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It’s September, and so when it comes to PTO, unhealthy or paid time off, seek many of us are either maxed out from summer travels, saving a few days for Fall weddings, or hanging on to what’s left for the winter holidays.  For NBA players, PTO takes on a different form from the masses, with time off from what can be April for lottery teams, through the end of September when training camps tip off.  So with the last few weeks of PTO winding down for NBA players across the globe, lets see what some of our favorites have been up to for the last 4-6 months…

The Champs…

After an MVP and NBA Championship Season that lasted through mid-June, Steph Curry spent the summer enjoying his wife Ayeesha’s amazing cooking (follow her blog), and hanging with his beautiful new daughter Ryan, born in July, and of course her sister Riley.  He managed to sign a land mark Under Armour deal, visit Davidson for homecoming, shoot socks with Stephen Colbert and still make time to attend the wedding of teammate…

Andre Iguodala who tied the knot in Cabo in August to his childhood sweet heart Christina Gutierrez.  (See Photos)  It’s almost unfair how likable the Warriors are.  In attendance were teammates and friends Harrison Barnes (unclear if he tried tequilla for a 2nd time), Rudy Gay, Evan Turner, Festus Ezeli, Shaun Livingston, Draymond Green and…

Klay Thompson who has been making rounds with the Larry O’Brien Trophy, visiting his alma mater Washington State for the football team’s season opener, and appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to surprise US Airman Steve Stone, a die hard Warriors fan and one of the three Americans who prevented a terrorist attack on a train to Paris in August.  Thompson played sports fan almost as much as he played sports hero this summer, taking in White Sox games at U.S. Cellular and on the road to watch his brother Trayce Thompson who was called up to the big leagues in August.

The Rubberneckers…

Jimmy Butler probably could have used the extra rest he got with the Bulls early playoff exit in May.  But Jimmy GOT PAID by the Bulls when free agency opened in July, and spent the rest of the summer in the gym (I hope), as well as on the road with his odd couple BFF Mark Wahlberg promoting the Entourage movie in Europe.   He lost to Michael Jordan (no judgement) in a shooting contest at MJ’s Flight School in early August, before taking in the Denver Broncos season opener from the sidelines to support his friend and Broncos Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas.

A little further “West,”  James Harden went from Houston to Hollywood this offseason jumping in to a new relationship with Khloe Kardashian that I think is just everything and more.   Harden accompanied Khloe to Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday festivities as well as to the All-White Yacht Party Khloe threw for his 26th birthday.  He also won the 2015 Drew League Championship and signed a monster deal with Adidas, while wearing Nike Air Jordans, and celebrated with SWAG.

The Wolverines…

With Michigan Football off to a semi-OK start, my Blue blood is building back up, so I had to check in on my favorite Wolverines in the NBA.

Nik Stauskas had a rocky summer breaking up with his longtime girlfriend and social media star Taylor Anderson just about the time that he was traded from Sacramento to Philly.  Stauskas spent some time at Camp Sanderson in Ann Arbor getting his strength and conditioning on before competing in the 2015 FIBA Americas Championship for Team Canada who suffered a crushing defeat by Venezuela and will now have to win a qualifying tournament next summer in order to compete in the Rio Olympics.  Here’s hoping Nik hits more threes and sells less hot sauce in the coming year.

Back in the US, Mitch McGary had an extra long offseason when OKC failed to make the playoffs in the West.  This gave him ample time to watch Cubs games, take his Dad to a game at Wrigley, instagram his Jeep, and work on his epic bench celebrations, although I’m not sure this one can be topped:

34 Days until NBA Tip Off…


Playoffs are here…bring on the fashion.

Hello Divas! I missed all of you oh so dearly. I know it’s been a while, mind but I am back…just in time for the NBA Playoffs!

It is a wonderful time in the NBA where the game–and the fashion–is intensified.

During the Playoffs, health wood can become headgear and lint rollers can act as accessories. There are hits. There are misses. There are downright shames. I’m here for all three. Let’s get into it, cheap shall we?

