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NBA Christmas is almost upon us, viagra and that means the return of All Star fan voting. The NBA is one of, if not the most digitally savvy professional sports league, and this year is no different than those in the past with new digital and social avenues to vote to see your favorite players in Toronto in February. This year, for the first time, you can vote simply through google search. Just google “NBA VOTE ALL STAR” or “NBA VOTE TEAM NAME” to cast your votes. For example, you’d type in NBA VOTE 76ERS and check the photo of Nik Stauskas to see the Canadian guard on the court at tip off in the All Star Game.

That wasn’t serious. Please don’t do that.

In addition to Google search voting, you can also vote on, the NBA App, by posting with a players first and last name along with #NBAVOTE on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or by taking it real old school and texting a player’s last name to 69622 (MYNBA). All current NBA players are eligible, but the voting ends January 18th at 11:59pm ET. The starters will be announced January 21st on TNT.

Fans can vote for 10 unique players every day and on each voting platform, so with a very large voting pool, the most deserving players will likely end up with the start, and if they don’t, they’ll be selected by the head coaches in their conference as All Star reserves.

I’ll definitely be casting a few ballots. An all Bulls, all Wolverines, all Chicago area, etc. But for my first votes, I was inspired by the years that Yao Ming led All Star voting because of his passionate fans in China, so I decided to cast my first ballot via google search for players that I’m passionate about after a quarter of the season:

  1. Jahlil Okafor – For being not the first or last 7 ft tall NBA player who will attempt to use a fake ID 7 months removed from hoisting a trophy amid mass national attention.
  2. Lance Stephenson – For having a brother named Lantz and all of the rap videos.
  3. Jamal Crawford – For general perfection at any age.
  4. Russell Westbrook – For buying the Lord’s house.
  5. Kobe Bryant – For not being able to or caring to try to name the Pistons player who wanted to shake his hand.
  6. DeMarcus Cousins – For notching at least one expletive-laden rant before the quarter mark of the season.
  7. Zach Lavine – Because I heard him on a podcast once, and he seemed cool.
  8. Draymond Green – For starting a Twitter fight with a beat reporter, probably for good reason.
  9. Kristaps Porzingis – Because this photo.
  10. Joakim Noah – Because he’s a top 3 NBA human. Juliet Litman said it, therefore, it’s bible.

Happy All Star voting everyone!


Whenever anything happens in the NBA, view why does Drake always always have to be somehow involved?  After an all too typical fourth quarter collapse in a winnable game against the Spurs on Monday, treatment the Sacramento Kings dropped to 1-7 on the season, cialis tying the worst start in Sacramento history.  So naturally, enter Drake.  The Hotline Bling rapper walked in to what has been described as a sad and silent Kings locker room after the loss.  He didn’t have to fight the security guards like he has in other arenas in order to hang out with (some of) his favorite tall dudes in towels.  This time he entered WITH Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé, who likely spent the better part of the Kings off day yesterday screening Drake pics for his Instagram before settling on this one.

@anjaliworld @champagnepapi

A photo posted by Vivek Ranadive (@vivekyr) on

Drake is supposedly a good friend of Boogie’s, hence the UK gear, and it would probably have created more of a stir to keep him out of the locker room, as opposed to bring him in, no matter how awkward the timing.  And the Kings are way past awkward at this point.  After suggesting a 4 on 5 defense leaving a player back to cherry pick last season, Ranadivé has pushed Vlade Divac through as the Kings lead decision maker, fired Mike Malone after a GOOD start to the season, hired George Karl, refused to #FreeBoogie, and signed controversial-at-best Rajon Rondo, all to come up 1 and 7 mid-November.  Keep in mind that the Kings first round draft picks resemble a phone number having all been in the single digits since 2009 – 457-5786.  How are they so bad, with that much lottery talent available in the last 7 years?

Yesterday, Divac offered the following gem to the media to describe where the players are with the new coaching staff, “I never said they don’t like the system, they just didn’t buy in, yet.”

I’m thinking the ladder is a significantly bigger problem, but it’s not my opinion that matters in Sacramento or really anywhere, it’s Drake’s.

Kings take on the impressive Detroit Pistons tonight in Sacramento.

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