Chicago Blackhawks

Would we want it any other way?

The Blackhawks will start their repeat dreams and open the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the St. Louis Blues tomorrow night at 8:30pm at the Scottrade Center.

This will be one of the most fascinating series of the first round that will guarantee a legitimate cup contender is going home early.  These two teams are the big dogs in the central division. They hate each other and that makes it even more exciting to watch.

The Hawks and Blues met five times this season. Chicago won two games in the five-game season series, but recorded a point in every game as St. Louis’ three wins came in overtime.

The last time these two met in the playoffs was the 2014 series and come on who could forget that! Big hits, overtime wins and tons of trash talk, I can smell it already!

As we examine this series a bit more we can’t help but look at the Blackhawks playoff experience it is one of their biggest advantages. They have played a lot of bonus hockey the last few years and with the core group of Toews, Kane, Seabrook, Keith (will miss game 1, he is still serving his six game suspension) and Crawford their experiences is a huge advantage here.

Home-ice in this series is not going to be that big of a deal. The Blackhawks travel extremely well, and St. Louis is literally a hop, skip and a jump away. No advantage here. The Blues edge is that they are big as F*, their physical play and size are apparent in the teams previous meetings; the Blues have the edge on the offensive and defensive side of the puck. Hopefully, they won’t play dirty and try and take any of our guys out. Who can forget the hit David Backes took on Brent Seabrook in the 2014 series.

Two players that you need to know in this series are.

Vladimir Tarasenko
: Tarasenko has played very well against the Blackhawks this year. In the five games these teams played he scored five goals, not too shabby. He is also becoming a playoff animal for the Blues. He netted 10 goals in his last 12 playoff games, and in just five games in April he netted four goals. Needless to say the Blackhawks top defensive pairing are going to have their hands full with Tarasenko. He is just getting started. If the Blues have a chance, he needs to continue his hot streak for the club in the postseason.

Patrick Kane
: Where should I start?! Kane comes into the postseason even hotter than Tarasenko, with seven goals in his last five games. Kane is going to win the Hart Trophy for regular season MVP, it’s locked down.  Kane won’t slow down; look for big things from his line with Artem Anisimov and Artemi Panarin. Yeah, try not to confuse them either!

The schedule for this season series (All times are Central): So you don’t miss a moment of the action

Game 1: Wednesday 8:30 p.m. @Scottrade Center

Game 2: Friday 7 p.m. @ Scottrade Center

Game 3: Sunday 2 p.m. @United Center

Game 4: Tuesday 4/19 8:30 p.m. @United Center

Game 5: Thursday 4/21 TBD @Scottrade Center

Game 6: Saturday 4/23 TBD @United Center

Game 7: Monday 4/25 TBD @Scottrade Center

It’s almost been two decades since the NHL last had a repeat champion. This is going to be a phenomenal series. The hardest thing to do in the playoffs is eliminate a champion that just knows how to win in the postseason. The Blues won’t pull it off. Blackhawks in 6.


The month of March is one the Blackhawks would like to forget. I don’t blame them; my March Madness bracket took a real ugly turn, early. Thanks Sparty (never trust the green and white), but hey congrats to Villanova, who had that one picked?! With all the excitement about the upcoming baseball season, it is hard to stay focused, but come on.

The Blackhawks have three games left in the regular-season and are fighting for better playoff positing at this point. The Blackhawks will host Arizona tonight and they currently sit six points behind the Blues.

In the beginning of March the Hawks were one of the best teams in the league, if not the best and as a mentioned before the month of March was not kind to them.  The Hawks went an awful 7-6-2 and have pretty much looked like sh!t and going from an apparent Cup contender to looking like the Maple Leafs (the worst team in the league).

The Blackhawks are one of the most talented teams in the league, they literally have an All-Star player at every position, so what gives for the shitty play?

Let’s face it the Hawks just aren’t getting to the net as successfully as they use to, and their scoring opportunities are less than 50% and that’s 23rd in the league. Not something that a Stanley Cup winning team wants to boast about. Can someone tell my why when Toews and Kane are off the ice, this team gets scored on more than Fiona in Shameless? This team has too much depth and top tier talent. They really need to get into a defensive mindset.  Speaking of defense, they will open the series without Duncan Keith; he will miss the series opener because of his six-game suspension for whacking Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle in the face with a high stick last week.

