Is Michigan Becoming the Big Ten Champion?

Could the University of Michigan be the breakout Big Ten team? While the polls still have them behind Ohio State, treat Michigan State and Northwestern, ailment they are pulling out some great wins and holding their opponents scoring differential pretty high. Conference play has just gotten under way; so it’s too early to call it, but they are a team that could sneak up and take over the Big Ten throne.

Michigan has had the upper hand in their 3 wins of the season so far; they have outscored their opponents 122-14. They only lost to Utah by 7 points. We can’t talk offense without talking defense; they have great defensive backs that are so versatile that they can play multiple positions. Very handy for running a variety plays and backup coverage if there are injuries.

This Saturday they will be playing an undefeated Northwestern University team. The outcome of this game, along with the games against OSU and MSU will show if Michigan has what it takes to be on top. Both Michigan and Northwestern have great defenses and have done a great job this season causing their opponents to have low scoring games.

The Wildcats have a lot to prove in this game on Saturday. They have lost this game for the last three years against Michigan. These loses have all come in last minute plays, this will be a game to watch down to the wire, because in this matchup every second truly does count. Will you be watching?

About the author: Tonisha Hood. NCAA Football Correspondent. Tonisha was born and raised in Chicago.  She attended the University of ​Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so she bleeds Orange and Blue!  Growing up in the Jordan era she is a diehard Bulls fan. NBA on TNT hosts ​Charles Barkley and Shaq keep her entertained during the basketball season.  She actually has a cute selfie with Shaq!  She also loves all things Chicago sports, traveling and attending live performances.  Sports are just a portion of Tonisha, she has a passion for fashion and loves shopping.  In her free time she volunteers with Chicago Scholars and is also a member of the Associate Board​.  You can find her on Twitter as @BMMO_Consulting.

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