Sure, cialis the Bears’ season may be as finished as your “no drinking on weekdays during the holidays” policy – over before it ever really began with zero chance of surviving – but, discount a free pair of tickets and sideline passes to the Monday Night Saints game still sounds pretty amazing, regardless of how disgruntled you may be. Here’s how you can win a set of tickets and sideline passes to the New Orleans Saints vs. Bears Monday Night Football matchup on December 15th in addition to some serious Bears schwag, courtesy of State Farm.

Time to put those sick Tweeting skills and your impressive Bears knowledge to work! State Farm has partnered with the Bears to create a city-wide scavenger hunt on Twitter that challenges fans to “double check” their knowledge of their team and Chicago neighborhoods.  Get it? Discount Double Check? BTW – have you seen the new spot with Hans & Franz and Rodgers? #hilarious

What you need to do: First, head over to Twitter and follow State Farm @StateFarm. Then, on Monday morning, December 15th, between 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CT, be on the look out for clues from @StateFarm on two different Chicago neighborhood locations where prizes will be waiting for lucky fans. The first fan to find the State Farm brand ambassadors outside local landmarks provided within the clues will win the Grand Prize: two tickets to the #NOvsCHI game that night including two sideline passes and two Bears t-shirts. Two Grand Prizes will be given away on Monday morning – one at each location. Other prizing will be available to fans who may arrive on the scene late, including Bears jerseys and merchandise. Be sure to follow the #DoubleCheckDaBears hashtag for specific scavenger hunt information and more details.

Good luck, see you on the scavenger hunt, and GO BEARS!

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No better place to hang with a friend.

No better place to hang with a friend.

Let me begin by stating the obvious: it’s been a rough season for Bears fans. Actually, recipe let me rephrase that…it’s been a rough few seasons for Bears fans. Between the playoff drought, for sale the rotating coaches and coordinators, clinic and suffering through four years of an alleged ‘franchise quarterback’ that has yet to bloom, Bears fans have hit a rough patch.

Like all other Bears fans this season, I’m in a state of disbelief and disgust, as the Bears currently sit at 4-6, tied for last place in the NFC North, with an unforgiving schedule remaining. I’m convinced that this season is pretty much shot and that coaching changes are likely imminent this off-season. The recent chatter around the creative ways the Bears could unload Jay Cutler this offseason, have me giddy. But despite the Bears inability to connect offensively or to stop any sort of running game, I still faithfully follow along, consuming Bears information each day.

Regardless of how poor the Bears may be playing or how dim their post season hopes make look, one thing remains consistent, year after year: the Solder Field experience.

A $8.00 domestic beer in a plastic cup never tasted so good.

A $8.00 domestic beer in a plastic cup never tasted so good.

I’ve been blessed to have attended dozens of Bears games throughout the last 15 years, thanks in part to my previous jobs at ESPN and Comcast. Previous games usually included entertaining clients, which limited just how rowdy I could get, but always guaranteed a free ticket to the game – something I undervalued until now.

I’ve moved on from my days of selling sports media to another equally amazing job – but now I have to pay like everybody else, which certainly has put a limit to the number of Bears games I hit each season.

I used to scour the internet for the best ticket deals I could get my hands on. But recently I came across Vivid Seats, a full-service ticket marketplace that is located right here in Chicago.

50-yard line:  worth every penny.

50-yard line: worth every penny.

I’ve price compared Bears tickets across multiple sites, and Vivid Seats continuously has the best deals. Not only do they guarantee the lowest prices, but you can build a Bears Ultimate Fan Package around the game. This comes in handy when you have friends or family coming to town who are looking for the VIP experience and you are willing to splurge. Options include a hotel room at the Wit, VIP tailgate experience prior to the game, beverage and food package at the United Club and even VIP transportation to and from Soldier Field – worth every penny come sub-par temps and being able to avoid the post-game rush.

As an official Bears partner, Vivid Seats guarantees every part of their VIP Bears packages – from the legitimacy of the tickets, to the on-the-field access (yep, that’s an option too!). And Bears tickets is just one of thousands of options available at Vivid Seats. They carry tickets for every major league team as well as all of the hottest concerts and local events (I snagged some great seats at AllState two weeks ago for the Ringling Brothers Circus for 20% cheaper than StubHub was selling them).

The best view in the house. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

The best view in the house. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

So when I realized that my time was running out to get to a Bears game this season, before kick-off temps were consistently in the teens and the Bears had absolutely nothing left to play for, of course I turned to Vivid Seats for a pair of tickets to last Sunday’s meeting with the Vikings.

