I’m not interested in talking about another Bear loss because hey, clinic that’s obviously no fun. What I’m more interested in is talking about the current status of the team and a few of my thoughts about the overall 2015-2016 season. I am hopeful that the future looks a heck of a lot brighter given the current status of the Chicago Bears and here are my takeaways as of today:

  • Every Chicago fan knew that this year would be a rebuilding year for the Bears; expectations were not set very high. I’m not shocked we’ll be missing the play-offs for the fifth year in a row and I’m not shocked we have a 5-9 record. Has it been the most fun season to watch? Not particularly, see but I have enjoyed watching the team become a team again after the disaster that was the Marc Trestman experiment. The camaraderie and sense of team coming out of the locker room and in interviews to me indicates the toxic players and tensions have left.  There’s been no locker room blow-outs, negative press talk or drama. Quite simply put, the Chicago Bears are no longer a bad soap opera and for that, Chicago fans can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Five sacks and one INT against the Vikings does equal one bad game for QB Jay Cutler. But love him or hate him, Chicago cannot deny that Jay has played one of the best seasons since he moved to the Bears. 274/433 for 3,258 yards, 18 TDs and 8 INT with 92.3% rating? Unbelievable. Offensive Coach Adam Gase and Head Coach John Fox for coach of the year? Why the heck not! I will never looooove Jay or believe he’s worth the money the Bears decided to pay him, but if he can play well, I definitely won’t root against him or wish him to another team.
  • Since play-off chances are clearly blown, the next couple of games the coaching staff will be re-evaluating players and considering what positions will need to be filled via the draft. My guess is we’ll be looking at the offensive line, safety and special teams in 2016 and any player currently filling any of those roles should be scared for their job security; with some of the potential draft options I’ve been reading about, players could easily be replaced.  Also, while we’re talking about draft prospects, can we talk about how excited I am to finally see rookie WR Kevin White play next season? I foresee our offense being insanely strong in the very near future.

Next Up for 2015:

Bears take on former coach, Lovie Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-8) in Tampa at 12PM CST on FOX. My bets are on the Bears and you can check back next week for my recap.


Coming off of that Packer victory, pills I was confident that the Bears could pull off another win versus the San Francisco 49ers. Afterall, pharm the San Francisco 49ers were 0-5 on the road and ranked near the bottom for both the offense and defense in the NFL prior to yesterday’s game. Practically all signs pointed to a Bears W, viagra which should have been a huge hint that it wouldn’t pan out that way.

What was a pretty boring game took a strange turn as both teams became stagnant in the fourth quarter, unable to get anything going offensively to budge the score.  However, fourth quarter play has been a Chicago specialty this season, so I was expecting something explosive nearing the end of the game.  And then, something explosive happened…

Quarterback, Jay Cutler threw a pick-six. Cutler was intercepted by former Northern Illinois University star Jimmie Ward who ran it in for a huge TD.  Watch his flip in the end-zone for yourself here.

To make matters worse, our most reliable player on the team was anything but on Sunday.  Kicker Robbie Gould missed a key field goal attempt as the fourth quarter ended.  This was his second miss of the game and put the game into overtime.

In overtime, the 49ers won in a single snap.  A 71-yard throw by QB Blaine Gabbert to WR Torrey Smith clinched the game. Bears lose 26-20.

The wind has been completely knocked out of the Bears sails with this huge OT loss. Sadly, Jay also had one of his worst games this season with 18 of 31 passes for 202 yards.  He threw no touchdowns, one interception and had a season-low 64.2 passer rating. Ouch.

Next Up:

On Sunday December 13 the Bears take on the Redskins at 12PM Central. I would say that I foresee a victory but my predictions are too unreliable. Hey, they beat Green Bay (which I was positive they would lose) and then blow it to the 49ers (which I was positive they would win).  Regardless of my thoughts, the game should be worth watching but keep in mind, a victory won’t be enough to consider the Bears a potential play-off contenders either. Check back next week for the SDI recap.


Two of the NFL’s oldest franchises, cialis the Chicago Bears (4-6) and the Green Bay Packers (7-3) will play in an epic Thanksgiving showdown this evening.