NBA on TNT Honor Craig Sager with Sartorial Fashion 



If you are an avid basketball watcher, you have definitely seen one of Craig Sager’s bold suits on the sidelines of major games. The TNT reporter is currently being treated for acute leukemia in Atlanta.

In honor of Sager, The NBA on TNT crew channeled their inner Sager and dressed up like him.  Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal sported eye-popping ensembles while wishing him a speedy recovery.

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Deron Williams go Business Casual 



Brooklyn Nets star players Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Deron Williams were recently seen rocking pre-game business casual ensembles. They looked dapper as they made their pregame strut into the locker rooms.

Although the series against the Raptors is tied 2-2, Kevin Garnett tells reporters that he is not impressed with the Barclays Center crowd.

“They could do better,” Garnett said, as reported by ESPN. “I was expecting Brooklyn to be real hostile, New York-style. I know what it’s like to come here as the opposition, so our crowd could do better, but they were there when we needed them, and we fed off of them.” (Fox Sports)

Mike Conley’s Wooden Fedora 

mikeconleyhatQuestion. When did wood become a fashion statement? I am going to go out on a limb and say that Mike Conley would know. The Memphis point guard got everyone’s attention with his wooden head gear. The carpenter’s dream of a hat was an epic collaboration between Conley’s stylist Brandon Williams and Two Guys Bow Ties.

Mike Conley is one of the few people on this earth that can pull this look off. He manages to look swag-ulous even while rocking a hard-wood flooring on his head. That takes talent. Okay. I have another serious question. Does a wooden hat require an occasional pine-sol cleaning? I need to know these things.

Mike Conley's wooden fedora

Mike Conley’s wooden fedora

One thing that I do know is that Mike and Grizzlies are putting up a fight! Memphis is currently tied 2-2 with Oklahoma City.

Andre Iguodala in Animal Print 


Andre Iguodala

Lions and tigers and blue leopard print–oh my. Andre Iguodala was seen sporting a powder- blue leopard print sweater. The Golden State small forward/shooting guard’s style is always on point. I’m glad that his on-court style is finally catching up. On Sunday’s Game 4 against the Clippers, he scored 11 points, nine rebounds and three assists–an improvement on his average 9.3 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.2 assists.

“I found some things they were trying to take away from Steph and Klay (Thompson) and was putting myself in position to be a threat” Iguodala said. “We’re going to continue to look forward and try to make things happen.” (SF Gate) The Warriors are currently tied with the Clippers 2-2.

Drake attends Raptors Game 


Drake is certainly putting Toronto on the map! Ever since the Canadian recording artist (and 2014 ESPYS host) became the Raptors’ global ambassador, everything’s been coming up ‘Canada.’ This is the first time that the Toronto Raptors have made the playoffs in six years. Toronto will also be hosting the 2015 All-Star game.  Big deal, much? Drake is very vocal (and visual) about his love for the Raptors. He has made himself comfortable at the games . Comfortable enough to roll lint. No, that statement is not a euphemism. He was literally using a lint roller on his pants during a game. When he’s not making his clothing lint-free, he is busy yelling at referees.

Brooklyn Nets v Toronto Raptors - Game Two

Oh, Drake. You never cease to slay me.

Well, that’s it for now, Divas! I will be back next week to talk about more Playoffs Fashion and Gossip. As usual, I will keep you fabulously posted!

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Lala’s Sleek 5th and Mercer Style 

Instagram (Lala)

Lala Anthony is one baller’s wife that understands the essence of ‘chic.’ The wife of New York Knicks star, hospital Carmelo Anthony rarely ever dresses without impressing. I have been obsessed with her recently launched clothing line, 5th and Mercer.

Lala and her partner/long time stylist Jason Bolden joined forces and created a chic–yet practical– collection. Celebs like Gabrielle Union have been seen in 5th and Mercer fabulousness. These figure-hugging pieces can be purchased on Shop Bop. 5th and Mercer pieces are great for a night on the town, or a day at the office. Long story short, Lala is consistently winning in the style department. ‘Winning’ is something that her husband is just not doing enough of.

