Devin Hester

Following brutal back-to-back losses to our arch-nemesis, tadalafil the Green Bay Packers and then the Carolina Panthers, tadalafil the Chicago Bears (2-3) will try to salvage a poor start to the season when they head to ATL to take on the Falcons.  

If you missed last week, here’s the quickest recap known to mankind. Last Sunday, the Bears blew the game by turning over the football on back-to-back series of plays in the fourth quarter, literally giving away the game to Carolina Panthers.  Holy headache.

Now let’s look ahead to Sunday.  Here’s some takeaways you need to know pre-kick-off:

This Sunday will mark the 26th meeting between the Bears and the Falcons. The Bears won the last meeting in 2011 at Soldier Field and they also hold the series record over the Falcons, 13 to 12. Atlanta also has the same record (2-3) going into this game.

Matty Ice

Quarterback of the Falcons, Matt Ryan

So what’s Chicago’s strategy against the Falcons?  Luckily Chicago faces a team that doesn’t have a strong defense (so hopefully we’ll see more Cutty to Marshall passes because that has been lacking since game 2 at SF). Beyond the defense, ATL’s offensive line has been plagued with injuries and many of their starters missed last week’s game against NY.  Since their o-line is not at normal strength, it should give the Bears’ defense an opportunity to attack QB Matt Ryan on pass rush.

Devin Hester

Hester now leads the NFL with the most kick return touchdowns – he has 20 of ’em

The rumor mill is also circling around Bear’s former kick returner, Devin Hester as he is now questionable (hamstring injury) for Sunday’s game.  Will Hester get the chance play against his old team that he’s so kindly bashed in the media as of late? I personally hope he’s cleared because I love to see him out on the field against his former teammates.

What worries me most about this game is our own defense and special teams.  It is noted that Briggs is out and Bostic (back injury) is questionable. That hurts. However, I must point out that the defense has improved compared to 2013 season as they have only allowed  26.2 points per game this year, down from 29.9 per game last year.

On offense, Jay Cutler’s inconsistencies as a QB should be no surprise to any Bears fan.  Last Sunday vs. Carolina Jay completed 28 of 26 pass attempts with two touchdowns AND two interceptions. On the up side, all we can hope for is connection between Cutler and his two star WRs, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Marshall’s ankle injury (sprain) has prevented the explosive receiver from making big plays but I’m thinking he’ll be at full speed on Sunday.

Chicago really needs this W to get back on track within the NFC North (Green Bay is 3-2 and so is Detroit) and to gain a shot at the play-offs.

We’ll see how it pans out on Sunday.  Check out the game on FOX at 3:25PM CST.

Devin Hester

Devin Hester

Ladies, nurse get a good look at the back of that jersey, viagra because the unthinkable has happened…our beloved Devin Hester is on his way out of Chicago. Despite losing a record-setting player, sildenafil I see a bright future for the Bears on special teams, as management makes some much-needed moves.

Just a couple of days ago the Bears released veteran punter, Adam Podlesh, and yesterday No. 23 posted his goodbye to Chicago on Facebook for all of his fans to see. I’ve posted the sentimental parting words for you below.

Devin Hester's Departing Words

I am going to be very (embarrassingly) honest when I say that I teared up a bit when I read the “we will have all broken it together” part. Maybe that isn’t so embarrassing though? At his best, Hester did provide us with some of the most exciting football moments Chicago fans could have ever asked for.

Let’s break down Hester’s 8-season career in the Windy City, to remind us why it’s going to be so hard to never see him in the Soldier Field end-zone again (well, not as a Bear at least).

  • The return-wizard, as many call him, has been selected to the Pro Bowl three times due to his impressive performance on special teams. Hester scored a total of 32 touchdowns for the Bears, 13 of those being punt returns (the current NFL record) and five being kick returns. But in the end, it’s more about quality than quantity with No. 23.
  • In 2010, he averaged 35.6 yards on every kick return and in 2011 he tallied a spectacular 98-yard return. What made watching him such a treat was his ability to navigate the field and make what seemed impossible to us fans, possible, and unfortunately that can’t last forever.



  • Hester was drafted by the Bears in 2006 as a cornerback and has obviously moved around a great deal since then. Although he didn’t find success in every position he was put in, his dedication to making Chicago the best team it could be, despite how it may have affected him personally, was very apparent.

There are a couple of players you should keep an eye on to take over on returns. Chris Williams is one of them. The Bears signed the receiver/return specialist, who formerly played with the New Orleans Saints, as well as in the CFL, near the end of last season.  Other candidates, who are already on Chicago’s roster, include veterans Eric Weems and Earl Bennett. 

