Coach John Groce, viagra from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Well guys and gals, what can I say. We’re still in the preseason and, basketball-wise, things in the Big Ten conference have been pretty quiet. Everyone in the city seems to be focused on hockey or baseball — myself included. As I type these very words I’m watching the Cubs fall further and further behind to the Mets in game 4.

I was parked in front of the TV last night too watching the Cubs when I noticed that Joe Maddon looked so cozy — albeit slightly depressed — in the dugout in his sweatshirt, baseball pants and cap during game 3. Then I started thinking…most managers/coaches in other sports wear comfortable get-ups on the sidelines, except in college basketball.

Most men’s basketball coaches in the Big Ten are usually wearing full-on suits and ties while sitting on the bench, and I think it’s time that we ask ourselves why. College football coaches are able to wear khakis and sweatshirts on the gridiron, so why should the basketball court be any different?

That’s not to say I’m totally against coaches looking classy or pulling out special pieces for big games or special occasions. For instance, I’m a fan of the orange blazer that Illini coach John Groce (and his predecessor Bruce Weber) pulls out or big games, a la former coach Lou Henson. It’s like getting dressed up for a big business meeting at work. But I see no reason for a coach to be sporting a suit and tie in a run-of-the-mill preconference game.

However, I do think some coaches may get a little too comfortable. Bob Huggins at West Virginia University wears a tracksuit to every game, from what I understand: GQ even did a short piece on his infamous look. Indiana coach Tom Crean has been known to rock a tracksuit from time to time.

And I will say, I’m not a fan of the uber-casual look. It looks like they could have rolled out of bed that morning and just headed to work.

If it were up to me, I’d institute a business casual dress code for the B1G basketball coaches. Think sweaters or button-downs with khakis or slacks. They can still show school spirit and showcase their teams’ colors without feeling stuffy or taking it too far and basically showing up to work in pajamas.

Because, when it comes down to it, these guys coach college basketball. They’re not running a shareholder meeting for a Fortune 500 company, nor are they eating Cheerios on the couch. Their attire should reflect that.

Cheers to being a few short weeks away from the end of the preseason!

Blackhawks Fashion

As the Blackhawks bandwagon loads up this week, discount be prepared to see Hawks gear from every angle: from your bartender to your dentist to that silver fox in accounting – everyone is proudly displaying their Hawks pride and joy, and really, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be as well.

At SDI our love and appreciation of sport and fashion run equally deep – which is why we get so damn excited when our city gets to these types of situations where really – anything Blackhawks goes!

Retro Brand: Clark Street Sports, $29.99

We’re big believers that there is never a bad time, or a bad outfit to rock a team shirt, but with the Hawks inching closer to the Stanley Cup Finals for the third year in a row, and the state of excitement that has taken over our city, NOW is the time to proudly wear your Hawks gear, and of course look hot and fabulous while doing it.

To prove that there really isn’t an inappropriate place to wear Hawks apparel, we picked this Blackhawks Retro Brand racerback tank from Clark Street Sports ($29.99) and paired it with four different and perfectly acceptable looks to inspire throughout the Stanley Cup Finals.

Look #1:  The Madhouse

By Stanley Cup Finals time the Madhouse is swarming with the actual season ticket holders, fat corporate cats and diehards with cash. With ticket prices starting at/around $400 for upper level seats at the UC, be prepared to shell out some major cash to experience it live. If you are lucky enough to go, keep in mind the chilly temps which means no shorts, no matter how hot it is outside, and always bring an extra layer

Look #2: The Office

No matter how corporate your office is, this is probably the two weeks out of the year you can get away with a Hawks tee – all while getting props from others for your bold and insightful choice in office fashion. This look is still polished and professional with the option of showing as much tomahawk as you please thanks to the buttoned cardigan. Come 5:30PM, ditch the cardigan and head to Happy Hour, just be prepared for some major looks and new friends.

Look #3: Backyard BBQ

With consistent warm temps finally upon us, the option of BBQing around a Hawks game is once and for all a reality. Comfort and functionality is key for this setting, as you never know what you may be asked to do: assist at the grill, impromptu game of bocci ball, or fetch more beverages from the local grocery – on foot.