My side-kick on Sunday was my good friend Liz, who hadn’t been to a Bears game since she was a kid (yes, I was shocked as well), so we took the extra time to cruise the perimeter of stadium, observing the massive columns of the original Soldier Field, while admiring some of the more interesting looks and sounds on game day.

Our favorite couple of the day. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

Our favorite couple of the day. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

Despite the Bears current situation, the energy of the fans at Soldier Field prior to kick-off was upbeat and positive. It certainly helped that the Bears were able to come back from being down 0-3 in the first with the most consistent performance by Cutler and the offense since that far-away 49ers win early in the season. It’s incredible how different the energy inside Soldier Field is when the Bears are winning and putting on a performance that fans can feel good about.

The Forte fans were in full force. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

The Forte fans were in full force. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

A few beers and a brawt into the game, our body temps evened out as we watched Cutler connect with Jeffery and Marshall for 3 TDs (despite 2 INTs) as light snow fell, stadium clocks failed, and local veterans were honored on the field at halftime. We enjoyed a competitive game surrounded by grateful fans who above all things, like us, just seemed happy to be there, on a Sunday afternoon, enjoying the game they love and the team they just can’t give up on, no matter how rough the season gets.

Old School.  Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

Old School. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

As for me, I probably won’t be going to any more games at Soldier Field this season. Now that I have to shell out the cash for tickets, I’ll hold off for Hawks or Bulls games in January and February, but I’m so glad that I got my Soldier Field experience in this year. I feel complete, as if my trip to Soldier Field for the Vikings game in some way helped serve my duty as a Bears fan and as a Chicagoan. I’ll now anguish through the rest of the Bears season as a spectator on my warm couch, in the comfort of my own home – that is, until someone calls with United Club seats.

Kerry and Sarah Wood with Chris Young

Kerry and Sarah Wood have done it again! And this time it was with the help of Grammy award-winning country artist Chris Young and US99.5 radio host, click Lisa Dent.

Woody's western round up sign

The First Annual Woody’s Western Roundup went down at Joe’s on Weed St., capsule a perfect setting for a country-themed fundraiser. As soon as you saw the venue, hospital you knew it was going to be a great time. From a Bulleit Whiskey trailer out front to the cowboy hats worn by attendees to the smokey, delicious smell of pulled pork sandwiches, everything was spot on.

The overall event was a huge success for the Woods, who put on these types of events “to improve the lives of Chicago’s kids by raising funds and awareness for their children’s programs, such as Pitch In.” I’m going to break down the highlights of the night. Ones that made all of us in the crowd smile and will also be making Chicago children smile as well.

Event Highlights 

  • Before Chris Young came out to perform, Lisa Dent hosted a live auction for a fun-filled, all-expense-paid weekend in Nashville (valued at $2,000). Bidders in the crowd easily surpassed the $2k price and right around $3,500, Wood decided to add Cubs Opening Day tickets. Bidding continued. As it got into the upper $4,000s, Wood added a 30-minute, one-on-one pitching lesson. That’s when a generous, animated gentleman behind me yelled out $5500. How amazing is that!

    Lisa Dent auctions off Nashville weekend

    Lisa Dent and the Woods on stage

  • Chris Young was certainly a crowd-pleaser

    Chris Young was certainly a crowd-pleaser

    Chris Young. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen him perform live, but you should. Not only were his hit songs, like “Who I am when I’m with You” even better than on the radio, but he is also the most energetic and genuinely happy performer I’ve seen on a stage in a while. Doesn’t hurt that he stopped in the middle of his set to announce that he’d be donating a whopping $25k to the Wood Family Foundation.

  • The food and drink vendors were amazing. I left happy, full and a bit tipsy – not bad for a Wednesday night! Restaurants like Bub City, Chop Shop, Taco Joint and Blue Door Farm Stand provided delicious, filling bites to eat. And guests were able to wash down the yummy food with Tito’s Vodka and Bulleit Whiskey mixed drinks and/or Bud Light and Stella Artois beers. Can’t beat that.

    Delicious food from Bub City

    Delicious food from Bub City

As I said about Woody’s Wiffle Ball Classic, a fundraising event the Woods put on with some amazing celebrities at Wrigley Field, I hope this fundraiser continues for many years to come. And I also hope I get invited back :). An incredible night for an incredible cause — deserving of a standing ovation for the Woods and everyone else involved.

The Woods - what a good looking couple.

A selfless job well-done, Woods.


Taking the locker room tour to the next level...