On Monday, Carmelo and the Knicks suffered a devastating one-point loss to

the Washington Wizards.  From the aimless dribbling to the dysfunctional defense, the team’s rhythm is just off. I wouldn’t blame Knicks fans for keeping their eyes closed during games. Fortunately, they were able to beat the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday (107-101). It would have been a complete and utter shame if they lost to the NBA’s worst team . The Knickerbockers are going to need to get things together if they want to stand a chance against the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday.

Andre Iguodala’s Pre-game Suit

Twitter (@goldenstsatewarriors)

Guess who’s back (back, back)? Andre Iguodala, who missed 12 games days due to a pulled hamstring, has returned, and he is slaying! He was seen sporting a perfectly tailored pre-game suit. On Tuesday night’s game, he did not disappoint–on or off the court. The Warriors’ defense struggled without him, but the team was able to snag a win on Tuesday Night’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans. They were unable to defeat the short-handed San Antonio Spurs (104-102), but Golden State’s on-court dynamic has improved significantly.

Iggy’s look is a slum dunk…even though he might have missed a potentially epic one on Tuesday night (Watch Here)! Nonetheless, Warriors coach Mark Jackson was happy that Iguodala was back in the starting lineup. “He’s a guy that makes life so much easier for everybody on the floor. His ability to make plays, his ability to read and react, we missed him. Glad to have him back. And then there was a carryover effect.” Jackson says (USA Today).

D. Rose in Adidas Sweatshirt

Twitter (@einial)

I am patiently awaiting the day when Derrick Rose will grace the United Center floor again. Considering that I’m a Chicagoan ‘til Chicago ends…I am taking his injury kind of personally. For now, I can only wait…and investigate his attire.

Here, he is rocking a hoodie from the adidas Derrick Rose Collection with the absolutely adorable Pooh Jr. (a.k.a future ladies man).

‘Struggling’ is an understatement when it comes to the Bulls’ condition. Since D.Rose has been out, the Bulls have won only three games. Overall, the Bulls have racked up less than 80 points per game and they are shooting a pitiful 42% from the floor (which, might I add, is the third worst in the league.)  They are dysfunctional, and they are in desperate need for shot creators and shot makers. D.Rose is under a lot of pressure (and ridicule). Recently, he was even been slammed by Chicago columnist, Dan Bernstein. Overall, there is sheer frustration and disappointment among Chicago fans.

Holiday Shopping with Harrison Barnes

Everyone (in their right mind) loves a good shopping spree. Who knew that a little retail therapy can also have a positive impact in someone’s life? Warriors forward, Harrison Barnes partnered with Adidas and took ten remarkable Bay Area youths for a well-deserved shopping spree. The kids won an essay/video contest in which they explained why they would like to spend an afternoon with the NBA player.

Barnes made sure that he had one-on-one time with each child giving them advice and helping them to pick out shoes and apparel in a San Francisco adidas store. The former Tar Heel  enjoyed seeing the joy and excitement on the children’s faces.

Nike’s Colorful Christmas Day Shoes

Lebron 11 (

Even athletes need a holiday pop of color! On Christmas day, star players will wear special editions of their signature sneakers. Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant will ‘deck the halls’ in these vibrant sneakers on Christmas. These sneakers will also be available for purchase in limited quantities starting December 26th.

Kobe 8 System (



That’s all for now…but you already know that we have got so much ground to cover with Christmas around the corner. As always, Courtside Chic will keep you fabulously posted. Until next week, Divas!


The Bulls just can’t catch a break these days. The Denver Nuggets rolled into Chicago last night looking to extend their double-digit winning streak to 12 games. After an intense overtime battle we thought Joakim Noah had finally silenced the Nuggets with his tip-in with 1.7 seconds on the clock, drugstore but the refs broke our hearts by calling it “offensive goaltending”. Even with a strong performance by the entire Bulls squad and the Chi-rish green jerseys, rx it still wasn’t enough to pull off a win for the Bulls.