Look #4: Saturday Night at the Newest Hot Spot

Love it or hate it – bars are booming thanks to the Hawks. Lines, crowds, fair-weather-fans – expect them all if you venture out to any place noteworthy, even your favorite local watering hole could seem annoyingly busy these next two weeks as the Stanley Cup Finals and arrival of summer create the perfect storm. It goes without saying, dress the part all while working in your favorite Saturday night pieces.

Enjoy the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs and remember that no matter what you wear or how good you may look – attitude and mojo is half the battle.  Not convinced? Just ask the Hawks!


March Madness Fashion March Madness is upon us which means the unproductivity has already begun, troche the bars are packed, buy viagra and everyone you know (sports fan or not) is complaining about their bracket.

Just as important and fun as filling out the bracket and watching the games, mind dressing the part for the mayhem and preparing for the crowds can make or break your March Madness experience.

Office sophisticate Spartan pride.  Meesh & Mia: $42.00

Office sophisticate Spartan pride. Meesh & Mia: $42.00

Here are a few smart tips to get your through the weekend.

First DRESS the part, next SUPPORT your school, PRINT your bracket, last and never least enjoy the PARTY.

If your school was lucky enough to play in the first round, then obviously it is best to represent by wearing something from your school.  For example the University of Iowa played and lost on Wednesday, but I will still be wearing this funky Friday ensemble directly from my client meetings to support my Hawkeyes (even if they were bounced in the first round)!  The general rule is to support your school or hometown, as long as they had a bid to the tournament, I believe there is still something to cheer about…

March Madness is a marathon Super Bowl of sorts, everyone is excited, the action is nonstop and the bets are abundant.  Round of 64 games are underway and by now most people have already picked their destination for Friday viewing, and the luckier ones have even opted to take the day or the afternoon off to enjoy the second day of the most exciting round.

Michigan Shirred Sleeve Bolero, Meesh & Mia: $59.00

Michigan Shirred Sleeve Bolero, Meesh & Mia: $59.00

If you are still uncertain of where to watch this weekend’s games, you better hurry, as bars will be packed to the gills by 3:00pm when most NCAA faithful have checked out for the weekend. Pick a place with lots of TVs and delicious food because there will be eating involved.  And stay hydrated, with games starting at 11:00am and not ending until 11:00pm water is your friend.

As for your look, if you’re working in a casual office, the sky is the limit. However, if dress codes are enforced within your office, it’s best to keep the fanfare tasteful and slightly under wraps until it’s go time. Meesh & Mia has a fantastic selection of tailored, lady-like pieces that can be worn under a blazer, or as a standalone over skirts and pants. As for footwear, unless you’re bringing a pair of backup flats, consider wearing comfy heels or boots, there’s a good chance you’ll be standing more than you think.

Jawhawk jean skirt: Meesh & Mia: $36.00

Jayhawk jean skirt: Meesh & Mia: $36.00

Some of my favorite picks around town: Pour House, American Junkie, Fifty/50 and Bull and Bear.

Have fun – and stay tuned for surprising Sweet Sixteen suggestions next week.


From the archives: November 2012

As every Sportsanista knows, check the final stretch of the NFL season is enough to make even the savviest sportsanista’s head spin. From worrying about making the playoffs, stuff to what in the hell to wear as the stakes (and crowds) on Game Day Sundays heat up…there’s a lot to looking the part and knowing the game this time of year.

The great thing about being a Chicago sports fan is that when it comes to fashion, pretty much anything goes. With the Bears leading the NFC North at 8-3, you could rock a Bears tee in the formalist of occasions, without getting too many strange looks. To prove this point, I’ve paired this adorable Sporty Threads boatneck Bear’s tee with pieces that are on trend for fall and winter that are functional and comfortable for any situation…..and I mean ANY…..going to the game, watching the game at a bar or a friend’s house, a shopping date, girls night out, Friday night cocktails…whatever your little heart desires.

