“Brought to you by AT&T #FootballEverywhere”

Can you believe that it’s already bowl season?! I sure can’t. The debate of who should be in and out is one hot topic. Something that shouldn’t be is not being able to catch your favorite college football team in action!

So when I was offered to cover AT&T’s Football Everywhere partnership with Uber in select cities I jumped at the opportunity. First off, check I love college football, for sale like LOVE. Second, buy I love Uber. And third, I love tech and the way it is incorporated into our everyday lives.

What is “Football Everywhere”? This college football season, AT&T offered and showed consumers how AT&T products and services help get them college football – wherever they are. AT&T brought the delivery of college football to life in a fun way. The program came to life in multiple ways, one being a strategic partnership with Uber to create UberCONNECT, powered by AT&T. This unique product provided fans the opportunity to watch live streaming games inside custom, college football branded Connected Cars so they didn’t have to miss a play on game day.

AT&T also brought College Football Everywhere and its fleet of Connected Cars to Nashville, Detroit and Houston earlier in the season, with special guests like Jerome Bettis, Herman Moore and Dat Nquyen surprising riders. This time in Atlanta on game day AT&T had football everywhere Uber cars (which are RIDICULOUSLY cool) that allow fans to be immersed in college football during ride.

Imagine you are just going about your Saturday plans and you need an Uber, not just any Uber one that comes along with soon to be NFL Hall of Famer corner back Troy Polamalu and music superstar Big Boi and connected and hooked up with all the bells and whistles from AT&T to watch any college football game during your ride.

Check out the super cool AT&T and Uber cars that surprised Atlanta riders last weekend. Man, the one time I wish I lived in Atlanta.  I think these riders’ reactions said it all. Well done AT&T and Uber, well done.

“Brought to you by AT&T #FootballEverywhere”

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The week started out so promising.  The then-14th ranked Indiana Hoosiers descended on the Maui Jim Invitational after a 86-65 victory over Creighton, cheap and most of us who made the trip were eyeing a potential championship match-up with Kansas on the last day of the tournament.  Hoosier Nation came out to Hawaii in full force evidenced by the overwhelming amount of cream and crimson everywhere at the team hotel.  In fact, if you weren’t wearing cream and crimson, you stood out.

By the end of the week, however, after the Hoosiers had dropped two out of three games and finished with a 69-72 loss to UNLV, many fans on social media and reporters in the mainstream media were, well, disgruntled to say the least.  After all, the fans had paid thousands of dollars and traveled extraordinary miles to watch the Hoosiers play, and Hoosier Nation expected nothing less than victory (or least a close defeat) from their players and coaches.  So was the trip worth it?

As we consider that question, let’s remember where this tournament was played: Maui.  Yes, Maui.   So after the heart-breaking loss to Wake Forest on the first day of the tournament, although everyone was miserable, it could not be lost on you that you were in Hawaii.  What better place to be to nurse your team’s loss!  The beach, pool, spa, pool bar, or any one of several activities and excursions available on a moment’s notice were there to distract you and remind you how lucky you were to be on a tropical island while the rest of the Midwest dealt with the first real winter storm.  In fact, I would strongly recommend to the NCAA tournament committee that they consider having every Final Four in Hawaii for the fans’ sakes!

As for whether or not going to the basketball games were worth it, I will say this:  Not since college, have I had the opportunity to be able to sit so close to the court and observe the team.  The Lahina Civic Center is smaller than some high school gyms in Indiana.  You really had the opportunity to see the team up-close, hear the coaches barking out instructions, and watch the team from a view point that only a few get to see on a regular basis.  Even though it’s early in the season and line-ups and schemes will evolve, being able to see your team play three days in a row courtside is amazing for a college basketball fan.  In fact, I feel like I had a three day crash course in Indiana basketball that I wouldn’t have gotten from just watching the games at home (we need to fix our defense, and…ahem…turnovers!)

I had also forgotten how physically intense the game of basketball is – something that you just cannot appreciate on TV.  The speed at which the players move, and sometimes collide with each other – and the hardcourt – is extreme.  Anyone who says basketball is not a contact sport has not watched a game courtside.  And watching plays develop and defensive schemes turn on a dime as the players see it, is remarkably different from the bird’s eye view that we have on our couches.

So was the trip worth it?  For me, the answer is a resounding, Yes.  And that includes the basketball.  As I settle back into my routine, fighting off jet lag and getting ready for the holiday season, the one thing I know for sure – It’s going to be awfully hard to go back to my seats in the balcony after these last three games.




