Will He or Wont He, Will Patrick Kane Be At Preseason Camp?

It’s hard to believe that we are approaching hockey season, check but alas… here we are.

Two days from now, viagra sale 30 of the Blackhawks on the active roster will report to Notre Dame for preseason camp. One name that hasn’t been confirmed is Patrick Kane. Blackhawks spokesperson Brandon Faber “Doesn’t have an answer to that question” as of two weeks ago.

The situation is a difficult one for the Blackhawks.

With a criminal investigation still ongoing and rumors flying that they are fed up of Kaner’s of ice behavior and are looking to move him. Sources say that many teams have contacted the Blackhawks for a possible trade. That is unlikely until the criminal investigation is over. Some say, salve Kane may be granted a leave of absence until the investigation is completed.

One thing for sure is that practices at camp are open to the public, which means Kane would be BOMBARED by the media with questions. Kane hasn’t been charged with any crime, but he also hasn’t spoken about the situation publicly since the story broke last month. I can’t imagine the Blackhawks front office, which has turned the Blackhawks into a reputable class act organization, would let him get up in front of the media and answer questions. It could get ugly.

Do I think Kane will be at camp, No, I really don’t believe he will be there. I think that the Blackhawks and the NHL will let this case run its course in a court of law. Many people have asked me, do I think he did it? Honestly, I don’t know. In fact, none of us do. The only two people that know are Kane and his accuser. Regardless, something happened that warranted a trip to the hospital and the police station. The situation is a sad one in my eyes. Kane at 26 had the world in his hands and unfortunately put himself in another questionable situation.

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