Pairing any shirt five ways requires pushing the fashion limits and taking a few risks….are you with me? Think leather, fur, military jackets, colored denim, shorts and patterned tights. My best kept fashion secret? For unexpected variety, try wearing the shirt backwards. Yes, this is me being serious and it was easy with this edgy “Monsters of the Midway” script displayed on the back side.  I mean every team has two sides….offense and defense, so why shouldn’t fashion?

To see more of the Sportsanista looks during the week, check her out by clicking here!

The Tee: Monsters of the Midway Boatneck Tee from Sporty Threads Apparel ($29.00)

Look #1: Sunday Afternoon Game:

Soldier Field or Lincoln Park sports bar, can you look like a bigger Bears fashionista than by wearing a FUR vest?!….Bear Down!

Pants: Ann Taylor; Vest: Via Spiga – similar; Socks: Hue; Boots: Vince Camuto – similar

Look #2: Casual Friday that leads to Happy Hour

Don’t wait for “Show your Bears pride day” at work to sport this look from 9a-5p. The combination of biker cool, khakis and booties will keep everyone guessing.

Jacket: Nordstrom; Pants: Gap – similar; Booties: Michael Antonio; Sunnies: Ray Ban

Look #3: Saturday Shopping or Sunday Viewing Party at a Friend’s Place

Comfort is king when it comes to kicking it at a friend’s place on game day, but we all know how a causal viewing party can turn into a night out somewhere later. Throw on taupe booties and pastel skinnies to keep things fresh and interesting.

Vest: Jcrew; Pants: Gap – similar; Shoes: Nine West

Look #4: Sunday Game Day at one of Chicago’s Finest Bars!

Even some of the swankiest joints in town now call themselves “sports bars” come Sunday to rope in thirsty fans looking to keep the weekend party going. Top off your look with this bright fuchsia slouchy beret and nude/pink pumps to impress the cocktail set.

Yep, backwards.

Jacket: Gap – similar; Jeans: Easy Money; Shoes: Steve Madden; Hat: Nordstroms – similar

Look #5: Friday Night Drinks with Friends

The toughest look to pull off, but worth the most creative style points…throw a sophisticated curve ball with this detailed tights and formal shorts combo. A bright red lip..and wa-la! It’s time to hit the town.

Shorts: H&M – similar; Tights: Nordstroms; Booties: Michael Antonio

Model: Mary Krosnjar

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Kobe Bryant’s Fabulous Holiday Greeting Card

Instagram (LadyVB24)

The greatest accessory that anyone could ever own is a FAB family. The beautiful Bryant clan is spreading Holiday cheer in purple and gold. The gorgeous couple and their stunning daughters recently struck a pose for their annual holiday greeting cards.

Kobe looks dapper in purple suede (funny, stuff I never thought I’d ever utter those words).  Vanessa also looks enviable in her gold wrap gown. The mini-stylistas, viagra Natalia and Gianna look absolutely adoptable adorable in their purple and gold dresses.

Kobe was finally able to hit the court on Sunday after eights months of recovering from an Achilles Tendon injury sustained during last season’s first

Instagram (LadyVB24)

round of the playoffs. The Staples Center gave him an elaborate welcome after 8 months of inactivity. The Lakers, however, aren’t exactly raking in wins.

The Lake Show is 0-2 and scoring 21 points fewer per 100 possessions when Kobe is on the court than without him.  During Tuesday nights’ game against the Phoenix Suns, Bryant’s performance was–well–humble. Although he displayed a significant improvement, it is evident that the Black Mamba has not shown up yet. Right now, he’s more like the ‘Light-Gray Mamba.’ He scored 20 points with 6 for 11 shooting, 3 assists and 3 turnovers. The Lakers play the OKC Thunder on Friday. Let’s just hope they clean up their defense by then.

Justin Timberlake’s Game Day Gear

Ron Hoskins/Getty Images

Justin Timberlake was in Indianapolis to perform on Wednesday night as part of the 20/20 Experience World Tour. On Tuesday, JT ditched his ‘Suit and Tie’ for a sweatshirt and NBA cap. He was able to watch the Indiana Pacers put in work against the Miami Heat.