Taking the locker room tour to the next level…

Did you know that 46% of the NFL’s fan base is female?  To further that, cialis sale did you know that the Chicago Bears have the number 1 female fan base?  If you’re a Chicago Bears fan, seek there’s no denying that our fan base is one of the biggest (and best in the NFL) and seeing as the Bears organization clearly appreciates us, advice it makes sense that they continue to host and market their team to multiple audiences.

On Monday, October 6th, the Chicago Bears hosted their Meijer Football 101 event geared toward the female fan at Soldier Field. The annual event drew more than 700 females to the field for a night dedicated to the Chicago Bears legacy and the women (and men) that love it.

If you have never been to this ladies night extravaganza, you will definitely want to consider attending next year. Here are some highlights and recap from the event below:

I enjoy attending BearsFB101 event at Soldier Field because I get the opportunity to visit an iconic stadium without the craziness and crowds of a game day Sunday (or men, for that matter).  Vendors such as Meijer were on hand – providing goodies to sample.  With the event being in October this year, Bear’s Care (Chicago Bears Charities) sold t-shirts promoting breast cancer awareness and initiatives. Most notably, domestic violence support groups passed out pamphlets and provided support group information.  In lieu of recent events surrounding the NFL, their players and domestic abuse, I found this to be a necessary and honorable addition to the event. It was also a nice that the event was held in October this year as October is the awareness month for both domestic violence and breast cancer.

It was tough for us not to rush the field.

It was tough for us not to rush the field.

Women of all demographics were in attendance and their favorite apparel was in full force. With the purchase of a ticket to the event, women also received a swag bag – ranging in goodies such as a 2014 Bears Yearbook to a mini hand wallet! Apparel stores inside the United Club were also open, enabling female fans to pick-up the latest gear. (Guilty as charged.)

Since my cousin was a rookie to the event, I made sure that we took a tour of the field and equipment room first (since it is my favorite part).  We stopped for pictures along the 100 level concourse as our guide elaborated on the long standing history of Soldier Field and then we were led down into the Bears locker room.

Equipment coaches were on hand with a demo table – showing off gear in the middle of the locker room.  We also got the opportunity to see the NFL breast cancer pink gloves and cleats on display along with traditional game day items. Majority of the lockers were empty but a couple of the most popular players lockers were donned with gear and ready for photos.

(And if you waited in line, you could even try on pads and equipment to see what it really feels like to be a Bear on game day.)

Picture from the North End ZoneFrom the locker room, we headed through the tunnel out onto the field. Even though this wasn’t my first rodeo, I was still extremely excited to be on the field again and am still amazed by the vastness which is Soldier Field.  It overwhelms me every time and I can’t imagine how it would feel to be out there every game day.

We missed autograph signing due to the tour and shopping but managed to sneak in a quick picture with former Bear, Anthony Adams (he was there to emcee the Family Feud Portion of the BearsFB101 q&a panel). He said that while it was his first time attending, he loved what he’d seen thus far.  But of course, why wouldn’t he – I mean, who doesn’t love being a former pro-athlete hanging out in a room full of ladies.

As tours and autograph signing wrapped-up, women were invited to the workshop session where WBBM News Radio 780’s Zach Zaidman and Tom Thayer emceed a panel of Bears players such as Lamarr Houston, Shea McClellin, Ryan Mundy and Willie Young.

The panel started with a little bit of tape and some highlights of big plays the guys had thus far this season.  After the highlight reel, female fans were randomly selected to participate in the Family Feud style Bears/Football 101 game.  The ladies defeated the players by showcasing their knowledge of tricky Bears trivia (for example the ladies named which former Bear players went on to be coaches with the highest winning percentages – and note, Ditka is not #1 on that list.)


After the little game concluded, the Q&A portion of the evening began. Beyond the questions of “Do you have tattoos; can you show us where they are?” and multiple dance parties, there were also some great hard hitting questions such as: “How do you plan to move forward after the heartbreaking start to the season” or “Our team has a history of great leadership, how do you plan to be a leader for the rookies and next generation of players?” The guys had great responses and

genuinely cared about their team, their city and most importantly, their fans.

My takeaway?

Like I have mentioned previously, this was not my first Ladies Night but obviously it was so much fun that I had to come again (and even bring my cousin)!  I mentioned this in my review last year, but again I stress that this event is really a great opportunity to get to hang out out Soldier Field and interact with the players – no matter your level of football knowledge. Trust me, you don’t have to be a football fanatic to appreciate an event of this caliber. From novices to experts, we’re all there to celebrate football and our Bears!

