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What is SportsDivas, Inc.? 

We are a growing digital community of female sports fans. We are lifestyle-driven women who love sports.

For women, by women, SportsDivas, Inc. (or SDI as we like to call ourselves) streamlines the day’s hottest sports news all with a woman’s style and perspective. We provide tips, tools and resources on how to maximize the vibrant sports lifestyle in Chicago and beyond.

Launched in April of 2012, SDI has quickly established itself as a growing digital community and a respected voice of lifestyle-driven and socially-active female sports fans.

Our unique community includes over twenty contributing writers, on-air talent and event specialists with years of experience in sports marketing, media, broadcast journalism, PR, event execution, social media and media sales.

In addition to creating our own unique content and events, we design, produce and promote exclusive content and events for our partners that include retailers, major and minor league teams, media and lifestyle brands.

Our female-friendly, socially-driven, sophisticated platform creates a natural voice for sports affiliated brands to target and reach all types of women – from the avid female fans, to casual fans and sports novices – all while providing clients with a robust and engaging vertical platform that their sponsors can be activated against.

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Who is behind SportsDivas, Inc.? 

A note from Founder Monica Murphy 

Monica Murphy Vargas

Growing up in a small suburb of Cleveland as the middle daughter of three girls, I was exposed to professional sports in the same way most girls are, by watching games with my dad and picking up other pieces over time.

I played softball, golfed, swam competitively, dabbled in basketball, but took the route of cheerleader in a high school of 500 students.

I grew up going to Indians games at Municipal Stadium, learned football from watching the Browns, being a cheerleader, and from playing flag football with friends.  I followed my folks’ footsteps and headed to The Ohio State University where I bled scarlet and grey and became an obsessed and annoying Ohio State fan.

It wasn’t until I accepted a job with ESPN in 2002 that my deep dive into the sports world began.  Over the years of working in sports media and advertising sales, I began to notice the industry’s lack of sophisticated marketing towards women. Marketers portrayed female fans as either ‘the dumb girlfriend’ who was dragged along to the tailgate or ‘the annoying mom’ with the pink jersey in charge of the tailgate spread. There was no in-between and no organized and creative effort to intelligently target and market sports to women using the lifestyle elements that women are instinctively drawn to more than men.

After living in Chicago for over 10 years, I also began to realize that other media outlets were paying little to no attention to the bustling social side of the Chicago sports scene – from the intimate details our athletes publicly share over social media, to the thriving nightlife so often dominated by sports, to the parties, fashion and seasonal trends.

I saw this as an opportunity to create an intelligent, empowering and welcoming community of female sports fans – fans that are just as avid and aware as their male counterparts, but still pride themselves on being feminine and lifestyle driven.

Monica Murphy Vargas

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