Alshon Jeffery

The Bears (3-5) fourth quarter rallies are what make me believe that they do have some talent on the roster.  Even after floundering against the Lions and Vikings, cialis sale the Bears gave it their all last night, viagra which is definite progress from last season (and a testament to the coaching staff).

The first half of the game didn’t give the Bears much hope. Hell, every single analyst on MNF (sans our man, Ditka) predicted the Chargers to win and rightfully so.  In the first half, QB Jay Cutler was Jay, and threw a 68-yard pick-six which made my eyes roll.  But by the fourth quarter, Cutler gained some much-needed confidence and in a series of eight plays, put the Bears 55 yards. Cutty then connected with TE Zach Miller on a 25-yard one-handed touchdown. It was spectacular.  Bears ended up clinching the win, 22-19.

A victory is great and should provide momentum for these upcoming games (that will still be very hard to win), but will this momentum be enough for Bears to make it to the playoffs? Doubtful. But at least they are showing progress under the new coaching regime.

When you’re grabbing lunch with your coworker today, here’s the main player stats you need to know from last night’s game below.

Key Chicago Player Stats:

Rookie Running Back Jeremy Langford (in for Matt Forte) had a stellar game; he ran for 142 yards with one touchdown and one two-point conversion. (Pretty sure last night’s performance made up for that dropped pass a couple games back.)

Our favorite WR Alshon Jeffery, caught 10 passes for 151 yards.

Cutler was 27 of 40 passes for 345 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. It is worth noting that Cutler’s interception rate coming into this game was just 1.9 percent, a career best. (Again, a testament to Adam Gase and the coaching staff.)

Fun Fact:

Cutler broke the franchise record for most career touchdown passes (with a total of 138) when he connected with TE Bennett last night.

Next Up:

Bears will be headed to St. Louis to take on the Rams (4-4) next Sunday at 12PM CST.


The Minnesota Vikings hadn’t won a game at Soldier Field since 2007 but they changed their losing-streak with a field goal late in the fourth to secure a victory against the Chicago Bears. What I currently find most frustrating is the fact that these fourth quarter drives by Chicago never seem to be enough to lock a victory and now that we are almost half-way through the season, stuff many Chicago fans are struggling to keep the TV on for the full game each week.  In fact, drugstore my husband told me that I should just title this post, generic “Bears Suck, The End” (Note that he’s a Cowboys fan, so ugh, whatever).  Alas, while many of you frustrated fans turn off the TV, I still sit through the game to highlight the bright and dull points of the beloved Bears games. For those of you who missed the game, here’s a quick recap below:

The Bears offense struggled most of the first half, which was to be expected with Minnesota’s blitz-happy defense.  In fact, they only managed 70 yards before Cornerback Kyle Fuller got the key takeaway that led to a touchdown.

Two key Bears players, WR Eddie Royal and RB Matt Forte were out of the game with knee-injuries, so Chicago relied heavily on RB  Jeremy Langford and WR  Alshon Jeffery for offense.  Both played well; Langford rushed 12 times for 46 yards total and Jeffery caught 10 passes for 116 yards and one touchdown.  Even QB Cutler took a dive over a Vikings safety for a 4-yard touchdown.  He had 211 yards, one touchdown and one rushing score.

Cutler’s diving touchdown (which many had believed was the game winner) just wasn’t enough though as Minnesota quickly bounced back to tie the game. And with less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter on third down, Chicago had a chance to re-take the lead but RB Langford dropped the key pass that would have resulted in a first down. The Bears short-drive ended up being exactly what Minnesota needed; they moved the ball 48 yards in four plays to set-up the game winning field goal.

Fun fact: Chicago has now lost 10 straight games to NFC teams.

What’s Next:

The Chicago Bears take on the San Diego Chargers (2-6) in San Diego for some MNF on November 9th at 7:30 PM. The San Diego franchise is having the worst first half to a season since 2003 and they lost to the Ravens in Baltimore last week.  If the current Ravens Coach (and former Bears Coach), Marc Trestman can beat the Chargers, we better be able to do the same.  I’m going to obtain a positive attitude for this upcoming game and predict a Bear victory (because hey, we’ve got upcoming games vs. the Broncos and the Packers that we all know we’re not going to win).  Be sure to check back with  me next week for a recap of the game.