My only gripe is that the event is still labeled as Football 101 – I definitely think the Bears could take it to the next level and offer a few “basic” and “advanced” courses. Maybe two ladies nights instead of one with one for vets and one for novice female fans? Or maybe just some break-out sessions during Ladies Night?  I did like that they ran some tape and talked with players about big plays but I think that could easily be elaborated on. I also want to know when they’ll let us ladies out there on the field to run a few plays of our own (a girl can dream).


for sale Greg Cochrane” alt=”Chicago Fire Defender, look Greg Cochrane” src=”×683.jpeg” width=”467″ height=”311″ /> Chicago Fire Defender, Greg Cochrane strikes a pose on the runway. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

The Chicago Fire hosted their 2nd annual Soccer & Style Fashion Show last week at Revel downtown, proving once again that these footballers are just as well-footed off the field as they are on.

With proceeds benefitting the Chicago Fire Foundation, the second year event drew Fire fans, family, friends, socialites and fashion admirers alike, providing an evening of sophistication, fashion and sport like no other event in Chicago.

Elizabeth Stanton and I had the opportunity to attend this year and arrived about 20 minutes before the players took the stage. Upon arriving, we immediately grabbed two glasses of wine from the open bar and cruised the perimeter of the venue, visiting several vendor booths that included designer eyewear and hats.

Chicago Fire Fashion Show

Midfielder Benji Joya. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanton

One of my favorite local news personalities, Natalie Bomke took the stage as the emcee and welcomed the crowd that included a solid mix of men and women and a few bonafide fashionistas. Attendees sat in chairs lined up against the catwalk that was appropriately placed in the middle of the event space.

One by one players and coaches emerged from a back room behind the stage and each took their turn walking the runway in looks by Mens Warehouse, featuring Joseph Aboud, fashion-forward street and athletic wear by Bumpy Pitch and Chi Boys, eyewear trends by Eye Candy Optics, and hats from BlaQ ZinQ, the luxury headwear brand created by Fire forward Robert Earnshaw.


Forward Robert Earnshaw. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanton

While some of the ballers were better cat-walkers than others, each player and coach had their own sense of style as they took their turn posing for fans and snapping cameras as the DJ pumped out great beats and kept the crowd engaged.


Forward Quincy Amarikwa. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanton

My only issue with the program this year was that the players were not announced prior to taking the stage and there was no mention to what they were specifically wearing. The event could have been more engaging if each player had been introduced, including his position – and perhaps an interesting anecdote or two (…resides in the UK in the off-season…enjoys cooking in his spare time, etc.) as well as what exactly he was wearing. This was a missed opportunity to market the players, and the clothing, to a diverse group that may not be attending games on a regular basis.

Overall, it was another successful event for the Fire, providing fans an opportunity to see players in a different light and enjoy a night of sport and fashion in an intimate setting. While the Fire may not have had the season they had hoped for, they still know how to bring their A-game for lifestyle-focused events that fans have come to love and expect from the sophisticated and international team.

Chicago Bears Football 101 Ladies Night

Chicago Bears Football 101 Ladies Night

Female fans and friends…we’re just a few weeks away from the Chicago Bears annual Meijer Football 101 Ladies Night, sovaldi sale hosted at Solider Field. Always a fun event, Ladies Night is created with the female fan in mind, but don’t be misled, this event is not a ‘101’ event for beginners, but a night for female fans of all knowledge levels, looking for a behind the scenes Bears event with their fellow female fans.
If you missed my review from last year’s event, you can check it out here. This year, Ladies Night – Meijer Football 101 will be hosted on October 6th, 2014 at Soldier Field in The United Club. This event is for women, (although there are always a few token men present), providing gals a great opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with the Bears brand, and meet some of the newest members of the Chicago Bears. The rookie Bears are always present at Football 101 and last year we had a surprise guest (former back-up QB Josh McCown).
Modelling Marshall's gear at Ladies Night Meijer Football 101 in 2013

Modelling Marshall’s gear at Ladies Night Meijer Football 101 in 2013

Other highlights of Football 101 include:
  • Bears player locker room tours (AMAZING)
  • Player autograph sessions including the Bears 2014 rookie class
  • Hands on equipment demonstrations
  • Live Q&A with Chicago Bears radio personalities Tom Thayer, Zach Zaidman, and players
  • Charity auction hosted by Bears Care
  • Bears Pro Shop discount on select ladies’ apparel and more!
Tickets are reasonably priced at $45 for general admission and go up to $100 for those looking for the “MVP” front row access. Admission includes a boxed dinner and swag bag. A cash bar is open for beverages. Attendees can roam the halls of Soldier Field and visit vendor booths for free samples and product demonstrations.
To purchase tickets, click here.
To join the conversation and share in your excitement about Ladies Night, use the hashtag:  #BearsFB101.
We’ll see you there!
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