Indiana Pacers have continued to prove themselves to be worthy title contenders. After Tuesday’s impressive 90-84  win against Miami, Pacers’ forward Paul George was able to squeeze in a game of H-O-R-S-E with JT.

The sexy soul singer once had dreams of becoming an NBA player (no joke), and during their epic game of H-O-R-S-E Timberlake hit six straight 3-pointers. The Knicks AND the Lakers could use him.

I’m pretty sure that if he was not part owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, one of these teams would have recruited him instantly. We do not know who won that game of H-O-R-S-E, but Justin Timberlake has (once again) won my heart, and the Pacers are winning new found recognition!

Carmelo Anthony Talks New Shoe Designs

After ten years with the Jordan Brand, Anthony unveiled the new design for his signature sneaker, the Jordan Melo M10. The shoe exhibits a mix of style, comfort, and efficiency. The flight plate technology used  in this sneaker is perfect for any on-court action. The Melo M10 will be available for $165 (suggested retail) on January 4, 2014. These shoes are the perfect gift for sneaker buffs. They won’t be released in time for the holidays, but it is ALWAYS right time for presents!

Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks in their win against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night. They almost blew a  big lead, but they were ultimately able to steal a ‘W’ for their record. They were up by as much as 23, but the determined Chicago Bulls do not take 20+ point leads sitting down.  The Bulls made it as difficult as possible, but New York ultimately took the win. The Knicks are now 6-15. And no. Rajon Rondo will not be a Knick anytime soon.

That’s it for now…but  not worries! I will continue to keep you fabulously posted with the League’s hottest stories. Until Next Week, Divas!



Source: E! News Online

Kristin Cavallari is stylishly adjusting to her new role as #6’s better half. After officially tying the knot last month with Jay Cutler in Nashville, tadalafil Tennessee, no rx the reality star turned designer is now rolling out her first line of NFL clothing for the ladies.

According to E! News Online, Cavallari has partnered with Junk Food and NFL Women’s Apparel to launch a new line that will debut at Fashion Week in New York in September.

K-Cav shared sketches of the fashion-forward pieces that include fitted dresses and crop tops, something we don’t typically see too often in Chicago.  The bold pieces have the body-concious female fan in mind, and seem to be a change in direction from the normal vintage-inspired pieces that Junk Food is known for.

Early looks included unique pieces for the Broncos, Texans, Vikings and of course, the Bears. The body-hugging racerback Bears dress sketch features none other than a big #6 on the back.

The isn’t the first time the Cutlers have dived into the merchandising world of the NFL.  Who can forget Jay Cutler’s smart and funny 2012 commercial promoting the NFL’s “It’s My Team” campaign for women?

The opportunity to design a new line for the NFL while working with such a loved unisex brand like Junk Food is an obvious and smart move for Cavallari. Honestly, all options for female apparel other than the boxy – or even worse – pink jersey – that is so often mis-marketed to women, is a good thing.

The NFL has aggressively been marketing more female-friendly apparel to women over the last few years. Last year the NFL’s “It’s My Team” campaign used a combination of celebrities and fans including female NFL executives and women’s cultural icons (yes, that is Condoleezza Rice below in a Brown’s jersey) as models in their print and television ad campaign. 

Cavallari’s Chinese Laundry footwear line has brought the former reality star much acclaim and success from fans and the normally fickle fashion industry. Given her star status, eye for fashion and strong female following, we can only imagine that she’ll find success when it comes to creating looks that female NFL fans will be drawn to.

We’ll have to wait until next month to get a real look at the line as it is unveiled on the catwalks of Fashion Week. Still no word on when the line will be available to the masses, but we can’t wait to get our hands on a K-Cav original that offers a new and sexy way to show our love for the Bears.

Clark Street Sports, $29.99

Until then, check out this other favorite Bears look of ours from Junk Food available at Clark Street Sports.


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