This match-up is the league’s most played rivalry; they have played each other twice a season for over 80 years. Green Bay has won the last four meetings and with a potential victory tonight, the Packers can even the all-time series. The Packers are currently 91-92-6 against the Bears.

The Bears-Packers rivalry also has featured some of the best moments by some of the greatest players in NFL history. A total of 52 Pro Football Hall of Fame members (28 for the Bears and 24 for the Packers) have participated in the series (via Green Back Packers website).

While the match-up is always competitive and exciting, here’s some keys to what the Bears need to land an improbable victory.

Notes for Tonight’s Game:

Better Play out of Jay: It has been five years since Cutler landed his only victory over the Packers.  Earlier this season, Cutler played miserably against the Packers with 18-36 passes for 225 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Even if Jay has seemed to improve and played his best under Offensive Coach, Adam Gase, if he plays like he normally does against the Packers, the Bears don’t stand a chance.

Stop Eddie Lacy: Lacy has been slightly inconsistent on his run game, but last week the Minnesota Vikings allowed Lacy to get in the groove and he ran all over them .  Lacy totaled 100 rushing yards on 22 carries last week. The Bears must block up his running lanes to give themselves an opportunity to win .

Injury Update: Chicago has ruled out Tight End, Martellus Bennett out for the game with a rib injury and Wide Receiver Eddie Royal is also out with a knee injury. However, Running Back Matt Forte is among six of the Bears listed questionable for tonight’s game. When he was asked about taking on Green Bay, Forte said that he was “good to go”.

Fun Fact:

Former Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre’s retired jersey number (4) will be unveiled during a big halftime celebration at Lambeau Field tonight.

My Prediction?

I’m not going to sugar-coat this: the Bears will lose tonight. I cannot argue that a 4-6 team will defeat one of the best QBs in the league. However, the game should be decent to watch because Chicago has improved greatly since the last time the two teams met earlier in the season. So stuff your faces, settle in your sofas and BEAR DOWN Chicago.


The Bears (4-5) won their second straight game. Yes, buy cialis you read that correctly.  In fact, check they won the game without running back, buy viagra Matt Forte, wide receiver Eddie Royal, and linebacker Pernell McPhee as they were all out due to injuries. John Fox and the coaching staff are doing a good job identifying their talent’s strengths during what is a rough rebuilding phase for the Bears.  I’m even going to go out on a limb and say that Fox and offensive coach, Adam Gase have helped resurrect Cutler’s career.  Cutler’s career-high 151 quarterback rating in today’s game justifies my claim.

At the start of the game, St. Louis’ opening drive made me nervous, as the Rams gained 80-yards on seven plays and finished their drive with a six-yard touchdown.  But the Bears responded with an 87-yard touchdown on their opening drive. Quarterback, Jay Cutler connected with TE Zach Miller and he hauled it into the end zone. In fact, the NFL Twitter feed is starting to have a little crush on Miller; see their recap of his big TD run here. This was Miller’s second big play in two weeks.  He landed an excellent one-handed touchdown catch against the Chargers last week.

And with that, St. Louis just couldn’t keep up. The Bears scored two big touchdowns in the first half (the second one another 80+ yard pass and run by running back Jeremy Langford) and continued to dominate the play for the remainder of the game. When you’re recapping your weekend with your coworker in the lunch room today, here’s the main player stats you need to know from yesterday’s game below.

Key Chicago Player Stats:

Running back Jeremy Langford is definitely showing the Bears his value. He had a total of 100 yards receiving with two touchdowns in today’s game.

Quarterback Jay Cutler completed 19 of 24 passes for 258 yards and three touchdowns. Oh, and zero turnovers.

Tight end Zach Miller caught five balls for 107 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday in St. Louis.


Fun Fact:

According to the Chicago Bears Twitter page: “Zach Miller’s 87-yard TD reception longest by #Bears since Matt Forte’s 89-yard TD from Jay Cutler in 2010 opener vs. Lions.”

Next Up:

QB Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos (7-2) will be headed to Chicago to take on the Bears at home next Sunday, November 22 at 12PM CST. While I don’t see a Bear victory, I do suspect a very good game. You can catch it on CBS and catch my recap next Monday.