It’s that time of year when the national college football rankings are shuffling around on a weekly basis, medicine the playoff and bowl situation is starting to take shape, capsule and the Heisman watch is heating up.  But before we get to the players who will likely be the top candidates to take home the famed prize, did you know that the Heisman trophy’s earliest roots are right here in Chicago?

John Jacob “Jay” Berwanger, who played halfback for the University of Chicago Maroons football team, was the first winner of the Heisman Trophy (then called the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy) back in 1935.  Berwanger became the first player to be drafted by the NFL in 1936 and was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles then traded his rights to the Bears becaue they didn’t think they could pay him what he would want.  Berwanger never played for the Bears, however, because after he chose not to sign in 1936 so he could compete for a spot on the U.S. Summer Olympic team in 1936, he and George Halas could never agree on his salary  – they were $2,500 apart.

Wow.  $2,500.  My how things are different for the top Heisman candidates in 2015.  According to ESPN, the top five vote-getters in the race after last week are:

  1. Derrick Henry of Alabama. The current Heisman frontrunner had a fantastic game against LSU and is leading the FSB in rushing touchdowns with 17.  Against LSU he ran for 210 yards and had three touchdowns to  jump ahead of Leonard Fournette in votes.  Up next is Mississippi State for the Alabama running back.
  2. Leonard Fournette of LSU. Is he unfairly losing ground because of his game against Alabama? He still has the FSB rushing lead with 172.9 yards per game. Many have speculated that he may have lost the trophy for good after he directly went up against Henry last week (and Henry clearly took that round), but isn’t that why we play all the games?  And with Arkansas, Ole Miss and Texas A&M left on LSU’s schedule, Fournette could post some big numbers.
  3. Corey Coleman of Baylor.  Now here is an interesting case – he is the only wide receiver in the top five vote-getters last week.  He had 5 first-place votes (more than any other candidate) but is sitting in third place because he did not receive any votes on three of the ballots.
  4. Ezekiel Elliott of Ohio State.  Big Ten fans know Elliott well as he most likely has run through you favorite team’s defense at will since he has rushed for 100 plus yards in 14 consecutive games.  To say he is a workhorse is an understatement.  He will also have a great opportunity to show how he performs against OSU’s multiple ranked opponents in the last month of the season.
  5. Christian McCaffrey of Stanford. McCaffrey has climbed back into the top five after being out for one week.  He rushed for 147 yards against Colorado and even threw a 28-yard touchdown pass during the game.

While it looks like the top two front-runners of Henry and Fournette seem to be going head-to-head in the last few weeks of the season to grab those final and definitive votes, we have all been shocked by Heisman winners in the past – will we be this year too?  One thing is for sure.  There won’t be any future NFL deals blown up because of $2,500.


cubs higgins

Any good adventure needs a villain and sometimes even two.  Superman was never left to live a happy life after the defeat of Lex Luthor.  If the Cubs can defeat the Cardinals in four games, viagra we can surely get past the New York Mets, sickness and we will.  Lets take a moment to look into the future.

What does a Cubbie Comeback look like?  Can we dye the Ivy blue? Will Chicago pass out W towels  to everyone getting off the “L” stop at Addison? Do the White Sox finally move to Gary, cialis Indiana? Or better yet is this the making of the best Baseball Movie of all time?

And, who would portray this young Cub squad on the big screen? Here are a few ideas for “FLY THE W” the movie …..

Kris Bryant – Jake Gyllenhaal

Anthony Rizzo -Channing Tatum

Kyle Schwarber – Jonah Hill

Jake Arrieta – Christian Bale

Derek Fowler – Don Cheadle

David Ross -George Clooney

John Lester -Vince Vaughn

Joe Maddon – Jack Nicholson

Theo Epstein – Andy Cohen

New York Mets Pitching Staff – 90’s Boy Band Hanson – washed up , not around very long and horrible by their third show.

Special Appearance by Eddie Vedder as himself.

Tonight is a big night, we will face Mets’ Ace Jacob deGrom.  deGrom started as a shortstop in College, the Cubs have been able to get under his skin in the past.  deGrom isn’t afraid to lose his cool, this summer he used his pitching hand to punch the Gatorade cooler after allowing four runs in just five inning against the Cubs.