One thing is for sure, Hester’s shoes will not be easy ones to fill and according to Chicago Tribune’s Steven Rosenbloom they may not need any filling. In an article yesterday, Rosenbloom pointed out that the league’s move a couple years back to try to counter head injuries has done more than just please Congress.

“The NFL neutered him (Hester) a couple years ago when the league moved kickoffs up five yards. That increased touchbacks. That devalued Hester. The NFL calls it safety. That’s a crock.” 

Whether that is true or not, Hester will be moving forward with his football career and it looks like he is hoping to do so with a familiar face…Lovie Smith, who is now the Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“It’s possible,” Hester said on the on the NFL Network’s Total Access show. “I know Chicago wants to go a different route with me…Tampa, I look at Lovie as my No. 1 coach right now. He’s the one that took a chance on me coming out of the draft. He has all my respect. If he’s a guy that’s going to shoot at me and want me to come play with him again, my arms are open.”

It is hard to say, but I do think Emery and Trestman made the right choice releasing Hester. Seeing him break the record in Chicago would have been nice, but his productivity had dwindled and a shake-up on special teams seemed long overdue. I really do hope the return-wizard ends up somewhere he wants to be. And as a diehard Bears fan, I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication he displayed over the past eight seasons with the Bears.

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Missed a few headlines this week? Worry not, ampoule I’ve got my finger on the sports pulse for you. Below is my weekly round-up of what’s trending or what’s coming up in sports: perfect for sports bars, buy cialis cocktail parties, clinic board rooms, and well…just knowing your week in sports.


  • Streaking Sox: Yes, you read that correctly. After a disastrous season, the Sox are now on a sudden hot streak winning their last six games and coming off a sweep of the Kansas City Royals, the team that notoriously plays spoilers to the South Siders. Unfortunately, the streak comes a little too late in the season as the Sox sit dead last in the AL Central, 21.5 games behind the division leading Tigers, but better late than never. This late season streak proves the Sox still have a little life in them. Now, if the Sox can keep the hot streak going agains the division leading visiting Texas Rangers this weekend, then we might actually see a renewed interest in baseball in Chicago heading into the final month of the season.
  • Hester eyeing Hall of Fame: This week Chicago Bears punt return master Devin


    Hester told Chicago Tribune writer Mike Mulligan that he had one foot in the door right now to the Hall of Fame. Hester has returned 12 punt returns for touchdown, which is the most in NFL history. He believes that if he takes it back three or four times this season he should be considered an “80 percent” change of making it. As much as his whiny, slow ass has annoyed me lately, he does have a point. He revolutionized the position. He made people change up their game and the way they saw special teams. I think he might have more than just a step in.

  • Fantasy football on the brain: The regular season is inching closer, and we all know what that means…fantasy football season! The fantasy fever started with SportsDivas, Inc’s. great fantasy event at The Anthem in Wicker Park this week. Don’t let the learning stop there! Take advantage of the time before you draft to beat your best guy friends or boyfriend. A great source is, and the show “NFL Fantasy Live” on next week (and during the season) at 12pm for great tips on who you should be eyeing for your team.


  • Northwestern’s new unis:   Northwestern’s football program may be on the rise with the Wildcats coming in at #23 in the preseason Top 25, but their newest uniforms set to debut in their season opener on August 31st vs. Cal, have me laughing. With a giant stripe running horizontally in the middle of the jersey and “Wildcats” strategically placed above the butt, staying true to the Wildcat purple, these new unis are hard to take seriously. In fact, they remind me of the PINK brand from Victoria’s Secret. I decided to mock up a little side-by-side comparison for show and tell. Not too pretty. Uniform failure.

  • Aaron Hernandez’s verdict: And the verdict is….former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was indicted on first-degree murder charges by a grand jury in Massachusetts for killing former player Odin Lloyd. The Hernandez case has been the top gossip of the sports world, even similar to the Casey Anthony trail a ways back. And yet, it’s not over. The man will be going on trial soon. The worst part? There’s a firm affirmation that he’ll be returning to football again. Sad times.
  • Sharapova turns Sugarpova: Tennis star Maria Sharapova is making some


    more headlines off the court. Sharapova has plans to change her name to “Maria Sugarpova“…for the U.S. Open to help promote her candy line Sugarpova, and then change it back to Sharapova after the tournament. Are sponsorship and endorsements really getting to the point where athletes have to change their names now? That is absolutely ridiculous. This latest marketing scheme takes Sharapova down a few notches in my book.

Pink's Pulse

Missed a few headlines this week? Worry not, cialis sale I’ve got my finger on the sports pulse for you. Below is my weekly round-up of what’s trending and what’s on the horizon; perfect for sports bars, sales cocktail parties, store board rooms and just about anyone that comes your way.