The momentum the Bears (2-4) have shown in the fourth quarter stretch the last few games really made me believe that they could come back to win yesterday’s game. Chicago had a couple opportunities to lock a victory, shop but penalties and bizarre calls did not make it any easier for them.  The Bears struggled defensively to contain Quarterback, Matthew Stafford and Wide Reciever Calvin Johnson and ultimately that cost them the game as the Bears fell to the Lions 34-37.

The game was exciting with a lot of action and scoring for both sides but in the fourth quarter it came down to Chicago Kicker Robbie Gould, who tied up the game to send it into overtime with a 29 yard field goal.  In overtime, Lions when Stafford connected with Johnson on a 57 yard play that set Kicker Matt Prater up for his 27 yard field goal – securing a Detroit victory.  Here’s the key stats and “play of the game” that you’ll need to know regarding this game below.


Key Chicago Player Stats:

Running Back, Jeremy Langford, one yard touchdown

Running Back, Matt Forte,  three receptions for 69 yards and one touchdown

Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery started after being out four weeks with a hamstring injury and it didn’t appear that his leg was bothering him any as he had eight receptions for 147 yards and one touchdown.

Quarterback Jay Cutler had 353 passing yards, one touchdown and one interception.  The Cutler Chicagoans all know and love would have had a full-blown meltdown after throwing an interception, but this new Cutler we’re seeing managed to recover and continue to drive the ball down the field.


What everyone will be talking about this week: 

The infamous TD/INT call that was reversed…

The Lions turned a turnover into a touchdown on a play that made many scratch their heads in the first half of the game.  With less than a minute remaining in the second quarter, Detroit Quarterback Matthew Stafford threw to Wide Receiver Golden Tate in the end zone and Tate lost control of the ball.  Chicago’s Jonathan Anderson ended up picking it up for the interception. The officials originally ruled the play a touchback and awarded possession to the Bears, but ended up reversing the call upon further review. Check it out for yourself here.

Why does this matter? Well, it has become almost impossible to understand what equals a catch in the NFL over the last few years.  See here or here, for further confusion and head-scratching. Thanks refs!


Next Up:

Bears have bye week and will return to the field against the Minnesota Vikings (3-2) at home on November 1st and 12 PM Central. I would love to predict a victory but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I clearly have given the Bears too much credit on previous games so I’m going to be cautious this time around. Check back next Monday for some Bears news.


Even though a little part of me wants the Bears to lose (merely for draft-pick purposes), stuff there’s still a part of me that’s super happy to see adequate coaching and a few wins for Chicago. Head Coach, John Fox is doing the best he can during the Bears rebuilding phase and it shows. The Chicago Bears (2-3) beat Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) yesterday with nail-biting, exciting fourth quarter play.

The Bears already knew they would be without Wide Receivers Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal and three starting offensive linemen due to injuries going into the game.  However, the Bears also faced the same issues during the game as Linebacker, Shea McClellin left with a knee injury.

However, the hardest injury to watch happened during the game for the opposing team.  Kansas City’s star (and franchise) Running Back, Jamall Charles collapsed on the field during a third quarter play.  Preliminary reports are saying it is a torn ACL and he’ll be out the season, which is a huge loss for the team.  That injury could also be considered a turning point in the game for the Bears, as all the excitement and touchdowns came in the fourth quarter and the Chiefs remained scoreless the entire second half of the game.

Here’s what everyone will be talking about today:

The fourth quarter 67-yard touchdown drive by Quarterback Jay Cutler was one for the books. On the Bears final possession with less than 30 seconds on the clock, Cutler bobbled the snap, recovered and managed to toss a pass to Running Back Matt Forte for the game-winning touchdown. If you missed it, you can relive the moment via the NFL Twitter feed here. After that drive, the Chiefs tried to come back and win the game with a 66-yard field goal that was no good.

