The Chicago Cubs are in the Post Season for the first time in six years and if it weren’t for the local news and social media no one in Chicago would know.   I blame two factors:

  1. The Mayor:   Rahm claims to be a Cub Fan, viagra even during his reelection campaign he promised a Cubs Championship ”Imagine the joy! The excitement! The economic boost to very specific neighborhoods in our great city, viagra sale ” said an unblinking Emanuel at a news conference this morning. “It’s important for voters to know that only I can make this happen.” Rahm Emanuel at a News Conference on March 11, sovaldi sale 2015

But, where is his support? Why isn’t the antenna lighting on the Willis Tower and John Hancock Blue? Or even alternating Blue and Pink lighting #BreastCancerAwareness ? Why isn’t there a scheduled viewing party for the Wild Card Game by the City Park Districts? Surely, the city could bring out the screens from Movies in the Park? Chicago is forecasting  70+ degrees on Wednesday night!  And, Why don’t the Lions at the Art Institute have Cubs jersey’s on?  #LetsGo

  1. Chicago’s lack of appreciation for the game of Baseball:   Until Jackie Robinson West’s appearance at the Little League World Series Chicago barely acknowledged Baseball as a game which could bring the community together.  Baseball is not only a game where kids can strive to succeed on the Diamond, but a game kids can watch with their family and friends on a sunny day at the Ballpark.  Especially at a time when Chicago needs to come together to stop violence, the city should turn to Cubs Baseball.  Beyond the unique beauty of every Home Run at Wrigley Field, Chicago Baseball teaches fun long standing rivalries #HateTheCards.  Baseball, a game of math illustrates the simplicity and sophistication of statistics and regulations ranging from three strikes to fascinating batting algorithms.  And for adults, Baseball has the most attractive male and female fashion in all of sports, who doesn’t look good in a ball cap or Cubbie Blue?!?  Finally, at any age, nothing is more rewarding and joyful than watching a young Major League Baseball team come together over 162 games in a single season.

I’ll be in Pittsburgh rooting for the Cubs on Wednesday, so Bring it Chicago!!  #TurnOnTheBlue #FlytheW #GoCubs #WeAreGood


When I was a kid it was cool to know Ryne Sandberg’s batting average and how many games the Cubs were above 500, viagra now when you turn up at Wrigley you better know walk up songs (music played in the stadium when the batter heads to home plate), tadalafil twitter handles (a players screen name used in tweets), decease and warm up rituals(Jake Arrieta prefers yoga in Centerfield).  To celebrate the Cubs entry into the post season I thought I’d create a Cubs match game. Without the use of Google or Twitter can you match the Cub Players’ walk up song to their Twitter handle???

Walkup Songs

A. Fatty Wap/Trap Queen

B. Omega/Ando en la Versace

C. Rod Stewert/Forever Young

D. Enrique Iglesias/Bailamos

E. Taylor Swift/Bad Blood

Twitter Handles

1.  @D_Roos3

2.  @ARizzo44

3. @DexterFowler

4.  @StarCastro13

5. @miggymont26

Answers will be in my next post, or tweet me your non-researched guesses to @NancyTiano.  There are seven regular season games left, and seven important 2015 Cubs hashtags #WeAreGood #LetGo #FlyTheW  #Cubtober #Cubs #Wrigley #gocubsgo .  Show your support!

Cubs Win

cubs@2xAfter winning back to back series against the Pirates and Cardinals, look and just beating up on the the Brewers for two games, troche it only seems fitting to take a look at how the Chicago Cubs keep the mood so light this season.  Ranging from premeditated practical jokes to off the cuff pranks, buy viagra  no one is exempt from a stunt and the entire team plays a role in the fun.

Kris Bryant was the subject of a couple vintage pranks back in May.  It began May 7th , Starlin Castor decided to see if Anthony Rizzo could see double when Castro did a flawless job of mimicking Bryant’s  pick up, turn and throwing motion to first base real-time.  When asked by a reporter Castro responded with a big smile, “I just want to be like Kris Bryant

The very next day, Kris Bryant hit his long awaited first Major League home run.  This time the Cubs trickery was taken to the next level and even recognized by the New York Post.  Bryant rounded third base and as he crossed home plate headed for congratulations from his teammates, the entire Cub team ran into the tunnel leading to the locker-room leaving Bryant to high-five an empty dug out.

