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Missed a few headlines this week? Worry not, ask I’ve got my finger on the sports pulse for you. Below is my weekly round-up of what’s trending in sports: perfect for water coolers, no rx cocktail parties, ask sports bars and board rooms.


Source: ESPN The Magazine Body Issue 2012

  • Gronkin’ out at the Oscars: Yes, you read that right. Rob Gronkowski, as in the flamboyant New England Patriots’ tight end, who has never been in a movie or in fact acted, will be on the red carpet this Sunday for the Oscars. NFL Network has picked Gronk as their red carpet correspondent for the biggest night in Hollywood. Will it be a train wreck or one of the funniest things an NFL player has ever done? The jury is out and personally, I can’t imagine Gronk having a serious conversation with Denzel Washington or Sally Field without admitting he’s a little too drunk. The Oscars were already on my radar but have now become a must see.
    • Danica finally shines in Daytona:  Danica Patrick is finally inching closer to getting her first NASCAR win after years of being in the spotlight as one of the few females in the sport and with only one Top 5 finish. The Daytona 500, the 200-lap 500 mile marque race of NASCAR is this Sunday, February 24th at 12PM CT on FOX.  Patrick posted the fastest lap for qualifiers which places her in the front row at the pole for the start. It’s a huge feat as Patrick is the first female to ever earn the top spot at the 500 and puts her in a great position to win it all. Go Danica!

  • Are Boozers’ days numbered as a Bull?: When the Bulls attempted to lure LeBron James to Chicago before he took his talents to South Beach, the Bulls made a risky decision to sign Carlos Boozer to a 5-year/$75 million dollar contract. Despite putting up the best numbers this season since his arrival, Boozer still remains the center of trade talks and Bulls’ GM Gar Forman is finally realizing that Boozer isn’t worth THAT much cash.   Hush-hush trade talks are about to become the spotlight in the NBA with the trade deadline on Thursday. If the Bulls make a move, it will involve Boozer getting the boot…possibly sporting a Raptors jersey by the end of the season.


  • Nike can’t catch a break: First Tiger Woods, then Lance Armstrong, now today’s scandal surrounds Oscar Pistorius. Nike has placed all of these celebrity athletes at the center of their campaigns, only to find them in the midst of sordid scandals and breaking the law. With Pistorius, who was recently charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, Nike thought they had another 5-star campaign with the “Blade Runner”.  Needless to say, Since Pistorious’ murder charges, Nike has ended their contract with Pistorious, pulled any remnants of the campaign and will wait to see the fate of their latest poster boy turned rotten.

    Reggie Bush

    From ESPN.com

  • Talks of Reggie Bush going to Detroit: Since the 2013 Scouting Combine is a snooze this year, NFL fans should be fantasizing at the opportunities that come with free agency. One of the biggest names…Reggie Bush. Lions’ wide receiver Nate Burleson spoke on Monday how Bush would make a perfect fit in Detroit. Not exactly what a Bears fan wants to hear. We don’t want the Lions to continue to pick up weapons for their army. Let Reggie land in the floundering Arizona or even with the on-the-fence team in Cincinnati. Just not Detroit. Bears fans are still trying to figure out a way to deal with new coach Marc Trestman and his hair. 

Happy Friday Sportsanistas! Who is ready for some Friday Fashion? I know I am!! This week was the debut of former ESPN side-line reporter Erin Andrews at her new gig on FOX for the MLB All-Star Game.  The following day celebrities and athletes gathered at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the ESPYs to honor athletes that have made memorable moments and careers this past season. Pull up a chair and grab a pen, help because we are talking fashion.

Erin Andrews.…why have you heard this name before? Do you have a boyfriend, viagra husband or friend that watches college sports? Then without a doubt she has come up in conversation as the “hot blonde” who works for ESPN.  She also survived a peeping Tom scandal when video of her undressing in a hotel room was strategically placed on the internet.  Also a Dancing With the Stars vet, ampoule Andrews, who spent eight years as a sideline reporter at ESPN, was recently hired to host a 30-minute prime time college football pre-game show on competitor FOX. This will be the first year that FOX will host a regular-season college football package with Erin Andrews’s show anchoring it on September 1st, the official kick-off weekend of college football; God Bless it and it couldn’t come any sooner!