Offensive Player of the Game:

Cutty is still not my buddy… especially when he gets sacked, creates a fumble, which turns into a touchdown for the opposing team… all of which occurred in the first quarter.  But that being said, he has stepped up the last two games and performed well in high-pressure situations late in the game (see above paragraph). Cutler was 26-of-45 for a total of 252 yards with two touchdowns and zero interceptions (thank you sweet baby Jesus).

Defensive Player of the Game:

If you haven’t noticed already, when I talk about defense each week, I mostly talk about Outside Linebacker, Pernell McPhee.  If you don’t know him, get to know him and quick!  He’s quickly becoming the face of the Bears defense.  The notable play? In the third, Kansas City attempted a 27-yard field goal which was blocked by McPhee.  This also helped turn the tide in the Bears favor during the second half of the game.


Fun fact: Bears Kicker Robbie Gould became the franchise’s all-time leading scorer yesterday (total of 1,118 points) with his third-quarter field goal.

What’s Next:

The Chicago Bears take on the Detroit Lions in Detroit (0-5) next Sunday at 12 PM. Normally the Lions are a great opponent for Chicago (both teams being in the NFC North) but even Wide Receiver, “Megatron” Calvin Johnson can’t seem to help Detroit out lately. The struggle is real and it’s making hard for me to believe that the Lions will beat the Bears. Check back on the blog next week to recap key points and plays.


The Chicago Bears were their own worst enemy this regular season – a season that ended abruptly tonight in a heartbreaking loss to the rival Green Bay Packers in a winner-take-all scenario.

After blowing the opportunity to clinch the division last week in Philly, pharm you would’ve thought that the Bears would have come out guns blazing today against their arch-nemesis the Green Bay Packers… and yes, while there were some great sparks and bouts of excitement today, a couple of key plays ultimately would cost them the game – and their post season aspirations, as they once again, fell to the Pack, this time in a close one, 33-28.

The bottom line here is this:  A potential play-off spot literally fell into their lap and CHICAGO SOMEHOW MANAGED TO BLOW THEIR CHANCE TO WIN THE NFC NORTH AND HEAD TO THE PLAYOFFS.

Instead, the 8-7-1 Packers win the division, almost by default and the Bears miss the postseason for the sixth time in the last seven years. Talk about a heartbreaking end to Trestman’s first year as coach…. there’s going to be lots of talk about the future of key players (Cutty included).  Here’s what you need to know about the saddest game of the season.

What You Need to Know:

  • Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was anything but rusty tonight in his return after missing seven games due to a broken collarbone. In fact, he threw the most beautiful 48-yard TD pass to WR Randall Cobb with 38 seconds remaining in the game to give Green Bay the victory. Rodgers went 25-for-39 for 318 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions and a passer rating of 85.2.
  • The Bears offense played well – but not good enough to get the win and make up for the faulty defense that ultimately broke down in the end. Matt Forte rushed for 110 yards on 22 carries and had four receptions for 47 yards (and my fantasy team thanks you) and three TDs. Jay Cutler had his best game of his career against the Packers and went 15-for-24 with 226 yards, two TDs, one pick and a passer rating of 103.8.  Brandon Marshall also had six receptions for 74 yards and one TD.

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  • Bizzare Play of Game:  WR Boykin scored on a Pack fumble to give Green Bay the lead in the first half. Boykin picked up what he thought was a dead ball (although there was no whistle) and stood there for a couple of seconds before he was urged to run into the end zone by his Aaron Rodgers.  Please note that the Bears defenders just stood around during this whole fiasco.  Apparently both teams had thought Rodgers had thrown an incomplete pass.  Hey D, for future reference: Always pick up the ball and run.  I’m sure the refs will tell you to stop if needed.

Your Take Away Piece:

“The Chicago Bears were 8-8 this year with Marc Trestman as head coach.  Our offense has drastically improved with the reliability of Matt Forte, the connection and relationship between Cutler and dynamic receivers Marshall and Jeffrey, and a surprisingly fun appearance from McCown while Cutler was out. Unfortunately, I do not have as much to say about our defense in 2013 as they were plagued with injuries and riddled with errors.”

