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Jimmy Butler is the real deal and now he’s making history. If you would have asked me three years ago if the kid from Marquette would be breaking franchise records, sovaldi sale I would have told you it was a long shot. Jimmy, you’ve proved me wrong and then some.

During Sunday’s game, Jimmy Butler came out TOO HOT to handle in the second half. He scored 2 points in the first half, took an elbow to the mouth, got stitched up, came back fired up and scored 40 points in the second half breaking Michael Jordan’s franchise record for most points scored in a half for the Bulls. He also led the Bulls to huge comeback 115-113 victory over the Toronto Raptors. Not a shabby way to end the weekend if you ask me.

However, Jimmy knows he had a franchise-record-setting day, but he by no means wants to be compared to MJ. Jimmy told the Chicago Tribune, “I don’t want to be compared to him because then people are going to think I’ve got to do what he did. I’m trying, but we’re nowhere near the same player. I’m just happy we got the win. Points or no points, we’re leaving here with a ‘W.'” Always the humble dude.

Butler had stirred the water a bit after publicly criticizing new head coach Fred Hoiberg after the Knicks game on Dec. 19. He spoke out about Hoiberg being too easy-going and needing to be tougher on the team when they’re under performing. Since Butler made comments in New York he’s backed up his big mouth with athleticism.  The Bulls are 5-2 and Butler has averaged 23.1 points, 4.1 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 2 steals. I’d say Butler’s comments may have inspired the Bulls to take their game up a notch.

If anything, this performance solidifies what I’ve been preaching all season; this is Jimmy Butler’s Bulls team. Butler is no longer an NBA underdog proving himself. He is damn good. Derrick Rose who? Oh, Rose has been sitting on the bench for 3 games with all sorts of soreness.



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Bulls beat-down, baby! After the Bulls’ shocking loss on Saturday night to the lowly Phoenix Suns at the United Center, the Atlanta Hawks rolled into town believing Chicago was struggling on their home court, especially in non-marquee games. The Bulls proved they are still the monsters of the Mad House dominating the Hawks 97-58 and setting a franchise record on the way.

This one goes down in the books as the Bulls set a franchise record for fewest points allowed in a half and tied the record for fewest points allowed in a quarter. It was an all-out pummeling where Chicago showed Hot-Lanta just how heated the UC could be.

What You Need to Know:

  • The Hawks won’t want to remember this embarrassing road game. They struggled from the start and allowed the Bulls to hold them to FIVE points in the second quarter. The Hawks found themselves down 28-20 at halftime and the Bulls found themselves setting the franchise record for fewest points allowed in a half. At one stretch of the game the Hawks found themselves at a 44 point deficit. Rough times.

    Frustrated Korver

  • Carlos Boozer is a better man in 2013! Has the Booze Cruise finally figured out his role on this Bulls team? Boozer led the Bulls with 20 points and 13 rebonds against the Hawks. He earned his eighth double-double in the last nine games. Luol Deng, our consistent lieutenant, was another offensive powerhouse with 16 points.
  • Not a single starter scored in double digits for the visitors. Josh Smith and Kyle Korver both had nine points. The only team member to hit double figures was reserve forward Mike Scottwith 10 points.

  • Atlanta showed their true feelings in the third quarter with two technicals and a flagrant foul by Devin Harris after he body blocked the ever fragile Kirk Hinrich.
  • Just to add the cherry on top of the blow-out cake, Taj Gibson unleashed a lethal dunk on Hawk’s Anthony Tolliver in the fourth quarter. Show-em-who’s house it is Taj!

Your Take Away Piece: 

“It was an easy win for the Bulls, but also a game to remember. Setting franchise records doesn’t happen every day, especially with a missing superstar. Any and all big wins are beautiful confidence boosters and most importantly reassures Chicago that we have something to be excited about with our 2013 Bulls.”

What’s Next: 

Road trip! The Bulls head to Toronto on Wednesday to tame the Raptors and then are off to Boston to face the Celtics on Friday. Tune in to Bulls/Raptors on Wednesday at 6 PM on CSN Chicago. Hopefully Los Bulls can continue this hot-spurt and get a winning streak going.

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