Op-Ed Piece: A Frustrated Fan Needs to Vent

As an avid White Sox fan my whole life, unhealthy I need to vent on how the past season has gone.  I realize there are a few more games to be played in the 2015, tadalafil but really…is it going to make any difference?   As of this morning the White Sox are sitting in second-to-last place in the Central division with a record of 72-81.  Is this really the best we can do with the crappy hand we were dealt?

Yesterday the Kansas City Royals clinched the American League Central Division earning them a ticket to the playoffs.  THE ROYALS, SERIOUSLY?  Their yearly payroll is $2M less than the White Sox.  They found a way to pay their players less money and achieve more wins. Come on, White Sox, we can do better!

More frustrating than that, the White Sox overall team batting average is .251, which is higher than the Cubs at .245 but clearly the north siders can figure out a way to get it done as they are on the brink of clinching a playoff spot, possibly tonight.  I’m sure my social media feeds will be blowing up with Cubby “W” flags galore! YUCK!

I believe there are three key areas of improvement for the White Sox in order to make 2016 a season fans will want to watch.

1 – A Manager with passion for the game, their players and staff.  As I’ve said before a great player doesn’t necessarily make for a great manager – but we’ve got to get someone on the bench who makes strategic moves during the game for a better outcome at the end of the season.  If we cannot get a manager with passion for their job and team how about the White Sox fan who sit behind home plate and verbally managing Ventura and the team from his plush leather chair every game?  I bet he’s up for the challenge.

2 – Chris Sale cannot carry the team on his back for an entire season.  Is he really the only gem that we can write home about?  Maybe we need a new approach to how we are scouting and training our pitching staff.

3 – Back to basics! Did we totally forget fundamental baseball this year?  Was laying down a bunt, calling out pop flies and turning double plays not on our practice agendas this year?  The basics are how you win games, period.

As a fan I want to watch a team with passion and who wants to make it to the post season, not one who skates by in the fall.  I realize, like most White Sox fans, that 2005 seems like a lifetime ago, but the fire the fans have for a winning team on the Southside still burns.  I want the opportunity to take my son to a game and encourage him to have favorite player that he can cheer for not just a rotation of average guys who didn’t really make an impact on the game.

We cannot have a season when one of the biggest stories for White Sox fans is how Shoeless Joe Jackson STILL will not be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  It’s time to wave the white flag, Sox Fans.  The season has been over since July 4th.  Maybe we can save a little bit of our dignity and start with a clean slate for 2016.  Please, cue the press conference…

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About the author: Colleen Reaney. White Sox Correspondent. Colleen is a true southside girl at heart. This Irish-catholic lass was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and has a great passion for her beloved Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Notre Dame Football and Illini Basketball. She has a BA from Eastern Illinois University, a MA from Governors State University and is working on her doctorate in higher education.  Colleen balances her time between working and teaching in higher education and her young family in Mt. Greenwood.

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  • Rashid Carter

    Even as a Cubs fan, I sympathize with the plight of the Sox. I’m afraid they may have to do a Cubs-style rebuild to replenish their minor league system and secure a better long-term. Great read, and I look forward to the next one!

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