What’s Next:

I’m not upper-level management or the McCaskeys but I think there will be some internal discussion regarding the defense (particularly safeties) and a restructuring of the d-line for next year.

I know there’s A LOT of rumors and public opinion on Cutler’s return…. and while he may not be the quarterback Chicago feels it deserves, he’s the quarterback Chicago needs right now. (Yes, I just loosely referenced “The Dark Knight”.)  I say this because I just don’t see many other QB options available out there right now and as we’ve seen this year, when you have a good offense you can plug in any QB and get some decent results.  My guess is Cutler and McCown will be back and that we will see some major changes defensively for the 2014 season. 

Until next season, Bear Down Chicago fans! It has been a pleasure chatting football with you.  I’ll be spending my next few days anticipating the Sugar Bowl.  Roll Tide!”

Bears vs. Eagles Enemy & Eye Candy

When I say that this weekend’s Bears game is going to be good, here I really meant it. In fact, pilule it’s going to be so good that it was moved from it’s original air time, noon, to a 7:30 PM slot on NBC. Chicago will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly and both teams share an 8-6 record and definite playoff potential.

Despite receiving some major criticism for the first half of his return game last week, by the end of the game Jay Cutler showed us all why he is Chicago’s franchise QB. He’ll be back on the field this Sunday and with guys like Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte in his arsenal, hopefully he’ll bring along a bit more accuracy this week.

Since Chicago has the worst run defense in the NFL, Cutler’s ability to get the ball to those weapons, will be more important than ever in this week’s match-up. Let’s take a look at who’ll be attacking the Bears defense, as well as which hottie to keep an eye on on the sideline in this week’s edition of Enemy and Eye Candy.


LeSean McCoy

Much like last weeks enemy, this weeks has been making record-breaking moves. I am, of course, talking about running back LeSean McCoy. Earlier this week, McCoy told ESPN that he wanted to put the offense on his back and he is definitely qualified to do so. Let’s learn why.

  • Number 25 has accumulated 1,343 rushing yards this season, making him the NFL’s leading rusher. That number is impressive on its own but when matched up with the number of rushing yards the Bears defense allows per game,152.4, it is especially daunting.
  • McCoy has entered the end zone a total of 7 times this season and although that isn’t an astronomical number, he has the ability to set his team up to score and that’ll be dangerous for the Bears tomorrow night.

    LeSean McCoy

  • There is a good amount on the line for the Eagles in this Sunday night football game, giving McCoy all the more reason to go out there and be as explosive as ever. If the Dallas Cowboys lose to Washington earlier in the day tomorrow, an Eagles W could clinch their division. Hopefully the Bears won’t let that happen!

EAGLES’ eye candy 

Cornerback Brandon Boykin might just have the best smile in the NFL and for that reason he is this week’s eye candy. Boykin joined the Eagles in 2012, after spending four years as a CB at the University of Georgia. In his senior year, he was named the MVP of the 2012 Outback Bowl and also won the Paul Hornung Award.

So far this season, No. 22, who has a four-year contract with the Eagles, has racked up 43 tackles, two forced fumbles and four interceptions. Despite suffering a concussion in last week’s game, Boykin is cleared to play tomorrow against the Bears and will most likely be matched up with the great Brandon Marshall. Let’s see if he can get on Marshall’s level, literally…B Marsh is 6 inches taller!






On paper it looks like the Eagles should come away with a win at home tomorrow but there are a couple of things that could change that. First, defensive leader Lance Briggs is a game-time decision for this Bears and if he is cleared, his presence might just be the confidence boost that the Bears D needs. Secondly, Cutler will need to go out there and not only perform with better accuracy than last week but also display better consistency throughout all four quarters, not just the fourth. Tune into NBC tomorrow night to see if the Bears can pull off a win on the road and keep their top spot in the NFC North. 


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