The Bears (3-5) fourth quarter rallies are what make me believe that they do have some talent on the roster.  Even after floundering against the Lions and Vikings, cialis sale the Bears gave it their all last night, viagra which is definite progress from last season (and a testament to the coaching staff).

The first half of the game didn’t give the Bears much hope. Hell, every single analyst on MNF (sans our man, Ditka) predicted the Chargers to win and rightfully so.  In the first half, QB Jay Cutler was Jay, and threw a 68-yard pick-six which made my eyes roll.  But by the fourth quarter, Cutler gained some much-needed confidence and in a series of eight plays, put the Bears 55 yards. Cutty then connected with TE Zach Miller on a 25-yard one-handed touchdown. It was spectacular.  Bears ended up clinching the win, 22-19.

A victory is great and should provide momentum for these upcoming games (that will still be very hard to win), but will this momentum be enough for Bears to make it to the playoffs? Doubtful. But at least they are showing progress under the new coaching regime.

When you’re grabbing lunch with your coworker today, here’s the main player stats you need to know from last night’s game below.

Key Chicago Player Stats:

Rookie Running Back Jeremy Langford (in for Matt Forte) had a stellar game; he ran for 142 yards with one touchdown and one two-point conversion. (Pretty sure last night’s performance made up for that dropped pass a couple games back.)

Our favorite WR Alshon Jeffery, caught 10 passes for 151 yards.

Cutler was 27 of 40 passes for 345 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. It is worth noting that Cutler’s interception rate coming into this game was just 1.9 percent, a career best. (Again, a testament to Adam Gase and the coaching staff.)

Fun Fact:

Cutler broke the franchise record for most career touchdown passes (with a total of 138) when he connected with TE Bennett last night.

Next Up:

Bears will be headed to St. Louis to take on the Rams (4-4) next Sunday at 12PM CST.


The Minnesota Vikings hadn’t won a game at Soldier Field since 2007 but they changed their losing-streak with a field goal late in the fourth to secure a victory against the Chicago Bears. What I currently find most frustrating is the fact that these fourth quarter drives by Chicago never seem to be enough to lock a victory and now that we are almost half-way through the season, stuff many Chicago fans are struggling to keep the TV on for the full game each week.  In fact, drugstore my husband told me that I should just title this post, generic “Bears Suck, The End” (Note that he’s a Cowboys fan, so ugh, whatever).  Alas, while many of you frustrated fans turn off the TV, I still sit through the game to highlight the bright and dull points of the beloved Bears games. For those of you who missed the game, here’s a quick recap below:

The Bears offense struggled most of the first half, which was to be expected with Minnesota’s blitz-happy defense.  In fact, they only managed 70 yards before Cornerback Kyle Fuller got the key takeaway that led to a touchdown.

Two key Bears players, WR Eddie Royal and RB Matt Forte were out of the game with knee-injuries, so Chicago relied heavily on RB  Jeremy Langford and WR  Alshon Jeffery for offense.  Both played well; Langford rushed 12 times for 46 yards total and Jeffery caught 10 passes for 116 yards and one touchdown.  Even QB Cutler took a dive over a Vikings safety for a 4-yard touchdown.  He had 211 yards, one touchdown and one rushing score.

Cutler’s diving touchdown (which many had believed was the game winner) just wasn’t enough though as Minnesota quickly bounced back to tie the game. And with less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter on third down, Chicago had a chance to re-take the lead but RB Langford dropped the key pass that would have resulted in a first down. The Bears short-drive ended up being exactly what Minnesota needed; they moved the ball 48 yards in four plays to set-up the game winning field goal.

Fun fact: Chicago has now lost 10 straight games to NFC teams.

What’s Next:

The Chicago Bears take on the San Diego Chargers (2-6) in San Diego for some MNF on November 9th at 7:30 PM. The San Diego franchise is having the worst first half to a season since 2003 and they lost to the Ravens in Baltimore last week.  If the current Ravens Coach (and former Bears Coach), Marc Trestman can beat the Chargers, we better be able to do the same.  I’m going to obtain a positive attitude for this upcoming game and predict a Bear victory (because hey, we’ve got upcoming games vs. the Broncos and the Packers that we all know we’re not going to win).  Be sure to check back with  me next week for a recap of the game.

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