The Cubs – The 2015 Superfan #Cubtober

When I was a kid it was cool to know Ryne Sandberg’s batting average and how many games the Cubs were above 500, viagra now when you turn up at Wrigley you better know walk up songs (music played in the stadium when the batter heads to home plate), tadalafil twitter handles (a players screen name used in tweets), decease and warm up rituals(Jake Arrieta prefers yoga in Centerfield).  To celebrate the Cubs entry into the post season I thought I’d create a Cubs match game. Without the use of Google or Twitter can you match the Cub Players’ walk up song to their Twitter handle???

Walkup Songs

A. Fatty Wap/Trap Queen

B. Omega/Ando en la Versace

C. Rod Stewert/Forever Young

D. Enrique Iglesias/Bailamos

E. Taylor Swift/Bad Blood

Twitter Handles

1.  @D_Roos3

2.  @ARizzo44

3. @DexterFowler

4.  @StarCastro13

5. @miggymont26

Answers will be in my next post, or tweet me your non-researched guesses to @NancyTiano.  There are seven regular season games left, and seven important 2015 Cubs hashtags #WeAreGood #LetGo #FlyTheW  #Cubtober #Cubs #Wrigley #gocubsgo .  Show your support!

About the author: Nancy Tiano. Cubs Correspondent. Nancy, a Chicago native and diehard Cubs fan, has spent time following sports around the globe from Cricket Matches in Melbourne, to the US OPEN Tennis in New York, cheering for the Blackhawks at the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Chicago, enjoying the US OPEN at Congressional and watching the NBA Finals in Boston. Nancy’s true love is baseball and her heart belongs to the Cubs. Having visited twenty-four Major League Baseball Stadiums, she’s enjoyed her share of teams all over the nation. She’s seen every Baseball movie filmed and attends the Cubs Spring Training in Mesa, AZ every year since attending her first trip to spring training with her grandfather and brother at age nine. She had the privilege of sitting with Harry Caray and Steve Stone during batting practice and has been hooked ever since. Nancy enjoys selling technology by day which allows her to travel and follow her true passion the Chicago Cubs. Catch Nancy on Twitter at @nancytiano

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