buy cialis Sports, shop Beer ” src=”×682.jpg” alt=”” width=”350″ height=”233″ />Next to fashion, my next three favorite things (in no specific order) just happen to be: bacon, beer and sports.  So when the guys over at, a sports comedy site that incorporates all three, announced they were throwing a party, attending the inaugural event was an absolute no-brainer.

This Saturday was the first annual Bacon, Sports and Beer Celebration. Not only did this celebration make be feel all warm and fuzzy from the blustery (abnormally) cold Chicago temperatures, it was also in my backyard at Union Station’s Great Hall. It was a wedding for beer, bacon and sports and I was happy to get an invite.

Every inch of the walls in the Great Hall were covered with some of the cities hottest restaurants bacon creations, beer tastings from craft breweries and sport themed games. Three words – Pop-A-Shot. I now have your attention. Guests were encouraged to sport their “most random” jersey or sports attire. Similar to a prom where a king and queen are crowned, there was a Bacon Bro and a Bacon Babe. Aside from a man dressed in a San Francisco 49’ers suit and the best damn Ditka impersonator I’ve ever seen, a majority of the crowd was sporting jerseys, tees and sweatshirts. While I was working, I had to participate in some way, otherwise what kind of Sportsanista would I be?!

Paired with my Pagie Denim coated black skinnies and taupe suede over-the-knee boots from Nine West, I wore this amazing Nameless stripped button-up, I found at This shirt is proof that fashion and sports can live harmoniously. I digress…. 

As soon as we walked in to the event, I immediately went into Quarterback mode. I assessed the defensive set-up and landed on a play that would get the ball into the end zone. In laments terms, I created a route for myself to sample the most food and beer, sprinkled with a minor photo-shoot and short game of pop-a-shot.

Kitchen Surfing, a private chef service, was one of the most memorable booths with their cheddar bacon drop biscuits with bacon jam. The hospitality of Chef Dustin Smallheer was just as amazing as the bacon jam. Next I sampled some baked macaroni and cheese with bacon crumble from Market BarThe portion was as big as my head, but I wasn’t mad at it.

After all of the bacon indulgent, I needed something to wash it down. I walked on over to the Magic Hat booth to sample their chocolate stout – Heart of Darkness. Chocolate beer? I say yes! I’m the kind of girl who needs some sweet with my savory. On my way to the pop-a-shot I scooped up a deviled egg with buffalo sauce sprinkled with bacon bits for extra confidence. Turns out a deviled egg topped with bacon does not help your shot, but we were all winners that day, right?

After making a full lap around the premises, it was time to hit up the Action Booth, a photographer service that puts the photobooth to shame. The photographer made me jump in 5-inch heels. He said jump, I said how high! The photo below is probably one of my favorite take-aways from the event!  

My second favorite take-away of the event, was’s commitment to give Chicago Cares, a Chicago based volunteer program charity, at least $5,000 of all ticket proceeds. Chicagoians helping Chicagoians, love it!

Now what’s a party without a parting gift? In a recyclable shopping bag each guest received the following items: Vosges chocolate, $50 Gift card, Bacon marinade from Tongue Spank Spice Company, coupon to Kitchen Surfing (something I WILL use), coupons to Frontier and a gift card to apply to Box of Paradise’s one year subscription.

I judge every party by the happiness of my stomach and the contents I leave with. The Bacon, Sports and Beer celebration was the perfect winter Saturday antidote. Job well done.


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