for sale Greg Cochrane” alt=”Chicago Fire Defender, look Greg Cochrane” src=”×683.jpeg” width=”467″ height=”311″ /> Chicago Fire Defender, Greg Cochrane strikes a pose on the runway. Photo credit: Elizabeth Stanton

The Chicago Fire hosted their 2nd annual Soccer & Style Fashion Show last week at Revel downtown, proving once again that these footballers are just as well-footed off the field as they are on.

With proceeds benefitting the Chicago Fire Foundation, the second year event drew Fire fans, family, friends, socialites and fashion admirers alike, providing an evening of sophistication, fashion and sport like no other event in Chicago.

Elizabeth Stanton and I had the opportunity to attend this year and arrived about 20 minutes before the players took the stage. Upon arriving, we immediately grabbed two glasses of wine from the open bar and cruised the perimeter of the venue, visiting several vendor booths that included designer eyewear and hats.

Chicago Fire Fashion Show

Midfielder Benji Joya. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanton

One of my favorite local news personalities, Natalie Bomke took the stage as the emcee and welcomed the crowd that included a solid mix of men and women and a few bonafide fashionistas. Attendees sat in chairs lined up against the catwalk that was appropriately placed in the middle of the event space.

One by one players and coaches emerged from a back room behind the stage and each took their turn walking the runway in looks by Mens Warehouse, featuring Joseph Aboud, fashion-forward street and athletic wear by Bumpy Pitch and Chi Boys, eyewear trends by Eye Candy Optics, and hats from BlaQ ZinQ, the luxury headwear brand created by Fire forward Robert Earnshaw.


Forward Robert Earnshaw. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanton

While some of the ballers were better cat-walkers than others, each player and coach had their own sense of style as they took their turn posing for fans and snapping cameras as the DJ pumped out great beats and kept the crowd engaged.


Forward Quincy Amarikwa. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanton

My only issue with the program this year was that the players were not announced prior to taking the stage and there was no mention to what they were specifically wearing. The event could have been more engaging if each player had been introduced, including his position – and perhaps an interesting anecdote or two (…resides in the UK in the off-season…enjoys cooking in his spare time, etc.) as well as what exactly he was wearing. This was a missed opportunity to market the players, and the clothing, to a diverse group that may not be attending games on a regular basis.

Overall, it was another successful event for the Fire, providing fans an opportunity to see players in a different light and enjoy a night of sport and fashion in an intimate setting. While the Fire may not have had the season they had hoped for, they still know how to bring their A-game for lifestyle-focused events that fans have come to love and expect from the sophisticated and international team.

2013 Chicago Fire Soccer & Style Fashion Show

2013 Chicago Fire Soccer & Style Fashion Show at The Roof

Hot Event Alert: Round up the gals now for the Chicago Fire’s second annual Soccer & Style Fashion Show on Thursday, site September 25th at Revel. Whether your pals are the football loving kind or not, this must-hit event is perfect for any smart woman who appreciates fashion with a dose of charity. For Chicago Fire lady fans, there is no better way to get an up-close-and-personal look at some of the team’s favorite, model-material players and coaches as they walk the run way for charity to benefit the Chicago Fire Foundation.

The event will be held on Thursday, September 25th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. CT at Revel event space on Randolph (440 West Randolph Avenue).

Tickets start at $50 for general admission and include complimentary cocktails. A $75 VIP ticket is available that includes front row seating, three drink tickets and a gift. The fashion show will be emceed by local media personality and Good Day Chicago Anchor Natalie Bomke. Purchase tickets HERE.

Chicago Fire Soccer & Style Fashion Show

I had the chance to attend last year’s Soccer & Style Fashion Show at The Roof, read my full review HERE. Although the venue has changed this year, I expect a similar atmosphere of high energy, great beats, gorgeous crowd, impressive fashion and serious eye candy.