Fast forward to September, the Cubs Magic Number is three and Kris Bryant finally decided to play a prank on the entire city?!?  Maybe Bryant was curious to see if Chicago could recognize him after all this success.  He jumped behind the wheel of a “Lyft” car to act as a driver for some unsuspecting fans or soon to be fans. Check out this must watch video – undercover “Lyft” with Kris Bryant   Bryant’s tweet and link below…

The Cubs fearless leader sets the comic tone and always tries to accommodate the needs of his players and the fans.  Pedro Strop said he needed a day at the beach Sunday,  so Maddon thought an old school beach chair, and a cute baby pool filled with sand waiting for him the locker room might fit the bill.

And just last night Maddon decided to take the focus off the “Wild”Card and invite an array of zoo animals to Wrigley. Flamingos, Leopards, and an award winning Sloth made an appearance at the Friendly Confines!

The Cubs are about to clinch a wild card spot this week, the attendance at Wrigley is 40,000 plus each game, and Cub fans are loving the fantastic effort and entertainment!!!  #LetsGo # WeAreGood #Cubs



Hello, ampoule Cub Fans! What do you really care about this season?  The Reaction to Wrigley Field Renovations, viagra sale the Maddon Effect, generic the Wacky Road Trip Themes, a No-Hitter, or All of the Above?  The reality is no one should be interested in any of the above because the Cubs are in a mad race for the Wild Card.  Let’s take a look at how the Cubs stack up against those slimy Pirates…

Best Manager: CUBS – Rumor has it Maddon may be running for President in the off season.  Bottom-line Maddon is the Buddha of Chicago.  Maddon’s confident, laid back, entertaining, fearless culture energizes the Cubs players and fans.  Interesting fact Maddon has an old school superstitious side.  It came out after he wore the same pair of socks for nine games straight during the Cubs most recent winning streak.  PIRATES Manager: Also a great manager Clint Hurdle took the Rockies to World Series in 2007 and the Pirates to a Wild Card Win in 2013, on the field Hurdle was known as a player who liked to have a good time, he played outfield for the Cardinals, Royals, Mets and Reds.


Maddon’s RV vs Cardinal

Best Record against the Cardinals: PIRATES are currently 8-8 with three more games at home against the Cards at the end of September.  CUBS Record against the Cardinals is 7-10, which evened out more this week and the Cubs also have three more games at home mid-September against the Cardinals.

Longest Home Run: CUBS Kris Bryant 495 Feet vs. PIRATES: Jung Ho Kang 472-foot home run.

Rookie Talent: CUBS take this by a landslide with Kris Bryant at third base, Addison Russel at second base and shortstop, Kyle Schwarber at catcher, Jorge Soler in the outfield and pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. are taking command of the National League.  PIRATES Rookies to watch include Jung Ho Kang at third base and Pitcher Arquimedes Caminero.

Super - Jake Arrieta

Super – Jake Arrieta

Most Shutouts: CUBS with 17 shutouts lead by Jake Arrieta’s No Hitter against the Dodgers on August 30th .   PIRATES only have 11 shutouts this season, but they do have a combined ERA of only 3.18.

Most Overlooked Player: PIRATES: Francisco Cervelli – Catcher .303 average, .378 on-base percentage, .800 on-base plus slugging caught fire the last few weeks.  CUBS Outfielder Dexter Fowler – is also out of control with 17 HRs, 42 RBIs, and a .350 on-base percentage.

Looks like the Cubs edge out the Pirates on many fronts.  October 7th is less than a month a way, get to Wrigley and support the CUBS !!  #wearegood #letsgo #cubs


It’s been a long time since I last spoke to you.  So much has happened in Chicago sports.  Here’s a look at the busy and unpredictable Chicago sports landscape.

Blackhawks keep winning

Blackhawks keep winning

Blackhawks:  They just keep doing what they do best, see win.  They lost their goalie Corey Crawford after an accident at a concert, but didn’t skip a beat.  Patrick Sharp returned to the ice and their winning ways have continued.  Right now, this organization is a blue print for the other teams in the city.

Derrick Rose makes a statement

Derrick Rose makes a statement

Bulls:  So much was written about the man the team needs in order to win a championship-Derrick Rose.  As long as he is healthy for the playoff run I don’t care if he sits every other game.  He is back, but not completely healed so he takes what the defense gives him.  It seems others are following his lead of letting their bodies heal to be ready for the games that matter.  DRose also made headlines when he showed support for the Garner family by wearing the I Can’t Breathe shirt.  Some local sports media questioned his intelligence and motives.  He knows what he’s doing and the implications; please stop insulting the young man’s intelligence.  Pau Gasol and Jimmy Butler are the team’s MVP and Niko Mirotic has been as good as advertised.  Biggest problem besides health is the defense; they’re giving up more points so far this year.