What You Need to Know:

  • Nasty Nate Robinson got down and dirty leading the Bulls with 34 points and seven assists. He started in place of the injured Kirk Hinrich and this time our streaky shooter came out shooting lights out! With 13.4 seconds left in regulation Robinson sunk a three-pointer and sent the game into OT.
  • Producing points wasn’t an issue Monday night (for once). Luol Deng had 21 points, Marco Belinelli had 18 points, Jimmy Buckets Butler had 15 points, Noah had 14 points and 12 rebounds and Carlos Boozerfinished with 14 points.

    Denver’s Wilson Chandler

  • Unfortunately, Denver was just as productive on offense at the UC. Nugget bencher Wilson Chandler must have drank the same water as Nasty Nate because he had 35 points and nine rebounds.  Corey Brewer tacked on 16 points off the bench for Denver as well. And then to seal the deal, Andre Iguodala drained a three-point shot in OT to put the Nuggets up one point with 1.7 seconds left – he finished with 12 points.
  • It felt like the officials stole the game from Chicago with their bogus calls, but in the end the Bulls had two pain points against the Nuggets:  Rebounding and Fast Break points. Los Bulls were out-rebounded 53-42 and Denver wiped the court with 30 fast break points compared to Chicago’s measly eight.
  • The highlight of the game, and certainly a conversation for the water cooler this morning will be the horrible officiating in the final seconds of the game when Noah tipped in Marco Belinelli’s basket. Watch the video above to see how Noah clearly stayed out of the ‘cylinder’ that players cannot interfere with when he helped tip in a perfectly good basket that could’ve won the game for the Bulls.

Your Take Away Piece:

“It’s always tough to swallow a one point loss, but a one point loss after a controversial call is the absolute worst. Denver is one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now and a win could have really given our Bulls a boost heading into the final stretch of the season. They played tough basketball last night, we can’t complain about that.”

What’s Next: 

Chicago has two more shots to rack up some home wins this week. Next up are the Portland Trailblazers at 7PM on Thursday. With “The Return” of Derrick Rose looming around the corner you won’t want to miss any home games (we’re anticipating his return to the lineup will be at the UC). Be sure to tune in on CSN Chicago to see if #1 will suit up this season.


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In just six games, the Bulls playoff run is officially over.  The top seeded Chicago Bulls were eliminated in the first round by the eighth seeded Philadelphia 76ers last night in Game 6.  The Sixers won the final game of a gritty and hard-fought series by 1 lousy point, 79-78, taking the best of 7-series, 4-2, and leaving so many to ask “how did this happen?” 

After such a difficult season filled with adversity, losing franchise superstar Derrick Rose to multiple injuries and then a torn ACL, the injured Bulls will finally have a real chance to recover and come back bigger and better next season.  But not before the critics and the down-hearted analyze and pick-apart the Bulls short 6-game playoff run to determine – besides the obvious injuries – what really went wrong for the Bulls?  How did the team with the #1 record in the NBA with the deepest bench, lose to a mediocre team like Philly?

What You Need to Know:

  • Let’s take a look at the positives. Despite the rowdy crowd and Philly’s home court momentum, Luol Deng, Rip Hamilton and Taj Gibson all finished in double figures providing aggressive offense for the Bulls. Deng (19 points) and Hamilton (19 points) shot lights out in the first quarter and really set the tone for Chicago offensively. Gibson (14 points) was a man on a mission playing with the highest intensity we’ve seen this year.
  • Andre Iguodala

    Now on to the bad: Carlos Boozer had 3 points. After having an amazing Game 3 and 5, Carlos was needed more than ever when it counted in Game 6 and just didn’t show up offensively.  Boozer has been the #1 target for Bulls fans to trash – due to his inconsistency as a player with such amazing ability.   Expect to hear Boozer’s name as the fall-guy for the Bulls collapse in Game 6 – sadly though, he deserves it.

  • In the final seconds of the 4th quarter starting Center (the injured Joakim’s understudy), Omer Asik, missed 2 free throws which then led to Andre Iguodala sinking two free throws and clinching the 76ers victory – it left a foul taste lingering for Chicago fans.We cannot blame Asik for the Game 6-season ending loss. There were plenty of other missed shots throughout the game, however, FREE throws are meant to be easy baskets.