  • White Sox Ladies Night: Ladies, mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25th at 7:10pm. The Chicago White Sox will be hosting their Ladies Night at US Cellular for a matchup vs. the Tampa Bay Rays. Ladies enjoy discounted tickets starting at $10 (GET THEM HERE) and a festival on the Plaza (in front of Gate 5) from 4:30P – 6:30P where you can get manicures, giveaways and listen to the sounds of Jen Porter & Her Most Fabulous Band (Gate 4) or GIRLBAND (Gate 5). Enjoy  drink specials at the Miller Lite Bullpen Bar: $1 off all drinks for the ladies, Bacardi at the Park $5 Dragonberry or Pink Lemonade drinks, and more. If you’re looking for White Sox gear, Chicago Sports Depot will have 10% off on anything pink and there will be a PINK kiosk at the centerfield shop. Not to mention that the ladies of SportsDivas,Inc. will be there on the plaza meeting readers! So grab your girlfriends and head to the White Sox game on Thursday for a night made just for us.
  • 2013 NFL Draft: There isn’t an RG3, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson this year, but it doesn’t mean that this draft is not important and one to keep on your radar. The 2013 NFL Draft starts on Thursday, April 25th at 7pm on NFL Network and continues onto Sunday. The Chicago Bears have only five picks in the draft, including one in the first round at No. 20. This draft is filled with position players that could really help a team, but doesn’t have nearly as many quarterbacks as last year’s draft. With the Bears new coach and offensive priorities, it will be VERY interesting to see who they will select.
  • Chicago Bulls head to the playoffs: Wednesday’s win over the Washington Wizards


    solidified the Chicago Bulls at the No. 5 spot in the Eastern Conference, but also marked the end of the regular season. I’m ecstatic that the Bulls didn’t get the six seed, because they would have had to play the Indiana Pacers. Now we face the Brooklyn Nets for the first round of the playoffs. In the regular season, the Bulls were 3-1 against the Nets in the regular season leaving many to believe they should have no problem getting past the Brooklyn boys in the first round.  However, if they do get out of the first round alive, they go on to play the Miami Heat in the 2nd round. Ick. But for now, don’t miss the last Bulls games of the season starting on Saturday at 7pm on ESPN/CSN.


  • MJ’s famous flu game wasn’t actually the flu: I really have no idea why this story is coming to surface now, but it is. Michael Jordan‘s trainer Tim Grover said someone poisoned him in Utah right before the famous Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. When the team ordered a late night pizza, apparently five guys came to deliver it and MJ was the only one that ate it. By 2 o’clock in the morning, Jordan called Glover to his room as he was curled up in a ball in the bathroom. Miraculously, Jordan went on to score 37 points in Game 5 dehydrated and sick. This is all great, but why now? To show how ruthless Utah Jazz fans were? I mean, it makes Michael Jordan seem like a stronger man…but this was 15 years ago. Here’s a refresher of the game, gives me goosebumps every time…

  • Devin Hester’s career as wide receiver: Is over. Devin Hester went from special teams extraordinare, less than mediocre wide receiver, and now is going back to special teams. The Chicago Bears opened up minicamp this week, and Hester did not participate in wide out drills. But, Hester participated in all special teams drill. Do I think he has fresh legs for special teams again? No, but that’s my opinion. Hester didn’t belong in the group of wide receivers, and special teams is where he belongs. But, if he doesn’t prove it this year, don’t be surprised to see him leave Chicago.
  • A mediocre beginning to Chicago baseball: We are three weeks into the MLB regular season, and I’m already pissed at how the season began. The Chicago Cubs have already started their trend of losing games in the last few inning and are at the bottom of their division already. The Chicago White Sox have lost one of their best and most attractive players in Gordon Beckham for a few weeks, and they have found their comfortable seat in the middle of their division. If there is a baseball god, please wake up and make this season exciting before many of start to lose interest.
Bryan Bickell text

It’s Friday divas! You know what that means; it’s time for a social media roundup. With the Blackhawks streak finally ending… the boys weren’t lighting up Instagram and Twitter like they normally do. Our Cubbies also kept it quiet this week. But not to worry, salve the Bulls, Bears and White Sox kept things interesting giving us plenty to share with you.

Let start with what little our Blackhawks did put out there. Andrew Shaw kept things positive after the big loss last Friday night.

And apparently he went shopping. I mean, what diva doesn’t rely on a little retail therapy. We’re glad to see he’s really relaxing on his day off.

We can always count on Bryan Bickell for a good laugh. The real question here is, how is he not tired of that song yet?

