Weekly roundup: the Cleveland Browns distaste for awesome

I’m closing out my vacation this week with a very bizarre feeling – I had to ‘watch’ the NFL games from Twitter while road tripping through Italy. MY LIFE IS SO HARD 🙁 I somehow survived Tuscany (and – to be fair – the worst cellular service ever) (it was like a third-world country, cialis but with wine), made it to Rome and am currently enjoying some pretty stellar wifi. Whew. I did, however, see that Jay Cutler did Jay Cutler-like things on Sunday and felt the wrath of Michael Wilbon 3500 miles away. So I drowned my sorrows in Sangiovese. Again, life = hard. Speaking of football…

It must suck to be from Cleveland. Other than Joakim Noah’s colorful (and truthful…?) comments about what there is to do there, there’s also the fact that the sports teams are pretty much at some level of insufferability 100 percent of the time. The Cav’s have come this.close to a title like 87 years in a row, approximately. I’m no baseball savant, but I never hear about the Indians doing, well, anything. Hell, Cleveland sports curse even has it’s own Wikipedia page. But the Browns make life especially hard for their diehards – and I should know, I’m a Bears fan and Jay Cutler is my quarterback.

Case and point: Johnny Football. He got in the game last week when Josh McCown was out with a concussion. And like in all Disney movies, he won. Depending on who you talk to, it was either a tremendous chess match with superior unparalleled quarterback artistry or a mediocre display of game management. I could be exaggerating here, but eight completed passes is impressive. I could be exaggerating on that one but most likely not.

Anyway…. Let’s take the X’s and O’s out of it for a moment. Let’s live in the pretend world where sports are entertainment and dude’s like Johnny would bring joy into the hearts of Brown’s fans everywhere. Wouldn’t it, in fact, be advantageous to…I don’t know….keep the guy in as starter as to make your team relevant and fans happy?

Of course not. They want to focus on winning games because they clearly have a shot at the Super Bowl. And there isn’t any other quarterback I’d want on that game-winning drive then Josh McCown. So back to the bench for Johnny; hopefully those poor fans in Cleveland have people in their lives who can talk them off of that ledge…and not just make fun of them.

In case you missed it

These are going to be the sports stories that I personally find funny but are not necessarily on the radar. I’m light-hearted so all of these will hopefully give you a chuckle. I know, I know: not all heroes wear capes. You are welcome.

Darren McFadden in FLIP FLOPS (!) during his NBC Sunday Night Football photoshoot.




About the author: Sharon Steed. Weekly Sports Recap Correspondent. Sharon is a Twitter-obsessed sports junkie covering all of the crazy things that happen sports for SDI. A Chicago-area native, her earliest sports memories are watching Michael Jordan and her beloved Bulls wreak havoc on the NBA in the 90’s. She loves March Madness, hates the Packers, and will absolutely shed real tears if the Bears ever win the Super Bowl. When she’s not hanging out on Twitter, she spends her time working as a freelance web writer and content manager for small businesses.  You can follower her on Twitter @sharonsteed.

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