Can OSU Do it Again?

Can OSU Do It Again???

Now you didn’t think Ohio State would end last season by winning 8-0 during conference play, diagnosis cialis winning Big Ten and National Championships and not be expected to come back on top.  Not only are they expected to remain number one for many weeks on the Top 25 List, but they are also expected to pull off another undefeated year.   I know you’re thinking, they won’t, they can’t, but keep reading and find out a few reasons why they just might.

Ohio State has a history of winning.  They have won 8 National Championships, 37 Conference Titles, 35 of which are Big Ten Titles, have had 10 undefeated seasons and 6 Perfect Seasons of no ties or losses.  And they have the Country’s longest winning streak of 14 games.  Are you changing your mind now, thinking, maybe they can do it again!  Now that we have covered their history of winning, let’s talk about what their future has in store and why they are slated to do it again.

Joey Bosa is a star Defensive end for Ohio State, he was suspended for the first game for violating department athletic policy, stories loom that it involved marijuana and academics. While Bosa did not play in Monday’s game, Sam Hubbard and Jalyn Holmes had him covered.  Even though separately they are no match for Joey Bosa, combined they were able to pull off a great win for Ohio State.  Bosa will be back for tomorrow’s game, combine him with Hubbard and Holmes and the Defensive Line will be a force to reckon with.  Ohio State will have true freshman Raekwon McMillan back this year to show everyone how he has improved and earned his spot as a Linebacker.  In Monday’s game he, Gareon Conley and Tyvis Powell all tied for a team high of 8 tackles.  Are you still wondering if they can do it again?

So we’ve covered the defense, let’s talk about the offense.  Ohio State has two great quarterbacks Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett, in Monday’s game, nobody knew who was going to start.  Both quarterbacks got to play, but Jones got the start.  Coach Meyer won’t give any details about who will start in tomorrow’s game either, but I’m guessing we will see more of the same, the secret weapon of having two Quarterbacks so the opponent never knows what’s going to hit them.  Suspense!  Ohio State is expected to have another winning season with many weeks at number 1 for all these reasons listed above.  Last dagger in the coffee, OSU will play Rutgers on October 24th, which will be their first and last road game against a team that had a winning 2014 season.  Let’s just say, the stars look pretty aligned for Ohio State to do it again!

About the author: Tonisha Hood. NCAA Football Correspondent. Tonisha was born and raised in Chicago.  She attended the University of ​Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, so she bleeds Orange and Blue!  Growing up in the Jordan era she is a diehard Bulls fan. NBA on TNT hosts ​Charles Barkley and Shaq keep her entertained during the basketball season.  She actually has a cute selfie with Shaq!  She also loves all things Chicago sports, traveling and attending live performances.  Sports are just a portion of Tonisha, she has a passion for fashion and loves shopping.  In her free time she volunteers with Chicago Scholars and is also a member of the Associate Board​.  You can find her on Twitter as @BMMO_Consulting.

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