Players and coaches will walk the runway in some of the hottest looks of the season including Vera Wang tuxedos, Calvin Klein and Joseph Abboud for the Men’s Warehouse, fashion-forward street and athletic wear by Bumpy Pitch and Chi Boys, eyewear trends by Eye Candy Optics, and hats from BlaQ ZinQ, the luxury headwear brand created by Fire forward Robert Earnshaw.

2013 Chicago Fire Fashion Show

2013 Chicago Fire Fashion Show

While we love all our Chicago teams, the Fire just seem to get it right when it comes to throwing events. From their Art of Futbol event this spring, to the legendary White Party each summer, to their annual Fashion Show, the Fire know how to throw a party with class and style.

Can’t make it to the fashion show on Thursday? The Chicago Fire’s season ends on October 24th, get out to Toyota Park today before it’s too late – view the Fire’s remaining schedule and search for tickets HERE.

The Fire have had a rough season, one that has been filled with too many tied games and not enough wins. They currently sit in 9th place in the Eastern Conference with 30 points, 17 points behind conference leaders, D.C. United. But as with all of our Chicago teams, losing seasons don’t keep us from supporting the team on and off the filed.

2013 Chicago Fire Fashion Show

2013 Chicago Fire Fashion Show

Personally, I can’t think of a better way to support the Fire at the end of a lackluster season than watching them strut their impressive stuff down the runway while sipping cocktails. See you on Thursday.

For more information, please visit

Blue Relaxed Tank Top by Fifth & Ocean, <a href=

try Clark Street Sports: $30.00″ src=”×1024.jpg” width=”420″ height=”420″ /> Blue Relaxed Tank Top by Fifth & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $30.00

As expected, our Chicago summer has been a mix of steamy, sunny days followed by a chilly, overcast one that barely sees 70 degrees. This inconsistent pattern of bizarre weather is nothing new for us, in fact, it just reminds us of how resilient we Chicagoans are when it comes to crummy weather.

Out of necessity, the art of layering has become second-nature to us Chicagoans, as you never really know what you are going to get within a week’s span. Added to this unpredictability is the fact that temps can swing by 10 degrees down by the lake, and no one – I repeat NO ONE (not even Tom Skilling) can predict the weather four days out.

Sky Blue 69' Bear Tank Top by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Sky Blue 69′ Bear Tank Top by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

I’m convinced we’ve missed our window of hot, sweaty weather this summer. Personally, I love the heat,  those 93+ temp days that make some miserable, make me swoon. Very rarely do we deal with summer heat, that when it comes, I welcome it with open, sweaty pitted-arms, knowing that in just a few short months, we’ll be suffering through another cruel Chicago winter.

Nike Chicago Cubs Women’s Tri-Blend Loose Fit Racerback Tank –  $29.95

Neon Orange Crawl Bear Tank Top by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $25.00

Neon Orange Crawl Bear Tank Top by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $25.00

Red Tank Top with Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Red Tank Top with Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Blank Tank Top with Distressed Primary Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Blank Tank Top with Distressed Primary Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

But for gals like me that love tanks, this wardrobe staple has become a year-round wardrobe rotation. A team tank is an ideal way to show your team pride without having to dominate your entire look. Tanks can easily be worn under just about anything, from a office-friendly blazer, to your favorite fitted flannel, to that chunky, cable button-up sweater that gets you through the winter. Consider these your go-to undergarments for the colder weather ahead and take a tip from one of our last posts, Layering Like a Pro.

White Tank Top with Distressed Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

White Tank Top with Distressed Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Chicago Bears Women's Navy Retro Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Chicago Bears Women’s Navy Retro Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

The Bears 2014 season is less than three weeks away (wa….what???!). Now is the time to invest in a few key tanks to work into the fall, before the best pieces are picked over at local retailers. I love this retro inspired one (above) from Clark Street Sports. The font is catchy and the simple colors (without any heather grey) works with jeans, white pants, and the fitted white blazer that you are scrambling to work into some kind of look before LDW.

