The Craziest 7th Inning Ever Played in Baseball

The ALCS has been finalized as both ALDS series went to game five yesterday. The Kansas City Royals eared their ticket to the ALCS beating the Huston Astros 7-2. And in the earlier game, viagra Texas Rangers faced the Toronto Blue Jays at home. Before we talk about who won the Rangers vs. Blue Jays game, did anyone happen to see the 7th inning? This by far was the CRAZIEST inning of baseball I had ever seen. I had just gotten home from work and I turn on the game to see a 57-minute inning I would define as a cluster-you know what!

The game was tied 2-2 heading to the 7th inning. The Rangers were batting at the top of the inning when Rougned Odor was on third base and Shin-Soo Choo was at the plate. The Blue Jays’ catcher Russell Martin was throwing the ball back to the pitcher Aaron Sanchez, when the ball accidently hit Choo on the hand, causing the ball to travel to the infield. Odor on third base decided it was a live ball and ran home to allow the Rangers to take the lead 3-2. During the play, the home plate umpire ruled it a dead ball and shouted “no-no” issuing Odor to go back to third. When all the umpired convened to chat about the play, they ruled it was a live ball and Odor’s run counted.

After reviewing the footage, (and what I think was a horrendous call), the Blue Jays’ fans went ballistic! Throwing beer cans and cups on the field, yelling at the players and umpires. One item apparently even hit an infant sitting near the field. The coaches and players were all in an uproar over the call that a few players were ejected for arguing with the umps. Between cleaning the field, reviewing the call and the players/coaches arguing, the game finally resumed after an 18 minute delay.

When the bottom of the 7th began, tensions were extremely high in the stadium. Good thing the Rangers’ Elvis Andrus did not bring his A-game to the field. Andrus caused THREE back-to-back-to-back fielding errors to load the bases for the Blue Jays. With the bases loaded, Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson hit a single to tie the game. Still in the bottom of the 7th, Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista hit a three run homerun to the delightful roar of the Blue Jays’ fans. The Blue Jays had taken the lead 6-3. When Bautista hit the home run, he flipped his bat and stared down the Rangers’ pitcher Sam Dyson before running to first. According to, “While Bautista was rounding the bases, the fans again threw stuff — beer, bottles, etc. — on the field, which, again, is bad. Don’t do that. Encarnacion stood next to the batter’s box and waved his arms to try to get the crowd to stop throwing stuff. (Rangers’) Sam Dyson, who just gave up the home run to Bautista, apparently misconstrued Encarnacion’s message and starting barking. The benches cleared.” The Blue Jays ended up winning game by a final score of 6-3.

That inning was exhausting as baseball fan. To be honest, I was embarrassed to see how poorly the Blue Jays’ fans were behaving in their own stadium. While I understand the passion behind being a fan, who really benefits from trashing your own field and potentially hurting another fan because of your lack in judgment and basically having a temper tantrum. When the police have to get involved to calm down fans to let a game of baseball resume, it is really fun to watch anymore? My hope is that Blue Jays’ fans behave slight better in the next series and don’t ruin the game for everyone else trying to enjoy baseball, controversial play or not.

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About the author: Colleen Reaney. White Sox Correspondent. Colleen is a true southside girl at heart. This Irish-catholic lass was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and has a great passion for her beloved Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Notre Dame Football and Illini Basketball. She has a BA from Eastern Illinois University, a MA from Governors State University and is working on her doctorate in higher education.  Colleen balances her time between working and teaching in higher education and her young family in Mt. Greenwood.

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