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Let’s Talk BIG10 Quarterbacks

When the season first began, click there was much talk about who each team would have as their starting Quarterback.  Some schools had several options, ampoule whereas others had one sure winner.  Once you add in injuries, all that discussion goes out the door as we approach Week 4 of College Football.

For teams that have strong talent in several of their players, is it really necessary to declare a starting Quarterback?  How do you decide who gets to start?  Who gets how much time to play?  Who gets the most practice time during the week?.  All questions Coach Urban Meyer has had to ask himself since the season has started.  It sounds like he may have a small answer to at least one of those questions, but he’s still not telling who will start.  In an ESPN article, Meyer was quoted in saying that there might be some truth in the fact that you really do need to pick one Quarterback to start.

Coach Meyer had a secret weapon in having two great Quarterbacks.  Opposing teams never knew who was going to start and had to prepare for both Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett.  The suspense of it all worked to the advantage of Ohio State, but when it comes to the game play, that might not be the case.  Coach Meyer is learning, no matter how great a player is, consistency is a factor that has to always be accounted for.  Playing in a consistent manner makes you a better player because it builds your confidence and gets you accustomed to a set style of play and players.

Since Meyers has started the season with 2 Quarterbacks, they have won all 3 games, but Saturday’s win in a very close game against Northern Illinois has put the need for consistency questions on the table.  How well can you expect your players to perform if they’re always ready, waiting, wondering is today my day.  Something tells me that in the next couple of weeks, Ohio State will be forced to pick a starting Quarterback if they want to remain undefeated and reclaim their title!  Having a talented squad is half the battle, but having a consistent squad, gives you extra potential.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think having one main Quarterback is necessary?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  My vote, is always for consistency, unless consistency goes bad, then it’s time for something new.  Can’t wait to see what Week 4 has in store!

About the author: Tonisha Hood. NCAA Football Correspondent. Tonisha was born and raised in Chicago.  She attended the University of ​Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so she bleeds Orange and Blue!  Growing up in the Jordan era she is a diehard Bulls fan. NBA on TNT hosts ​Charles Barkley and Shaq keep her entertained during the basketball season.  She actually has a cute selfie with Shaq!  She also loves all things Chicago sports, traveling and attending live performances.  Sports are just a portion of Tonisha, she has a passion for fashion and loves shopping.  In her free time she volunteers with Chicago Scholars and is also a member of the Associate Board​.  You can find her on Twitter as @BMMO_Consulting.

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