Chicago Bears Women's Grey Slit-Neck Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $29.99

Chicago Bears Women’s Grey Slit-Neck Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $29.99

Women's Streaky Red Vintage Logo Triblend Tank Top by Retro Brand, Clark Street Sports: $30.00

Women’s Streaky Red Vintage Logo Triblend Tank Top by Retro Brand, Clark Street Sports: $30.00

Mark these dates: The Blackhawks begin their season on Thursday, October 9th in Dallas and the Bulls begin on Wednesday, October 29th in New York. Don’t wait for the others to dig out the Bulls and Hawks gear, work your gear in early with one of these versatile and timeless tanks from Clark Street Sports.

Women's Ribbed White Distressed Logo Tank Top, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Women’s Ribbed White Distressed Logo Tank Top, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

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Blackhawks Fashion

As the Blackhawks bandwagon loads up this week, discount be prepared to see Hawks gear from every angle: from your bartender to your dentist to that silver fox in accounting – everyone is proudly displaying their Hawks pride and joy, and really, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be as well.

At SDI our love and appreciation of sport and fashion run equally deep – which is why we get so damn excited when our city gets to these types of situations where really – anything Blackhawks goes!

Retro Brand: Clark Street Sports, $29.99

We’re big believers that there is never a bad time, or a bad outfit to rock a team shirt, but with the Hawks inching closer to the Stanley Cup Finals for the third year in a row, and the state of excitement that has taken over our city, NOW is the time to proudly wear your Hawks gear, and of course look hot and fabulous while doing it.

To prove that there really isn’t an inappropriate place to wear Hawks apparel, we picked this Blackhawks Retro Brand racerback tank from Clark Street Sports ($29.99) and paired it with four different and perfectly acceptable looks to inspire throughout the Stanley Cup Finals.

Look #1:  The Madhouse

By Stanley Cup Finals time the Madhouse is swarming with the actual season ticket holders, fat corporate cats and diehards with cash. With ticket prices starting at/around $400 for upper level seats at the UC, be prepared to shell out some major cash to experience it live. If you are lucky enough to go, keep in mind the chilly temps which means no shorts, no matter how hot it is outside, and always bring an extra layer

Look #2: The Office

No matter how corporate your office is, this is probably the two weeks out of the year you can get away with a Hawks tee – all while getting props from others for your bold and insightful choice in office fashion. This look is still polished and professional with the option of showing as much tomahawk as you please thanks to the buttoned cardigan. Come 5:30PM, ditch the cardigan and head to Happy Hour, just be prepared for some major looks and new friends.

Look #3: Backyard BBQ

With consistent warm temps finally upon us, the option of BBQing around a Hawks game is once and for all a reality. Comfort and functionality is key for this setting, as you never know what you may be asked to do: assist at the grill, impromptu game of bocci ball, or fetch more beverages from the local grocery – on foot.

Look #4: Saturday Night at the Newest Hot Spot

Love it or hate it – bars are booming thanks to the Hawks. Lines, crowds, fair-weather-fans – expect them all if you venture out to any place noteworthy, even your favorite local watering hole could seem annoyingly busy these next two weeks as the Stanley Cup Finals and arrival of summer create the perfect storm. It goes without saying, dress the part all while working in your favorite Saturday night pieces.

Enjoy the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs and remember that no matter what you wear or how good you may look – attitude and mojo is half the battle.  Not convinced? Just ask the Hawks!


Blackhawks fashion

Today, viagra Friday, May 2nd, the Chicago Blackhawks have officially declared Blackhawks Day in an effort to get the city involved, we are asked to “share a picture of yourself decked out in your Blackhawks attire at work or school with the hashtag “#BlackhawksDay” on Instagram or Twitter to be entered to win the prizes.”

If you are caught without any new merchandise this playoff season, of course, we have some suggestions on what you should be wearing. Red and black fever is RAGING throughout the city and will only get worse as the Hawks go deeper into the playoffs.

