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You might be friends with Luol Deng off the court, tadalafil but unless you’re sporting the crimson and gold these days you’re an obstacle between Lou and the hoop. After playing his entire career as a Chicago Bull, Deng-er-ang will host his old teammates at his new Cleveland arena for the first time Wednesday night (SIGH).

As a fan it’s absolutely tough to consider Deng an offensive threat instead of our favorite gangly player, but as he so gently put it “it’s just another game.” Don’t expect Deng to be all rainbows and sunshine against his old friends, this competitor is coming out to win. Lucky for Los Bulls, Joakim Noah has taken Chi-town pride to the next level. Expect nothing less than a gritty Eastern Conference match-up friends.

What You Need to Know:

  • Dengerang is Crankin in Cleveland: The Cavaliers are only 3-3 since acquiring Deng the first week of January, but individually he’s averaging just under 18 points a game – not too shabby after being shipped off to a new city. It’s unfortunate the uniforms are so ugly.

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  • Prideful Pack: HAM of the Week Jo-No has taken the team under his wing emotionally since the trade and the Bulls surprisingly have gone 6-2. Considering they lost their best scorer when they shipped off Deng (Rose was already out for the season) they’ve shown some serious resilience as a team. They are most definitely NOT tanking the season.
  • Kyrie Irving may like to dress up like “Uncle Drew”during his free time, but this dude doesn’t mess around when it comes to basketball. He’s averaging 21.6 points a game with a side of some sick crossovers. He is the future of the Cavalier organization at this point. Within the sports realm there have been plenty of heated discussions on the topic of Kyrie Irving versus Derrick Roseas the top point guard. The answer is easy in my book, a healthy DRose could school Mr. Irving.

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  • Best Match-ups: PG DJ Augustin hasn’t been with the Bulls for too long, but he’s made a solid impression so far. With Kirk Hinrich’s hamstring injury, Wednesday night will be a true challenge for Augustin as he takes on Kyrie Irving at point guard. Mike Dunleavy will get a full serving of Luol Deng and his lanky arms up and down the court; we’re going to need some hot sauce out of Mikey.
  • Restructured Roster: If you’ve been keeping up on your Bulls news you’ve noticed that the Bulls traded away Marquis Teague, the second year PG (he just wasn’t panning out) and picked up Toko (Tornike) Shengelia from the Brooklyn Nets. The trade created more cap space for the Bulls come the summer and Toko is a 6-foot-9 forward that we’ll consider a project for Coach Thibodeau over next three months. It’s unlikely Toko will get any playing time against the Cavs, but Thibs is full of surprises these days so we’ll have to wait and see.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“It’s going to be very strange seeing Deng in a Cavaliers uniform instead of repping the black, red and white, but change is inevitable. I’ve got to get over it sometime and what better way than with a Chicago Bulls win in Cleveland.”

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What’s Next: 

The Bulls tip off in Cleveland at 6 PM. Be sure to tune into Comcast Sportsnet to catch Deng and Noah going head to head for the first time in their NBA careers. It’s going to be a throwdown.


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Well, well, how things can change in a single game! The United Center was in an uproar Wednesday night, and it wasn’t just because fans were getting Big Macs. The Bulls bench sparked a 101-78 spanking over the Mavericks and damn, was it refreshing to watch. After blowing a 27 point lead to the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, coach Thibodeau knew some serious changes needed to be made with his lineup and time management. Chicago needed a comeback win in a big way and the basketball gods answered our prayers. Must know water cooler details on the Bull’s face-saving come-back below.

What You Need to Know:

  • The bench came alive! Coach Thibs finally gave his reserves some real minutes and they delivered by scoring 50 points for the the first time this season. Nate Robinson led the benchers with 14 points, Jimmy Butler added a career-high 13 points, Taj Gibson finished with eight points and eight rebounds, Belinelli, who didn’t play a single second of Monday’s game, contributed 11 points.  Even Vladimir Radmanovic got in the action with a sweet dunk. Could it be a revival of the Bench Mob is in the works?
  • Without the heavy minutes loaded on the starters, they came up big too. Luol Deng was the leading scorer for the Bulls with 22 points and Joakim Noah picked up his sixth double double this season with 13 points and 10 rebounds.

    Deng defending Mavs Vince

  • Los Bulls picked up their stellar defense holding the Mavs to 78 points – we love the sound of that! Prior to playing the Bulls, O.J. Mayo was averaging 21.5 a game, but Wednesday Mayo only scored four points – a season low. Shawn Marion was the top scorer for Dallas with 18 points.

Your Take Away Piece: 

“PHEW! Wednesday’s game was a win the Bulls desperately needed. They proved the bench is capable of producing points and gave some much needed hope to their devoted fans reassuring that they can keep things rolling while we wait for Derrick Rose’s return. Because our starters weren’t playing excessive minutes they were able to play at a higher caliber because they had energy when the final quarter started. The Bulls that played against the Dallas Mavericks are the Bulls who need to show up to play as frequently as possible. Collective team efforts are the only way to win games in this league when you’re missing your star.”

What’s Next: 

The Philadelphia 76ers are coming to town Saturday night for a prime-time game under the lights of the UC. We’ll see if they’re ready to reignite the rivalry established during the first round of the playoffs last season. Will the Bulls be able to get some vengeance against the team who eliminated their playoff hopes last May? Grab your girls and head to your favorite Saturday night spot to watch Chicago and Philly face off at 7PM on WGN.


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