They seem to be on a collision course to meet the Blues in the first round, and they have the talent to beat anyone in the playoffs at any time. The Blackhawks have been just fine the last six seasons winning three Cups, can they repeat. My heart says yes, the stats tell me to look the other way. Any way you slice it, its playoff hockey in Chicago and let’s bring home Stanley once again!


It has been a crazy couple days in the NHL, viagra sale the trade deadline has come and gone and you may be asking yourself what did the Blackhawks do? Well, online they won the trade deadline, viagra that’s what they did.

The NHL standings are as tight as they come and making deals on Monday before the deadline wasn’t easy for the contenders. However, the Blackhawks seemed to make the most noise and as they say. The rich got richer, and the thoughts of a repeat are starting to become real.

The Blackhawks added Andrew Ladd, Dale Weise and Tomas Fleischmann over the weekend. When you look at the Blackhawks roster before the deals they were already one of the best playoff teams and with these additions, watch out.

Andrew Ladd should sound familiar; the winger won a Stanley Cup with the Hawks in 2010 and has spent the last six seasons wearing the “C” for the Winnipeg Jets. Ladd still has swagger and will eventually be on the Hawks top line with Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa. I love seeing Ladd back, even though his stint will be short with the Hawks. They won’t be able to keep him with the salary cap next year. In the Ladd trade the Blackhawks received Jay Harrison and Matt Fraser. Harrison and Matt Fraser are both depth players and will probably stay in the AHL. The Hawks did send a good young player Marko Dano to the Jets for Ladd; however Stan is playing to win today.

The Blackhawks didn’t stop there they acquired defenseman Christian Ehrhoff from the LA Kings in exchange for Rob Scuderi. When you breakdown this trade, it was a swap of veteran defenseman. When you look at it Ehroff is a better fit in our system than Scuderi.

When you are playing with house money, why stop there. Bowman is clearly focused on winning a fourth cup in seven years and the future, is just that; he continued to make the Hawks better by trading for Dale Weise and Tomas Fleischmann of the Montreal Canadiens.  Weise and Fleischmann will be secondary scorers but they add amazing depth to the Hawks forward group. The Hawks did give up prospect Phillip Danault and a second round pick for those two.

The roster has been refreshed but in Stan we trust and I am excited to see how these new additions will improve  an already outstanding Hawks roster.


San Francisco 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick is having the worst week (season?) ever. I won’t run down his stats but let’s just say that since week one, nurse no rx the number of interceptions he’s thrown is akin to the number of bottles of wine I’ve drank in the same time span. And I spent ten days in Italy. Yikes. Then stories came out about him not caring about mechanics. Oy.

Well after weeks of him sucking the life out of Niners fans everywhere, case they finally benched him. And that’s not even the most embarrassing part. Their backup? Blaine Gabbert. There’s really only one stat you need to know about him, pilule and that would be his record as a starter: 5-22.

I think my favorite part about this story is that the 49er’s front office is framing this not as a true benching, but as a “mental break” for Kaepernick. What the FRONT DOOR is that?! What’s the fix for this, a spa day? Are you going to check him into Promises citing “stress and exhaustion”? “No, no, we aren’t firing you! We’re giving you a mental break from the duties we hired you to perform that you can’t perform well enough to be successful” said no boss ever.

But guys – there’s more. The streets are talking, and they’re saying that the front office waited until this week to bench (or whatever?) him because they are playing the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. Why is this relevant? Well because according to the Niners, the Falcons’ defense is weak and I guess they wanted to give Blaine the best chance to succeed which…five and twenty-two you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did the Falcons feel about this comment?

Photo credit: NESN

A MESS. All that’s missing is Kirk Cousins‘ screaming YOU LIKE THAT?! in the background because I am more than entertained. These Niners get the “better than cable” award.

Alright, here are your Chicago sports in 25 words, more or less. I had to change that from “25 words or less” because I got a little long-winded this week.

Chicago Bears
By all accounts, they don’t suck nearly as much as their record indicates (if there were any GREAT two-win teams, these 2015 Bears top that list amiright?!). I’m excited for next year – that’s right, I’ve officially checked out.