This is the time of year when even casual fans dig out the Hawks gear and let their fandom be known. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of looks we are seeing out on the the streets and in the bars of Chicago: from the creatives to the die-hard trends.

FAN 1:  The Interloper – AKA: a date or friend who wants to be part of the fun.

This time of year, it’s crucial to pick your game day accomplices wisely. We all have friends who strategically dress for the playoffs, and these are the gals you want to hang with during playoffs.

Need a few recommendations on new Blackhawks gear? Here are a few fitted tees from Clark Street Sports that work with almost any ensemble.


Blackhawks Women's White Indian Head Scoop Neck Tee with Striped Sleeves by Retro Brand, Clark Street Sports: $34.99

Blackhawks Women’s White Indian Head Scoop Neck Tee with Striped Sleeves by Retro Brand, Clark Street Sports: $34.99

Blackhawks Women's Red V-Neck Triblend Tee with Indian Head Logo by Retro Brand, Clark Street Sports: $34.99

Blackhawks Women’s Red V-Neck Triblend Tee with Indian Head Logo by Retro Brand, Clark Street Sports: $34.99


Blackhawks Women's Black Multi-Count V-Neck Tee by Soft As A Grape, Clark Street Sports: $29.99

Blackhawks Women’s Black Multi-Count V-Neck Tee by Soft As A Grape, Clark Street Sports: $29.99

With my Blackhawk partner in crime, Jeannine.

With my Blackhawk partner in crime, Jeannine.

The interloper is all about the accessories…what better way to be creative than a face decal, even a “Hawks-stach”. Easy to apply and will can convert any person into an instant fan! 



Hawks staches

Exhibit A.Our friends’ Bulls’ hat converted or a HAWK-A-BULL

FAN 2: The Smack Talker:  Fans that get joy from taunting the opposition.  This is Chicago after all, and we all love to trash talk, with class of course! As we prepare to face such opponents as Minnesooooota, Boston, New York, and LA; Hawks fans need to be ready with their chants.  We are the keepers of the Cup and professional athletes for whatever sport are constantly in the midst of a scandal so keep your ears peeled for smack talk and don’t be afraid to join in …. FYI: Minnesota is #1 in the country for contaminated lakes, Senator Al Franken has an uncanny resemblance to Daffy Duck and What actually is a WILD??  A team named after a forest? 

hot for player

FAN 3:  The Hot-for-Player: If you have been to the game, you know these fans need no explanation.  When they see their favorite player cast up on the scoreboard during a fight or on the way down the line shaking hands after a victory they are star struck.  Women around Chicagoland know not to take for granted that our team is absolutely smokin’. Women are fawning over the Hawks on and off the ice. A great option from are these fitted t-shirts with your favorite players names on back.  Do you agree your Hawk crush corresponds directly to your age…Women in their 20s heart Kane and Crawford, and Women in their 30s love Sharp and Keith??? 











Patrick Sharp Chicago Blackhawks Ladies Name & Number V-Neck T-Shirt – Black $27.95


Reebok Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks Ladies Stadium Series Name and Number V-Neck Tri-Blend T-Shirt – Ash $35.95

FAN 4: The Diehard – A True Hockey Fan: The diehard fans have SWEATERS (often referred as jerseys) and not just a single sweater with a single name but a rainbow array of sweaters; one for home and one for away.  Some superstitious fans will wear the same sweater every round of the playoff, especially if they are at a game wearing it and the Hawks win.  There is also the option to personalize with your own name, but a true diehard will chose their favorite defenseman or forward for their sweater, as an excellent selection…..

Don’t miss the chance to look awesome supporting the Blackhawks in this customized Reebok women’s jersey! This high-quality jersey is made of premier polyester fabric and features a cute, contemporary design that accentuates your shape.

Right now the Magic number is 12 and we’re only a quarter of the way through the Stanley Cup Playoffs so there is still plenty of time to find your style.  We’re here to help you become the Fashionista this Championship Team deserves! GO HAWKS!!

