beat the Red Sox in the first two games of the series.  The 2013 World Series Champs are in last place in the American League East and look awful.  Sox took the holiday weekend series against the Mariners including a complete game by Chris Sale and the 27th home run by Jose Abreu.  The bullpen couldn’t close out a game leading to an extra inning defeat in the series.

What’s Next:  There are three more games in Boston and they will close out the first half of the season with three games in Cleveland.  They return from the All-Star break with a home stand against the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals.

Don’t forget:  #TargetSale…let’s get him to the All-Star game like he deserves!

All-Star? Chris Sale

Chris Sale

Alex Rios

On a night where we saw the Hawks, here Bulls and Cubs all fall, ampoule it seemed only fitting that the Sox followed suit, sick losing to the Baltimore Orioles 5-3. Gavin Floyd had a sub-par outing as the Sox failed to tie the series against the Orioles and only managed one win in 4 games. The Sox had just as many hits as the O’s and twice as many walks, so it seems like they should have faired a little better. The Sox even had the bases loaded in the 9th inning while only down by 2.  But how did Alex Rios answer the rally cry? He struck out.

What You Need to Know

  • The Sox are struggling to hit in the clutch. They left 11 men on base on Thursday and 9 on base on Tuesday. For the series? A total of 33!
  • AJ Pierzynski is on fire. He currently leads the team in batting average, home runs and runs batted in and he hasn’t even played in every game!
  • During the 7th inning, a 5 year old boy ran onto the field and was quickly swooped up and returned to his family  by Sox outfielder Dayan Viciedo. After it was discovered that the parents allowed their son to run out onto the grass, the family was escorted out of U.S. Cellular Field.
  • Each of the four games against the Orioles drew lower attendance than any game from all of last season at the “Cell”. Most Chicago sports fans must have been fixated on the Hawks playoff run

    Alex Rios

Your Take Away Piece: “The Sox seem to have a little more consistency with their pitching than with their hitting. Paul Konerko and AJ Pierzynski won’t be able to carry this team by themselves. Oh and how is Adam Dunn‘s “rebound” year going? He has gotten on base 6-straight games! But the fact that he leads the American League in strikeouts (21) isn’t helping.”

What’s Next: The Sox travel to Seattle for a series with the Mariners starting tonight. The Sox will put Chris Sale on the mound against Hector Noesi. Sale will be looking to recover from his disappointing performance on Sunday against the Tigers. With no Bulls and Hawks game, what’s your excuse not to tune in?



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