Chicago Bulls
They gave up 130 points to the Hornets last night. The been-around-since-1988-and-have-won-zero-championships-conference-or-division-titles Hornets. The perpetually-in-the-lottery Hornets.

RIP Bulls’ Defense, 2010-2015.

Chicago Blackhawks
Headline, verbatim: Woman who accused Patrick Kane of rape no longer cooperating with investigation. ?

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I am not going to lie. I hit a bit of writers block trying to write about the Blackhawks this week. Therefore, recipe I thought, pills why not check in on one of our favorite Hawks of all time, cialis Patrick Sharp and see how he is doing down in the big D.

The day still haunts me, when Patrick Sharp was sent to the Dallas Stars. We all had a feeling that he was heading somewhere else, as collateral damage in the Blackhawks salary cap crunch situation after their Stanley Cup run last spring.

Now almost a full month into the season Sharpie is starting to heat up. Sharp has four goals and five points in his last three games. Despite the slow start, Sharp now has 8 points in 11 games and the hockey gods are starting to smile down on him. Many saw this coming as Sharp had been a key catalyst on many scoring chances, even though he wasn’t the one putting it in the back of the net. Sharp has also netted four assists this season so far, look for the points to keep stacking up for him.

Expectations were and are still high for the Stars and Sharp. He isn’t afraid to shoot the puck, take hits and get in the middle of the action. Don’t be surprise if he nets over 70 points this season. The Stars currently sit at 9-2-0 and are at the top of many rankings, Sharpie is a big reason for their start. His veteran leadership looks to be rubbing off on young superstars Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

Oh Sharpie… How we miss you… If I hit another wall next week, maybe we will check in on Columbus Blue Jacket Brandon Saad (Yeah that still sounds weird). Go HAWKS!

Jonathan Towes & Patrick Kane

It’s hard to believe that we are already over a week into the NHL season, viagra especially when Chicago has turned ALL its focus on the Cubs! And we should, I mean the Blackhawks have three championships in six years, the Cubs on the other hand… This is our year and #WeAreGood

Enough on that.

The Blackhawks currently are 2-2 and are sitting at the bottom of the conference in sixth place. Grant it, it is early and let’s face it, does the regular season really count? Last night the Blackhawks had their sloppiest game losing 3-0 vs. the Flyers. Too many penalties and no offense sunk this ship early in the second period.

The Blackhawks have a chance to bounce back tonight as they visit the Washington Capitals.  The Capitals haven’t started off on the right foot this season. They currently are 1-1, and a “messed up” alarm clock kept super star Alexander Ovechkin out of their second game of the season, a shellacking from the San Jose Sharks. The Capitals are also without Nicklas Backstrom, who led the league with 60 assists last season but was only cleared for contact this week following offseason hip surgery. There’s no timetable for his return. Obviously the Blackhawks need to take advantage of Backstrom’s absence. Scott Darling, who has yet to face the Capitals, is likely to make his second start of the season in between the pipes. He once again stepped up to the call and stopped 28 shots in Saturday’s 4-1 win against the Islanders.

It’s only been a week, but here are a few observations of the season so far.

  • It’s been a Jekyll & Hyde week. The Blackhawks back to back wins versus the Islanders were the Blackhawks of “last season”. Loses versus the Rangers and Flyers, not good. Too many cracks in the lines, the Hawks looked lost. Its early and plenty of time to work through the lines.
  • Say what you will (and I know I have) about Patrick Kane. He is currently leading the team in points, goals and assists. His focus is clearly on the ice, and trying to fly under the radar. However, the fans on the road have been less than kind to Kaner. Chanting “No Means No” and “She Said No” to the superstar. It has to be taxing emotionally; hopefully he can continue to shine on the score sheet for the Hawks.
  • I am really enjoying watching Trevor Daly; Daly was part of the Patrick Sharp trade and was a leader in Dallas. You can tell he is getting use to Coach Q’s system, but I can definitely see him as part of our top four defenseman core.
  • Corey Crawford + Scott Darling = One Happy Hawks fan!

It’s early. A lot of work needs to be done with the lines and chemistry. However, I am really pumped for another run! #GoHawks

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