Erin Andrews former ESPN sideline reporter

Her first day on the job was earlier this week at the MLB All-Star game in Kansas City, MO. This was Erin’s first time reporting since she left ESPN…..and what did she wear? She topped off a pair of dark denim pants, paired with a green fitted blazed and a floral printed blouse. Overall the green blazer compliments her look well making her look strong and confident. To replicate this look check out this green blazer from Asos.com and this polka dot blouse by Vintage Havana; I went with polka dots versus flowers in the event you aren’t a girly girl like me.  How cute is that polka dot blouse?   I just bought it the other day and have been sitting by my mailbox waiting for it to arrive.

Erin later then opted for a less casual look and strutted at the All-Star game wearing a cream and orange belted pleated dress, Stuart Weitzman wedges and summery fish tail pony (pictured above).   I thought it was a little aggressive for the MLB All-Star game, which is such a laid back environment to begin with….but, then again, it was her first day and first impressions are everything. Want to replicate her look? This try this pleated dress from BCBG or C.Luce and pair it with these imitation Stuart Weitzman wedges from Target; adorbs!

To cap off our week, lets chat about the best and worst dressed of the ESPYS 2012. The ESPYS to the athletes, is the Oscars to actors; catch my drift? It’s kind of a big deal. Monica debriefed you yesterday on the award show and those who took home an award; if you missed her article, check it our here.

Not only were there winners on stage, but there were winners to be found on the red carpet.  Lets recap the best dressed, shall we?

Tim Tebow, my future boyfriend and back-up quarterback of the New York Jets, did not disappoint in this light grey fitted suit topped off with a lavender tie and pocket square. Well done Tebow….wondering if he did some Tebowing for my report. Next up is quarterback to the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers; also in a grey suit, however with black stripes. Aaron added a skinny tie in eggplant for a more trendy/edgy look; touchdown!

Now Maria Sharapova has disappointed me in the past with her irregular cut dresses and baby doll like silhouettes; this time, she did not disappoint. Maria ROCKED this maxi dress from the J. Mendel Resort 2013 collection. It’s flattering for her shape and height and the color is perfection;  she even took some time to learn how to smise from Tyra. Last, but certainly not least, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees. His two-tone suit, aka color blocking, is perfection! The suit fits him like a glove and who needs accessories when you have arm candy like that! I’m seeing a trend here….quarterbacks are 3 – 0.

Now on to the worst dressed of the evening……

It’s not that I don’t like Lindsey Vonn, I mean she was rumored to have been seeing Tim Tebow, it’s just there is something off here; I’m not mad at her, I’m mad at the dress. Lindsey is an Olympic athlete and has a some great legs; show them off! Dustin Penner, forward for the Stanley Cup winners, the LA Kings and fashion violator. I really don’t have much to say here other than your $4.2M salary can buy you a cap for the tooth and a new tie….that is all.

Oh Danica...why? In this instance, I’m mad at her AND the dress. Where to begin…the shape for someone of her petite stature is all wrong; the length should be shorter and the structure in the hips….gone. These pieces aren’t event the worst part….don’t get too close or you might get blinded by the shiny plastic material; maybe it can be recycled into a car part?  Finally, Anthony Davis, #1 draft pick in the NBA and former center for the National Champion Kentucky Wildcats. I really can’t look past his eyebrow (yes singular); note an eyebrow is not an accessory. If you are able to squint past it, you see more tragedy….you see a cream suit with white piping, paired with an olive checkered shirt. Maybe when his pay day comes, the Sportsanista will take him shopping.

Well folks, those are my thoughts and I’m sticking to them and signing off. Happy weekend!

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