    Omer Asik

    You can guarantee the “Turkish Delight” will be practicing his free throws in his off season workouts.

  • Bulls starting center and fan favorite, Joakim Noah, suited up tonight, but his right ankle wasn’t quite well enough to actually play in the game. He had to sit on the bench and frustratingly watch his team lose by a single point in the final game of their season.
Your Take Away Piece: “The Bulls out-played the 76ers in Game 6, but it just didn’t pan out in their favor.  Chicago is the better team, but the Sixers played a better series and took advantage of our weaknesses.”

Round 2 Match-ups in Eastern Conference


What’s Next: The 76ers advance to the Eastern Conference Semi Final Round (aka Round 2) to face the veteran Boston Celtics. And for the Bulls, they have their work cut out for them this off season. There is a laundry list of recoveries that need to take place. Derrick Rose will be having surgery on his torn ACL this weekend, Luol Deng has postponed his wrist surgery until after the Summer Olympics and Noah’s ankle can heal to 100%. Maybe we can pretend the ending to this memorable and historical season never even happened? A girl can dream.


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Full of heart, hustle and muscle, the Chicago Bulls survive elimination in Game 5 to see another day!  The pressure-cooker environment at the Madhouse worked last night as the Bulls prevailed and avoided an early first round exit by defeating the Philadelphia 76ers 77-69 at home. They still trail the Sixers 3-2 but after an emotional and gritty Game 5 victory, the Bulls have a bit more confidence as they head back to Philadelphia for Game 6 with the same “Do or Die” mentality.

All-Star Luol Deng

What You Need to Know:

  • Tuesday’s Game 5 triumph was the first win the Bulls have obtained since MVP Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the playoff opener.  Center, Joakim Noah also sat out his second straight game tonight (be sure to check out his ensemble in the highlights, he’s rocking the messy bun and has a large beaded tribal-inspired necklace to accessorize). The win proves that the Bulls can produce under pressure even without their stars.
  • Deng, was he good! Luol Deng really stepped up his game as soon as the clock started. The All-Star got off to a quick start, had some shots at the buzzer and really was the difference in the Bulls Game 5 success. He was the Bulls leading scorer of the night, finishing with 24 points and 8 rebounds.
  • We’re all riding the Booze Cruise as Carlos Boozer continues to do damage during this playoff series. He scored a total of 19 points and added 13 rebounds as well. He’s a player who has struggled in the post season in recent years and it’s reassuring to see him playing so confidently for us this year.
  • The Bulls’s Bench Mob was alive in Game 5 too! Taj Gibson (8 points, 7 rebounds) was a boost of energy off the bench and provided outstanding defense – despite tweaking his ankle in the second half of the game and playing through the pain. Ronnie Brewer (6 points, 8 rebounds) also had a larger presence Tuesday night.

    Taj Gibson

  • Defense was an essential factor in Tuesday night’s win. The Bulls defense held the 76ers best players to limited points. Jrue Holiday scored 16 points for Philadelphia, Lou Williams scored 13 points and Andre Iguodala and Spencer Hawes both finished with 11. We had previously let Hawes score over 20 points in the last two games.

Your Take Away Peice:  The Bulls aren’t finished yet! Last night’s energy and collective win seemed like a turning-point for the team.   But, the Bulls still have no room for error and must keep up their momentum as the Sixers will be looking to finish this on Thursday, especially at home.”

What’s Next: No need to retire your Bulls gear because we’re not done yet!  Back to Philly the Bulls go, still threatened with the possibility of elimination. Bulls’ Omer Asik said it best, “We will never give up fighting,” the players won’t and neither will their fans.  Game 6 will be Thursday at 6pm on Comcast SportsNet. The Bulls need to win (otherwise it’s all over) and force the series to Game 7 and snatch the final win at home. Check back in tomorrow for Game 6 Cheat Sheet and until then, keep bullieving.

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