The newest member of the Sox.

The newest member of the Sox.

White Sox:  The south siders are making moves this off season.  They have signed reliever Zach Duke, closer David Robertson and first baseman/DH Adam LaRoche.  They completed a six player trade with the Oakland Athletics getting starter Jeff Samardzija.  Pitching coach Don Cooper was downright giddy after learning about the move.  So they have strengthened their bullpen, starting rotation and hitting; now the question is will they catch the ball or will they throw away games this season.

The first step in competing in 2015

The first step in competing in 2015

Cubs:  Theo and company made a huge splash getting the best free agent pitcher Jon Lester for 6 years for $155 million, $30 million signing bonus and no trade clause.  There are many who think now that the team signed Lester they will speed up their clock to compete and look to acquire a big bat.  They signed pitcher Jason Hammel and acquired catcher Miguel Montero, with that move some expect Wellington Castillo to be traded.  Theo said they aren’t looking to trade him and apparently he told other teams that shortstop Starlin Castro is not available.  Cubs need offense so keeping Starlin makes sense.

Bears leaders searching for answers

Bears leaders searching for answers

Bears:  I saved the worst for last.  The coaches and players are bad, the front office is bad and the field is bad.  It’s just an all-around bad team.  Mel Tucker may be the fall guy, but I don’t think fans will think that is enough.  After this year many faces will be gone, and I’m not sure any of the young players are any good.  Thankfully the misery of this season ends in 3 weeks.

Blue Relaxed Tank Top by Fifth & Ocean, <a href=

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As expected, our Chicago summer has been a mix of steamy, sunny days followed by a chilly, overcast one that barely sees 70 degrees. This inconsistent pattern of bizarre weather is nothing new for us, in fact, it just reminds us of how resilient we Chicagoans are when it comes to crummy weather.

Out of necessity, the art of layering has become second-nature to us Chicagoans, as you never really know what you are going to get within a week’s span. Added to this unpredictability is the fact that temps can swing by 10 degrees down by the lake, and no one – I repeat NO ONE (not even Tom Skilling) can predict the weather four days out.

Sky Blue 69' Bear Tank Top by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Sky Blue 69′ Bear Tank Top by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

I’m convinced we’ve missed our window of hot, sweaty weather this summer. Personally, I love the heat,  those 93+ temp days that make some miserable, make me swoon. Very rarely do we deal with summer heat, that when it comes, I welcome it with open, sweaty pitted-arms, knowing that in just a few short months, we’ll be suffering through another cruel Chicago winter.

Nike Chicago Cubs Women’s Tri-Blend Loose Fit Racerback Tank –  $29.95

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Neon Orange Crawl Bear Tank Top by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $25.00

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Red Tank Top with Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

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Blank Tank Top with Distressed Primary Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

But for gals like me that love tanks, this wardrobe staple has become a year-round wardrobe rotation. A team tank is an ideal way to show your team pride without having to dominate your entire look. Tanks can easily be worn under just about anything, from a office-friendly blazer, to your favorite fitted flannel, to that chunky, cable button-up sweater that gets you through the winter. Consider these your go-to undergarments for the colder weather ahead and take a tip from one of our last posts, Layering Like a Pro.

White Tank Top with Distressed Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

White Tank Top with Distressed Batterman Logo by 5th & Ocean, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Chicago Bears Women's Navy Retro Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Chicago Bears Women’s Navy Retro Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

The Bears 2014 season is less than three weeks away (wa….what???!). Now is the time to invest in a few key tanks to work into the fall, before the best pieces are picked over at local retailers. I love this retro inspired one (above) from Clark Street Sports. The font is catchy and the simple colors (without any heather grey) works with jeans, white pants, and the fitted white blazer that you are scrambling to work into some kind of look before LDW.

Chicago Bears Women's Grey Slit-Neck Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $29.99

Chicago Bears Women’s Grey Slit-Neck Racerback Tank Top by G-III, Clark Street Sports: $29.99

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Women’s Streaky Red Vintage Logo Triblend Tank Top by Retro Brand, Clark Street Sports: $30.00

Mark these dates: The Blackhawks begin their season on Thursday, October 9th in Dallas and the Bulls begin on Wednesday, October 29th in New York. Don’t wait for the others to dig out the Bulls and Hawks gear, work your gear in early with one of these versatile and timeless tanks from Clark Street Sports.

Women's Ribbed White Distressed Logo Tank Top, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

Women’s Ribbed White Distressed Logo Tank Top, Clark Street Sports: $24.99

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