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B1G Basketball Teams Get New Looks For 2015

New York Fashion Week wrapped up last week, buy but models in NY weren’t the only people strutting their stuff this September — some Big Ten basketball teams got in on the runway action as well. Three teams unveiled new uniforms for the 2015-16 season recently.

Michigan State has new uniforms from Nike, ambulance seen below courtesy of a editor’s tweet. MSU’s jerseys don’t appear to have changed too much. I don’t miss the green around the collar now that it’s gone, rx and the shorts look good from what’s visible.

So, MSU played it pretty safe. I’ll be interested to see the green jerseys that will come out of East Lansing during the season.

Next up we have Michigan, a school with Adidas jerseys. The Wolverines seem a little prouder of their new look than the Spartans did theirs, as they bragged about it on Twitter earlier this month. Take a look for yourself:

The tops are fine, but…who decided the stripe on the shorts was a good look?! Maybe their goal is to distract the other team with hideous shorts to gain some sort of advantage. I’m also curious to see what Adidas did to the blue uniform shorts as well — bright maize stripes? Poor, poor fans in Ann Arbor who have to look at that each week.

However, on what is probably a positive note for Wolverine fans, U-M signed a contract with Nike that will go into effect Aug. 1, 2016, according to a MLive report.

Lastly, we have the mighty Badgers, who are entering what could be Bo Ryan’s last season coaching in Madison.

I, for one, think these jerseys are pretty sharp and worthy to be worn by the defending B1G champs. Adidas didn’t do too badly here (but perhaps my bar was set a little low when compared to Michigan). Compared to last year, it looks like more red on the collar and on the shorts. These three schools are the only ones going through a makeover of sorts this off-season. According the Big Ten Network Purdue and Nebraska will have their own fashion shows with new basketball uniforms in the near future. And, even though Illinois hasn’t revealed new basketball jerseys (and likely won’t this year, since they just got new Nike duds as part of the rebrand last year), Illini fans do get to look forward to something new this season: A whole new home court in a completely overhauled State Farm Center. Check out the new logo on the court:

Do you have thoughts on the teams’ new looks? Sound off in the comments.

About the author: Heather Punke. NCAA Basketball Correspondent. Heather is a Chicago transplant by way of Minnesota and Champaign, Ill. Even though she now resides in Wrigleyville, she still cheers for the Twins and the MN Wild, as well as her beloved Fighting Illini and whoever is on her fantasy football team that week. Heather earned a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Illinois and reported on Big Ten athletics during her time there. Now managing editor for a healthcare magazine, she is also a hedgehog owner and a competitive euchre player. You can follow her on Twitter at @hpunke

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