Which NCAA Football Conference will Throw the Farthest this Season?

We’re only 2 weeks into the regular season, prostate so a little early to be talking about the best conference, illness but let’s start anyway. There are a total of 11 different Division 1-A NCAA Football Conferences. The South Eastern Conference (SEC) has always been highly rated. Even with the Ohio State Buckeyes winning last year, seek the Big Ten still gets very little love.

As we stand today, going into week 3, the SEC leads the pack with the number of undefeated teams. The SEC has 9* undefeated teams in their conference currently. SEC gets an asterisk because one of the teams has only played one game, not two like the other teams.   The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big 12 and Big Ten are close on the heels of the SEC. The ACC has 8 undefeated teams, Big 12 7 and Big Ten 6. Despite the feelings on the Big Ten Conference, they are hanging on pretty strong to make this season a winner. Behind the Big Ten, The American Athletic and The PAC 12 tie for having 5 undefeated teams. At the bottom of conferences for undefeated teams is Conference USA with 3, the Independents and Mid America with 2 and Mountain West and Sun Belt with 1. I should note that the Independents only have 3 teams, so they are actually closer to the top than the bottom.

While the numbers would lead you to believe that the SEC has this hands down, anything can happen in College Football, as we saw in the Notre Dame vs Virginia game last week with that last minute win. The SEC endured a few blows in week 2 of football. Auburn almost suffered an embarrassing loss to Division 1-AA Jacksonville State. Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Oregon all had losses in week 2 as well. Oregon lost to Michigan State University (MSU), which is also a leading contender in the Big Ten Conference. The SEC finished last year with 6 teams ranked in the AP 25, they started this season with 10 and after last week’s crushing losses they now have 7. This will be a conference to watch when conference play begins, all these teams have highly talented players and everyone should be in their rhythm.

Based upon these numbers and the schedules ahead, there will be some sure in championship contention teams and I believe a few that will definitely throw off a few counts. I’m excited to watch, and can’t wait to see who’s getting the trophy at the end of the season. Which Conference will lead the way?

About the author: Tonisha Hood. NCAA Football Correspondent. Tonisha was born and raised in Chicago.  She attended the University of ​Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so she bleeds Orange and Blue!  Growing up in the Jordan era she is a diehard Bulls fan. NBA on TNT hosts ​Charles Barkley and Shaq keep her entertained during the basketball season.  She actually has a cute selfie with Shaq!  She also loves all things Chicago sports, traveling and attending live performances.  Sports are just a portion of Tonisha, she has a passion for fashion and loves shopping.  In her free time she volunteers with Chicago Scholars and is also a member of the Associate Board​.  You can find her on Twitter as @BMMO_Consulting.

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