Daniel Murphy

Anthony Rizzo, http://www.bleacherreport.com

What a year. What a hell of a year Cubs fans, viagra even though it came to a frustrating end last week when the Mets swept the Cubs in the NLCS.

The year of the #WeAreGood hash tag, Jake Arrieta in a onesie after throwing a no hitter against the Dodgers, playoff beards and a young clubhouse has Cubs fans giddy for the future.

The Cubs were the youngest NL playoff team getting to play extra baseball this October. With their victory over the Cardinals (who were a World Series favorite). Unfortunately, the Mets pitching staff and Daniel Murphy were too much for this young group of future superstars.

The Cubs won 97 regular season games, and back in April the Cubs would have considered anything over 80 wins a success. The Cubs came closer to the World Series than anyone could imagine, yet I can’t help but feel we are still far away from it with the series vs. the Mets.  It showcased our weaknesses. We are in desperate need of a number three starting pitcher; our outfield was dreadful in the defense department. We need some additional big bat to get runs.

It will be interesting to see what the Cubs do in the offseason; there are plenty of big names available Jordan Zimmerman and David Price are the two that have been brought up in many conversations that can give the Cubs the edge they need to end their 107 year World Series drought.

The tone has been set, and buckle up folks it’s going to be one hell of journey.

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