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Playoffs are here…bring on the fashion.

Hello Divas! I missed all of you oh so dearly. I know it’s been a while, mind but I am back…just in time for the NBA Playoffs!

It is a wonderful time in the NBA where the game–and the fashion–is intensified.

During the Playoffs, health wood can become headgear and lint rollers can act as accessories. There are hits. There are misses. There are downright shames. I’m here for all three. Let’s get into it, cheap shall we?

NBA on TNT Honor Craig Sager with Sartorial Fashion 



If you are an avid basketball watcher, you have definitely seen one of Craig Sager’s bold suits on the sidelines of major games. The TNT reporter is currently being treated for acute leukemia in Atlanta.

In honor of Sager, The NBA on TNT crew channeled their inner Sager and dressed up like him.  Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal sported eye-popping ensembles while wishing him a speedy recovery.

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Deron Williams go Business Casual 



Brooklyn Nets star players Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Deron Williams were recently seen rocking pre-game business casual ensembles. They looked dapper as they made their pregame strut into the locker rooms.

Although the series against the Raptors is tied 2-2, Kevin Garnett tells reporters that he is not impressed with the Barclays Center crowd.

“They could do better,” Garnett said, as reported by ESPN. “I was expecting Brooklyn to be real hostile, New York-style. I know what it’s like to come here as the opposition, so our crowd could do better, but they were there when we needed them, and we fed off of them.” (Fox Sports)

Mike Conley’s Wooden Fedora 

mikeconleyhatQuestion. When did wood become a fashion statement? I am going to go out on a limb and say that Mike Conley would know. The Memphis point guard got everyone’s attention with his wooden head gear. The carpenter’s dream of a hat was an epic collaboration between Conley’s stylist Brandon Williams and Two Guys Bow Ties.

Mike Conley is one of the few people on this earth that can pull this look off. He manages to look swag-ulous even while rocking a hard-wood flooring on his head. That takes talent. Okay. I have another serious question. Does a wooden hat require an occasional pine-sol cleaning? I need to know these things.

Mike Conley's wooden fedora

Mike Conley’s wooden fedora

One thing that I do know is that Mike and Grizzlies are putting up a fight! Memphis is currently tied 2-2 with Oklahoma City.

Andre Iguodala in Animal Print 


Andre Iguodala

Lions and tigers and blue leopard print–oh my. Andre Iguodala was seen sporting a powder- blue leopard print sweater. The Golden State small forward/shooting guard’s style is always on point. I’m glad that his on-court style is finally catching up. On Sunday’s Game 4 against the Clippers, he scored 11 points, nine rebounds and three assists–an improvement on his average 9.3 points, 4.7 rebounds and 4.2 assists.

“I found some things they were trying to take away from Steph and Klay (Thompson) and was putting myself in position to be a threat” Iguodala said. “We’re going to continue to look forward and try to make things happen.” (SF Gate) The Warriors are currently tied with the Clippers 2-2.

Drake attends Raptors Game 


Drake is certainly putting Toronto on the map! Ever since the Canadian recording artist (and 2014 ESPYS host) became the Raptors’ global ambassador, everything’s been coming up ‘Canada.’ This is the first time that the Toronto Raptors have made the playoffs in six years. Toronto will also be hosting the 2015 All-Star game.  Big deal, much? Drake is very vocal (and visual) about his love for the Raptors. He has made himself comfortable at the games . Comfortable enough to roll lint. No, that statement is not a euphemism. He was literally using a lint roller on his pants during a game. When he’s not making his clothing lint-free, he is busy yelling at referees.

Brooklyn Nets v Toronto Raptors - Game Two

Oh, Drake. You never cease to slay me.

Well, that’s it for now, Divas! I will be back next week to talk about more Playoffs Fashion and Gossip. As usual, I will keep you fabulously posted!

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