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It’s week 7 and there are 5 teams that are playing without a coach. These teams are USC, cialis South Carolina, pharm Maryland, Illinois and North Texas.   All of these schools are without a coach for different reasons. The Illinois coach was fired just a week before the season opener, while these other firings are pretty new. Only time will tell the effect the firing of these other coaches will have, as for Illinois, this time last year they were 3-3, this year they are 4-2, slight improvement, but still needs more work to keep interim coach Bill Cubit around if he wants to lobby for this position permanently. Let’s talk about what went wrong with these coaches.

Illinois fired their coach Tim Beckman for mistreating the players. He influenced their medical treatment decisions to get them back on the field sooner than they should have been. He also had the players play through their injuries.   Allegedly he treated certain players differently and threatened their scholarships as well. None of these actions are in line with the school employee code of conduct. His many game losses with Illinois sure didn’t help his fight to stay either.

USC’s head coach Steve Sarkisian was fired after he left the team to check himself into an alcohol treatment center. He is set to be there for 30 days. Sarkisian found out about his firing via emails and texts from friends. Athletic Director Pat Haden attempted to reach out to Sarkisian, but was unsuccessful. According to, USC will not have to pay him the remainder of his three-year contract.

South Carolina’s coach Steve Spurrier stated, “I sort of fired myself.” The season has started off with South Carolina having a record of 2-4, not a great start. It sounds like Spurrier felt like he was getting out of the way and giving his team a chance to win without him in efforts for the rest of the staff to have a hope at keeping their job despite these last few years without a championship.   The other side of the coin could be him getting out early so he can preserve his legacy as one of the best South Carolina coach. One will never be able to argue against how he turned around the team and made them better, but this season at this rate definitely wouldn’t make the highlight reel for the positives. Good luck coach Spurrier, enjoy your time after football!

Maryland has started their season 2-4 and winless in the Big Ten, they are also lacking fan support. This dismal start with 3 straight blowout losses is the reason head coach Randy Edsall was fired. The athletic director gave praise for the success of the last two years, but the six games of this season, didn’t get the same praise. Edsall will still receive his salary for the rest of the year and his contract buyout amount.

North Texas’ athletic year has gotten off to a rough start. They are currently 0-5. They lost all their games by at least 14 points. They are ranked in the country for having the worst yards per play and yards allowed per play. This we know can never end well for a coach, and it didn’t! North Texas fired coach Dan McCarney on Saturday.

With all these firings, it gives the interim coaches time to show what they are made of. Show that they can rally their team, despite coaching changes and losses and come back and pull off a better season than they started with. This will not only boost team morale, but also increase the opinion of the team’s ability to weather adversity and still come out winning!

While we’ve seen a small improvement in the Illinois outcomes with the dismissal of their coach, these other teams are just finding out their coach is gone and the effect will show up soon. Losing a coach during or right before the season is always a difficult coach transition, but the hope is that these changes are for the better. We’ll be watching to see!

About the author: Tonisha Hood. NCAA Football Correspondent. Tonisha was born and raised in Chicago.  She attended the University of ​Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so she bleeds Orange and Blue!  Growing up in the Jordan era she is a diehard Bulls fan. NBA on TNT hosts ​Charles Barkley and Shaq keep her entertained during the basketball season.  She actually has a cute selfie with Shaq!  She also loves all things Chicago sports, traveling and attending live performances.  Sports are just a portion of Tonisha, she has a passion for fashion and loves shopping.  In her free time she volunteers with Chicago Scholars and is also a member of the Associate Board​.  You can find her on Twitter as @BMMO_Consulting.

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