WHAT is going on with the Bulls?

Despite their depth, viagra height advantages and overall talent, the Bulls have lost two bewildering back-to-back games at home (woof).  Monday night’s 103-101 loss to the Suns was extra sour, as the Bulls crumbled in the 4th quarter and gave up a 16 point lead to a team they should have absolutely defeated. It seems as though, the only thing our Bulls can do consistently is be inconsistent. Why oh why, can’t our Bulls figure it out?

No one seems to have any answers. When asked about the Bulls ‘killer instinct’ swingman Jimmy Butler said,

“Hell, I think you either got it or you don’t. Right now we don’t have it.”

It’s been apparent thus far into the season Chicago comes out ready to destroy teams of higher calibers (Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs). When it comes to the less elite opponents, it’s almost like the Bulls just show up and play carelessly. They need to be consistent with their drive to win. So what can the Bulls do to find it?

Derrick Rose sure doesn’t have the answer, “If I could put a finger on it, I wish I could, but I can’t. I don’t have an answer for that.”

Pau Gasol thinks it’s time for a team meeting. I’m 100% with the big guy, communication is obviously an issue out on the court. There was a lot of head shaking and angry looks when players weren’t where they needed to be during Monday’s game.

Gasol told the media, “We got to understand what’s going on. How bad do we want this? Because games like this and games like Charlotte you just can’t afford to lose. It’s a big difference winning those types of games and then losing them at the end of the season. We’re putting ourselves out of the playoffs right now — the Eastern Conference is too tight. It’s wide open but you got to go for it. If we want to be up fighting for something, we got to change things up a little bit.”

New head coach Fred Hoiberg was also a bit confused. He explained during the Suns post game interview that the Bulls had played their best defensive game in the 3rd quarter only giving up 10 points, and then played their absolute worst defense during the 4th allowing the Suns to score 42 points. Talk about an identity crisis.

Time to lock it up guys. We can only use the “it’s still early in the season” excuse for so long. The Bulls have Tuesday off and then have the Boston Celtics on Wednesday and the LA Clippers on Thursday.


In other news, Mike Dunleavy needs an additional 4-6 weeks of rehab before his return to the court. Definitely a bummer, since Dunleavy brings more experience to the team than Doug McDermott and Tony Snell at the shooting guard position. Also, Pau Gasol shared that he will “very likely” opt out of his Bulls contract at the end of the season and test the water of free agency.


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Ouch Bobcats! Last night was a matchup of the league’s best and worst teams, the Bulls arrived in Charlotte and easily destroyed the Bobcats,100-68.  It’s what we expected to happen against the Wizards as well, but at least the Bulls performed up to par this time. It was a perfect rebound win for the Bulls and a nice ego boost before their back-to-back game today in Miami. The Bobcats were just a snack, the Heat will be the main course with the probability of some overtime for dessert.

What You Need to Know about Bulls-Bobcats:

  • The Bobcats may be the NBA equivalent to the island of misfit toys. Their fans were so quiet, you could hear coach Thibs (Thibodeau) calling out his plays! Poor Tyrus Thomas (he’s an ex-Bull who ended up in Charlotte).
  • The White Mamba (Brian Scalabrine) made an exclusive appearance! We haven’t seen him on the court in quite a while. Scalabrine might be the most loved player in the NBA, he received a standing ovation in Charlotte when he checked into the game.
  • Rip Hamilton is showing Chi-city what he’s made of! He tied his season high in points and really stepped things up – just in time for the playoffs baby!
  • Taj Gibson and Omer Asik our tandem “Big Guys” of the Bench Mob both had nine points, John Lucas III was throwing up 3-pointers and had 12 points off the bench, even rookie Jimmy Butler got some substantial playing time. Smooth sailing!
What You Need to Know about Bulls-Heat:
  • This is it! Tonight is the final showdown for the Bulls and Heat during the regular season. Chicago has won two out of the first 3 games against Miami this year. If you feel like we were just talking about a Bulls-Heat matchup, we were. Chicago beat Miami at home last Thursday.
  • Since Mr. Hamilton has found his mojo, we’re expecting another big shooting night from him. He’s had back-to-back games with some serious points, we hope he can keep things up at his age (34 is like being ancient in the NBA).
  • Miami stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh both sat out last night to “rest” and will absolutely be ready to go tonight. Lebron James – Bron Bron as we like to call him – has been an animal lately. He’s also a contender for this year’s MVP title (he’s won this twice before).
  • Our All-Stars, Derrick Rose (with a sore foot) and Luol Deng (with his torn wrist ligament) are both “game time decisions” according to Coach Thibs. Teammate Carlos Boozer told CSNChicago last night, “They’re warriors, man. If they can [play], they will.”

Your Take Away Piece:

It’s a battle between the Beasts of the East  and a win for the Bulls is essential in finishing the season off strong, ESPECIALLY since it’s Miami. These two teams are vying for the top spot in the Eastern Conference and it’s going to be a tough fight to the end.


What’s Next:

It’s time to get fired up for another Heat-Bulls throw down. The Bulls tip off in South Beach at 7pm CT, be sure to catch the game on TNT (at least it doesn’t start at 8:30). We’re with this guy; Beat the Heat!

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