The Cubs are a great team prime for a comeback, one game at a time.    #LetsGo #WeAreGood #FlytheW



The ALCS has been finalized as both ALDS series went to game five yesterday. The Kansas City Royals eared their ticket to the ALCS beating the Huston Astros 7-2. And in the earlier game, viagra Texas Rangers faced the Toronto Blue Jays at home. Before we talk about who won the Rangers vs. Blue Jays game, did anyone happen to see the 7th inning? This by far was the CRAZIEST inning of baseball I had ever seen. I had just gotten home from work and I turn on the game to see a 57-minute inning I would define as a cluster-you know what!

The game was tied 2-2 heading to the 7th inning. The Rangers were batting at the top of the inning when Rougned Odor was on third base and Shin-Soo Choo was at the plate. The Blue Jays’ catcher Russell Martin was throwing the ball back to the pitcher Aaron Sanchez, when the ball accidently hit Choo on the hand, causing the ball to travel to the infield. Odor on third base decided it was a live ball and ran home to allow the Rangers to take the lead 3-2. During the play, the home plate umpire ruled it a dead ball and shouted “no-no” issuing Odor to go back to third. When all the umpired convened to chat about the play, they ruled it was a live ball and Odor’s run counted.

After reviewing the footage, (and what I think was a horrendous call), the Blue Jays’ fans went ballistic! Throwing beer cans and cups on the field, yelling at the players and umpires. One item apparently even hit an infant sitting near the field. The coaches and players were all in an uproar over the call that a few players were ejected for arguing with the umps. Between cleaning the field, reviewing the call and the players/coaches arguing, the game finally resumed after an 18 minute delay.

When the bottom of the 7th began, tensions were extremely high in the stadium. Good thing the Rangers’ Elvis Andrus did not bring his A-game to the field. Andrus caused THREE back-to-back-to-back fielding errors to load the bases for the Blue Jays. With the bases loaded, Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson hit a single to tie the game. Still in the bottom of the 7th, Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista hit a three run homerun to the delightful roar of the Blue Jays’ fans. The Blue Jays had taken the lead 6-3. When Bautista hit the home run, he flipped his bat and stared down the Rangers’ pitcher Sam Dyson before running to first. According to CBSSports.com, “While Bautista was rounding the bases, the fans again threw stuff — beer, bottles, etc. — on the field, which, again, is bad. Don’t do that. Encarnacion stood next to the batter’s box and waved his arms to try to get the crowd to stop throwing stuff. (Rangers’) Sam Dyson, who just gave up the home run to Bautista, apparently misconstrued Encarnacion’s message and starting barking. The benches cleared.” The Blue Jays ended up winning game by a final score of 6-3.

That inning was exhausting as baseball fan. To be honest, I was embarrassed to see how poorly the Blue Jays’ fans were behaving in their own stadium. While I understand the passion behind being a fan, who really benefits from trashing your own field and potentially hurting another fan because of your lack in judgment and basically having a temper tantrum. When the police have to get involved to calm down fans to let a game of baseball resume, it is really fun to watch anymore? My hope is that Blue Jays’ fans behave slight better in the next series and don’t ruin the game for everyone else trying to enjoy baseball, controversial play or not.

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Anthony Rizzo 5 Qs

What a fabulous morning to be a Chicago Cubs Fan! I feel like a kid again, cialis although as a kid I rarely had the privilege to go to a playoff game and if I did I was never concerned with the price of tickets.  I went to the Home Run Derby last night at Wrigley and paid a friend of a friend more for a Cubs ticket than I ever had before. Not complaining, cialis it was an outstanding seat, pills incredible atmosphere, and record breaking game. The best part about the game was walking to the concessions stand and non-stop high fiving of every single fan! #WeAreGood.

A hilarious sign of the times was talking to this season ticket holder from Kansas about what others were offering him in exchange for his seats. My Grandfather, diehard Cubs Fan, always up for a great deal wouldn’t have had any idea what this stuff is, except for the electric guitar of course. Who really gives up a guitar for a playoff ticket? In any case some more intriguing “2015”offers included

  • Several credits at their AirBnB (in this case the season ticket holder would have a place to stay for the first half of next season in exchange for a World Series Ticket)
  • Unlimited Uber Rides for a Month (Not sure they even have Uber in Kansas)
  • A used iPad with a Cubs Case made of the leather from a real baseball.

Ironically enough today I am on a flight to St. Louis for business to meet with MasterCard (likely a room full of Cardinals fans),but what I can appreciate about MasterCard is their slogan priceless. My playoff experience thus far in Pittsburgh with their bitter fans, watching over the weekend with my friend and her 11 year old son, and last night at Wrigley… Truly Priceless


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