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Derrick Rose Broke His Face…. Now What?

Well… so much for the Bulls and Rose entering the season with no injuries. Yes, ampoule you read that correctly and this isn’t deja vu.

Rose suffered a left orbital fracture, purchase during practice yesterday. Yes, practice.

I am not doctor so I Web MD’d that, and it is a fracture of the eye socket. First of all, ouch. Second, really at practice?! Rose took an elbow from and unidentified teammate (Good work Bulls PR, no one wants a witch hunt). Once again, he will have surgery today, and after that a timetable for his return will be announced.

We have no idea how long Rose will be out; I am told it depends on the location of the fracture. Especially if it’s near the eye and can cause vision problems. However, this could definitely cause him to miss the start of the season…

What does this mean? It means the Bulls are going to have to rely on Kirk Hinrich and Aaron Brooks to run point while Rose is recovering.

It is hard to believe, or maybe it isn’t. That Rose has only played in 100 games in the last four seasons for the Bulls, due to surgeries on both of his knees.

For everyone saying that Rose is injury prone, it is hard to argue that with his knee situation, but obviously this injury is a freak accident, but man is it a b!tch of a way to start this season.

About the author: Victoria L. Olszowy. Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief. Victoria is a Chicago native who is obsessed with Chicago sports; she bleeds the Maize & Michigan Blue and is an avid fan of the Blackhawks, Cubs, Bears and Bulls. She is excited to be leading SDI into the next iteration and all feedback is welcome! Victoria is a seasoned technology/sports public relations executive at Golin. A lover of the outdoors, Victoria is a competitive runner and just finished her Master’s Degree this past spring. You can contact Victoria at v.kendzierski@sportsdivasinc.com or on Twitter @chisportsdivas or Instagram @victoriakendzie

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