This shot of Brandon Bollig as a little boy had us melting. Even at a young age he had that mischievous grin. We love everything about this pic except for the L.A. Kings gear. What’s this St. Louis boy doing wearing the Kings gear?






Moving on to the White Sox, Gordon Beckham showed off this amazing view on Instagram and Twitter.




White Sox players Brent Morel and Adam Dunn tested out their hockey skills. Nice effort, but I’ll keep my money on Emery and Crawford. But hey, it’s nice to know we have another back-up!

How precious! Looks like they were just caught taking selfies. Oops.


Taj GIbson and Joakim Noah caught up with Mike Tyson, Michael Rapaports and Spike Lee. We’ve got to say, Mike Tyson doesn’t look very intimidating when he’s standing next to Jo. Spike Lee just looks down right small. And come on Jo, I thought we already addressed the fashion issue…


Oh no! Look’s like Nate Robinson got pulled over. Rip Hamilton instagramed this hilarious picture this week. His caption was “@naterobinson pulling up to the United Center for a game last week screening  2 C H A I N Z Z Z in his new escalade. #holdat #my song got one of these”



Our man Devin Hester posted this pre-workout pic. He’s getting back into Bears shape! “6:30 wake up started today!!!” It’s great to see him back at it, but lets hope he stays with us.



New free agent, Brian Urlacher is also working on getting in tip-top shape. But it looks like he needs a little sun block on that bald head. Hopefully he’ll bring back a little sunshine to Chicago.


That’s all we’ve got for you this week. Check in next week for your SM round-up! We’re hoping for some great St. Patricks day posts from our favorite athletes!


The (8-3) NFC North leading Bears had a solid win over the Minnesota Vikings last week, ambulance however, online the win came with a heavy price.  Five starting players were injured and some of them will not be playing again this week at a crucial time in the final stretch of the schedule. Sunday’s game will be tough for the Bears with so many injuries and recent changes to their Achille’s heel, advice the offensive line.  In order to talk smack with boys (and fellow divas) this week, here’s some critical facts to know for Sunday Game Day.


  • The Bears took a beating last week with key injuries across the board. Newly appointed guard Lance Louis suffered a season-ending knee injury and guard Chris Spencer could also sit out on Sunday from a knee injury suffered last Sunday. Devin Hester will miss the game due to concussion and Charles “Peanut” Tillman and Matt Forte both suffered ankle injuries.  It appears that both Tillman and Forte will be playing Sunday (as Forte appeared at practice Wednesday).

    Charles “Peanut” Tillman

  • Luckily for Bears fans, the Seattle Seahawks are not too good on the road – they have lost their last five of six away.  On the same note, they have had solid victories against the Bears the past two seasons at Soldier Field. On top of that, they are facing some scrutiny with the media, as Seattle’s starting corners Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman could be facing suspensions for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs.  As of tonight they are still expected to play, but if the suspension is instated, it could be bad news for the Seahawks.


  • Success on Sunday is highly dependent on our QB, Jay Cutler. He’ll continue to look for Brandon Marshall, who became Chicago’s first 1,000-yard reciever last week since Marty Booker broke the 1,000 mark in 2002. Cutler will also connect with Michael Bush, who ran for 60 yards and two TDs on 21 carries against the Vikings and hopefully Forte will be back in the game to continue his hot running game too.
  • Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks #1 running back. Currently the 3rd best back in the NFL with 1,050 yards and 5 TDs, this dude is tough. He’s the guy that could create problems for the Bears. If the Bears cannot stop Lynch and hold him to under 100 yards or less, the Seahawks have a chance.

    Marshawn Lynch

  • Seahawk’s QB Russell Wilson has thrown for over 585 yards with seven TDs and no INTs in the last three games.  While the rookie has impressive stats, he should be no match for the Bear’s defense. Watch for the Bear’s pass rush to be lethal as the defense puts pressure on the young QB in hopes that he forces plays that can be intercepted by the Bears adding to their 33 forced turnovers they have acquired this season.

    Russell Wilson


“The Bears should be able to land another solid victory this week pending their cohesiveness on the field.  All key players might not be 100% so the rest of the team needs to step up (like Bush did last week) to ensure a win – we need to pull away from the Packers as much as possible to secure a comfy 1st place seat in the NFC North.”


The Bears take on the Seahawks at Soldier Field at noon on Sunday. Not lucky enough to be heading to the game? Learn all about what to expect at Sunday at Game Day Training Brunch, a crash course in the Bears and the NFL at Rockit Burger Bar in Wrigleyville.  RockIt Burger Bar boasts one of the best brunches in Lakeview; come learn football with the ladies and cheer the Bears onto victory afterwards.  Brunch and class starts at RockIt at 11AM, game airs at 12PM.

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